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Grow Weed and Praise the Lord: Meet the Weed Nuns

It can be very difficult for those who share more conservative values to make peace of mind with what made a group of nuns the most famous nuns across the globe.

No, it wasn’t the nuns’ passionate speeches about the Love of and for Christ to bring them both fame and fortune but instead, it was the Love of and for an ancient remedy that has been poorly understood, and in fact, misunderstood for far too long: cannabis.

Meet the weed nuns – the Sisters of the Valley – who grow weed and praise the Lord, although none of these two things the weed nuns do the conventional way. Instead, the weed nuns’ set an example that is nothing less but pioneering, indigenous, visionary, and revolutionary in the world of cannabis advocacy.

How the Weed Nuns Started with 12 Cannabis Plants and Ended up Raising Over $1 Million from CBD Products

Although money is definitely not the driving force behind the weed nuns cannabis movement, it is an incredible story worth getting familiar with when it comes to how the weed nuns ever managed to start one of the most successful cannabis businesses and activist movements from growing as few as 12 cannabis plants.

So, how did a multimillion dollar company get to be managed solely and thoroughly by a group of women (aka the weed nuns)

It all started with SisterKate becoming the founder of the Sisters of the Valley-based in Merced, California. The year was 2011 and Sister Kate Meeusen began growing a total of 12 cannabis plants.

Wedged in California’s suburbs, the one-acre plot is only 10 miles away from the city of Merced.

Taking the worn-out, narrow road that leads to the weed nuns’ idyllic cannabis plot might feel like a mini journey to a whole new tiny Universe one finds it hard to believe exists. Divided into two parts, the weed nuns’ plot consists of a base for business operations known as “the abbey,” as well as a repurposed garage turned into greenhouses for growing cannabis, accompanied by two ranch houses painted in light blue.

When the sisterhood was founded in 2014, the weed nuns were already determined to make the scope of their mission to spreading the word for the healing benefits of cannabis and putting an end to the marijuana stigma that keeps depriving people of their sacred rights of health, life, and well-being a global one. Yet they could barely imagine what their cannabis mission would mean in terms of money raised from selling the products made from the nuns’ carefully nurtured cannabis plants.

Fast forward to 2019, the weed nuns whose Holy Trinity is none other but the marijuana plant ended up raking in an average of $ 1 000 000 annually from cannabis sales. Apart from California, the weed nuns’ sisterhood further expanded its scope thanks to the weed nuns from Mexico who also joined the initiative.

Before becoming a part of the sisterhood, Sister Kate Meeusen used to work as a corporate executive who was determined to achieve more and keep becoming more successful as a professional in a materialism-driven world.

So, what made Sister Kate turn her back around to her high-flying career of a corporate executive and embrace weed farming and marijuana activism

The short answer is the“white man rule,” as described by the Sister and supported by the rest of the weed nuns in the sisterhood.

Together Against the White Man RuleHelping People Treat Anything from Cancer to Epilepsy: Nuns United by Marijuana Break Dogmas!

Throughout the years, the white man rule has had many different faces, only a single of the many faces being the one related to cannabis racism, as well as discrimination towards all the people who are not allowed to legally use cannabis in order to treat their issues and concerns, and neither are they allowed to use the herb for entertainment, although the latter is not the major part of the weed nuns’ core concepts regarding their advocacy for marijuana legalization.

The weed nuns are 100% engaged in growing low-THC cannabis varieties that contain high levels of CBD.

Through their experience so far, the weed nuns have found out that the CBD products such as the CBD salve, oils, and tinctures they manage to produce by growing cannabis have helped many people recover from their illnesses, disorders, issues, and, nonetheless, addictions, although the weed nuns do not keep a particular record of the people they have helped heal through cannabis-based, all natural medicine.

Actually, what the weed nuns’ experience with the health benefits of cannabis-based, high-CBD treatment proved is not breaking news. Multiple scientific reports, research, and studies keep discovering and sharing with the public the various meaningful implications of Cannabidiol as an invaluable gift from Mother Nature that can help people treat a wide array of conditions and concerns without inducing the sense of high which is sometimes not desired by cannabis users and patients because of different reasons.

