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Top Cannabis Jobs In-demand Today

cannabis jobs

Nowadays, the world has seen a more vibrant trend for the Cannabis Industry. This institution is now generating billions of dollars and continues to accept up to a hundred thousand workers in every country where Cannabis is now legalized. In the United States alone, 5% to 15% of its Economy roots from the herbal industry despite its status as illegal yet acceptable to the majority of the 50 states.

How does it feel to work for Cannabis Companies Are there good opportunities within its mysterious and discreet employment What are the jobs perfect for this industry

Let’s take a deeper view of this herbal world.

Knowing Cannabis

Cannabis is a part of a bigger Plant Family Cannabaceae. The plant is known to help the world shape its history with its extensive properties for Industrial, Medicinal and Recreational Usage then and now.

Primarily, this plant is divided into three major types- Cannabis Sativa, Cannabis Indica and Cannabis Ruderalis. These 3 strains revolutionized human history through their remarkable and immeasurable contributions- whether good or bad- in our epoch that shaped our past and define our future.

Most of the people belittle and stigmatized these herbs as reckless, evil-bearer, and dull, but little do they know, the Ancient Empires will not prosper because of their silent growth in the meadows, parcels of tundra, mountain ranges, even in river deltas and plateaus.

Besides, these plants are extensively known to heal sicknesses of different people, regardless of the depth and damage that the illness has been done with the user’s mental, physiological and emotional health.

Top 10 Jobs for Cannabis Industry

Head Grower

It all starts with farming. How can you build your Marijuana Lab Testing Center, if you do not have any Marijuana Farms at all With this, one of the well-compensated jobs in this industry is the Head Grower.

From the term itself, Head Growers are the people in charge of growing Cannabis plants in very healthy and efficient ways. They take good care of the plants and are after the nutrients being given to the saplings.

Like a babysitter in a Day Care Center, Head Growers make sure that each  Cannabis Strains planted in their farms are being taken good care of, away from pests and rodents, and are safe.

Harvester and Cultivator

Apart from Head Growers, the farm needs someone to inspect the plants’ growth on a regular basis and round-the-clock. This is how the cultivators work for the industry. They are in charge of maintaining the growth in a suitable way and track its development from Day 1 up to the last chapter of a plant’s life.

As soon as these plants grow and become ready for commercial exportation, the harvesters will inspect each plant and categorize their quality, in accordance with their weight, size and other traits being checked by them. There are times that the harvesters, together with the Head Grower are doing the role of being point persons in every farm as they know the plants well, including their potencies and abilities.

Lab Technician

After harvesting, your strains are legally required to undergo a series of Lab Tests to show its highest potency and ability that may affect its future users. This is where a Lab Technician intervenes and works for the industry.

They are responsible for doing clinical examinations that will define the worth of the newly harvested Marijuana plants, as well as classifying these if they are good for the greater public or limited only to a certain degree of medical users. Lab Technicians, together with extractors, are also responsible for doing studies and performing experiments about Marijuana seed breeding in Seed Banks across the world.

Master Extractor

In some states and provinces, where Marijuana oils are the only allowed medium of Cannabis, the Master Extractors are your perfect guys to depend upon. These people are in charge of performing the advanced Cannabis Extraction for production of its important oils and other extracts.

They also own the Lab Testing Centers for Marijuana studies while others prefer to run Seed Banks for further researches.

In general, Master Extractors are duly required to get a degree of Ph.D. in Biochemistry, Chemical Engineering, or other courses related to Marijuana Studies.

IT Manager

As the Industry grows bigger and wider, different companies are now demanding unique software applications that they can use for tracking their deliverables, checking their inventories, monitoring the profit and deficit, and other needed components. This is where an IT expert steps in.

Just like other companies and corporations, IT Managers can help different Cannabis Companies in making their business grow better and apply for some technological advances just to make the efficiency of their processes be maintained.

They are primarily in charge of the systems that the company will use for its future operations. They are also the point person for applying innovative changes for the better performance of these growing companies.

Sales Representative

They are the intermediary between the farms and Cannabis Stores. The sales representatives of different companies forge multiple business partnerships between farms and shops while harnessing cooperation and economic ties with these groups and companies.

Most of the time, they are visible on the grounds of operations, working with the company heads, to search for other business establishments interested in dealing with the Marijuana Industry. Moreover, they are in charge of sealing business deals with the other big clients in different parts of their country or overseas. If the business deals are sealed, then surely there will be overflowing of incentives for these hardworking people!

Store Owner/Manager

The items needed to be sold in the market should go through the knowledge of someone who owns vital stores which can soon be their partner companies in the future. The Store Owners and Managers know how to deal with the flow of demand for Cannabis Strains throughout the world, even in Online Shops where you can’t see any staff performing their job for you in real-time.

They are in charge of daily operations for commercial Cannabis Establishments and act as the leader in selling Cannabis items within different communities and countries. In the processes of the operations, they have the Master Skill that handles any issues easily and smoothly, while maintaining the Customer-Oriented Nature of their shop and company.

Cannabis Industry Writer

In the Corporate World, to set up a dignified and excellent portfolio, companies should hire writers that will build up the name and performance record of their business for a long time. Writers are in charge of creating articles that feature the good and bad in the world of the Marijuana Industry. Apart from it, they are responsible for creating write-ups which will attract consumers to try their company’s products, considering that the Cannabis Industry is now packed with deceitful groups who assure of quality items.

From writing feature articles up to in-depth scientific reports, the writers are highly expected to be ready in producing competitive articles and favorable results for the company.

Edibles Chef

This is one of the newest trends in the Marijuana Industry in modern times. When someone decides to decline to smoke, yet that user needs to take Cannabis, it may choose to eat some edibles that are good for the body.

This is where you will meet an Edibles Chef. Like the other chefs, this one is in charge of preparing mouth-watering foods fused with Cannabis Extract, sprinkled with some sweets for better palatable satisfaction. They also prepare new dishes and food presentations suitable for Marijuana users. Their work is indeed great for those practitioners who want to experience using Cannabis in other methods, far from smoking and inhaling the weeds.

However, their work is one of the most sensitive and critical because the food they prepare is almost the same with what the rest of the public eats, and because of this, chances are that minors may consume their product, not knowing that amounts of Marijuana have fused within their meals.


Considered as the most sensitive work for the Cannabis Industry, the lawyers of this field are responsible for protecting the rights and maintaining the stable legal parameters of this changing industry.

They are responsible for leading legal battles in different courts of the world, having dialogues with different groups opposing Marijuana consumption and protecting the Industry from intimidation and harassment. The lawyers act as soldiers of defense for the growing Cannabis Business and take serious responsibilities, that even their lives are the cost of what they are fighting and serving for.

Apart from it, different Marijuana Companies seek for their legal advice, to use in some parts of the world with legitimacy and abiding the rules.

Wrapping this Up!

We know that there are a lot of jobs within this industry and all of them are truly the best. These 10 jobs, however, describe the spectrum and vast responsibilities circulating and helping within the Industry that keeps the trade and commerce moving and growing.