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Do You Need a Weed Tolerance Break & How to Take One without Breaking your Heart)

People who take cannabis regularly are more likely to encounter fluctuations in their abilities to tolerate weed in the long run. In spite of trying different strains or using a new consumption method, some people say the effects of cannabis seem to dispel after using it over and over again.

To fight these diminishing effects, some consumers choose taking a marijuana tolerance break which can help their marijuana tolerance to subside. At the same time, it can help boost the consumption effects and the way their bodies and brains respond to the pot.

Weed Tolerance Break – What Is It

A cannabis tolerance break, also known as t-break, simply means a brief and temporary break from marijuana. This will help clear one’s body and mind of cannabinoids, especially THC. If you feel you’re more likely to become cannabis-tolerant, taking a break from it will help reverse the buildup.

Some cannabis consumers benefit from decreasing the amount they consume but others prefer to abstain totally for a specific length of time. In that way, the more noticeable and psychoactive effects of marijuana will come back to fuller strength.

Likewise, a cannabis tolerance break may consist of altering your usual routine that can affect the effectiveness of weed and how it interacts with your body and mind. For instance, skipping consumption in the morning can promote the start of more powerful effects when consuming pot at night.

The severity and length of a tolerance break will vary from person to person. Those factors may depend on you and your consumption patterns.


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Why Should You Take a Weed Tolerance Break

Reducing your marijuana intake might not seem tempting at first. On the contrary, some things are making every consumer need to have a tolerance break.

Aside from the desire to reduce the threshold for the cannabinoids, a person seeking a job may use a tolerance break to flush away the traces of cannabinoids as one way to prepare for the mandatory drug test. Probation, court orders, and other legal matters are also a reasonable excuse for abstaining.

If you’re traveling, you can also take a t-break while you’re in a city or state where cannabis consumption is not allowed. Some consumers are taking a tolerance break to save money. Of course, a lot of people take a tolerance break just because they want to get more from the effects of cannabis on their bodies.

A tolerance break must offer the consumers a brand new outlook. This change in the perspective can be a reminder that marijuana is an enhancement to life’s journeys.

With a clear mind, cannabis consumers will gain or regain respect for the power which this plant holds by the time they resume taking. Similarly, the familiar effects of creativity, euphoria, and general wellness come back with full force.


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How Long Should a Marijuana T-Break Last

Since marijuana is an individualistic experience, a t-break takes on different forms, depending on your consumption pattern. In general, 3 days without cannabis must be enough to start to notice the reoccurrence of deeper effects.

Extending a t-break to 1 to 2 weeks will help you get over the bump and shake up your usual routine. When your mind acclimates to a new clearheaded groove and your body adjusted accordingly, that means the break is successful.

If you think your body needs flushing out, try spending 2 weeks of no cannabis. That’s because other cannabis compounds including THC can stay in your body for over 30 days.

What Should You Expect While You’re on a T-Break

When you take a break from weed, you will surely notice several changes in your life. You may observe differences in your eating and sleeping habits, especially when you’re a heavy daily smoker. Perhaps, you may struggle to fall and stay asleep. Or, the change can be in your appetite.

Whatever changes the t-break brings to your life, always remember to be patient. Be patient with your body and yourself as they will need to adjust to the changes. The duration of your t-break will depend on you.

However, for best results, it is best to extend your break to 1 week. Every person is different, though, so the time your body needs to get rid of the cannabinoids will differ.

According to a study, it might take around 2 days for the cannabinoid receptors in your body to replenish. However, bear in mind that the benefits of taking a break from marijuana increases in the long run. Therefore, the longer you pause from using cannabis, the better the result will be.

A tolerance break is designed for heavy cannabis users who feel a decrease in the strength of weed’s psychoactive effects. A t-break is not for patients who use marijuana to alleviate chronic symptoms or incurable illnesses.

If you’re using marijuana as an alternative treatment for your condition and you’re not experiencing similar relief, talk to a medical cannabis professional to know what you should do. When taking a tolerance break, you must stay active and hydrated. Visit the gym or engage in a sports activity or an outdoor activity like hiking. Any physical activity will help your body “reset” its reaction to cannabis. Try running in the morning, cooking a delicious but healthy meal, and taking on a new hobby that offers self-satisfaction or a positive reward.

When you take a break from cannabis, always keep in mind that when you resume consuming cannabis, you need to scale back the amount of weed that you typically consume.

The longer your break takes, the further down the ladder will be. Otherwise, you may feel overwhelmed by the effects and potency which once appeared manageable or muted.

5 Tips for Taking a Cannabis Tolerance Break

Do you think it’s time for a cannabis tolerance break Whatever the reason that pushes you to take a break, these simple tips will help you in getting through it. This way, you will be happy as you go back and start taking marijuana once again.

