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How Marijuana Can Help Your Dog

Marijuana is seen to have a lot of potentials when it comes to addressing diseases in humans. Though studies are limited, using marijuana for the same benefits in dogs is getting into the light these days. Like humans, dogs can benefit from medical marijuana and the science behind is very much alike.

Dogs have endocannabinoid system in the brain and nervous system that is involved in the physiological processes that include appetite, mood, memory and pain sensation. This endocannabinoid system, which is also present in humans, answers why dogs can also benefit from marijuana use as humans do.

Treatment for Dog Illnesses

The cannabinoids present in marijuana helps treat various illnesses in dogs. The simplest of all effects of marijuana on dogs is its property to help reduce pain, swelling and stiffness. Various studies are still being conducted to see the effects of marijuana on treating problems such as compromised immune systems, arthritis, digestive issues, stress and arthritis.

Cannabinoids, particularly the cannabidiol, has anti-inflammatory effects, which make the marijuana effective in addressing the above-mentioned problems. Further, the effects of cannabinoids are also being studied for the cure of Type 1 diabetes, cancer and organ diseases in dogs. Cannabinoids can also be used to address strains, sprains, bone breaks and torn ligaments.

Dog owners have also suggested that marijuana has helped cure their pet’s noise phobia, lack of appetite and irritable bowel syndrome. Some even reported that marijuana aids their dogs in getting better sleep.

The effects of marijuana on treating illnesses on dogs are not immediate. This is especially true for illnesses such as diabetes and cancer. However, like with humans, dogs treated with marijuana may experience pain relief after a few hours of consumption. Those being treated with inflammation, on the other hand, may take a couple of days before the effects kick in. The time frame of the effects of marijuana on dogs vary depending on the dosage as well as the dog’s size and age.

Calculating the Right Cannabis Dosage for Dogs

Careless dosage of cannabis to dogs can bring in a lot of negative effects for the dog. Do not think that the same dosage to humans will work similarly to an animal. There are a lot of considerations when calculating the dosage of cannabis for animals. This includes age and size.

It is suggested that the secret towards getting the right dosage for dogs is knowing what kind of product will work best for the dog’s condition. Dispensaries in states where medical marijuana is legal can help with determining products that work best for certain conditions.

Once you have the right product, it is recommended that you start slow. Introduce the cannabis to your dog gradually and observe its effects. If you see that the cannabis is causing adverse side effects, the treatment must be stopped. You must check for overconsumption effects on dogs such as diarrhea, vomiting and spacing.

It must also be noted that there are no studies conducted yet in determining the right dosage of cannabis for dogs. Hence, it is important that a gradual introduction of the cannabis be done to dogs or a consultation with a veterinarian with experience in treating dogs with cannabis be considered.

How to Give your dogs Marijuana

Ingesting marijuana for dogs is not as simple as humans. However, there are a lot of alternatives these days including edibles for pets such as soft chews and biscuits.

The most recommended method for dogs, however, is the use of tincture. This is an extract with a set amount of cannabinoids that are sold in small bottles. Using the tincture is as simple as using a dropper and spreading it into the dog’s tongue.

The right amount of tincture to be given to the dog at a given time is usually indicated in the bottle’s label. However, as mentioned above, this does not guarantee the correct dosage of cannabis to the dog. It is still best to introduce the tincture gradually.

What’s good about cannabis tincture is that it has no known side effects to dogs, especially if given in appropriate dosages. It does not damage the liver and kidney like other prescription medications that treat problems such as stress, anxiety and seizures.

Dogs can Get High Too

It must be taken into consideration that to ensure getting the maximum benefits of marijuana for dogs, every pet owner must understand that the dogs can get high, too. THC affects dogs in the same way it affects humans. Dogs can get high through eating edibles infused with marijuana and second hand smoke. When this happens, problems may arise rather than solving the problem in the first place.

Usually, dogs experience breathing problems, abnormal heart rhythms, lower blood pressure, urinary incontinence and loss of balance. Ingestion of too much marijuana can even have more serious effects including severe depression, coma, seizure, respiratory depression and even death.

Hence, it is very important that pet owners are very careful when it comes to giving marijuana to dogs. Accidental consumption of marijuana that is lying around at home can more probably lead to over consumption. If this happens, you must bring the dog immediately to your veterinarian.

The best form of cannabis for dogs are treats that are infused with CBD instead of the psychoactive THC. The purpose of giving dogs cannabis in the first place is for the medicinal benefits which is what CBD provides.

Overall, treating your dog with marijuana can be possible. However, this requires caution and care. In the case that you decide to treat your dog with marijuana, you should always consider seeking the help of professionals. Also, you must remember to get good quality cannabis for your dog. The standards you must follow in purchasing cannabis products for your dog must be the same standards you will consider when you shop for your body’s consumption.