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What is Hemp Water and Is it Safe to Drink

The novelty of cannabis and its extract has taken the world by storm. The fact that more and more countries and slowly accepting the use of hemp and its effects on the human system made it even more appealing to health enthusiasts. One such amazing product you can get is hemp water. While many are still doubtful of the wonders of nature especially when it comes to the hemp plant, there are hemp-infused products that cater to the needs of today’s society especially those that want to live naturally.

What Is Hemp Water

Hemp water is simply water infused with the healthy compounds found in hemp. Unlike THC, these substances such as CBD is not psychoactive thus they do not produce the high that you get from smoking marijuana. CBD and hemp have been the focus of many scientific studies in the past and present. These studies led to the many suggestions that incorporating water with hemp allows for many health benefits.

CBD or cannabidiol is responsible for many health effects on the body. It reacts differently to the endocannabinoid system that is found in the human system thus it does not create the same high that THC or the main compound found in most marijuana plants. One major effect of CBD is proper relaxation. It is a great substance that reduces the amount of anxiety as well as an amazing anti-inflammatory and analgesic compound.

One can easily enjoy the many therapeutic effects of hemp water by simply drinking it. While there are many other ways to enjoy CBD such as oils and capsules, there is a level of convenience in getting these healthy compounds when you can simply drink it in a bottle. Hemp water tends to be absorbed by the body a lot faster than edibles. It usually takes an hour or so for edibles to be digested and absorbed by the body for you to feel the effects. Through the use of nanotechnology in breaking down the compounds, the natural substances found in hemp water can be readily absorbed by the body.

Is It Safe

There is still a lot of mystery surrounding the effects of hemp on the human body which is why studies are still being conducted today. One of the main issues with drinking water is its safety. Knowing the effects of CBD in the body, it is safe to say that it is very safe for human consumption. However, hemp water may not be the ultimate choice for those who want to get high or even reach the best positive results that one can hope for.

Most brands today only incorporate around 2 to 5mg of CBD into the hemp water and these vary from one company to another. The fluctuations of these numbers if you want to achieve the beneficial effects of hemp. In most cases, those who reach an average of 15mg per day should feel the effects of hemp. These companies often claim that the low amount of CBD into the water is due to the way they process and infuse the water with the compound.

Since CBD is still an unstable compound, the preparation and extraction of this compound must be done in a stable and safe environment. This will help preserve the natural medicinal properties of the compound. Exposure to light and air can initiate the break down of the compound.

If all of these are done correctly, you can be assured that drinking hemp water is perfectly safe. You can always check the manufacturing process of the product that you are about to purchase to ensure that what you are consuming is safe for your body.

What Are The Contents of Hemp Water

Aside from the tremendous amounts of CBD in hemp water, you can also find different vitamins and minerals that will help boost your immune system and overall health. Hemp water is also rich in antioxidants which combats the effects of stress and has a healthy effect on the skin. Apart from that, you can expect some form of flavoring to the water or it can come in its natural taste.

Benefits of Drinking Hemp Water

With water being infused with the natural compounds of the hemp plant, you can only imagine the myriad of health benefits you get from drinking hemp water.

The relaxing properties of CBD allow its consumers to sleep faster and better at night. The quality of sleep is unlike any that you have experienced all because of the compounds working their magic into your system to help you achieve full relaxation right before you sleep.

As mentioned above, hemp water is known to relieve chronic pain and inflammation. This also means that if you are feeling the intense pain from stress-related headaches, downing a bottle of hemp water accompanied by your usual pain reliever should help double the pain-relieving effect.

Hemp plants have been discovered to have antibacterial properties in them thus drinking water infused with hemp will prevent bacterial growth and increase your defense against oral infection. Another reason to rejoice with hemp water is its ability to reduce blood sugar levels. People with diabetes are highly recommended to drink hemp water as a means of lowering and controlling their blood sugar levels down to the normal range.

Apart from a great pain reliever, hemp water is also known to fight off anxiety, depression, reduce muscle spasm, and other tension-related issues. It is also known to stimulate the appetite which can help you gain weight. As with many other derivatives from the hemp plant, hemp water can also reduce seizures and suppress any convulsive activity.


While there are still many research and scientific studies being conducted to fully understand how hemp and its compounds produce an amazing effect on the human system, hemp water is commonly accepted as a good source of healthy compounds that aid in treating several health conditions. Drinking hemp water is known to be safe and it is best to stick with what’s convenient and readily available for you to get the best medicinal benefits.