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Top Cannabis Stocks To Invest Today

cannabis stocks

Many of the Marijuana users in the present times are thinking rationally, to the point that they want to create higher productivity upon dealing with the Cannabis Industry. There has been a growing number of people who open themselves to financial intelligence and learn that it can be possible to do business with marijuana plants, just like buying the Companies’ stocks available for trading and exchange.

The Art of Investing

The world of Stocks Exchange has existed in modern times since the 1920s when the Wall Street roars loudly and the first billionaire of the world has been proclaimed in New York City.

Investing is a strategic way of allocating a budget, in the hope of producing sustainable profits in a long or short period. It endured in our world since the Ancient times, when Babylonians introduced the framework of having collateral by codifying debtor and creditor rights to a pledged land.

In the 1900s, the practice of investment has dominated New York’s Financial District through a formalized system where everybody has integrated rules to follow, certain amounts to the risk and certain profits to receive. The practice, since then, is continuing to develop the American Economy and the rest of the world.

With Marijuana businesses continuing to rise and change the course of Global Economy, different economic groups start to create new regulations for Cannabis-related companies that aim to join the world of Stocks Exchange. On the dawn of 2015, the New York Stocks has been reported to cooperate with interested companies that aim to trade with them, stirring some legal concerns with their business, in accordance to the existing Federal Law of the country.

However, things have changed during 2016 onwards, when Cannabis Companies formally started their business and trading with the other groups through the NYSE, creating a more positive and competitive environment for the financial stability of Cannabis Industry of today’s world.

Top 5 Cannabis Stocks To Invest

To start choosing your preferred company, you may consider doing a brief rundown with the following Top Cannabis Companies that are strongly considered the best groups to invest within 2018-2019:

Canopy Growth Corporation (CGC)

Formerly called Tweed Marijuana Inc., this corporate giant is now dominating the Cannabis Industry as the largest and biggest company that ever existed in the history of Marijuana Market. The Company started its humble roots in Ontario, Canada and continues to run overseas for further expansion and better services to the rest of the Marijuana enthusiasts.

CGC has joined the New York Stock Exchange last May 23, 2018, as very first Cannabis Corporation to enter the arena of New York’s Roaring Stocks. Despite showing stability in joining the stocks and trading, there were growing concerns about the ease of doing business with the company, due to the unstable condition of the vast Marijuana world in the present days. Apart from it, this company is seriously hampered by the legal restrictions of Marijuana products around the world.

Last 2018, this giant company has generated $139 million, almost twice bigger than its reported revenue of $76 million last 2017. The growth has been credited to its expansion on Europe, where it bought many companies stationed in the Eurozone, from Germany to Spain.

Aurora Cannabis (ACB)

Started trading last October 23, 2018, the Canadian Company continues as a major performing group for Cannabis Market. Though it suffered poorer trend in the Stocks Exchange, one cannot deny that Aurora has been beneficial in boosting the image of Cannabis Industry to the International Trade, despite having frictions with legal frameworks of many countries around the globe.

Aurora has bought Farmacias Magistrales, a major Mexican company known for its raw materials that produce THC in Latin America. Because of this wise move, Latin America will expect a new dimension of Marijuana Commerce with the appearance of Aurora Cannabis in Latin American Markets, especially in Uruguay, where the Cannabis plants are legal and sold for Medical and Recreational Uses.

Last 2018, Aurora Cannabis has generated $43 million, thrice higher than the 2017’s $14 million. This great surge of revenue has been credited to the company’s strong framework, vital acquisition of other companies that are useful for Cannabis Operations and legalization of Recreational Marijuana in Canada.

Cronos Group (CGN)

One of the most reputable companies in the world of Marijuana Industry, the Cronos Group began expanding its grasp to the Nasdaq Stocks Exchange years ago. This prominent company has its headquarters in Toronto, Canada. As it enters the world of Stocks Exchange last February 27, 2018, the world has seen its significant transformation and the stigma to the Cannabis Industry has changed over the course of time.

Last 2018, the group has generated a large revenue amounting to $7.3 million. To bolster its capacity with the stocks and in the industry, Cronos has collaborated with the famous Altria Group. Altria Company, the maker of famous American Marlboro cigarettes has invested $2.4 billion to Cronos, fueling its greater growth and expects to soar higher this 2019.

In the present times, Cronos is known for its Cannabis vapes and electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes), a sign of great innovation where the company depends and stands upon.

Terra Tech Corp (TRTC)

This American-grown company started its operations in California, where Marijuana is legal and its industry continues to thrive, after passing its historic Proposition 64. This company focuses on Cannabis Cultivation and expansion of business within the United States, on its support to push for Cannabis reforms in the other American States.

Terra Tech started to trade with Stocks Exchange in 2013 and continues to create a long-standing and reputable figure for the stability of ease of doing business with Cannabis Market in the United States.

Last 2018, the company has declared a gross revenue of $24.41 million, a bit lower than the 2017’s declaration of $24.78 million. The decrease in the value could be due to the restrictions applied by the current administration to the rest of the Cannabis Industry in the American States and its growing liabilities for the past months. However, the freedom of exercising business in their country prevails continues as this company is clearly protected by the State law of California, in terms of establishing a business.

GW Pharmaceuticals (GWPH)

The leading British Cannabis Pharmaceutical Company, GW boasts its long and consistent performance in the History of Cannabis Pharmacy in the European Region which is also enjoyed in other parts of the world. GW started trading with the AIM, London’s Junior Stock Exchange in the year 2001 and enlisted with NASDAQ in May 2013, making it dual-listed with International Trading.

The Company came from the United Kingdom, established in 1998 and primarily caters for Medical Cannabis. Unlike the other companies based in Canada, this British stronghold did not buy other companies. Instead, the company has expanded and collaborated with several European Companies for better business transactions to the rest of the British Market and in the world.

Last 2018, the company has declared $13 million in total revenue, several million dollars higher than what it declared in 2017 for a total of $9 million. It could have lower declared revenues but the good thing with this company is that it has seen steady growth for the past few years, most especially, when some countries legalized the use of Medical and Recreational Cannabis.

Deal with it!

The Cannabis Industry is growing better than what the world has seen before. It can be seen with the participation of several Cannabis Companies with the International Trading and Stocks Exchange of the world. The seeds planted decades ago with blood, thirst, and efforts are now bearing bountiful harvests from the vast lands of Latin America, to Commercial Districts of Canada, up to the Coffee Shops of the Dutch Lands.