Back to the white man rule, Sister Kate was firm to state that their female-ruled sisterhood of weed nuns aims to put an end to the era of the organizations which are “male-founded,” “male-ran,” and “male-protected” as many of these organizations are at the very heart of the brutal discrimination of some of the people’s most sacred rights such as health, freedom of choice and well-being, among others.

In an interview for Reuters in 2017, Sister Kate herself clearly stated that the weed nuns belong to no religion. In fact, she stated that they are “against religion.

So, what is it that the weed nuns believe in, or in other words, what are their most sacred beliefs if they don’t want to be limited by the postulates of any particular religion out there

Are the Sisters of the Valley Catholic Nuns

The very first associations that come to one’s mind at the very mention of the word “nun” do rarely and barely have any correlation with weed, pot, ganja, cannabis, marijuana, dagga, or whatever other terms might be used in the same line.

So, what about the weed nuns Are they nuns who smoke weed Or are they nuns who grow weed Do they share and follow the same principles that traditional nuns do

Quintessentially, weed nuns do keep many of the vows of nunhood. They praise the Lord and pray for the health and wealth of all living creatures blessed with the miracle of Life.

Weed nuns stay true to the monastic motif. This means that they devote their work and lives fully to spiritual work, renouncing from the painfully well-known worldly pursuits most of us chase every single day. Simultaneously, the spiritual work the weed nuns are engaged in is not like anything we are used to seeing so far from any nuns out there.

Video by: ABC News – Meet the ‘weed nuns’ who put faith in the healing powers, and profits, of cannabis

Love and Respect for the Healing Powers of Cannabis Push Boundaries: The Weed Nuns Advocating for Marijuana Legalization

Ultimately, the weed nuns firmly state that they choose not to belong to any particular religion. Because above all else, the weed nuns clearly declare they are marijuana activists.

There are various cannabis activism movements nowadays such as High NY. High NY supports the voices of New Yorkers weed advocates and activists by uniting marijuana enthusiasts eager to change the stigma under the motto that cannabis reform is a human rights issue.

Nonetheless, various organizations in the field of cannabis activism such as the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML) are further placing the racism-laced, fear-based ban on marijuana in the very spotlights of hot debates which are inevitably bound to lift the ban on cannabis once and for all at some point in the foreseeable future.

But what makes the weed nuns stand apart in their approach to cannabis activism is that they manage to capture the attention at the very mention of the phrase “weed nuns.” The quick paradox that hits you at the start makes it almost inevitable to have your curiosity sparkled and get down to researching the weed nuns (yeah, maybe even type weed nuns Instagram in your Google Search and impatiently wait what’s about to pop out).

Best of all, the weed nuns do deserve your attention because they are united by a mission that is valuable for each and every cannabis user, and equally valuable for each and every cannabis non-user as long as the latter supports the sacred rights of all human beings to medicate, entertain, feed, bathe, or whatever they wish to do with cannabis, as long as no harm is caused to any other living creature.

The only way for the weed nuns to grow weed, praise the Lord and follow their mission of educating people that “cannabis is a plant” and “it is not a drug” is by staying true to being independent women, and not nuns in the most traditional sense of “nuns” possible.

If the weed nuns were to declare themselves as part of a particular church such as the Catholic Church then the core principles and the core values of their marijuana activism movement would have simply never managed to make it through the mountain of limitations, regulations, and stigmas on the way.

In a nutshell, the weed nun’ spiritual work is all about promoting the healing benefits of cannabis. On the practical side, they are helping people break free from the ugly regulations that keep depriving so many of legally medicating with cannabis.

It took the weed nuns sometimes before they started producing their famous cannabis-based topicals, oils, and tinctures after they realized many of the people who want to treat with cannabis cannot afford to or simply dislike the traditional methods of smoking the herb.

