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Cannabliss: Exploring Elevated States of Mind through Marijuana Consumption

For thousands of years, our ancestors have used cannabis plants not merely for their valuable implications in the making of ropes, clothes, food, paper, and medicine but also for their mystical powers as spiritual tools.

Cannabis is only one of many other entheogenic plants that have been cherished and utilized by the masterminds of the mightiest ancient civilizations in order to reach elevated states of mind.

But what is an elevated state of mind anyway and is there any scientific proof when it comes to the benefits of using cannabis for spiritual purposes Cannabliss is one of the best words to describe the highly purified, tranquilized, serene state of mind that one can reach through consciously consuming marijuana in order to break the boundaries that exist in his/her own head. These boundaries are often hard, if possible at all to break, as they have been gradually and solidly built through time due to the endless limiting beliefs we tend to fall victims of as we transit from childhood to adulthood.

Cannabis as a Means for Putting an End to Limiting Beliefs

Some of the limiting beliefs that block people from reaching their fullest potential, as well as from living a happy life in peace and harmony with their own selves and those around them alike include questioning yourself if you could ever really make your dreams come true.

Limiting beliefs, including but not limited to self-limiting beliefs, are very tricky to handle as they have become deeply rooted in the furthest corners of subconsciousness. But even though is hard to change, self-limiting beliefs are not impossible to change, and cannabis can help a great deal on that matter. Just picture yourself getting back in touch with that innocent child you used to be, free from the burden of fake limitations and social conditioning – how different could your life become

Many people are afraid of not being accepted by society; others live their entire lives trying to hide their true identity in terms of sexual orientation, beliefs, or habits.

Then there are also people who keep blaming their parents, or partners, or the system for not being able to build the life they have always wanted. But as an ancient saying goes, everything one needs, one already has, and this is exactly what the exploration of elevated states of mind through marijuana consumption can reveal to the ones who have the courage, persistence, love, and devotion to learn more about using cannabis as a means to tune into higher frequencies where all the beauty and wisdom of the Universe reside.

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For many of us, though, it is very difficult to clearly understand what an elevated state of mind is, as all the spiritual talk might feel like entering an unknown territory where it is very easy to get lost or confused.

However, even those who have never before experienced cannabis as a spiritual tool can easily leave all their worries and uncertainties behind the very first time they try to intentionally bring their regular marijuana consumption to another level.

After all, whether you are looking for this effect or not, each cannabis session, no matter if you prefer to smoke cannabis or indulge in edibles, cannabis-based tinctures or oils, among many other methods for marijuana consumption, do lead you straight away to a higher state of mind.

Spiritual Use of Cannabis is All About Keeping Your Mind Wide Open

The real quest is how to make your mind explore these higher states rather than merely pass through them. And it is exactly the limiting beliefs that must be taken into consideration in order to achieve exploration of the vastness of Mind and Being vs. simply passing through.

Even though the limiting beliefs are not that easy to be erased without continual practice, it is more than enough to realize and acknowledge the fact limiting beliefs do exist. Once you do so, and in combination with conscious cannabis use, you will be able to pave your path towards winning the battle with the boundaries you have created in your own mind through the years and thus, to reach enlightenment.

However, it is also important to understand that reaching enlightenment is the peak of exploring elevated states of mind.

More importantly, reaching enlightenment should not become a sick ambition.

The exploration of higher states of mind is a continual journey which reveals priceless lessons about the very essence of Life along the way. Therefore, one should learn to embrace the journey, and not to fanatically chase the final outcomes.

Nonetheless, short episodes of sudden illumination can be experienced multiple times throughout the journey of enhancing your spirituality by opting for cannabis. This further suggests that it is not the ultimate enlightenment one must strive for but instead, it is the sharp episodes of flashing insights revealed during different spiritual practices that greatly help to increase mindfulness in the long run. Some of the most famous spiritual practices include but are not limited to yoga, deep breathing, and meditation.

Ultimately, exploring elevated states of mind through cannabis use is not strictly limited in spiritual practices as the ones we just mentioned above.

