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Importance of Exhaust System For Growing Cannabis

exhaust sytem

Indoor farming for the marijuana plant is very important to breeders who do not have the luxury to own vast space for growing. Indoor cultivation requires effort when executed, aside from the idea of having a light set up, there should also be an imitation of the weather conditions and how the wind and air movement outside.

Though we all know very well that the real nature movements will never beat by an artificial, but somehow it can still create and provide the needed actions to help it survive and flourish. Positively, the exhaust system achieved the said goal, which made more growers enhance and invent for other ways to make it more effective.

Now, to understand about exhaust system, the main work of this set-up is to provide a conducive place for cannabis to grow and thrive and reenact nature. In using this system, it will not just help in air circulation but also preventing problems that are usually encountered by marijuana garden, from molds and mildews up to dealing with insects.

Get to know the exhaust system

When growing indoors, an exhaust system doesn’t have to be very expensive, but, as most growers do, they plant it out before using one. Some newbies would just put a fan and blow it up already and forgot that the cannabis has also limited with air and how the circulation goes.

Having an exhaust system can be done in two ways, you would get someone to have it installed for you but expensive or you can create your own with some basic stuff but can still do its required job.

Here are a few things to remember when setting up a DIY exhaust system for smaller areas. Make sure to measure the size of your area before buying any materials to make certain that you have the right size.

  • A small tent and a space that is near a window is a great and ideal space to have, or a grow box can also work.
  • A recommended size for a small tent would be a 6” inches exhaust fan will do the job. This will blow in all the heat inside the tent and release it outside.
  • And the last is a window fan, make sure to get the one that can blow a strong air and also fits your window.

For bigger places and growing room, this is what you call the homemade real exhaust system.

  • A big tent or any space that is sealed very well that can hold growing lights and a carbon filter
  • A rope ratchets where grow lights and carbon filter will be hang up
  • A grow light of your choice
  • The exhaust Fan ideal for your area.
  • Ducting should be in 6″ and ducting clamps
  • A real exhaust system must and should have a Carbon Filter, to ensure that you will be hindering smells from going out from the tent.

The core goal of the exhaust system is to provide exceptional airflow and air replacement. The air replacement get rids of problems and helps in making the whole cannabis healthy. This is important as the airflow for indoor growing reduces and diminishes the hot air while absorbing the cool fresh air from outdoors.

The exhaust system includes a filter, exhaust fan as well as the ducting to bring airflow out of the room, and if you can add a carbon filter, would positively be great to complete the system. Thus, a full process of air exchange throughout the cannabis growing space will be happening once every minute.

Benefits of having an exhaust system

Setting up an exhaust system has a long list of benefits; you will get to realize more about how important it is as soon as you get the idea.

  • The cannabis plant grows faster with a great quality of buds, thus results in a larger number of yields.
  • The exhaust system is very beneficial in controlling humidity and the area’s temperature. This is the result of venting out the humid air while replacing it with the fresh breeze.
  • An exhaust system can induce great ventilation. The cool air blows off your garden gather the moisture that was released from the transpiration process. In this way, the plant will still have some more room to absorbed water from the roots and taking more nutrients during the process.

And that is why a simple, very minute process as bringing the moisture out from indoor gardening through exhaust system will have great benefits for prevention. It is a great and easy way to decrease the possibility of having molds under the stalks, rotting in buds, as well as other parts as well.

  • The flow of the breeze is known to strengthen the stalks and stem of the cannabis plant because the slow swaying is the form of exercise of marijuana plants. A pleasant wind increases the strength of stems by making them sway, bend, and help in its flexibility, just like trees in the forest.

These movements help in building up the health of stalks and will be its armor when the time comes that buds will get heavier and big. So always make sure that the exhaust system is always in check.

  • The damp condition, high humidity, heat, and stagnant air is the type of temperature that pests and mildews would love to stay. We may not know, but the air flows around our cannabis garden has a good defense against spider mites, fungus, and gnats that wants to breed

Exhaust system slight breeze movement can prevent the insects from flying, and at the same, it keeps the soil from moist, and most of the time, it slightly dries the top layer makes it impenetrable to dig.

  • When a great exhaust system is combined with good air circulation, this is enough to lessen the heat and act on the water vapor in your growing area. Installing small oscillating fans at the top and another one below can neutralize very well the area, which leads to low humidity and low temperature, which is ideal for growing cannabis.

This is why having an exhaust system is badly needed; this set-up ensures that the air present in the growing space or tent will be renewed and replaced frequently so that cannabis plants can feel cool and stay at that level of temperature.

Cannabis plants should be living in the right humidity and get appropriate CO2 levels, as well as ensure that it will be exposed to a fresh breeze and moving air for a great maximum chance of growth.

To sum it all up

The main idea of the exhaust system, when simplified, is to put fans in your growing space. Make sure that it can circulate enough to get rid of old air through the exhaust fan and to have a fresher breeze to provide for the cannabis garden.

However, the exhaust system that can maintain bigger areas is quite costly when it comes to installation the same as on its maintenance. But regardless of its price, growers and breeders are willing to pay for the amount just to have all its benefits.

Installing an exhaust system can have an option, may it be expensive or it can be a DIY to have it cheaper, but if you opt for a real exhaust system, it is expected that it won’t be as simple as one fan to use but much more than that.

Having an exhaust system will be a great option to have in your cannabis garden. This will be very helpful in making sure that it will develop to its full and maturity potential. The exhaust system can also be a great help in eliminating odor and old in inactive air from the growing space that causes many problems.

Exhausts are normally placed overhead the canopy of the cannabis garden to take action as the hot air ascends to the top of the space. Some grow lights come with an extension for an exhaust fan that can be part when installing an exhaust system. This extension will help in connecting the exhaust pipe near the grow light. So make sure to choose to buy grow light that has an extension connection.

Another point to remember about the exhaust system is to make use of two or more fans for one fan cannot sustain. The air circulation that happens inside the growing area is quite very important, the same as venting a hot air out. So the two ways should be done by an oscillating fan and an exhaust fan. This set-up will give you great results more, particularly if it is planned very well.

Numerous factors have a significant effect on cannabis plant growths and maturity. But the most common situation that breeders usually encountered is the one that involves light, nutrients as well as the humidity.

But little that they know, the greatest impact for indoor growers are having a bad air circulation that gets the cannabis plant in too much trouble. When there is no proper exhaust system, this can lead to ruining a great expected harvest.

Installing a proficient exhaust system may be costly. However, this will ensure that you will be yielding a significant volume because you were able to protect your cannabis plants from mold, mildews, and insects that can ruin your garden, aside from the controlling of temperature and some other growth factors.