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Feminized Cannabis Compared to Regular Cannabis

Feminized Cannabis Compared to Regular Cannabis

At first look, the differences between lifetime seeds and new feminized seeds are hard to identify. It would be impossible to tell whether the plant came from a conventional or fem seed because they look the same on the outside.

Regular cannabis seeds are 100% pure and natural, producing both female and male cannabis plants. Feminized seeds come from Cannabis plants that have been taken care of with unique agronomic procedures. The plants that grow from these seeds completely show the female sex in this situation.

What Are Regular Seeds?

One female plant and one male plant give normal seeds. Pollen from the male fertilizes the female, resulting in the production of cannabis seeds. The term “regular seeds” means they came in a natural manner. Feminized seeds, on the other hand, came from two female plants. In some situations, one of the female plants will produce pollen, but it will still fertilize the second female plant. Because of its high THC content, most growers favor the female plant. Most growers choose feminized seeds to increase their chances of having feminized seeds, making sure that no male plants come out. Regular seeds, on the other hand, have benefits for the grower.

What Are Feminized Seeds?

Feminized seeds are made from the seeds of two female cannabis plants, and they always give female plants. For many cannabis farmers, this is the best answer. Growing techniques are improving giving cannabis producers a wealth of knowledge when it comes to breeding cannabis plants. If you want to make feminized seeds, you’ll need to give female plants traces of colloidal silver to make them more stressed in generating pollen. The pollen will fertilize the female plants, resulting in the production of feminized seeds. Hermaphroditic seeds are less likely to develop when you use colloidal silver to create Fem seeds. Why? The pollen-producing female had few genetic predispositions to becoming a hermaphrodite.

What Are The Uses of Regular Seeds?

Apart from the clear and most common use of growing buds, normal cannabis seeds serve two main purposes.

The first is reproduction. Selective cross breeding of one cultivar with another was popular with all kinds of plant life since the start of agriculture time. This is done for many reasons, including increasing the result of whatever product the plant produces that growers want, as well as for fun and experimentation.

The second purpose for regular cannabis seeds is to produce harvests of the same cannabis plants with no men among them, which was the most popular use before the emergence of feminized seeds. Cloning is the name for this process. It’s best done with plants that have their entire set of chromosomes and all the strong features that come with them, just as it is with breeding.

What Are The Uses and Advantages of Feminized Seeds?

Feminized marijuana seeds, when it matures and you cultivate them the right way, can give you a batch of male-free marijuana plants. Many growers normally avoid male and often leave them because they tend to destroy your cannabis harvest. You won’t have to worry about these pests if you use feminized seeds!

Cannabis plants grown from feminized seeds contain the same amount of THC as plants grown from ordinary seeds! The procedure of making feminized seeds isn’t particularly hard. Considering it’s still an organic method of growing because it needs very little damage with the way the seeds function. As a result, you’ll wind up producing heavy, sticky buds that can give you great highs and effects!

Feminized cannabis plants create excellent mother plants and are therefore a good choice for clones. Clones acquire all of their parents’ characteristics and qualities, therefore cloned plants will be Fem and pollination-free.. This means you can continue to grow clones without having male plants showing up!

Feminized marijuana seeds are always a fantastic choice for any grower. Feminized seeds work exactly as everyone say, whether you want a more convenient grow or want to try something new. With feminized seeds, you won’t have to worry about disturbing any potency or THC content. They’re just common seeds that don’t have the power to develop male or hermaphrodite plants!

Feminized Vs. Regular In Terms Of Their Gnome

There is one important difference in their genomes: feminized seeds exclusively contain female chromosomes (XX). This is because pollinating a female with another female, (XX) x, is crucial to produce 100 percent female seeds (XX).

Regular seeds are the result of a cross breed between a female (XX) and a male (XY), therefore their genetic information includes both sexes, and they will display one or the other depending on the kind of variables.

The only distinction is that only female specimens should appear from a feminized seed, whereas male and female specimens can appear from a standard seed.

Practicality and Simplicity

Feminized seeds are good for gardeners looking for practicality and simplicity, because they allow you to germinate exactly the amount of plants you need. Regular ones require double plants, so that when you remove the males, there would still be enough females to cover the space.

Feminized cannabis plants allow you to make greater use of your growing space while also saving money on substrate and products like fertilizers and insecticides. You can also stop the problems that can come if you forget to remove a male in a certain situation.

Unique Qualities of Feminized and Regular Seeds

Feminized Seeds came from exclusive clones. This type of seed also saves time and resources, and requires no sexing method.

Regular Seeds are purer when you compare it to fem seeds and you can make new seed strains out of it. This kind includes no chemicals and it is more efficient to use when sexing clones.

Market Production Comparison

Seeds and the processes used to produce them have advanced to a stage where they have become true art. The quality of today’s feminized marijuana seeds is so high, and the chances of a hermaphrodite plant appearing are less. When fem seeds first appeared to the markets in Europe in 1998, it started a movement that later on led to a decrease in interest in the common needs of people. Feminized seeds now hold for more than 95% of the European cannabis seed market. Regular seeds, on the other hand, continue to have an outstanding market in the United States.

When it comes to buying cannabis seeds, fem seeds are the best choice for most producers because they give high-quality grass without the risk of having male plants. When a professional cannabis producer wants to develop his own seeds and hybrids, he must use plants that shows both male and female sex. This is crucial in order to pollinate female flowers with male pollen, resulting in new genetic crossings and seed production. One of the key reasons why normal seeds are still grown is because of this.

Are Feminized Seeds Better Than Regular Seeds?

Feminized seeds are favored by most cannabis producers, and the ultimate result is that all female plants will be produced. Growers’ only concern is that pollen could damage the cannabis buds. You won’t have to worry about pollination from the male plant if you utilize feminized cannabis seeds. Furthermore, the grower does not need to identify the plant’s sex throughout its blossoming stage because it will be clear. You sow feminized cannabis seeds, care for your plants, and then get the benefits. It’s that easy and straightforward!