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5 Easy Steps To Build Weed Grow Box

grow box

Indoor growing has become a trend in cultivating plants. As a matter of fact, there are various methods or techniques employed to satisfy indoor cannabis cultivation. There are those who do hydroponics, greenhouse styled growing rooms or lab-based.

However, if you’re out of budget, then there are some alternative ways that you could recreate in order to grow cannabis effectively. One of the most popular and efficient ways is through the use of ‘boxes’.

If you’re curious on how to make these boxes, then we’ll give you somehow an idea on how to transform regular boxes to become a cannabis planting area. It will just take you five steps. Scan below to find out for more.

1. Growing Weed Plan

Not everyone knows this, but you should be able to take a LOT of time with planning. Constructing marijuana boxes would be relatively easy. However, the planning won’t be.

Moreover, you shouldn’t be unprepared when starting to plant cannabis. That is why it’s important that everything should be ready and any potential risks that could happen should be taken into consideration upon planning.

First of all, one should know the important parameters that should be examined upon growing cannabis plants. There are four key requirements for cultivating cannabis plants. This includes the following;


It’s important that you should buy lighting equipment as an alternative to sunlight. Common grow lights used by a lot of indoor growers are LED lights, High-Pressure Sodium (HPS) lamps, and Metal Halide (MH) lamps.


To maintain an optimum temperature for growing cannabis plants, it’s essential that you should be equipped with an efficient ventilation system. Also, it has a temperature sensor or thermometer that could be used in measuring the temperature accurately. Marijuana plants grow at temperatures around 20 C to 25 C respectively.


The cannabis plants should be kept in an isolated and closed container or box. This should be done to ensure that there’ll be no pests that could cause any harm to your cannabis plants. Likewise, this would be an efficient method to keep the smell of cannabis from escaping outside the box.

To do this, its important to cover conveniently any possible holes that could be done into the box. For basics, you should get a PVC Pipe, a duct tape, and mylar for stability and secure air circulation inside the box.


Moisture could cause disruption to cannabis cultivation. That is why it’s vital to keep it optimum for cannabis growing. To assist this, installing humidity sensors and humidifiers would be a good addition to your marijuana growing box to conveniently monitor the humidity levels while cultivation.

Also, make sure that you have sufficient finances when growing cannabis plants. Energy consumption will cost a lot during the growing period. It’s important that you should be ready.

Safety is also an issue that should be addressed. Regular monitoring should be done to avoid unnecessary hazards of fire or electric shock during the process. It’s vital that one should be acquainted with safety precautions before its late.

2. The Size and Location of the Grow Box

Decide the size of your box and how many plants that you’ll be cultivating inside the box. It’s important to know that the plants should conveniently grow without any hassle throughout their entire life in the box. One should consider also how tall the plant would be and the length of duration for cannabis cultivation when deciding the size of the box. It’s critical to promote maximum growth for better yields of the plants itself.

Aside from that, you should have been able to decide the location where to put the grow box. As much as possible, it should stay hidden from a lot of people and consequently, safe from any attacks to any animals or pests.

Its also important to seek a location that would be near for electrical plugs, sockets, or any sources of water. In that way, one will not be able to waste effort or money to make things easier.

3. The Framework and Design of the Grow Box

You should be able to provide at least a rough sketch or an idea of what to build using the limited materials that you have. There are a lot of ideas that you could check into the internet. Respectively, you could use an old fridge, a plastic box, a cupboard, a cabinet, or make something on your own as a framework as starters.

In part of designing, you should also consider the circuitry and the placement of grow lights, filters, and the ventilation system. It should be conveniently located appropriately to consider several factors like safety and ease of cultivation.

4. Construction of the Grow Box

In building the box, it’s important to do it step by step. Don’t rush over things as it will cause a lot of confusion during the installation.

Though the design of growing boxes varies, it’s still vital to do things in an organized and well-arranged manner.

In constructing, you’ll first take consideration on the framework and the enclosure of the box. It should be kept closed as much as possible. If wrapping with a polyethylene bag or duct taping it around would help for total enclosure, then it would be good.

The next thing that you should install is the lighting equipment, ventilation system, filters, and sensors. There are a lot of ways to install these things. One tip is to read and just follow instructions. Do the research and it will surely be much easier for you.

5. Grow your cannabis plants

Before putting your pots with seeds on it, test out first the growing box. Do it for a day or two without any plants on it. This would help to at least give you a concrete idea of how things would go during cultivation.

After then, the challenge itself is cultivating exactly the plants. Make sure that you regularly monitor its growth. Accordingly, you should also be informed with the change of cycles and conditions that should be maintained each growing phase.

The Final Word

Yes, this ain’t steps how to build cannabis box rather than just tips on how to do it. As there are a lot of ways to create a cannabis growing box, we’ll just give you the basics rather on how to do it.

Overall, the essential thing is that you’ll continuously research. Let your inner creativity shines and is your own master when constructing the box. There ain’t no steps or rules to follow. Its all thinking about the welfare of the cannabis plants and what’s exactly is best for these plants.