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Changing the Marijuana Stigma: Top 20 Very Important Potheads (Famous and Historically Important Cannabis Connoisseurs)

It is undeniable that many cannabis connoisseurs have become victims of the ugly stigma surrounding green medication.

Unfortunately, the outdated, negative connotations regarding marijuana use have penetrated into the collective consciousness of society to such an extent as to force many marijuana aficionados and medical marijuana patients alike to try to keep their cannabis consumption away from the public radar.

But why is that so Isn’t marijuana consumption a sacred choice of every human being, provided that he or she does no harm to anyone else because of choosing to medicate, unwind, or entertain through marijuana use

There is really no logical explanation why the marijuana stigma keeps lingering in the air, especially since cannabis is proven to be less addictive and less harmful to our health than, for instance, tobacco or alcohol consumption.

The bitter truth is, no matter the scientific evidence which proves cannabis has invaluable medical implications and carries little to no possible physical or mental harm to users, the threat of being labeled and treated as nothing more but useless potheads who can’t fully contribute to the well-being of mankind is somehow omnipresent.

However, we believe it is high time to put an end to the old-fashioned, racist, pointless, narrow-minded attitude towards marijuana users.

We invite you to join us below and get acquainted with the top 20 historically important and famous people whom we have decided to title Very Important Potheads (VIP) with a healthy dose of good humor and irony.

Most certainly, though, these public figures are much more than what the anti-marijuana propagators would label as potheads. The list of top 20 very important potheads below consists of people who have managed to leave a sparkling trace in history, thus, proving that marijuana use is not a vice, and those who consume marijuana are fully capable of living up to their fullest potential as conscious, talented, wholehearted human beings.

1. Alexandre Dumas

Alexander Dumas’ genius talent in writing has given birth to immortal masterpieces of literature, some of the most famous being The Count of Monte Cristo and The Three Musketeers.

Dumas is one of the most legendary and widely beloved representatives of Romantic literature novelists. In fact, Alexandre Dumas’ unparalleled gift of playing with words and turning them into mighty arrows that touch the hearts of people all over the globe has earned him the nickname “The King of Paris.”

In Dumas’ everlasting triumph – The Count of Monte Cristo–chapter 117 reveals the authors’ profound understanding of the amazing mind-expanding benefits of hashish consumption.

Interestingly, modern editions delete much of the hashish-related content of the chapter, widely because of the fact these are deemed unsuitable for students reading Dumas’ novel.

In the chapter, hashish is provided for one of the Count’s guests (the Count introducing himself as Sinbad the Sailor), insisting that the guest would taste the hashish and judge for himself how the boundaries of possibility can disappear, opening the fields of infinite space, further comparing hashish as nothing less but Hebe’s ambrosia (Hebe being the youth goddess and prime of life in ancient Greek mythology) served at the table of Jupiter (Jupiter is the other name for the supreme ancient Greek King of all gods – Zeus).

2. Victor Hugo

Amazingly, it seems quite clear that some of the most gifted masterminds of French literature have been well-familiar with the way marijuana consumption can boost creativity and make one come closer to the infinite source of wisdom and creation which tends to remain hidden deep in the most mysterious corners of consciousness and subconsciousness.

It was in 1829 when Hugo’sLes Orientales was published that Alexandre Dumas was simultaneously celebrating the instant success of his play Henri III et sa courwhich had been just recently introduced at the ComedieFrancais.

It is exactly in the invaluable Les Orientalesbook of poems where the poem “Ecstasy” can be found, describing in the most exquisite way possible how marijuana can open up one’s Heart and Mind to higher perspectives, as well as making one experience the profound relationship and beauty of Mother Nature in a completely different, little-known, in-depth manner.

And if some skeptics would dare to point out that there is no direct reference to cannabis in Victor Hugo’s work, it is important to highlight that Hugo was an official member of what was something like the ancestor of modern-day cannabis smoking social clubs – the Le Club des Hashishinsfounded by Theophile Gautier in 1844.

Le Club des Hashishins(also known as The Hashish Club or The Hashish Eaters Club) was a group in Paris whose members explored the effects of (mainly) hashish for boosting creativity. Not only Victor Hugo himself but some of the most significant intellectual and literary masterminds of Paris were a member of Le Club des Hashishins.

The takeaway Obviously, the fact that Victor Hugo was a part of The Hashish Club and enjoyed to consciously experiment with marijuana consumption has something to do with giving birth to never-dying pieces of artwork such as The Hunchback of Notre-Dame.