Any activity that makes a person feel at ease and bring him/her profound joy, such as painting, dancing, singing, hiking, training, riding a bike, taking your pet for a walk, taking a long bath or a quick shower, or even cleaning are no less excellent for the purpose of exploring elevated states of mind than, for instance, meditation.

Remember, it is about breaking free from the stigma and breaking free from the limiting beliefs in your mind. The fact that many people still believe it is only and solely through particularly limited spiritual practices how one can reach higher states of mind is also a limiting belief. In a nutshell: just keep your mind wide open!

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Cannabis and Spirituality from a Scientific Point of View

For a start, it is the pineal gland that is known to respond to psychoactive substances.

But when mentioning psychoactive substances, it is important to highlight that cannabis is just one of the many plants that are known to induce psychoactive effects upon consumption.

Other psychoactive substances that most of us consume on a daily basis include coffee, chocolate, nicotine, and nonetheless, alcohol. It is under the Misuse of Drugs Act of 1971 how these psychoactive substances remained legal to possess, cultivate, and consume while cannabis remained a part of the Schedule 1 Drugs.

Taking this into account, how come the very term “psychoactive” is often misunderstood or improperly used to describe the effects of cannabis as if these effects are to be considered induced by a drug, even though similar effects are induced through consuming substances that we are even encouraged to consume

Well, we do not want to impose any answers to this question but rather than this, we hope to have managed to open your mind to yet another perspective (to be more precise, a higher perspective) to the rather broad meaning of the term “psychoactive” which can be interpreted using positive associations instead of negative associations, especially when it comes to cannabis.

Let’s get back to the way cannabis affects the pineal gland. The pineal gland is in charge of a number of vital processes that take place on a physical level. In fact, the function played by the pineal gland is so important to your health that scientists dare to call the pineal gland “the body’s internal clock.”

Moreover, the pineal gland has been long seen as “the third eye” by various ancient civilizations, including but not limited to the Egyptians.

Marijuana, Spirituality, and the Pineal Gland

Rene Descartes described the pineal gland as “the seed of the soul.” The pineal gland is the focal point of humans’ spiritual system as it allows us to go beyond the five senses which rule our rationality in order to tune back into our built-in ability of multi-sensory awareness.

Located at the very center of the brain, the pineal gland weighs approximately as little as 1/10th of a gram. Many other parts of the brain come in pairs. However, the pineal gland is singular. The pineal gland is believed to be a very old part of humanity’s evolutionary brain system.

The ancient masterminds believed that the pineal gland has the ability to access great insight, intellect, and mental power. But in order to harvest the spiritual, supernatural powers granted by the pineal gland, it must be first activated.

To give you a better idea of how huge the role of the pineal gland is in both humans and animals, it is good to know that by being directly affected through the signals of light, the pineal gland regulates our sleep patterns; it is the pineal gland that is in charge of regulating menstrual cycles, hibernation, and many other instinctual behaviors.

Experts believe that when consuming cannabis or other plants regarded as psychedelics because of their effects on humans’ consciousness, and in particular, their effect on activating the pineal gland, is what gives quick access to breaking the boundaries that block us from connecting to our Higher, inner selves, as well as tuning in the flow of the Universe.

You might be astonished to find out that apart from psychedelic plants, there are also psychedelic animals and fungi, although all of these are commonly listed as psychoactive plants, fungi, and animals.

Just recently Denver became the first state to decriminalize psilocybin mushrooms, and this step has been announced by scientists as a giant leap for mankind when it comes to understanding the multiple invaluable implications of psychedelics in medicine.

The pineal gland is very active when it comes to synthesizing compounds related to serotonin but not solely limited to serotonin. It is in the pineal gland where various neurotransmitters enter a big, unprecedented play as if switching in and out through the dimensions our brains are capable of entering and exploring. Nevertheless, there are experts who believe that it is through the pineal gland how images in our subconsciousness are arranged in new, often strange ways during the dream states we go through.

According to studies, the pineal gland is an important part of the well-functioning endocannabinoid system. Both CB1 and CB2 receptors are present within the pineal gland, so there is no doubt that various response can be activated in the pineal gland through cannabis use.