Accept that Taking a Break from Cannabis is Difficult.

A t-break is not easy. You need to be patient. You have nothing to do, except for keeping yourself glued to your phone, drinking coffee twice a day, or any other activity that will help you forget about smoking your favorite cannabis strain.

Keep in mind on your weed tolerance break. Even after some days, you will hear something like a voice that seems to remind you how much better your life is when you smoke. Don’t listen.

Whenever you feel you’re about to give up, just remember that everything you do is on purpose. It will not be easy, but nothing is impossible.

You will thank yourself once you succeed in doing. But for now, you have to sacrifice.

Consider Reducing the Amount of Pot You’re Taking for the Meantime

Can you imagine living without cannabis A day or two without your favorite smoke seems to be miserable. It can be worse if you’re a heavy cannabis user.

If that is the case for you, then you should consider cutting down slowly before cutting out cannabis from your life in the meantime. Choose a date you wish to begin a t-break and start reducing the amount of pot you consume a couple of weeks before the scheduled t-break.

Cutting down will give your body and your endocannabinoid system some time to adjust. This will aid in making the “t-break” a much easier process. If you’re fond of smoking in the morning, start skipping out and delay until mid-day.

Slowly cut down and give your body some time to adjust. That is much easier compared to quitting altogether.

Remove Your Weed Paraphernalia

When you stop taking cannabis, it is important to remove the pot and your paraphernalia out of your house or out of your sight. Doing this will help you a lot when taking a cannabis tolerance break. In the meantime, consider taking all your paraphernalia in the garage or somewhere else in your house.

Remove everything – flowers, concentrate oils, pipes, papers, dab rigs, bongs, and the like. All those things will surely tempt you, so it’s better to store them somewhere else for now.

If you don’t believe in yourself that you can’t resist the temptation of getting them out of the hiding spot, then surrender them to a friend. Let him take care of your paraphernalia until your tolerance break is over.

Keep Yourself Busy, Be Creative, and Engage in a New Activity

If you are a regular marijuana consumer, your first tolerance break could be strange. There will be a different time perspective. At times, you will feel this rush of energy which will make you feel like you do not know what to do with yourself.

During a THC tolerance break, keeping yourself busy is important. Have a new hobby, organize your closet, or engage in crafts and arts. Do other things you love aside from smoking cannabis. Keep your mind busy through the whole tolerance break. This way, the temptations will stay away from you. While you’re on a break, take this time as a way to create a new hobby.

When your old habit resumes, you can combine your new habit with it. That’s because doing what you love while consuming cannabis will add more fun to the activity.

Keep Yourself Committed and Focused

While taking a t-break is not as simple as it sounds, keeping yourself committed and focused throughout the process can be more rewarding than what you think. You’ll be drawn to consume during the period you take a break.

Do yourself a favor. Stop yourself from giving in to the urges. Understand that the discipline needed will have a big impact on your life. You are not quitting marijuana for good. You are just taking a break. When the tolerance break comes to an end, you will eventually realize how worth it the experience was. You will surely plan to give it another try when you feel it becomes necessary once again.

Can CBD Help with a Tolerance Break

You might be thinking about taking CBD while you’re on a cannabis tolerance break. Does that help

Perhaps, it can. Further research is necessary to confirm its effectiveness when dealing with the unpleasant effects of a cannabis tolerance break.

Remember, CBD and THC react differently in your endocannabinoid system. THC binds to the CB1 receptor. It is a binding affinity called the lock and key system.

On the other hand, CBD does not have a binding affinity with either the CB1 or CB2 receptors. Instead, the non-psychoactive cannabinoid is using indirect ways to regulate the cannabinoid system to bring the state of homeostasis back to your body.

CBD works like an endocannabinoid modulator. Meaning, this cannabinoid helps in regulating your endocannabinoid system. At the same time, it helps in restoring the overall balance to your mind and body.

CBD can have a big impact on your endocannabinoid system during a cannabis tolerance break. While the scientists need to do more studies and experiments, CBD can be helpful for anyone who plans to take a THC tolerance break.

While limited, some data are available to show and prove that CBD can help in dealing with cannabis abuse and other forms of addictions. When your tolerance break begins, taking some hits of CBD will help you get through the process.

Using CBD while on a tolerance break may help you in dealing with a lack of focus or sleep and even anxiety. All these things may come along the moment you take a break from using weed.

Medical cannabis users may also find that CBD can help a lot. It is a good alternative for alleviating the symptoms they used to deal with by using THC. Whatever the way you choose to use CBD, be it flowers, tinctures, or edibles, CBD can significantly benefit you during a t-break. It will save you from the risks of taking cannabis while you’re on the process.


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