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How Long do Vape Pens Last

Vaping is a trend now. Though it has been around since 2007, it has gained major popularity lately since the use of e-cigars has become to many especially to teenagers. Much more, the popularity of vape pens increased when the use of cannabis concentrates like THC and CBD oils have been legalized in several states and countries.

Because of that vaping cannabis concentrate become a very popular option in consuming cannabis. If you are new to vaping it is understood that you may want to know how long does vape pens last. Of course, if you choose to vape as a method of consuming cannabis concentrates you will have to buy your vape pen.

You just don’t pick up any vape pen that you see. If you are a wise consumer, you would want to get a vape pen that would last for a long time which is a very smart decision. Since vaping has been very popular, expect that there are many vaporizers in the market under different brand names. These vape pens are known for their ease of use, price, and convenience.

What is a vape pen

A vape pen is a device that heats a cartridge or a vape tank to be able to create or produce a vapor. Vape pens are small, battery-powered devices that are cylindrical in appearance. It looks like a pen thus the name “pen”.

The fist vape pens came in during 2010 from the manufacturer called Janty. It was later popularized by Joyetech. The popularity of this device spread like wildfire as many traditional smokers shifted their preference in vaping for many reasons. Vape pens have many advantages in comparison to the traditional smoking process.

A vape pen is composed of different parts:

  • The battery. The battery provides its power. They provide enough power to heat it to 400 degrees Celsius. Just like other battery-operated devices, vape pens have rechargeable lithium-ion batteries with high energy density.
  • The tank. This holds cannabis oil or cannabis concentrate. It is called the tank if it is disposable but it is called a cartridge if it is disposable. They are usually made of polycarbonate plastic but there are also vape pen tanks that are made of glass or steel.
  • The atomizer. The little heater of the vape pen is called the atomizer. It is the heating element that heats the cannabis concentrate to produce the vapor. 
  • The software and the sensor. Sensors determine if the consumer is using the vape pen. It determines if the consumer is inhaling or button-pushing the vape pen. 

How Long Do Vape Pens Last

To be able to answer the question, know that there are two types of vape pens. The disposable and rechargeable vape pens. 

  • Rechargeable vape pens need a battery to be operated and are used for vaping. It has various atomizers and replaceable cartridges. This can be pricey and it comes with pre-filled cartridges which are cheaper. You can use different strains with rechargeable vape pens. It comes in push-button and draw-activated variety.
  • Disposal vape pens are composed of an internal battery, a coil, and a pre-filled tank. They are not rechargeable or refillable. As the term says, this is disposable once depleted. Disposable vape pens are cheaper compared to rechargeable ones. Disposable vape pens are not economical and they won’t allow you to refill other strains. In the long run, using disposable vape pens can be more expensive compared to buying rechargeable ones. 

The durability and life span of vape pens depends on these conditions: 

  • The battery size and the quality of the vape pen: As mentioned earlier, because vaping has been very popular, there is also a lot of many vape pen merchandise that is being sold in the market under different brands. There are high-quality vape pens with a long battery life which allows you to enjoy many draw and puffs given the cannabis concentrate that you have. For rechargeable vape pens, you may enjoy as long as your vape pen is in good shape. The reason why these vape pens are expensive is that they are refillable. For disposable vape pens, you can get rid of them after use because they are disposable and that is not economical.
  • It also depends on the size of your vape pen cart: Vape pens come in different sizes as well. The smallest is a half a gram vape cart which can let you enjoy around 50- 150 draws. 
  • How often is your draw or puff: This will determine how much you have used your vape pen. It will show you have used your vape pen much often or in a given time. How you often use your vape pen especially the rechargeable ones is also a big factor in the length of the life span of your vape pen.

Using a vape pen is easy. It is easy even beginners will be able to use it with ease. As cannabis concentrates like THC and CBD oil are now mostly preferred by cannabis consumers, the shift from traditional smoking to vaping cannabis concentrates is apparent and very visible. It is no longer a new sight or occasion if you see someone vaping cannabis concentrate especially if you are in a state of the country where the use of marijuana is legalized.

How long do vape pens last depends on which vape pen you are using, how you use it, and how often you are using it. For disposable vape pen, as the name suggests, is disposable and is advised not to be reused. It is made “disposable” so better leave it that way. Reusable vape pens may be expensive but they can be economical in the long run. It will also allow you to choose and use other strains because the cartridge or the trunk is reusable. 

Over the years, vape pens have gone a long way since the first time it emerged in the scene. Now that cannabis is getting attention, its popularity is also increasing. Purchasing a high-end vape pen is a good decision and might be a good step if you plan to quit smoking and indulge in vaping instead. How long do vape last depend on how you take care of it and how you use it. Better follow the manufacturer’s instructions so you will know what to do.