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Top 3 DIY Cannabis-Infused Soap Recipes: Vegan-Friendly & Simply Irresistible!

Have you ever experienced the joy of taking a cannabis-infused soap bar shower If so, then you know the thrill of that magical momentum when your entire being is embraced by the unparalleled delight of the green medication’slather nurturing your thirsty skin. Whatever the reason that leads you towards reading these lines, the cannabis-infused soap recipes we are about to share below are a must-try, so let’s send some positive vibes to the Universe for bringing us closer together through the miracle of the Internet and get down to mixing a sensational batch of DIY homemade weed soap.

But first, we invite you to dig into some crispy, tender, juicy bits of information that are sure to nurture your curious mind when it comes to the rise of the cannabis skincare industry, and nonetheless, the possible benefits you can reap by opting for cannabis-infused soap, among other forms of cannabis-laced topically applied solutions.

Is Marijuana Good for your Skin CannaSkinCare is a Thing, and People Love it!

It’s 2019 and the cannabis industry is booming. Yet what we are witnessing is not the real BIG BANG. Instead, what we are actually witnessing is the fastest growing industry in the recorded history of the US still making her baby steps into the beautiful, wide world. But if these are only the baby steps of the cannabis industry, would you dare to picture the scope it is bound to reach only several years from now

From cannabis-laced food and beverages through fancy smoking devices and high-end tools like cannabinoid testing devices, the boom of cannabis globally has just started, opening up never-seen-before horizons for recreational and medical marijuana users, entrepreneurs, and healthy lifestyle enthusiasts, among others. Apart from consuming cannabis in so many possible forms, topical cannabis use seems to be the new big thing on the global scene.

At the very beginning of 2018, Forbes shared an intriguing piece of marijuana futurism with the world: cannabis hides the untapped potential of possibly becoming the most profitable ingredient in the skincare of the future (and by the skincare of the future, we are definitely speaking of the skincare in the foreseeable following decade or so).

In the following decade, the regulations that block international trade and in-depth scientific research on the active compounds of marijuana and their numerous benefits would get finally lifted on a massive scale that far exceeds the national scale.

As of now, the huge potential benefits of cannabis-infused soaps, among other forms of cannabis-infused topical solutions, are still very much subjected to the “grandmother research” methods. Yet as Capobianco, who is the founder of one of the first luxurious cannabis-infused products brands shares, it is by documenting clients’ experience how cannabis-infused skincare entrepreneurs have managed to learn about a whole array of potential benefits of cannabis-laced skincare solutions.

Ultimately, the “grandmother research” methods of the benefits of cannabis topicals mean that a huge part of what we know is limited to evidence mostly based on anecdotal reports because of the current federal regulations that don’t leave much room for extensive research. However, it is indisputable that the thousands of people who have declared their satisfaction from cannabis-infused topical treatments, including but not limited to weed soaps, make it crystal clear the cannabis topicals niche is bound to rapidly grow and expand in the foreseeable future, and we couldn’t believe it any other way as people have got to love cannabis skincare so much.

How about a CBD facial This type of innovative CBD treatment hype is all about relaxation and balance that somehow magically merge together starting from the physical and reaching all the way through the mental and spiritual level (and vice versa).

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Cannabis-Infused Soaps: Health Benefits Extending beyond Skin Beautification

Acannabis-infused soap is so much more than what meets the eye at the very first sight. Check out the science-backed up potential benefits cannabis can provide for your skin, so that you can gain a better idea of the extended benefits cannabis-infused soaps, among other topical infusions, can provide for your well-being.

As a rule of thumb, keep in mind that using a cannabis-infused soap will not get you high because the active cannabinoids cannot bind with the cannabinoid receptor in charge of experiencing the sense of high when entering directly through the skin in the absence of a specific carrier chemical.It is just that topical cannabis infusions work on a peripheral basis. This translates into zero psychoactivity as they do not enter the bloodstream.

