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Everything You Need To Know About Dry Sift Hash

Everything You Need To Know About Dry Sift Hash

Dry sift is the result of removing the resin gland mechanically from the cannabis plant.  This technique in doing hash involves the use of screens with different kinds of holes to extremely fine the mesh. The process of doing dry sift hash uses agitation and friction in separating the delicate trichomes and stalks from the cannabis plant.

In this post, you’ll learn more about dry sift hash, including its benefits, how to make one, best strains to use, and general tips and tricks. Let’s get started!

How Potent Dry Sift Hash Is

Dry Sift Hash is much more potent than any cannabis part because it is made from trichomes which contain cannabinoids (THC, CBD). The potency of the hash depends on the strain type used and it how it was processed. Almost 30%-50% of its potency might be lost f processed incorrectly.

Types OfTrichomes That Are Good For Hash Production

1. Capitate-sessile Trichomes

The appearance of thistrichomes is much more abundant compared to other types of trichomes. Their diameter is between 25-100 microns.

2. Bulbous Trichomes

This is the smallest type of trichome with a size of about 25-30 microns in height. As the cannabis plant enters the vegetative stage, it will form a nipple-like shape due to the accumulation of resins.

3. Capitate-stalked Trichomes

This is the common type of trichomes found in the cannabis plant. Its trichomes are the main producers of cannabinoids and terpenes. The height of the stalk is about 150-500 microns. This is the type of trichomes that can create top grade hashish because this is the only trichomes that have a layer of cells between the gland and the stalk.

Factors That Affect The Quality Of Dry Sift Hash

1. Appearance

A quality hash has a golden color without any shades of green, dark brown or black spot that is best for cannabis business or personal use. If the appearance of the hash includes these colors then it might be contaminated. A quality hash also holds beach sand-like consistency. For you to achieve a golden brown hash color with beach sand-like consistency, you must use visible trichomes heads that look like crystals or diamonds.

2. Smell

A quality hash contains a strong scent. If it has an identifiable smell then it means that the trichomes that were used have high levels of serene and it produces a high potency content when smoked or vaporized.

3. Strain Type

There are strain types of cannabis strains that are designated to produce a high-quality hash. The preferred strains that can be a good hash are those citrusy dominant strains because these strains don’t melt or grease easily when used as a hash.

Tips In Making The Dry Sifting Process

  •  It is easier to do the sifting process in a cold temperature because the dry sift products tends to be stable in this kind of environment.
  • Avoid placing it in a place where it will become sticky and oily to avoid some impurities and to make sure that it will pass through the screen smoothly.
  • Before doing the process of dry sifting, it is advisable to use brittle trichomes so that it can break easily. You can place it in a refrigerator to avoid mold growth during storage.
  • In making a dry sift hash, it is advisable to use 3 kinds of screens with 140 microns, 107 microns, and 70 microns to produce a fully melted-kind of hash.
  • The preferred type of cannabis plant to be used as a hash are those plants that are free from foliar sprays during the growing stage.

How To Use Dry Sift Hash

Dry sift hash is a versatile concentrate. The methods on how you can use this concentrate depend on the star grading of the hash. If the grading system is between 5-6 stars you can easily use it as a dabble hash because it can easily melt. 3-4 Star Hash Rating is a good concentrate for joint, blunt or hooks. Star Hash Rating between 1-2 can be used in edibles.

Categories of Dry Sifting Hash

Cannabis cultivators rate hash in terms of the melt spectrum. When purchasing or processing your own dry sift hash, it is important to have knowledge about the star ratings of the hash for you to know the quality that you will be using.

1. Full Melt Dry Sift (5-6 stars)

This type is the connoisseur grade hash because it only contains just the trichome head. You can use this hash type through any method of cannabis consumption such as vaporizing, smoking, and dabbing. Full melt dries sift is the most expensive hash type in the market because of its excellent quality.

2. Half Melt Dry Sift (3-4 stars)

This type is a perfect hash for dry sifts in bowls or for making rosins. It also contains trichomes head but has been processed in a semi-refined consistency and is quite cheap than full melt dry sift.

3. Kief (1-2 stars)

This kind of hash is not only composed of trichomes but it also consists of different parts if cannabis plants such as trimmings of the head, stalks, and some part of the plant. This can be enjoyed through waxing, the mixture in edibles and it can be converted to rosin. This is the cheapest kind of dry sift hash.

How To Separate Dry Sift Hash Into Different Categories

1. Use the smallest micron screen on your first run with minimal agitation. Increase the duration of agitation on every kind of screen. You may have your first run for 30 seconds, make sure to be gentle, avoid pressing the cannabis trimmings or slightly grounded cannabis part to ensure that the quality of the cannabis is preserved. Only shake the screen slightly from side to side. After this process, scrape off the strained dry sift, this should be considered as a 5-6 star hash.

2. Increase the micron size of the screen on your second run. Allow the large trichomes to pass through the screen and gently push the material over the screen. Avoid breaking the plant material to lessen the possibilities of getting contaminants that will be a cause of lower hash gradings.