Video by:PRØHBTD – The Hashish Eaters Club

3. Sean Parker and Dustin Moskovitz

We are jumping straight into the historically important and famous marijuana enthusiasts of the new century with two people who have become living legends – Sean Parker and Dustin Moskovitz.

Dustin Moskovitz is not only the co-founder of Facebook but also the youngest self-made billionaire in the history of mankind, according to a Forbes report published in 2008. Born in 1984, Moskovitz left Facebook to become the co-founder of yet another innovative digital platform – Asana.

Sean Parker was born in 1974 and he joined Facebook’s founders’ team later on when Facebook’s base was moved to Palo Alto, California.

Apart from highly talented and successful entrepreneurs, Parker and Moskovitz are also well-known and beloved philanthropists. In 2010, they donated $170 000 to fund the 2010 marijuana legalization campaign in California which was crucial in order to pass the Prop. 19 and make marijuana adult use fully legal for Californians.

So, if anybody trying to convince you that marijuana use turns people into couch-locked potatoes reluctant to move a finger, it is good to remember the brilliant example of Parker and Moskovitz who managed to apply their out-of-the-box creative thinking into giving rise to social projects that are still unparalleled in the history of mankind.

Video by: – 10 Marijuana Smoking Geniuses

4. Pythagoras

The ancient Greek philosopher Pythagoras – the father of Pythagoreanism – was considered a semi-deity as his birth was predicted at the Oracle of Delphi. It was Pythagoras’ teachings that highly influenced other masterminds of ancient Greece such as Plato and Aristotle, and in return, the Greek philosophical teachings managed to expand their impact to the Western world.

But does marijuana use has something to do with the invaluable teachings of
Pythagoras regarding the way the infinite wisdom of the universe reveals in numbers Undoubtedly, yes, because Pythagoras learned about astronomy in under the Zaractas’ sage where the use of cannabis (as well as other entheogenic plants) was encouraged as a powerful means for purifying the body and mind.

5. Steve Martin

The Texas-born beloved American actor, producer, musician, writer, and comedian Steve Martin is one of the most dedicated people who has contributed to the worldwide recognition of the US film industry.

He is not the type of person to have pushed his marijuana preferences too sharply into the public radar; however, he has never hidden his approval of regular cannabis use, especially when it comes to unwinding, relaxing, and getting one’s creative juices to flow better. 

6. Marilyn Monroe

Decades after her tragic death, Marilyn Monroe’s unique style, elegant boldness, appealing femininity, and unparalleled talents remain an inspiration for millions of people all over the globe.

Being a foster child, Monroe’s road to success was a steep one but she did not only manage to climb the ladder to fame and success, but she also managed to do so with her one-of-a-kind grace and her lion-hearted disregard to the limitations and stereotypes posed by social conditioning.

It was confirmed that Monroe enjoyed smoking pot occasionally, according to one of her closest friends and marijuana smoking companions Jeanne Carmen.

In a home movie that was released in 2009, Monroe is openly smoking marijuana at a party in New Jersey. Considering the fact that this event took place in the exact time when the marijuana prohibition propaganda was getting on the rise, we can only dare to assume what a tremendous courage Monroe actually demonstrated through the action of smoking pot in public and even documenting it!

Apparently, it was not only Monroe and her close friend Carmen to enjoy a toke of cannabis every now and then, as Monroe’s co-star in Some Like It Hot – Tony Curtiswas caught with marijuana at the Heathrow Airport in 1971.

7. Willie Nelson

Willie Nelson – the legendary American songwriter, producer, musician, author, actor, and activist – is a well-known marijuana advocate, too.

In numerous interviews Willie Nelson has demonstrated and claimed his deep relationship with cannabis, stating that weed has literally saved his life.

We do not even want to imagine what a genius mind the world might have lost if Nelson was to lose his life if it wasn’t for marijuana to help him see light at the end of the tunnel of despair.

Video by: Regulate Marijuana – Willie Nelson on Marijuana

8. Ashton Kutcher

Born in 1978, Ashton Kutcher’s net worth is currently estimated at $200 million as of 2019. Most importantly, Kutcher has never hidden his preferences for cannabis.

A gifted actor, producer, and nonetheless, a successful entrepreneur, Kutcher is one of the most active celebrity investors, too. We can’t help it but eagerly wait to get more of the favorite, lovable stoner guy that we are used to seeing Kutcher in many of the notorious movie characters she played as he keeps upgrading his skills, knowledge, and open-minded approach to just about any aspect of life. Puff, puff, and pass to that!

