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Guide To Preventing Molds While Storing Cannabis Buds

The main goal of storing cannabis is to preserve its potency even for a long period of time. Molds can be present in both growing cannabis plants and those that are processed and ready for storage and consumption. A cannabis plant that is properly cured and dried is free from the mold. But when it is transferred to a container, there is a possibility that it will be exposed to high humidity level or to some factors that are favorable for mold infestation. 

Having enough knowledge about the storage process of cannabis is important especially if you are to purchase cannabis in bulk that you would want to consume in staggered. In this article, we’ll know more about preventing molds while storing cannabis buds. Learn how molds affect the cannabis and also the consumers.

Elements To Consider In Storing Cannabis

The cannabinoids found in cannabis will remain stable up to two years if stored properly. Proper drying and curing cannabis is the first step to effectively store cannabis but there are also factors to consider.

a. Temperature

Molds and other destroying organism thrive in between 75 degrees Fahrenheit-85 degrees Fahrenheit. Avoid placing your cannabis in extreme heat because it can dry out the cannabinoids and terpene of the cannabis and it may change some of its potency characteristics. Avoid placing your cannabis extreme cold temperature because it may slow down the decarboxylation process of cannabinoids. It is an essential process to have a potent strain that is perfect for medicinal cannabis.

b. Humidity

This is one of the factors that is quite difficult to maintain. Your cannabis should be placed in a controlled environment that has a relative humidity (RH) between 59%-63%. The importance of keeping the humidity balanced is to ensure that the characteristics of the cannabis which are the color, aroma, and flavor are preserved.

c. Air Control

Unlike the amount of air needed for growing and curing process, the amount of air during the storage process should be minimal. Too little air will create a humid environment especially if the cannabis is not properly dried while too much air will make the degradation process of cannabis faster.

d. Light

Light rays from the sun can bleach and burn your cannabis buds. The UV rays from the sun. Can easily breakdown the organic chemicals of cannabis. If you store your cannabis out of a direct light then you can easily control the temperature.

Cannabis That Are High Risk of Mold Attack

1. A Big and Leafy Cannabis Plant

If the cannabis plant is too bushy there is a tendency that there is no proper air circulation, especially in hot and humid conditions. It reduces the airflow and the humidity increases. That is why to prevent having mold in bushy cannabis plants, doing the proper way of trimming is very important.

Placing the cannabis plant in the area where it receives proper sunlight and the right amount of air would be helpful. This step is important to avoid mold infestation during the growing process.

2. Late Flowering Stage

The most common mold that attacks the flowering stage is the bud rot. It is easier for the mold to attack if the buds are bigger and denser. It is best to harvest your buds as soon as you checked that it is ready. Don’t wait overnight before harvest because mold can destroy your hard-earned yields for hours even if it is ready for harvest.

3. During Drying and Curing

The length of the shelf-life of cannabis depends on the process of proper drying and curing of cannabis. As they say, when it comes to the quality of the cannabis buds, it would take at least half of its quality that is build up through proper drying and curing. This is the most important process to ensure that your cannabis won’t be attacked by mold when stored.

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4. During Storage

Even though your cannabis successfully finished the growth process you still need to be careful with the factors that are susceptible to mold growth.

Signs of Mold Contamination

There are natural fungicides found in the dense buds of cannabis, but it is still prone to infection from different kinds of molds such as white mold, bud rot, Fusarium, Aspergillus, and Cladosporium. The mold spores can be seen into the naked eye. Some signs that your cannabis buds are infested with molds are:

1. Visible Fuzz

The cannabis can develop similar molds that can be seen on bread and other foods that are stored in the refrigerator for a long period of time. It has a dusty appearance with sightings of hair-like fuzz. This can be white, gray, black, brown, and green in color.

2. Musty Smell

The musty smell is brought by the molecule found in terpene which is called the myrcene. Myrcene is also the same molecule found in rotten fruits when infested with mold. A strong musty smell is an indication that the buds are overly exposed to moisture. If you are familiar with your weed and you notice a change in smell then it would be an indication that something is wrong.

Effects Of Moldy Weed If Smoked

If you accidentally smoked cannabis that is infested with mold, the effects may vary from person to person. Molds do not only threaten the cannabis but also threatens the health of the cannabis user. Those with problems with the immune system or those who have asthma are at risk.

If you are taking in cannabis for your medical condition it is best to check if the weed is extra clean. The symptoms to watch for when molds are inhaled through smoking cannabis are cough, chest pain, dizziness, fever, nose bleed and loss of coordination. Inhaling molds from cannabis can also cause poisoning because it contains toxins.

Tips In Storing Cannabis

1. Store cannabis out of direct sunlight. It should be in a cool, dry place.

You should use vacuum-sealed or rubber -sealed jars and containers to minimize oxygen exposure.