However, the way that the pineal gland actually affects the process of getting high after consuming weed is not well-known up-to-date as we are still at the very beginning of understanding the complex network of chemical compounds interacting within the brain, and more importantly, how all of the interrelated processes link together.

Best Strains for Spirituality and Meditation

Now, you most probably expect to come across a list of top X best strains for spirituality and meditation, and that’s more than logical to assume considering the title of this section. Gotcha!Sorry for this unusual form of clickbait but it was necessary in order to grab your attention.

Thinking that there are particular strains which are better suited to spiritual and/or meditation practices than others falls into the category of limiting beliefs.

Each and every person is absolutely unique, and because of the different vibrations we share, so do the strains that work best for spirituality for some people can prove to completely fail to work well for other people.

The journey to exploring elevated states of mind through cannabis use is one that will challenge you to embrace trial and error and to learn more about the exquisite beauty that resides in diversity.

As a matter of fact, depending on quickly changing factors such as your current mood, your current emotional state, and even the day of the week can highly affect your spiritual experience with particular marijuana strains.

Being high is a subjective experience, and it should be an approach as such.When selecting the strains to grow in your cannabis garden, it is best to opt for different varieties which will allow you to experience different dimensions of elevated states of mind accordingly. Ranging from pure Indicas and pure Sativas through perfectly balance hybrids, there is no strict, fit-them-all list of cannabis strains out there that deserve to be labeled the best strains for spiritual and/or meditation purposes alike.

Exploring the Elevated States of Mind through Marijuana Consumption: Final Thoughts

Just like plants need love and care to grow and develop, so does the human mind.

Living in a large world ruled by materialism, it has become more important than ever before to nurture, explore, and re-establish the profound understanding of the true value that spirituality brings into our human existence here on Earth.

Speaking of Planet Earth, look what we have done to the only home we know through negligence and consumerism. We have reached a phase when Life on the planet as we know it depends solely on how well we will be able to tackle the global issues such as pollution, the climate crisis, loss of biodiversity, as well as the loss of soil fertility, among others.

And so, whether we are ready for a massive shift in the way of living we have been so painfully well used to or not, this must happen if we want mankind to survive.

Every plant we choose to grow, regardless of whether it comes to rosemary, tomatoes, basil, carrots, lettuce, or you name it, inevitably becomes a part of your body once you get to consume it. Moreover, there is a deep relationship we establish with the plants we take care of. With this in mind, the best way possible to explore elevated states of mind through cannabis consumption is no other but growing your very own cannabis plants.

It all starts with watching a tiny marijuana seed sprout and then go through the different stages of development until the final point kicks in and it is ready to harvest. When you get to consume the cannabis flowers from weed plants you have had the privilege to watch flourish is a feeling that cannot be possibly put into words.

More importantly, the practice of growing cannabis plants from seeds helps you understand better the secrets of the Universe as you become one with your plants through the incredible journey of their existence to the final day when the active cannabinoids enter your system and you choose to expand your horizons through exploring elevated states of mind.

Yes, the mind needs love and care no less than plants do, and in fact, even more. Because what plants have not broken is their ancient relationship with the laws of the living nature while we, human beings, need to remind ourselves that this connection exists and that despite remaining invisible to the eye, it is the laws of the nature which are deeply intertwined with the well-being and development of our human Souls.

Just as a Native American saying goes, only when the last tree is cut will men understand that they cannot eat money. This is a lesson we need to understand sooner than later, and no matter how far-fetched it may sound at first, growing cannabis does help you realize more about the non-materialism related values of life, although then again, it is a matter of personal perspective.

Ultimately, we must not forget that it is not a particular substance we should look upon as the secret key to exploring elevated states of mind. Any psychoactive substance – whether it be cannabis or caffeine –is only the tool one can intentionally use in order to reach a particular state of mind more efficiently. However, it is about the alignment of mind, body, and soul how entering higher dimensions is actually achieved. And so if you want to unlock your true potential and enhance your spiritual practices through cannabis, you must remember to seek for answers along the journey of self-exploration and discovery, and not merely aim to reach the final destination for such does not exist on this plane of existence.

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