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Choosing Cannabis Seeds To Grow

cannabis seeds

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Cannabis seeds are the starting point for growing cannabis. They are the fertilized eggs of a cannabis plant, and contain all the genetic information necessary to grow into a mature plant. There are many different types of cannabis seeds available on the market, each with its own set of characteristics. When choosing cannabis seeds to grow, it is important to consider the type of plant you want to grow, as well as the climate and conditions in which you will be growing it.

Types of Cannabis Seeds

There are two main types of cannabis seeds: indica and sativa.

Indica cannabis seeds tend to produce plants that are shorter and have more compact leaves. These plants are better suited for colder climates, and typically have a higher THC content than sativa cannabis seeds.

Sativa cannabis seeds, on the other hand, tend to produce taller plants with wider leaves. These plants are better suited for warmer climates, and typically have a lower THC content than indica cannabis seeds.

Selecting Viable Seeds

It is important to select cannabis seeds that are viable, meaning they have the potential to germinate and grow into healthy plants. There are a few things to look for when selecting viable cannabis seeds:

  • The seed should be firm, and not crumbly or soft.
  • The seed should be dark in color, and not green or white.
  • The seed should be free of any visible mold or fungus.
  • The seed should be slightly shiny, and not dull.

Storing Cannabis Seeds

Once you have selected the cannabis seeds you want to grow, it is important to store them properly until you are ready to plant them. Cannabis seeds can be stored for several years if they are stored in a cool, dark place. One way to store cannabis seeds is to put them in a glass jar with a tight-fitting lid. Another option is to store them in a plastic baggie with the air squeezed out. Whichever storage method you choose, be sure to label the container with the date and type of seed so you can keep track of when they were stored.

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Choosing The Right Cannabis Seeds Genetics

When choosing cannabis seeds to grow, it is also important to consider the genetics of the plant. Cannabis plants can be either male or female, and each has its own set of characteristics. Male cannabis plants tend to be taller and have thinner leaves, while female cannabis plants are shorter and have thicker leaves. Male cannabis plants also produce pollen, which is used to fertilize female cannabis plants. Female cannabis plants typically produce more THC than male cannabis plants.

Where To Buy Cannabis Seeds

If you are having trouble finding cannabis seeds to purchase, you may want to consider looking for a cannabis seedbank. A cannabis seedbank is a company that specializes in the sale of cannabis seeds. These companies typically have a wide selection of cannabis seeds available, and can ship them to you no matter where you live. Cannabis seedbanks are a great resource for finding rare or hard-to-find cannabis seeds.


There are many factors to consider when choosing cannabis seeds to grow. The type of plant you want to grow, the climate you will be growing in, and the genetics of the plant are all important considerations. With so many different types of cannabis seeds available on the market, it is important to do your research and select the seeds that are right for you.

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