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For the Sweet – Toothed Cannabis Growers: Top 10 Tastiest Strains to Grow in 2023

For the Sweet – Toothed Cannabis Growers

Strawberry Cough Strain

The well-known characteristic of this strain is the pleasant smell of ripe strawberries with hints of vanilla. You may detect a hint of skunk, which then helps to ground the scent and flavor of this popular strain. Strawberry Cough, with its 18 percent THC content, is ideal for people looking for a calm, slow-acting high.

This is a high sativa marijuana strain with mysterious genetic origins, known for its sweet strawberry scent that may make even the long-term user consumer cough. Strawberry Cough, on the other hand, tends to be a combination between Haze and Strawberry Fields. The foul, fruity flavors will attract your senses, while the cerebral, uplifting effects will fill you with a sensation of pleasure. Meanwhile, when you’re under a lot of stress, Strawberry Cough is a great way to relax.

Blueberry Strain

Blueberry, the parent of Blue Dream, Blue Cheese, and Blue Cookies, is another fruity-tasting strain. One draw of this classic will make you think of big, delicious berries, which is a fitting name for this strain indeed. Fruity notes come through first, followed by more fine earthy and pine fragrances accordingly. Blueberry determines an unmistakable fresh blueberry smell and taste that have made it an enduring favorite. The flavor is brilliant–a flavorful blend of blueberry and vanilla. In conclusion, this calming and sometimes sleep-inducing strain will give you a pleasant and cheerful high.

Blue Dream Strain

This plant is a cross of DJ Short’s Blueberry and Super Silver Haze, and it is classified as a hybrid cannabis strain. DJ Short’s Blueberry is an indica strain, which means it has a Central Asian ancestry and a large leaf structure.

Blue Dream is one of the best-tasting marijuana strains. This hybrid offers pine and spice hints to balance out its sweetness, similar to its parent Blueberry as well. In terms of flavor, Blue Dream is known to smell and taste like sweet berries. Also, Blue Dream is popular among both experts and beginners due to its long-lasting effects. It’s an excellent daytime strain for those who want a relaxing high with a clear head.

Tangie Strain

Tangie is a hybrid sativa-dominant strain. Some believe it’s a remake or tribute to the popular Tangerine Dream strain from the 1990s. It is a hybrid between California Orange and the Skunk #1 strain in terms of genetics. It is a deliciously zesty strain that you’ll recognize once you’ve tried it. The aroma of fresh tangerines and a tinge of skunk enters the room just by opening a jar. The flavor is similarly as good as it smells, earning it a spot on this list of the best-tasting cannabis strains.

Prepare for some power, with THC levels ranging from 19 to 22 percent. Tangie’s effects are immediate, producing a joyful and energizing high.

Super Lemon Haze Strain

Super Lemon Haze is a zesty fantasy come true. Its sweet and zesty flavor, reminiscent of lemon sweets, comes through clearly. Once the fruitiness fades, expect traces of earthiness and pine to remain simultaneously.

As you can expect, Super Lemon Haze is bursting with lemony and citrus flavor. It’s an award-winning strain known for its uplifting and energetic qualities as well as its truly nice flavor. This bud can help with chronic pain, stress, and anxiety. Super Lemon Haze, as you might think, is all about the energy high, making it an excellent midday smoke.

Pineapple Haze

Pineapple Haze is a sativa-dominant strain that invites users with its aroma but keeps them coming back for more with its buzzy, cerebral effects. This flavor-focused bud is a hybrid between Pineapple and Haze, combining the best of both genetic lines. The THC concentration of this bud has estimates between 15% and 22%, making it a good daytime smoke for business or active free time.

Pineapple Haze’s sweet, tropical tastes combine with hints of earthy pine to produce a memorable scent and taste. For instance, you might detect some minor floral characteristics as well as a hint of foul smell. The effects are anything but refined. Pineapple Haze is all about the positive vibes, with a light body buzz that lets you get on with your day.


Indiana Bubblegum crosses with an undisclosed indica cannabis strain to form the bubblegum indica dominant hybrid strain. It took years to develop a stable bubblegum strain with the characteristic sweet smell and euphoric high. The strain’s name comes from its scent, which is similar to pink bubble gum.

Bubblegum is the strain for you if you enjoy sweet, tropical strains. Bubblegum is a wonderful strain for smokers that prefer sweeter flavor profiles, with a flavorful smoke that tastes like creamy berry-flavored candies with a fruity aftertaste.

Its balanced euphoric high blends perfectly with pain-relieving benefits accordingly, making it an excellent midday smoke for individuals suffering from chronic headaches or muscular spasms.

Durban Poison

Durban Poison is a Sativa strain that rates high for its clear citrus flavor with a hint of peppery cannabis. This marijuana has been available for purchase since the 1970s. On top of its traditional “dank” aroma, it has an earthy aroma with hints of spicy citrus and peppermint. For instance, when inhaled with the lips, the smoke tastes sweet and herbal; the flavor profile might give you a piney and peppery at times.

Durban Poison has a spicy, citrus perfume that smells similarly like a little black licorice when you first open it. The smoke begins with a strong pine scent and flavor that slowly fades into a sweet earthy aroma and flavor consequently. Durban Poison is refreshing and energizing, with a cerebral effect that is clear-headed.

Super Silver Haze

The Haze and Skunk No. 1 strains were crossed to create Super Silver Haze, a sativa-leaning hybrid. It has a foul flavor, with citrus and diesel flavors. As a result, it’s unquestionably a dank strain. Despite its strong flavor, it has pleasant effects, therefore is beneficial for all types of nerve pain.

Super Silver Haze is an old factory fantasy, flooding the atmosphere with lemon scents and spicy floral nuances beneath the surface. You’ll appreciate its earthier take on the usual Sativa flavor of sharp citrus once you get past the beautiful fragrance.

For instance, Super Silver Haze delivers a happy and energetic high, however it takes a little longer to pass through the system, thus it is an excellent daytime strain.


Zkittlez, often known as Skittle z or just Skittles, is an indica-dominant hybrid with a fruity flavor. This strain is a cross between the delicious indica Grape Ape and the tangy sativa Grapefruit, created by Dying Breed Seeds in Northern California. Skittles blends both parent strains’ mental and physical benefits to provide a pleasant, diverse high effect. The attractiveness of this bud was great enough to win Best Indica at the 2015 High Times Cannabis Cup in Michigan. Above all, the THC concentration of Zkittlez has been estimated to be between 15% and 23%.

Without Zkittlez, no ranking of the best-tasting cannabis strains would be complete. This strain is fruity and tropical, much like the candy, and it packs a powerful flavor punch. Underneath its sweet citrus character, you’ll detect acidic and herbal overtones.

The effect carries its tropical sentiments, with this high-THC (23%) strain imparting the calm but cheerful feelings associated with the best beach holidays.