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Hemp Wick: Your New Weed Smoking Buddy

Hemp products are surely making rounds in the market nowadays. Today, there are a lot of cannabis products and derivatives that we can enjoy and help our cannabis experience much more tolerable and fun. Smoking weed should always be a pleasurable experience. We all want to smoke marijuana to relax and enjoy the effects. One such product that would allow us to do so is a hemp wick. It is marketed as a decent alternative option for lighters and matches. This accessory aims to make sure that you have all the natural aspects of smoking weed.

What is a Hemp Wick

Hemp wick is much like a candlewick that is used to light up your bongs, pipes, or even your blunt. It is made of hemp twine that is coated with beeswax and sold in different lengths. The way you use it is just like any other candlewick. You can use a match to light up the hemp wick and once it has enough heat or produces an ember, you can then use the hemp wick to burn your bowl. Once your bowl is heated, you can simply shake off the wick to remove the heat, and you are done.

To fully take advantage of using a hemp wick, make sure that you only unwrap enough for you to use. You can wrap it around your lighter and it would stick due to the wax. Make sure that you have enough quantity exposed depending on your needs. You may also allow a few more inches to prevent yourself from getting burned. Always remember that hemp wicks tend to burn faster than others due to the wax and its natural components.

Beginner Tips on Using Hemp Wick

To fully extend the shelf life of your hemp wick, here are some beginner tips that will help you get the most out of it.

1. Always keep your hemp wick close to the light source. You can wrap it in your lighter. This way, you get to have your source of hemp wick at arm’s length. Gone are the days where you have to find your lighter and your hemp wick when you can place them together. The lighter can even act as a handle for the hemp wick as well.

2. If you don’t have a lighter, you can always go for a more natural approach to light up your hemp wick. A candle is a good way to light it up apart from using butane. Butane can be very dangerous knowing that it is a very volatile compound. Using the natural method also adds a more natural experience when you are smoking weed.

3. To extend the lifespan of your hemp wick, only use the ones that you need and store the rest in an airtight container. A fresh stash of hemp wick will keep it burning for a longer period and allows the beeswax to stay fresh and prevent it from drying out.

Why Use A Hemp Wick

With all the equipment that is readily made to make sure that your stash of pot burns immediately, one would have to ask why would anyone want to choose a hemp wick over a simple lighter There are a lot of reasons why people choose to use hemp wick.

One of which is the way it produces heat. Hemp wick produces less heat or burns the cannabis at a much lower temperature. This means that hemp wicks burn much slower than normal making it a much better option for smokers. It also produces a smaller flame than a butane lighter thus you get an accurate result. This also prevents you from over smoking your cannabis and avoid inhaling ash and soot.

One of the best reasons why using a hemp wick is a much better option than a lighter is that it retains the flavor and potency of your weed. Since hemp wicks burn slower and use less heat, it does not create an environment where the herbs burn faster which also tends to lose the flavor and potency. The low heat prevents the cannabinoids from dissipating hence most of its effects are retained. This means that you get to enjoy the benefits of smoking cannabis and you can expect to experience all of its natural effects.

Speaking of butane lighters, butane is a colorless gas that is very similar to gasoline. Exposure to butane can lead to suffocation and drowsiness and can even cause brain damage when used for a long time. Butane lighters also burn much hotter than hemp wicks thus it combusts the herb at a much faster rate making you smoke it a lot faster than usual. One would not be able to enjoy smoking weed when you are racing against time to consume it. This is why using hemp wicks are a much favorable option than butane lighters.

Using butane lighters increases the risk of inhaling butane into your lungs. It also increases the risk of eliminating the essential flavors and cannabinoids from the herb. If you want to maintain the quality of your herb, using a hemp wick which comes from the same materials found in cannabis should be your ultimate choice.

Another good reason to use a hemp wick over lighters and other flammable products is it is inexpensive and can be bought almost anywhere. The fact that it comes from the same plant and is readily available ensures that you will always have your stack of hemp wick for you to use. Hemp wicks can be carried around in your pocket hence you can use it anytime.


Smoking weed or hemp should be an enjoyable experience. We purchase our stash of weed so we get to experience its natural effects. Using hemp wicks allow us to control the way we experience cannabis and allow us to fully indulge in its effects. There are a lot of benefits surrounding the use of hemp wick. This should allow you to make good use of natural products that prevent you from inhaling dangerous chemicals and make your overall experience with smoking cannabis even better.