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How Much Does a Gram of Weed Cost: Everything you Need About Cannabis Pricing

If you’re quite new to the cunning world of cannabis and is unfamiliar in terms of weed trades then you must learn a few things or two regarding it so that you won’t get lost in the process. The most important thing, not only with marijuana but all other stuff, is to build a good foundation of thought through the gathering of knowledge expected from the weed industry. One of which is the weed measurements and its pricing depending on the country where you will be eyeing on.

A good grasp when it comes to the different measurements will greatly help you in the marijuana industry. You should also know the common conversions of the different measuring units used in weighing marijuana. There are just around four different units of measurement that you need to be familiar with and it includes grams, eighths, quarters, and ounces.

Learning the basics will help you get your way through the marijuana market and prevents you from getting scammed or a loss for your money.

The Basics of Weeds

Marijuana has been a big issue in today’s generation and there’s no doubt that it was a great commotion back in the days. This is why the ordering, purchasing, and transport of cannabis to different parts of the world was and still is rough to comprehend which is why a lot of cannabis seed banks make sure that all their packages are discreet enough to transfer and is packed in a stealth way to avoid being caught by customs.

During those years, the prices of marijuana solely depend on the demand that people have. So there was no solid price chart that was known to those cannabis users primarily because of the lack of online information regarding it. This is why the prices that are usually paid by those who purchase marijuana depends on what the seller tells them to pay.

A big thank you for the dawn of the internet. Through this, people became more aware of the price range that marijuana should have and will not make guesses or be fooled by other sellers of the actual price of marijuana.

To this date, cannabis has been freely talked about in different countries especially those regions where it became legally accepted. Every marijuana enthusiast around the world has now gained access to the different cannabis seed banks and weed companies through the world wide web.

But the big question is, are you really paying the right price for the quantity of marijuana that you are purchasing Take note that the price of marijuana depends on the weight that you will be purchasing. This is why having a good grasp on these different units used in measuring marijuana and their respective prices is very important.

Weed Measurements

As mentioned before, there are around four available weight measurements that are currently used in the marijuana industry. This is your time to get acquainted and be familiar with these units since these will be your main tool in determining how much marijuana you need and how much does it cost.


A gram of marijuana or weed is quite enough to fill up a small bowl or to make some few roll joints. Usually, prerolls of joints that are sold weigh around a gram. So what’s in a gram of weed to be exact and what are you getting in these minute measurement

You can expect to have at a decent number of small-sized to medium-sized buds of your favorite strain of marijuana. To give you an idea of what an actual gram looks like depending on the lineage of the marijuana strain, for sativas you can expect to see fluffy textured buds while for indicas are compact compared to the former.

2. Ounce

The unit measurement that is of an ounce is the maximum allowable amount of marijuana that can be purchased from a store. This is completely true for a lot of states where marijuana is legal although Maine is known to have a purchase limit of around 2.5 ounces of weed while in the Washington D.C., you can get around 2 ounces if it is received as a gift.

An ounce generally is equivalent to around 28 grams of marijuana. To let you get a visual of how it will look like, imagine a Ziploc bag for sandwiches that is full of weed which measures around 4 fingers that are horizontally stacked. But always remember that the number of buds that you get will always depend on the type of marijuana that you are purchasing.

An ounce of weed can be compared to as much as 28 bottle caps and can produce at about 40 joints.

3. Eighth

The eighth is just a term used for denoting 1/8 of an ounce or roughly around 3.5 grams of weed. A lot of marijuana dispensaries are known to round up an eighth of weight to about 3.5 grams. To give you an idea on how an eighth actually weighs then you can compare it to a nickel which is known to have a weight of around 5 grams.

Just like a gram, an eighth will give you around a good amount of small-sized to medium-sized marijuana buds and this amount can fill up a Ziploc bag that is used for sandwiches at around a full height of your index finger. An eighth of marijuana is actually enough for people who smoke weed once or twice a day and will last a few weeks or so.

An eighth of a weed can also be compared to around three regular-sized bottle caps. This can also be used to make about five joints.

4. Quarter

When you say you’ll get about a quarter of marijuana, it means that you’ll be getting around ¼ of an ounce or about seven grams of it. A quarter of a weed is as much as doubling the contents of an eighth of a weed. To make another comparison, a quarter of a weed will generally be too much to fill up a typical size of a prescription bottle but it will definitely make it to half of a tall prescription bottle.

If you’re wondering how much does a quarter of a weed look like then you can get that imaginary Ziploc back to your head and put some weed in it until it reaches a height of two fingers that are pressed on each other horizontally. That is how much is a quarter of a weed looks like but always remember that the number and amount solely depend on the marijuana type.

A quarter of a weed can make you around 10 joints with each joint containing at about 0.7 grams of weed.

These four units of measurements used for weed are just the basics. There are other forms of measurement but most of these are not that quite used as much as the above-mentioned ones.

These include dime, dub, full O or just plain O, and Z. Full O or O and Z are just slang term usually used to denote a full ounce of marijuana.

Video by TEAL DIDIT – How to Weigh Weed for Dummies – Weighing Cannabis with long nails


When the Price is Right

The usual unit that is used for measuring weed is the gram and now that you have been acquainted with it, it is now time to move to the next big question that might pop out your head. How much does a gram of weed cost In actuality, the price for a gram of weed depends on where you are going to buy it.