However, the fact that you are not about to experience psychoactive effects when using a weed-infused soap bar does not mean you can’t reap a whole myriad of health benefits once the active compounds of cannabis are applied topically.

Heads Up

As with any other new topical treatment, you need to always test how your unique body and skin will react to using cannabis-infused soap bars by starting small. Begin by washing only your hands with a DIY ganja soap bar, and then wait for 24 hours, checking for any abnormal skin reactions. We did not find any reported negative reactions to weed soap bars as of now but since every person’s body is 100% one of a kind, it is best to play safe before taking a good 30-minutes full-body weed soap shower.

#1. Once applied topically, cannabis-infused solutions bind with the CB2 receptors in your skin. While not getting you high, cannabis-infused topical solutions can provide quick and efficient pain management, which makes them incredibly well-suited for targeting localized pain, such as knee or back pain. The healing compounds in cannabis soap bars do not have the time to address localized pain as efficiently as creams or lotions can as when using soap, we inevitably rinse it from the skin. However, weed soaps can make a wonderful additional tool for helping one cope with pain and inflammation management successfully, especially with a mind to enjoying great results in the long run. Nonetheless, your tensed and sore muscles will be also grateful for your choice to shower with a fragrant bar of homemade cannabis-infused soap.

#2. Cannabis has been long appreciated as a natural aphrodisiac by many of the ancient civilizations. While weed lube is becoming the new thing on the stage of sexual pleasure enhancement of the 21st century, there is no evidence on weed soap’s potential aphrodisiac properties. Anyway, we are positive that using a cannabis-infused soap bar will certainly not harm your sexual life but it may just as well do exactly the opposite, so it really sounds like an exciting idea to try out.

#3. Cannabis is known to possess high antibacterial properties. With this in mind, it comes as no surprise that cannabis-infused topicals are used to help reduce swelling, as well as to treat scratches, burns, rashes, and various other mild skin irritations.

#4. A study published all the way back in 2007 revealed that dead skin cells growth is inhibited by active cannabinoids, highlighting the huge potential of whole plant cannabis-based solutions as powerful means against psoriasis. Fortunately, evidence on cannabis benefits on a whole myriad of skin conditions, including but not limited to eczema, are gradually getting more and more public exposure and recognition worldwide.

#5. Being charged with the antioxidant superpowers of cannabis, showering with a DIY ganja soap bar can help to keep your skin healthy, glowing and youthful in one of the best, all-natural ways possible.

#6. Because of their anti-inflammatory properties, active cannabinoids-charged pot soap bars can be an excellent tool to aid in the prevention and treatment of arthritis. The healing benefits of cannabis on reducing inflammation are not a secret anymore, as there have been numerous studies, including a 2014 year study published in the journal Rheumatology, that highlight the herb’s inflammation healing properties.

On the purely for fun side of DIY cannabis-infused soap bars, we bet that you will get as contaminated with the creative artisanal soaps fever as we got by the end of compiling this tutorial for you! The world of DIY soaps is truly mesmerizing, and in fact, we find that making a batch of homemade ganja soap bars can be a superbly delightful way to enjoy your high!

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1. The Easiest Way to Make Weed Soap: Step-by-Step Recipe

This is the easiest recipe for DIY cannabis-infused soap as it does not sum up to making your weed soap from scratch. The main ingredient in this particular recipe is a quite versatile element: soap base! We absolutely love the idea of choose and create your very own cannabis adventure kind of element that working with a soap base for prepping cannasoap bars provides, and nonetheless, there is plenty of room to make this recipe suit your taste perfectly by playing with your personal favorite essential oils, adding extra colors, herbs, spices, or whatever you adore treating your skin right with. Lastly, you can choose to make a vegan or non-vegan version of this weed soap based on the selected type of soap base.

A total number of soap bars you’ll yield about 10 – 20 (it depends on the size of the molds you choose to opt for).

Prep time: about 1 hour from start to finish (mind that active prep time is only about 15 minutes).