9. Justin Timberlake

Justin Timberlake is the type of celebrity whose tremendous success has been in the very spotlights of not a single but several generations of loyal fans of his artwork.

For years, Timberlake kept his cannabis preferences under the public radar but at some point, he opened up more when it comes to sharing his personal stance on marijuana use.

Timberlake admits enjoying smoking weed in order to let go of the burden of his own thoughts, meaning he leans more to the medicinal side of marijuana use than merely smoking pot for entertainment. Timberlake also stated that cannabis helps him turn his brain ON – and we can’t agree more that some people are simply better at whatever they do when high.

10. Rihanna

Who else, if not Riri herself, is most deservedly to become a part of the top 20 very important potheads list!

The charming queen of music whose hits have made a blast on the global scene and reached the hearts of millions of loyal fans from a different age, gender, race, and professional background, has never been shy off when it comes to lighting up a nice joint or blunt in public.

In fact, there are numerous instances when Rihanna was caught to smoke weed by paparazzi, even in cases that she wasn’t supposed to do so because of various restrictions.

Anyway, Rihanna always spectacularly manages to make smoking weed look like the most natural and innocent thing to do (which, it actually is!) Just recently, Riri’s hilarious pictures of rolling a joint over her bodyguard’s head who was carrying her on his shoulders at Coachella festival went literally viral.

Seems quite logical to assume that many of Rihanna’s best music hits have been (highly) influenced by cannabis use through one way or another, doesn’t it Go, go, RIRI!

Video by: The Young Turks – Rihanna Smoking Weed

11. Megan Fox

Born in Tennessee in 1986, Megan Fox is one of the most famous models and also an extremely gifted actress who proves that beauty is not only skin deep.

The starlet of Transformers movies has always been painfully honest when it comes to sharing her opinion about cannabis use.

What’s more, in an interview for Britain’s international men-style magazine GQ, Fox highlighted that she has been through a lot of shit whenever openly sharing that she smokes weed.

She proceeded by stating that a lot of people tend to react negatively when learning about her cannabis preferences, as many still consider smoking weed as something fucked-up to do – and that’s exactly why Megan Fox continued by sharing her hopes for the bright future of marijuana legalization, declaring that she would be one of the first people on the queue of legal dispensary shops.

12. Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt – the actor who managed to conquer but also keeps ruling, and will continue to rule the hearts of millions of people globally – is, undisputedly, one of the most successful and beloved public figures of the era that we are all currently part of.

Considering his mind-blowingly perfect physique, it is almost hard to believe that Brad Pitt enjoys to unwind and relax by opting for cannabis, especially when we keep in mind the outdated stigma regarding the way weed consumption is supposed to make you lazy and reluctant of working out.

Anyway, it is more than obvious that Pitt’s healthy physique breaks the stereotypical association of couch-locked potheads, even though it makes it really hard to immediately associate him with the average image of the massive stoner.

Interestingly, Brad’s attitude towards marijuana use actually gives us a quite different perspective on why would someone who seems to have it all may need to treat himself with cannabis. According to Brad Pitt, fame pushed him towards exploring cannabis since he was trying to escape from all the tension brought onto his shoulders because of the tremendous, hard-to-deal-with attention he received.

13. Tommy Chong

Tommy Chong – the guru of marijuana, the virtuoso of cannabis use, the international father of ganja – however, we choose to refer to Chong and his cannabis preferences, it would barely be enough to describe the deep relationship that Tommy Chong has established with pot throughout the years.

More importantly, Tommy Chong managed to focus his hilarious, cannabis-friendly attitude in the best direction possible by helping millions of other aficionados of the herb across the globe to laugh out loud, united by the mutual experience of embracing the funny side of weed.

Nowadays, Chong continues to be one of the most famous cannabis enthusiasts and advocates, and his Instagram account has grown to the mind-blowing 2.5 million followers. Way to go, @heytommychong!

14. Seth Rogen

No baking, no faking – Seth Rogen knows how to smoke weed, he loves to do so, and best of all – he simply rules at sharing his passion for the green medication in a remarkably funny, fresh, always relevant manner that makes so many cannabis connoisseurs look up to him as if he is the Lord of Marijuana on Earth.

