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Cannabis Whole Plant Cannabis Medicinals VS Isolates: Which is Better for Your Health

Medical marijuana is experiencing an unprecedented popular these past few years. It has been used to treat different manner of diseases and medical conditions. You can also find countless medical marijuana strains with different THC and CBD levels. The public image of CBD, which offers myriads of medical benefits, has also reached new heights.

Cannabis can be consumed in many different ways. It can be used for vaping, topical, or simple oral consumption. A lot of doctors and physicians today are prescribing cannabis to their patients to treat or alleviate certain conditions. You’ll also notice that the number of marijuana growers has dramatically increased over the decade. And this is because of the remarkable impact of the health and healing efficacy of medical marijuana.     

Marijuana can be taken as a whole or through isolates. When it comes to medicinal cannabis, CBD is one of the hottest topics that you can hear today. It’s crucial that we discuss different types of CBD extracts. They vary in cannabinoids and synergistic plant extracts. Understanding these types of extracts will help us find the best way for us to consume cannabis. 

This article centers on the difference between whole-plant cannabis and isolates. We will know which one is better. This should give us better a better idea which is better for our health. It’s also our aim to provide you tips and tricks on how you can choose the best strains. But first, let’s take a look at the difference between whole-plant cannabis and isolates.

Whole Cannabis Plant Extract

Whole plant cannabis extracts keep the full properties of the marijuana plant intact. The user will not only be able to consume CBD properties but as well as properties such as vitamins, fatty acids, minerals, cannabinoids, phytonutrients, terpenes, and other properties from the marijuana plant. It is said that the whole hemp plant contains more than 100 cannabinoids. This provides a unique and special benefit to anyone who consumes it.

You might also have heard of the term ‘full-spectrum’ extract’. This is talking about the whole marijuana plant extract which contains all available benefits within the plant material. The advantage of taking whole-plant cannabis extract is that you get to consume almost all of the plant’s synergistic properties. This creates an enhanced effect on the user.       

There’s a theory known as the ‘entourage effect’. It means that all components of the cannabis plant, including CBD, work together in harmony to boost absorption and effect in our body. They influence each other’s function and the sum of it is greater than its parts. And because the natural cannabinoids remain intact in the whole cannabis plant extract, some whole-plant hemp extract contains lower levels of THC. The research suggested that some whole-plant cannabis extracts have less than 0.3% of the THC level. Now, if you’re taking marijuana to experience that great euphoric high. Then it’s not advisable that you take the whole hemp plant since the trace does not create a high. This is definitely not the one that you’re looking for if you’re into recreational marijuana.

Cannabis Isolates

Let’s talk about CBD isolates this time. Isolates are the purest form of extract. To produce this type of extract, it’s important that you refine the plant and get rid of any additional plant components such as terpenes, cannabinoids, and terpenes. The final product of isolates results in white powder which contains around 99% cannabidiol.

Unlike the whole plant extract, isolates only have CBD. This means that it doesn’t contain any psychoactive cannabinoids compounds. If the whole plant contains THC levels, this time, it has zero levels. This is perfect for individuals who are looking for a THC-free cannabis product. There is some whole-plant cannabis that contains low levels of THC, however, it’s also important to note that there are also some that contain high levels of it.

Also, you can’t expect any flavor or aroma from this plant. It’s mainly formulated for varieties of CBD products for topical and edible purposes. When it comes to purity, isolates are 99% pure. You have control over how much CBD you’re going to add to the product. Take note that a milligram of your CBD isolates is equivalent to about a milligram of CBD as well.


Is it Possible for the Whole Cannabis Plant to Be THC-Free

A lot of people are confused regarding the THC levels of full-spectrum or cannabis whole plant extract. As mentioned earlier, we said that cannabis whole plant may contain less than 0.3% level of THC. But there are tinctures or products, which have full-spectrum and THC-free. Yes, you’ve heard it right. Although this kind of product is uncommon, it’s possible. There are few growers or dispensaries out there that manufacture these kinds of products. 

Purifying Cannabis Whole Plant Hemp Oil

One of the most popular products that you can find in the market today is hemp oil care. You can find many methods and techniques about purifying it and CO2 extraction is considered as the cleanest form of method. Some manufacturers are using solvent extraction. The result of the process or the final product has varying amounts of THC but they are no more than 0.3%.

The manufacturers will then combine the oil with other ingredients. Then CPC or centrifugal partition chromatography or CPC is then applied. Such a tool is commonly used in purifying cannabis extracts since it separates and eliminates unwanted properties like THC. During the process, raw oil goes through a centrifuge and is pushed through a series of cells that contain a mixture of heptane, water, and methanol.

While spinning at high-speed, the process of purification and separation starts to occur. Then the compounds are broken down and high purity product is then created. To achieve high-quality products and increase its potency, a certain amount of CBD is added to the final product.