List of Ingredients

1. Rose Essential Oil and Jasmine Essential Oil (feel free to replace the suggested essential oils with the ones you adore the most of the ones you simply have handy).
2. Cannabis tincture or cannabis coconut oil
3. Soap base (2-pound brick).

Important Notes

#1. We loved how this cannabis-infused soap bar recipe worked out when using homemade Northern Lights strain-based cannabis tincture. While we can’t help it but brag (just a little bit) on our favorite DIY cannabis derivatives made with homegrown cannabis flowers, the only thing that we really want to recommend as far as your choice of strain is concerned is to let your imagination run wild and free and go with the flow by choosing to work with any of your favorite cannabis strains!

#2. As to the molds you’ll need, we’ve found out that silicone molds work best. Although other molds you have available can do the trick, too, don’t expect them to work as good as silicone molds.


Step 1: Slice off the soap base and transfer the pieces into a microwave-friendly bowl. Aim for slices of approximately 2-3 square inches.

Step 2: Place the bowl into your microwave and start melting the soap base pieces you just sliced at 30 seconds intervals. Repeat until fully melted into a liquid form.

Step 3: Add the desired amount of essential oils based on your personal preferences. At this point, you can also add colorant if you wish to, and you can also toss in any your favorite herbs (for the record, we added a handful of dried peppermint, and it worked out fantastically).

Step 4: It is time to stir in your cannabis tincture or cannabis coconut oil. We used 15 drops of our proudly homemade White Widow strain-based cannabis tincture but you can also choose to use as few as 10 drops. The amount of cannabis coconut oil you want to add per 2-pound brick soap base can vary, too, but what we generally recommend is to go for 20 – 30 drops. Using a spoon, chopstick or a spatula, mix all the ingredients until perfectly smooth and well-combined.

Step 5: Pour the mixture into suitable molds and allow the cannabis-infused soap bars to harden for 30 – 50 minutes. Finally, remove from mold and spoil your senses anytime as you please. Store the bars just like you would store any soap: away from direct sunlight, excess heat, and excess moisture.

2. The Purest Cannabis Soap Shampoo Bar Recipe

This recipe would require you to put a bit more efforts than the one we just listed above, however, the benefits you can reap are definitely worth it. If you have never tried homemade shampoo bars, then this cannabis-infused tutorial will feel like a heavenly blessing to help you get off the beaten track and embrace something far more environmental-friendly, deep cleansing, toxins- and additives- free, and simply put, divinely pure.

While this cannashampoo soap bar recipe is (obviously) suitable to use for washing your hair, it is also perfectly suitable for washing your body. By the way, there are more than a hundred reasons to consider ditching on commercial shampoos but that’s a whole different topic, so we can only highly encourage you to dig into it a bit further by doing your own research.

Quintessentially, if you’re trying to reduce waste, as well as to reduce your negative impact on the environment, and nevertheless, to reduce the negative impact of toxins and preservatives on your body, this recipe is simply made for you.

Commenting on the best health- and environmental-friendly practices, we cannot possibly skip on commenting about the healing benefits of cannabis and organic cannabis growing. At this point, we want to highlight that we used only homemade cannabis derivatives when experimenting with these recipes, feeling extremely lucky to work with organically grown marijuana flowers.

What both organic marijuana growing and all-natural, DIY skincare have in common is that despite seemingly small, each tiny step an individual chooses to take towards helping our planet Earth survive and helping humanity make it to a brighter, greener, better future matters a lot. Just picture the HUGE scope of the impact of 7 billion people ditching on commercial soaps that come available in plastic packaging while further increasing carbon emissions because of shipping methods, all for the sake of showering by applying synthetic ingredients one can’t even pronounce. It is beautiful to feel part of something bigger than your own limited Ego, and isn’t this one of the most valuable truths that cannabis consumption reveals to us, anyway

Yields: about 4 cannabis-infused soap shampoo bars (depends on mold size).
Prep time: about 1 hour

List of Ingredients

1.95 grams Extra Virgin Olive Oil
2.40 grams Shea Butter
3.40 grams Castor Oil
4.80 grams cannabis-infused Coconut Oil
5.70 g cold water and 34.25 g sodium hydroxide (for the lye solution).
6. 2 tablespoons clay and 4 tablespoons of water (feel free to add more or less water to reach a consistency that is not runny but creamy smooth since the type of clay you choose to work with may call for adding more or less water than the suggested amount above).