The truth is, it is inevitable to watch a Seth Rogen movie without thinking to yourself “Gee, that guy must surely smoke a hell lot of weed” – which he obviously, most admittedly, and sincerely does! But as Rogen points out, many people can’t go without a cup of coffee in the morning in order to start the day, and it is in a pretty similar way how he appreciates the role of cannabis in his life.

Recently, Rogen has stepped into the global scene of cannabis by starting a cannabis business of his own, and we can’t wait to see more of Rogen’s indigenous approach to cannabis that will surely bring wide smiles to the faces of thousands of people from all over the world.

15. Bob Marley

It would be nothing less but extremely offensive not to pay a tribute to one of the most big-hearted, open-minded cannabis advocates of all times – yes, we are talking about Bob Marley.

If we could dare to sum up the very essence of Marley’s spectacular approach to marijuana, it was his sacred dream and the mission of a lifetime to spread awareness over the fact that cannabis is a sacred plant capable of uniting people instead of dividing them. Moreover, Marley has always referred to marijuana as the herb of peace – the herb that makes people less violent and more connected to each other by sharing the amazing cannabis experience.

They say geniuses are often understood long after they are gone, and this seems true when it comes to Bob Marley’s cannabis legacy – because the legacy he left is one that only keeps getting more and more relevant as years pass by, and especially up-to-date when mankind must be more united than ever in order to be capable of putting a stop to the climate changes which pose a global threat to our well-being in the following decades.

16. Snoop Dogg

Did you even dare to imagine that a Very Important Potheads countdown can go without the master of ganja – His Marijuana Royalty Mr. Snoop Doggy Dogg Himself!

Snoop Dogg keeps ruling the hearts of millions of people globally not only because of the incredible music he gives birth to but also because of his outgoing, super open and positive personality.

Even in the years of absolute, massive anti-marijuana movements, Snoop always remained true to himself, as he wholeheartedly sums up that marijuana simply medicates him. From trolling the president to hotboxing hotel rooms – Snoop is one of those coolest potheads that simply give a whole new meaning to the very term “pothead!”

Considering the fact that he is 1.93 meters high, it almost seems logical that he needs more weed to get as medicated as he wishes to – or as he claims, he goes for 80+ blunts a day. Yeah, you read this right – there is nothing impossible for Snoop when it comes to cannabis, and it is inspiring to learn new tricks from the award-winning guru of all times.

17. Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold Schwarzenegger is one of the most contradictory public figures that made it to the list of very important potheads because throughout the years, he has had both good, as well as bad moves in terms of cannabis awareness and legalization.

In the documentary Pumping Iron – the movie that skyrocketed Schwarzenegger’s career–Arnold can be seen taking off a rip from a joint. This became a hotly debated scene which the filmmaker, however, refused to cut as not to deprive the documentary movie of utmost authenticity. Years later, Schwarzenegger finally admitted to enjoying smoking marijuana every once and a while, and further stated that marijuana differs from conventional drugs as it is merely “a leaf.”

Anyway, during his career as a governor, Schwarzenegger showed little sympathy to the victims of the marijuana stigma as he put a veto on a bill aiming to protect the rights of medical marijuana users. However, he did sign a bill to reduce the severe penalties for the possession of limited amounts of cannabis (not exceeding half an ounce).

18. Louis Armstrong

Remember the cult classic song What a Wonderful World

It is one of those songs that promote brotherhood, respect, and love for the living nature and bring out an inner sense of harmony that is rather hard to achieve while listening to most of the modern-day music hits.

But did you know that Louis Armstrong, being not only a vocalist but also one of the most highly influential figures in jazz on a global scale, did use to smoke cannabis both before, as well as after recordings

Armstrong was arrested for possession of marijuana in 1930 but this did not stop him from spreading awareness over cannabis which Armstrong considered “a shame” to be called a drug.

In fact, Louis Armstrong was planning to publish an entire book dedicated entirely to gage (gage being the slang for cannabis back in the days).

Though the book mysteriously disappeared at some point before being published, there is evidence that can be found in writings that are kept in Louis Armstrong House and Archives at Queens College, where Armstrong shares his puzzlement over how come marijuana ever ended up “connected with narcotics.

19. Lady Gaga

Considering the totally out-of-the-box, extravagant style of the pop queen and actress Lady Gaga, it isn’t hard to picture her unwinding with a big, fat joint, although it would be much more relevant to imagine her taking a toke from something far more creative such a cannabis gas mask or why not a massively-sized fruit bong.