The usefulness of CBD in the Medical Field

It’s quite common to hear people asking which form of marijuana extract is more effective in treating or alleviating medical conditions. Different forms of extracts have a different effective range of medical benefits for the patients. You can find patients today who prefer cannabis whole plan medicinals than isolates. But you can also find patients who are using pure CBD isolates. Over the years, the number of patients and physicians prescribing CBD isolates has significantly increased. Thanks to the new methods of administering, the product continues to evolve.

It is said that vaping is the most bio-available way to administer these extracts. This led to the increase in demand of isolates. Many marijuana shops or cannabis dispensaries are selling isolates because of the breakthroughs that are occurring every year. Meanwhile, cannabis whole plant extracts are still popularly in many patients today.

Although most medical practitioners and physicians prescribed cannabis whole plant, CBD’s are still frequently prescribed by other clients. Many researchers also believed that it offers great medicinal benefits than the whole cannabis plant. Numbers of CBD isolate consumers say that using only CBD without the unnecessary compounds is better than cannabis whole plant. They have this impression that with just CBD cannabinoids, they are able to get a more effective and powerful dose.



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Is Cannabis Greater than the Sum of Its Parts

For centuries, cannabis has been used by humans. There have been countless discoveries above prehistoric remains and settlements of ancient society that show marijuana as a medicinal plant. You’ll also find many animals in the wild that consumes marijuana as a remedy. Indeed, herbal remedies have been our companions since early history. Marijuana is a great blessing to our human society. It’s a timeless herb that provides many medicinal purposes.

Researchers believe that the whole cannabis plant is more beneficial. This is because all active molecules are working together in harmony to produce an incredible chemical reaction. You can find innumerable reviews and testimonials on the Internet today about individuals taking whole cannabis plants and how they were able to overcome pain, anxiety, stress, depression, and many other medical conditions.

Additional Facts about Cannabis Whole Plant vs. Isolates

Cannabis whole plant or full-spectrum CBD has an aroma or weed odor. This is because it contains essential oils that bring out that pleasant aroma and flavor. Meanwhile, CBD does not contain any other components, hence, they are flavorless and odorless. Overall, Cannabis isolates are less effective than cannabis whole plants.

If you experienced trying out CBD edibles and experienced no effect, then take note of this: researchers grade the efficacy of CBD on the Bell-Shaped Dose-Response. Bear in mind that the window of efficacy for an isolate is very small – take too little and you’ll miss your dose, take too much, and you’ll still miss your dose.  Keep in mind that the “entourage effect” plays a crucial role in how our body is going to take cannabis. And by entourage effect, we mean that all cannabis compounds work together to enhance therapeutic or medicinal benefits of each cannabinoid. Just think of the entourage as an effect like adding sugar to coffee to increase our absorption of the caffeine.

Finding the Right Strain for You

Now that we already know the difference between cannabis whole plant and isolates. It’s time for us to learn how we can choose the best marijuana strain for us. Bear in mind that not all marijuana plants and products are created the same. There are some important factors that we need to consider to ensure that we get to take advantage of the many health and healing benefits of marijuana.

Here are some guidelines that you need to follow to ensure that you buy and consume the right marijuana product for you.

Consider the Properties

Knowing the THC and CBD levels of the plant should give us more ideas about its effects. Of course, the effects of marijuana vary from one individual to another. But knowing the ratio between compounds or properties should provide us useful information as to whether or not it’s the right strain for us. If you’re looking for a medical strain that offers great therapeutic effects and at the same time you to want to experience that signature high, then choose those strains that offer a high level of THC.

But if you would only like to enjoy the medicinal benefits of the plant and don’t want to get high, then choose those that are high in CBD and low in THC. Remember these things and finding the best marijuana strain for you should not be that difficult.

Ask for Tips and Advice

It’s also advisable that you seek for tips and pieces of advice from people who have tried and compared cannabis whole plant and isolates before. Ask them what kind of marijuana product they are consuming or what kind of strain they like. By asking these people, you should gain an idea about which marijuana strain is the best for you.

Buying the Best Marijuana Products

Before you start buying marijuana seeds products, it’s important that you find the best shop or dispensary first. There are multitudes of shops out there that sell these kinds of products and the truth is, not all of them are reliable. Your goal is to find a shop or dispensary that enjoys a great reputation and background history. It’s also necessary that you find out more information about how they started as a company and what their goal is.

It’s recommended that you contact the company first before you buy anything from them. Make sure that they are legit and that they also provide great customer care services. Not every shop that you’ll find on the web today offers great customer care. Ask them relevant questions and be observant of how they answer your questions. Find those shops that have knowledgeable and highly-experienced representatives.

And finally, be sure that you check out reviews and ratings of their products. Find those products that are well-received by many patients and users. Do this and there’s no doubt that you’ll be able to find the best marijuana product out there – be it a whole cannabis plant or isolates.