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Banana Split

This strain that is like a dessert treat is from Crocket Farms. The combination of Banana Sherbert and Tangie releases


The Bananas strain is an indica dominant hybrid. It is created by crossing the delicious Banana and OG Kush strains.


The Bandana strain is a 70/30 sativa dominant hybrid. It was created through a cross of the popular Banana OG


The Bango strain is a sativa leaning hybrid created through crossing the White Fire Alien OG strain and the powerful


Coastal Sun that is certified for highest standards by Envirocanns bred this savory hybrid strain. It is composed of Boost


The Batgirl strain is created by crossing the infamous Jack’s Cleaner and Blueberry strains. It is made by TGA Subcool

Bay Lotus

The Bay Lotus strain, a cross between Bay 11 and White Lotus, is a potent sativa dominant strain from Grand

Bazooka Joe G

Created by Archive Seed Bank from Portland, this evenly balanced hybrid is from a cross between the Bubblegum and Face

Bear Dance

303 Seeds created one of the most uplifting strains out there. It is a hybrid strain that was fathered by

Beastmode OG

This indica dominant hybrid is named after an NFL player named Beast Mode. This hard-hitting strain is proving that Seattle

Bedford Glue

This is a hybrid strain that is equally composed of half Indica and half Sativa. Gorilla Glue #1 worked with


Sativa covers most of the part of this hybrid strain together with Indica’s nice features. Paradise Seeds developed these growers’


Cloud Hat of Abracadabra Beans made Bergamot or Bergy, a clone-only strain. It’s a hybrid strain of Afghani together with

Bermuda Sour

Deschutes Growery has created this hybrid from two opposite strains which are Triangle Kush and East Coast Sour Diesel. This

Berry Bomb

A Netherlands-based breeder called Bomb Seeds created this sedative hybrid strain. It’s a combination of Bomb#1 and Blueberry, which received

Berry Larry

Taste Budz created this Indica phenotype of Lemon Larry OG. It has a powerful aroma that attracts both advanced hybrid

Berry OG

710 Genetics bred this popular strain by combining OG Kush and Blueberry. The origin of this weed is not clear

Bert’s Cookies Dough

Los Angeles Kush is responsible for creating this cross between heavy Cookies phenotype and OGKB, which is the famous West

Best Friend OG

Jinxproof Genetics has formed this hybrid by combining Purple Haze and Hell’s OG. It is a sativa dominant strain. It

Bettie Page

Liberty Reach Farm produces this equally balanced hybrid strain. It is named after the famous pin-up model Bettie Page. The


It is Indica dominant hybrid that crosses three types of strain which are Empress phenotype White Queen, Afghan, and White

Biddy Early

It is an award-winning strain. It has received two silver awards from Cannabis Cup 2003 and Highlife Cup 2004. It

Big Band

Kannabia Seeds used Chronic to compliment the taste of Bubblegum to make this hybrid. This strain is made to stabilize

Big Bomb

This hybrid strain from the Netherlands is a cross between Bomb#1 and Big Bud. It is deemed to be powerful

Big Buddha Cheese

Big Buddha breeder made a cross between UK cheese, which is only grown by cloning and pure Afghani Indica. It

Big Holy Nina

Colorado Seed Inc has created a strain suitable for social occasions. It bred a cross between Nina Limone and S.A.G.E.

Big Buddha’s King Kong

Big Buddha Seeds has created a cross from Big Buddha Cheese, Original Glue and White Widow. It has an amazing

Big Skunk Korean

The origin of this strain from the combination of Skunk #1 and Big Bud remains a mystery. SOMA has used

Big Sky OG

It is one of the most popular strains because it gives a unique body high to users. It can take

Big Smooth

This flavorful hybrid strain is developed by Exotic Genetix based in the state of Washington. The unique blend of OG

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