Surprisingly (or not at all), Gaga’s cannabis attitude has been a bit of a backpedaling kind of thing. At some point, she admitted she needs a lot of weed coupled with a lot of whiskeys when she writes music. Then, at another point, she announced she was fighting with a marijuana addiction after consuming large amounts of the herb for too long in order to treat a painful injury. Finally, she backfired with statements about how much she loves to smoke weed as doing so makes her feel like she is 17 years old again.

We are pretty much well-used to Gaga’s headlines-grabbing attitude so whatever the reason she smokes weed (and she admittedly does so), it obviously helps her get those creative juices flowing – and the rest (meaning the quantity she chooses to consume, as well as the reasons why she does so) is merely a matter of free will.

20. Paul McCartney

Is there a more beautiful way to finish the list of very important potheads than with one of the most successful and famous rock-n-roll stars of all times

In 1980, McCartney was deported from Japan after bringing almost half a pound of cannabis into Tokyo. In 1984, he was then again arrested for pot because he was caught carrying marijuana in Barbados.

More than a decade earlier, Paul McCartney publically raised a voice on the dire need of legalization of pot possession, as well as the need for government support on the research of the medical benefits of marijuana, and nonetheless, he demanded the release of all prisoners with charges for marijuana possession. This took place all the way back in 1967 through an advertisement McCartney made in the London Times.

As a matter of fact, you might be astonished to find out McCartney has personally admitted that Got to Get You Into My Life was not written to tribute a woman but to pay a tribute to marijuana.

If only there were more visionaries like Paul McCartney whose cannabis supportive actions happened during the most ferocious times of marijuana prohibition, which was greatly fueled by the anti-marijuana propaganda, we can only imagine what a world we could have already built for the generations to come…

Top 20 Historically Important and Famous Cannabis Connoisseurs: The Takeaway

It seems that despite the snowball effect of marijuana legalization, the polarization of public opinions regarding cannabis use will not get brought to an end any soon.

Apart from the dire need to change the marijuana stigma, there are numerous factors we need to take into consideration as to understand better the non-marijuana users’ concerns on that matter such as the fact some people are worried about the possible negative effects of overly-advertising cannabis use. And indeed, it does not seem any good to promote cannabis consumption as a way to become the cool kid on the block and/or to be better-accepted by society.

However, treating marijuana consumers as anything less than intelligent human beings capable of doing good and achieving excellent results on both a personal, as well as a professional, and a global level is a merely ridiculous, abusive, and insulting behavior.

The best thing we can do to change the marijuana stigma is not trying to convince anti-marijuana propagators about the benefits of the green medication – because it is time that will inevitably prove that they were wrong.

Instead, it is the personal choice of every cannabis consumer that impacts the way society treats marijuana use. If you are able to grow your marijuana plants from seeds and do no harm to anyone by doing so, then this is one of the smartest steps you can take to contribute to breaking the cannabis stigma. For when you grow your own cannabis, you are no longer a part of a sick, business-obsessed system, and you can also choose to no longer support the use of harmful mass farming practices that gradually but surely kill the beautiful blue planet we call home.

Ironically, the dramatic events that just recently took place in Paris when a big part of the unique Notre-Dame cathedral was forever lost due to a sudden fire might be the best way to describe the inconsistency and inaccuracy of the way the marijuana stigma keeps plaguing the minds of many.

Literally days after the devastating fire, the French government received help from multiple directions for the restoration of the Notre-Dame masterpiece – donations of almost $1 billion which, however, remain quite irrelevant since the biggest problem of the restoration of the cathedral turned out to be not the lack of money but the lack of master craftsmen who carry the ancient knowledge on rebuilding the cathedral in the most authentic way possible.

Yet, many were furious because of the fact the government is, most obviously, willing to spend $1 billion to restore a building while the oceans are choking in plastics, and such a donation could be actually used to reverse much of the damage caused by plastic pollution.

We are wondering, what would the author of The Hunchback of Notre-Dame– Victor Hugo – who made it to the list of the top 20 very important potheads – think about the current events taking place on a global scale

Most probably, he would smoke a fat joint of his homegrown weed and tell society in the most poetic way possible that we are all doomed if the well-being of a building is more important than the well-being of Planet Earth and mankind. In a nutshell, it is not about whether marijuana use makes people successful or not – because cannabis alone does not determine one’s talents – but it is how open-minded we are towards accepting the way people choose to medicate or entertain, as to finally change the marijuana stigma once and for all.