Video by: Refinery29 – These Nuns Sell $60k Worth Of Weed Every Month – The Sisters Of The Valley

The Weed Nuns Movie Bound to Go Viral: Are We about to Witness the Rise of a New Marijuana Empire

Following up the amazing success of the weed nuns and their Sister of the Valley venture, a documentary movie dedicated to the weed nuns’ movement was released in 2019 on a very special date for every cannabis enthusiast out there – April 20 – marking the 420 global celebrations of the beauty, wisdom, and joy discovered and regained through cannabis.

Directed by the British filmmaker Rob Ryan, the weed nuns documentary is titled “Breaking Habits.” In the movie, you can see the founder of the Sisters of the Valley – Sister Kate herself. Already in her 60s, Sister Kate is full of energy, power and will for change. Moreover, the sisters are fully determined to turn the marijuana activism movement they started in 2011 in a rising marijuana empire that will change the lives of millions of people across the globe for the better.

Both the history, as well as the sustainable way of living of the Sisters of the Valley can be explored through the newly released movie. In fact, by the end of the weed nuns’ documentary, we bet that many of you won’t be able to help it but start looking for possible ways on how to become a Sister of the Valley!

Most importantly, the weed nuns’ epic battle to putting an end to the marijuana stigma and changing the cannabis industry for good by helping people realize that cannabis should not be associated with the word stoner but instead, with the word healer actually has more ambitious plans than what most of us would even dare to imagine. As Sister Kate herself shared, the weed nuns are determined to expand the scope of their cannabis-based medicine to every province and every town within the next two decades.

Furthermore, Sister Kate stated that they are going to take advantage of working more with Hollywood as Hollywood is “the megaphone to the world.”

One of the next big steps the weed nuns’ marijuana activism movement is about to undertake is a quite sassy one: political series with an edgy twist which will be made in cartoon form in order to troll the negligent politicians who keep frowning upon and/or sabotaging lifting the ban on marijuana. Hold on, bud buddies, we might just witness South Park’s success being outdistanced in terms of both scope and success by the weed nuns’ cartoon series-to-be!

Video by: Movieclips Indie – Breaking Habits Trailer #1 (2019)

Grow Weed and Praise the Lord: The Takeaway

What we can all learn from the weed nuns is that whenever there is a will, there is always a way. Old ways do not open new doors, and so if we want to enter a new age of the development of mankind for the better, then we can no longer afford to fall victims of the marijuana stigma.

The truth is, many of us do not even realize how lucky we are to be able to grow cannabis plants from seeds nowadays. Just years ago, finding good quality marijuana seeds at affordable prices was nothing less but a privilege. Few were the ones who could lay their hands on top-notch cannabis seeds as getting in contact with the limited number of breeders out there used to be a painful task. Yet look at how far we’ve come for less than a decade!

Up-to-date, various seed banks and seed companies have made it possible to obtain cannabis seeds and start your marijuana growing journey asap, literally through a few clicks. Moreover, the choice of strains one can grow is simply fantastic: high CBD strains, balanced THC to CBD strains such as Cannatonic, high THC strains such as Gorilla Glue, Indicas, Sativas, autoflowers, you name it! It is good not to forget that we are blessed with this abundance, and we must not take it for granted because thousands of cannabis enthusiasts have put TONS of efforts, hard work, love, and dedication to make it possible for us nowadays to enjoy the endless benefits of growing our very own cannabis plants.

And so, we are sending you loads of positive vibes, bud buddies. Whenever you happen to have one of those days when nothing seems to go the way you have planned, just close your eyes for a second and think about the weed nuns’ example. Grow weed and praise the Lord, regardless of your religion, as well as who is the Lord based on your religious beliefs. What truly matters is the sense of belonging and the feeling that nobody can stop even your boldest dreams from coming true if you don’t stop believing. Just like Robert Louise Stevenson once wisely stated, we must not judge a day by the harvest we reap; instead, we must judge each day by the seeds that we plant…Stay healthy and as high minded as the weed nuns. Peace and Love.