Important Notes

#1. Always wear protective gear as working with lye may pose serious risks to your well-being if you are not serious about what you are doing. Do not get scared about working with lye, though, as this is an age-old method our grandmothers were more than merely well-familiar with. As a rule of thumb, always cover the workspace with newspaper, provide ventilation into your work area, wear rubber gloves and protective goggles, and do not inhale the vapors resulting from mixing water and sodium hydroxide.

#2. For those who want to enjoy a batch of THC-rich cannabis shampoo soap bar, use coconut oil that is infused with a high THC strain such as Bruce Banner, White Widow or Gelato. For a CBD-rich cannabis shampoo soap bar, infuse your cannabutter with a strain that is high in CBD such as Cali Kush. For a balanced THC to CBD ratio, CB Dream strain-infused coconut oil can work wonders.


Step 1: Using an mg-accurate scale, weigh the sodium hydroxide in a suitable heatproof bowl. Slowly and carefully pour sodium hydroxide into the water (never the other way round!). Stir gently until sodium hydroxide is completely dissolved into the cold water. Mind that the liquid does quickly become very hot, so the cup needs to be placed in a cold water bath in the sink, thus, allowing for the lye solution to cool down.

Step 2: Mix clay and water and set aside, letting the mixture sit for a while.

Step 3: Weigh shea butter and coconut oil, and then melt the oils using a double boiler or water bath method. Once fully melted, stir in castor oil and olive oil.

Step 4:Wait until your oils mixture (cannabis-infused coconut oil, shea butter, castor oil, and olive oil), as well as your lye solution,  reach the same temperature (about 30 – 45 degrees Celsius, respectively 86 – 113 degrees Fahrenheit), which is considered hand warm temperature, and then carefully pour the lye solution into the mixture, stirring energetically. For this purpose, a hand blender can work beautifully.

Step 5: After a short time of mixing (about a minute or so), the fusion will start to appear a bit cloudy, and it will also begin to thicken, indicating that it is time to stir in the clay and water mixture, as well as the essential oils. Do not use a hand blender at this point but instead, stir the concoction using a suitable spatula or spoon. You want to keep stirring until the mixture’s texture resembles the texture of pudding. Typically, the desired pudding-like texture is achieved within 1 to 5 minutes of stirring. Just make sure to check on the consistency and avoid stirring longer than needed, since if you do so, the mixture will become too thick way too quickly.

Step 6: Start pouring the liquid cannasoap into the mold, tapping the mold onto your work surface carefully to remove any air bubbles.

Step 7: In order to help your soap get into a gel stage, cover the mold with plastic foil, and then wrap a towel around the mold. Wrapping a towel around the mold helps to speed up the saponification process.

Step 8: After allowing the saponification process to take place for 24 hours, your cannabis shampoo soap bar is ready to be cut and shaped. However, it will be not ready to use at this point. You need to let the soap “mature.” The process of maturation will be completed after letting your cannashampoo soap bar sit in a dry and airy place for a minimum of 4 – 6 weeks. Mind that the longer you allow it to sit and mature, the milder, smoother, and better it will become. Not the least, using your cannashampoo soap before it has fully matured will result in wearing it off more quickly, so be patient.

3. How to Make CBD Soap Step-by-Step

This is, by far, one of the most amazing weed soap recipes we’ve ever had the privilege to prepare, and that’s not only because of the wonderful addition of the healing benefits of CBD Oil. What we love about this particular CBD-infused soap recipe is that it makes use of soapberries and fresh herbs that leave your body and spirit fully enchanted in a sweet symphony of 100% eco- and vegan- friendly ingredients.