3. Use the largest micron screen for your third run. You can aggressively exert effort in agitating the remaining part material into the screen to make the most of your cannabis plant and its trichomes. This will provide a 1-2 star has quality.

How To Make A Dry Sift Hash


  • A clean glass table
  • Sift screens at the different micron size
  • Cured cannabis plant trichomes of cannabis trimmings
  • Scrapper (blade or plastic card)
  • Gloves

Step 1: Clean the surface of the glass table where you will place the screen. Make sure that it is free from dust or any particles.

Step 2: Place the cannabis plant material on top of the screen. Fill the entire surface area. Make sure that no plant material is overlapping. It should be plainly in contact with the screen to agitate easily.

Step 3: Gently agitate the plant material on the screen. It is important to use a screen that corresponds to the size of the trichome glands. Shake the screen from side to side, you can run your hands through the plant material to allow it to bounce off the screen. Smaller Trichomes may need to require more agitation.

Step 4: Collect your dry sift hash. Move the screen to the side to make use of a scraper and scrape off the dry sift hash into the pile. This is the stage where you can distinguish the level of hash melt.

Strains That Are Good For Making Hash

1. Sherbet Queen

This Indica-Sativa Strain is known for its pungent smell with fruity sensations making it desirable for hash production. A few tokes of this strain will definitely give you relaxation and couch lock effect. It is easy to grow strain whether indoors or outdoors that do not require much attention.

2. Royal Gorilla

This is a perfect strain for crafting intense hash because of the flowers of this strain is enriched with psychoactive resin. It has an earthy and piney taste and smell that brought by its 50% Sativa and 50% Indica genetics. This is an award-winning strain for producing large quantities of the resin during the flowering phase as long as it is grown in a warm climate.

3. OG Kush

This is an excellent selected strain good for hash production because of its high potency, rich flavor and it provides good yields all year-round. It’s 75% Indica and 25% Sativa genetics results in a high that relaxes the mind and body. It contains 19% THC content that is not overly intense.

4. Ice

This is one of the strains that provide a massive trichome production. It has a 90% Indica genetics resulting in compact and dense flowers. The large quantity of hash that provides can be collected through rubbing of its flowers or collecting trichomes through grinding. Each hit will give you an extremely physical stone. This strain has hints of delightful tastes of herbs, mints and different touches of spices.

5. White Widow

This has a balanced strain that features 50% Sativa and 50% Indica genes making it an ideal craft for making hash. The effects of this strain will effectively stimulate the mind and the body. It also contains high trichome content that has a white frosty appearance.

How To Consume Hash

1. Glass Method

This technique only applies to hash that has a consistency that is easy to manipulate like that of a clay-like hash. This is one of the most economical ways of consuming hash. This technique is where you smoke hash through the use of a regular drinking glass with a straw to inhale the smoke.

2. Sprinkle It in a Spliff

This technique is the most classical way of consuming hash. A soft consistency hash is preferred in this technique but if your hash is hard you can make use of lighter and run through the hash with fire. You’ll just have to roll a joint with tobacco and sprinkle hash on top of tobacco before closing the joint. While smoking the hash turns into vapor for you to smoke.

3. Use a Vaporizer

This is the most healthy way of consuming medical cannabis. It is recommended to consume hash through vaporizer since the hash has a dense consistency. You should preheat your vape with a temperature of 190° Celsius before smoking.

4. Use of Hot Knives

This technique is a vintage way of consuming cannabis hash. You need to use 2 knives and a straw. You’ll just have to heat the knives and place the hash between and wait for it to combust instantly. Make use of the straw to catch the smoke.

Tips In Storing Dry Sift Hash

  • Keep it in a cool environment. Avoid placing it from warm places to keep its freshness.
  • It is advisable to keep it in a dark area like cabinets because light exposure may degrade THC content.
  • Make sure to have a clean environment especially during the processing stage because if contaminated it may affect the shelf life of the hash when stored.
  • Make use of jars or ceramic jars in storing it for a long period of time.

Advantages Of Using Dry Sift Hash

  • It can be stored longer than a regular processed weed
  • This is a potent concentrate but will not give you an overly high.
  • It produces less tar than smoking raw cannabis.
  • Even though it cannot provide you much potent high, it will still deliver effectively as a pain reliever.
  • Hash can be mixed into food that makes it an easier way of consuming cannabis.

Disadvantages of Dry Sift Cannabis

  • It can be costly to buy dry sift hash in the market than producing your own hash.
  • The aroma and flavor of the weed are less intense when cannabis is turned into hash.
  • Its potency can cause anxiety and depression.
  • You cannot assure the purity of the dry sift hash when purchased commercially.

Final Thoughts

The production of dry sift hash is a way to get the most out of your harvest. If edibles are not your thing in consuming frosty trimmings then there is still another option which is to make it into concentrates. A lot of cannabis users are into hash because it is a cannabis concentrate that has no chemical solvent.