2. In storing different kinds of strains, it is recommended to separate the strains to maintain their individual flavor.

3. Don’t store cannabis in an area that has a directly cold temperature like refrigerator or freezer because the humidity level increases the likelihood of having molds and mildew. When stored in extremely cold temperature the trichomes become brittle and may break off.

4. In storing cannabis for a longer period of time, it is best to use containers instead of plastics because the plastic bag contains a substance that may interfere with the natural substance of cannabis.

5. The size of the jar and the amount of cannabis is important. If the jar is too large then you are allowing oxygen into it. As you consume your cannabis store the left stash in a smaller jar.

6. Use appropriate materials in storing the cannabis plant such as containers that have moisture control.

7. Avoid adding fruit peelings or vegetables to your cannabis storage. Peelings from fruits and vegetables contain volatile compounds that may interact with cannabis. These also contain too much moisture that will invite mold growth.

8. Don’t store cannabis near appliances that give off the heat because it may cause moisture. The ideal place of storage is in cabinets that have no access to light rays.

9. In storing cannabis, separate the containers of cannabis that you will use for a longer period of time from the stash that you will use on a regular basis. Reopening the cannabis container for a couple of times would be a gateway for light and air from reaching your bud.

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Different Types of Cannabis Storages

1. Dark Glass Airtight Container

This type of storages is recommended if you would store cannabis for later use. In using this type of storage, it is advisable to fully fill the container so as not to invite too much air.

2. Cannabis Humidor

This is a wooden, mahogany container that ensures the proper humidity level is maintained. It also provides you an aesthetically way of storing cannabis. Cannabis humidor and tobacco humidor are mistakenly considered as the same thing but they are totally different in terms of materials used. It is important to check whether or not you are using a humidor intended for cannabis to ensure that your cannabis will be stored properly.

3. Vacuum Sealing

This is a type of storage is an excellent method if you want to preserve cannabis’ freshness. You’ll just have to place the properly cured and dried cannabis in a special plastic bag to be sealed in a vacuum-sealing machine, with this the air from the plastic is extracted.

4. Boveda Packs

This is a special kind of plastic that has salt and water to help absorb extra moisture that maintains the relative humidity in cannabis. This type of storage is advisable if you would only store the cannabis in a short period of time.

5. CVault

This type of storage goes perfectly with cannabis humidor and Boveda packs. It has a natural agent that maintains the humidity. CVault is the most advanced way of storing cannabis because it is lightweight and impenetrable to light.

6. Stainless Steel Type Storage

This is one of the storage options that most cannabis connoisseurs use because of its durability and its metal components do not interact with the natural substance of cannabis.

Mold Resistant Marijuana Strains

If you would store cannabis for a long period of time, it is advisable to use cannabis strains that are naturally mold resistant.

A. Landrace Strains

This kind of strains is produced from seed that has a solid, resilient and vigorous hybrid. These types of strains originated in wet climates. Landrace strains are not only a mold resistant but it is also pest and disease resistant.

1. Durban Poison

This is a 100% Sativa originating in South Africa. It has a minty herbal flavor. Durban Poison is perfect for outdoor growth because of its resilient properties.

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2.  Brazil Amazonia

This is a pure Indica Strain with buds that are considered as hard rock and dense. It has a citrusy smell and flavor. This strain is a fast growing strain that gives a high-quality bud even though grown in climates with harsh conditions.

3. Colombian Gold

This Sativa strain originated from the mountains of Columbia. Since it comes from a high elevation it is designated to be planted in harsh weather condition with strength.  It has a musky, spicy and fruity flavor that has high standards medicinal properties.

4. Thai Sativa

This kind of Landrace strain is considered a Gigantamongus tree because of its height making it a high yielding cannabis plant of all seasons.

B. Hybrid Strains

This kind of strains came from two cannabis offspring. Hybrid strains have qualities of both Sativa and Indica. Most Sativa strains are mold, pests, and diseases resistant so if you are searching for hybrid strains choose for cannabis Sativa parent that has this quality.

1. Orient Express

This kind of strain can be planted in all weather conditions because of its resilient characteristics. It gives an intense psychedelic high with floral taste and smell.

2. Super Silver Haze

This strain performs well as a mold resistant as long as the soil is loaded with nutrients properly. It is also considered a giant plant that imitates the taste of a sugar cone.

3. Strawberry Cough

This strain can definitely resist bad weather and wet conditions. It should be supplied with proper lighting to fight molds and pest infestations.

4. Power Plant

This strain has competitive buds that can handle rough outdoor climates. It has a pungent smell that taste like Kush. It has a short flowering time that produces appealing yields.


Prevention is the safest way to protect your cannabis. This is the easiest way to cure cannabis from having infections to molds infestations. When cannabis is exposed to mold it will become useless because the cannabis is considered trash, thus wasting time, effort and money. In preventing molds you need to ensure that no condition is available into your storage such as coolant temperature, stagnant air, and wet or humid conditions.