This recipe yields: Six 4-oz. mason jars(not full all the way to the top) of cannasoap.

List of Ingredients

. 1 oz. whole plant CBD Oil, aka full spectrum CBD Oil (We used our proudly homemade, full-spectrum CBD Oil created with the use of Cali Kush strain, known as one of the highest CBD strains in the world, topping 20% Cannabidiol content vs. as little as 1% THC content).
2. 20 oz. water
3.30 soapberries
4.1 ½ tablespoon organic, local honey
5.2 fresh limes
6.1/3 cup fresh, roughly chopped mint
7.1/4 cup fresh, chopped lemongrass
8.1/3 cup fresh, chopped thyme
9. 1/3 cup freshly chopped lavender stalks
10.4 drops of Geranium Essential Oil and 4 drops of Helichrysum Essential Oil.
11. 1 fresh aloe vera leaf (about 6 inches in length).

Important Notes

#1. Using dried herbs instead of freshly chopped ones can also work perfectly fine.
#2. Feel free to add more or less than the suggested drops of essential oil based on your personal preferences. You can also choose to substitute the essential oils we chose to use with any of your favorite essential oils.
#3. After you’ve made a batch or two of this incredible DIY CBD-infused soap, you will be ready to start experimenting with different ingredients and ratios.
#4. Feel free to substitute 2 fresh limes with lemons, oranges, tangerines, or a combination of citrus fruit.


Step 1: Combine half of the water and the aloe vera leaf into a blender. Do not let them blend fully but only allow the aloe vera leaf to be roughly chopped.

Step 2: Pour the deseeded, split in half soapberries into a decently-sized mixing bowl. Toss in the chopped herbs and lime peels.

Step 3: Pour the loosely chopped aloe vera leaf and water mixture into the soapberries, herbs, and lime peels fusion. Add the remaining water and stir gently.

Step 4: Allow the mixture to sit overnight in a cool, dark place.

Step 5: After letting the mixture sit overnight, transfer the contents into a large pan. Bring the mixture to a boil, reduce the heat to medium-low, and let it simmer for some good 3 minutes.

Step 6: Remove from the heat and allow the mixture to cool down for about 15 minutes.

Step 7: Strain and pour the cooled down mixture into sterilized jars. Place the jars in the refrigerator, and your extra gentle CBD-infused soap bar will be ready to use within an hour! Store the jars of soap in the refrigerator for up to 30 days.

DIY Cannabis-Infused Soap: The Wrap-Up

Working your way with the cannabis-infused soap recipes shared above is bound to be a journey of self-growth, as you will be able to discover little-known ways of enjoying the healing and beautifying benefits of cannabis while having tons of fun in the process.

Don’t worry if you bump into some “imperfections” when it comes to the color and texture of your cannasoap bars! It is totally fine, and there is nothing wrong with your soap. The thing is, we just tend to be too painfully used to the stuff we buy at the supermarket. Yet since it is not a robot or an assembly line but you to make a delightful batch of DIY weed soap, the appearance cannot possibly be a magazine style-like one, at least not during your first trials. The only thing that truly matters is these imperfectly looking cannasoap bars can do just as great as store-bought brands can (and in fact, even better).

By making your very own cannabis-infused soap, regardless of whether it is CBD-, THC-, or CBD and THC-infused, you have the invaluable opportunity of being able to reduce your carbon footprint, embrace a healthier lifestyle, and nonetheless, to bring a bit of spontaneity and cannajoy into your daily routine while getting the incredible sense of accomplishment when you craft something with your own hands and all your soul. Well, if you can do all that while simultaneously reaping the health benefits of cannabis skincare, then DIY cannabis soap-making sounds like a no-brainer! Good luck and have fun, bud buddies. We wish you a shamelessly refreshing, deliberating, and meaningful journey with our top 3 DIY cannabis-infused soap recipes.