When it comes to the United States where marijuana is almost a legal thing to do, there are several states where you can purchase marijuana depending on your preference. Most of these states have already approved on the use of marijuana mostly for medical use but some may have agreed with regards to its recreational use as well.

There are actually 29 states plus Washington D.C. that are already on the list of places where it is legal to take in marijuana regardless of purpose. Included in this list are Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Hawaii, Illinois, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Montana, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Dakota, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Vermont, Washington, Washington D.C., and West Virginia.

These states have already established a price range of their own for a gram of weed. So those that are not included in this list may have prices that might not fit the usual costing for marijuana. Moreover, the prices that will be presented later are based on marijuana of regular quality and that of high-quality and low quality will have prices that are above or below these. Another pointer regarding this list of prices is that they are just averages because there may be some dispensaries that will ask for more a little bit more if you have ordered lesser amounts and will put a discount for bulk quantities.

State Average Price
Alaska $10.82 USD
Arizona $8.28 USD
Arkansas $8.31 USD
California $8.93 USD
Colorado $7.14 USD
Conneticut $10.03 USD
Delaware $9.35 USD
Florida $8.06 USD
Hawaii $9.49 USD
Illinois $10.61 USD
Maine $8.41 USD
Maryland $10.10 USD
Massachusetts $10.18 USD
Michigan $9.74 USD
Minnesota $9.99 USD
Montana $8.69 USD
Nevada $8.37 USD
New Hampshire $10.64 USD
New Jersey $10.68 USD
New Mexico $8.13 USD
New York $9.67 USD
North Dakota $11.72 USD
Ohio $8.32 USD
Oregon $6.65 USD
Pennsylvania $10.03 USD
Rhode Island $9.11 USD
Vermont $10. 78 USD
Washington $6.81 USD
Washington D.C. $18.08 USD
West Virginia $9.00 USD

In Canada where marijuana is already legal, the prices for a gram of weed also differs per province. Like for example, in Ontario, the average price for a gram of weed is around $8.33 CD while in Quebec, the average price that a gram of weed has is about $7.53.

Moreover, we also managed to gather some data on the different price of a gram of weed in different parts of the world. The prices are placed in terms of US dollars for better comparison and for a standard checking of prices in the future.

Location Is Marijuana Legal Price per gram
Tokyo, Japan No $32.66 USD
Seoul, South Korea No $32.44 USD
Kyoto, Japan No $29.65 USD
Hongkong, China No $27.48 USD
Bangkok, Thailand Partly legal $24.81 USD
Dublin, Ireland No $21.63 USD
Tallinn, Estonia Partly legal $20.98 USD
Shanghai, China No $20.82 USD
Beijing, China No $20.52 USD
Oslo, Norway Partly legal $19.14 USD
New Delhi, India Partly legal $4.38 USD
Antwerp, Belgium Partly legal $4.29 USD
Astana, Kazakhstan No $4.22 USD
Montevideo, Uruguay Yes $4.15 USD
Johannesburg, South Africa No $4.01 USD
Panama City, Panama No $3.85 USD
Jakarta, Indonesia No $3.79 USD
Asuncion, Paraguay Partly legal $2.22 USD
Bogota, Colombia Partly legal $2.20 USD
Quito, Ecuador Partly legal $1.34 USD

As you can see, Quito, Ecuador has the cheapest price for a gram of weed even though it is not that still legal and there are still questions and eyebrows raised when it comes to the use of marijuana. Tokyo, Japan has the most expensive price for a gram of weed since it is obvious that it is still not legal there and it means that there are additional costs that must be put upon for it to be sold in other areas.

How Prices are Determined

One of the determining factors that are considered on how a gram of weed is priced is location. This doesn’t only include the actual position or geography of your country, state, or place on the map but also the law that governs the use of marijuana. So if you live in a place where marijuana is barely legal, expect that the prices are much higher than those where weed can be used freely.

In the US, there are about eight states where marijuana is legal for recreational use and this includes Washington, Oregon, Alaska, Colorado, Maine, California, Nevada, and Massachusetts. Although it is legal to use marijuana in Washington D.C., it is not legal to purchase or sell such products there which is a bit contradicting.

In terms of the topographical location of these places, the prices of a gram of weed may vary depending on the strain because there are certain strains that require specific temperatures, humidity, and soil type. This makes it hard for some marijuana strains to be grown in these locations and it needs certain conditions and utmost care and management. This adds an extra cost to the usual price of a gram of weed that is being sold.

Another factor that is involved in the pricing of a gram of weed is the transportation that is used in the process of delivery. Usually, sellers and seed companies add a certain amount on top of the ordered marijuana depending on the shipping details that are needed. Since gasoline is used in most vehicles, weed sellers also put this as an additional cost for the marijuana that you’ve ordered.

It is completely clear that the price for a gram of weed differs a lot depending on the location. It is already evident in the US where marijuana is partly legal and also to some countries where it is still not openly accepted. Nevertheless, we can say that we are already on the right track when it comes to accepting marijuana, most especially for medical use, with open arms and there will surely come a day where the prices will go down and people will not worry about being discreet with the use of weed.