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5 Cannabis Strains to Use for Phantom Limb

With medical marijuana legalization, numerous medical institutions and practitioners around the world are supporting it. Whether medically and recreationally authorized. Medical practitioners unambiguously prescribe it as a medication for their patients. Not only that, but they are aware that medicinal marijuana provides immediate and efficient pain relief. The Phantom Limb is one of the most common health disorders for which marijuana can provide a cure or therapy.

For those who are unfamiliar with Phantom Limb disorder, it is a neuropathic disease that affects amputees. It occurs when a non-existent limb or section of the body produces painful sensations. In amputation, a portion of the nerve in the human brain that controls the amputated leg can detect that something is wrong. These senses cause pain in parts of the body that do not exist. It can also cause cramping, heat, or even freezing sensations in the body.

5 Cannabis Strains for Phantom Limb

If you’re looking for a list of marijuana products that can be excellent pain relievers for Phantom Limb, this article will provide you with a list of options. Learn about the advantages of this treatment for this type of disease.

    1. Mango Tango

The Elementary Seeds company creates the Mango Tango. It was noted for its overpowering impact as if the delicious and spicy flavors were dancing with you. Its progenitor, the True OG strain, gave it its powerful but soothing effects. This type of deep relaxation is beneficial in coping with Phantom Limb Disorder since it relieves pain and suffering, allowing you to think clearly.

The flavor is incredible, and it will make you feel like you’re smoking a juicy mango. The Mango Tango Strain is delightful and satisfying, as it slams all of the agony associated with Phantom Limbs. Its THC level ranges from 13-20%, leaving you with no paranoia regarding pain sensations and allowing you to stay active. Those who have recently undergone surgery to remove a limb from their body need not fear. Once you use Mango Tango as a reliever, your body will be comfortable and free of any stress created by the operation.

    2. Kushage

Kushage is a Sativa dominant with a reputation for being potent. It may be challenging to produce this strain, but it is well worth the effort because of the numerous health benefits it provides. Its genetic parents are OG Kush and SAGE strain; both are known for their efficacy and potency, particularly in treating ailments and health issues. If you’re seeking to treat the Phantom Limb health ailment, this strain is perfect for you.

It has a high THC content of roughly 22-27%, making it a powerful pain reliever. It’s genuine medical marijuana that you can use to treat not only Phantom Limb pain but also disorders related to it, such as spinal problems, nerve pain, muscular spasms, cramping, and arthritis. It’s an all-day relief that puts you at peace, even if you have previously suffered from Phantom Limb. Many users are particularly pleased with its effects since it alleviates the anxiety and sadness that sometimes accompany severe chronic pain.

    3. Royal Kush

The Royal Kush is regarded as the king of hybrids, as it provides many users with tremendous effects. It’s a cross between two equal hybrids, Skunk #1 and Afghani, noted for having similar effects. The Royal Kush marijuana strain is known for its calming benefits on users with Phantom Limb Disorder and its profound impact throughout the patient’s rest of the body.

The Royal Kush’s potent alleviation can help patients suffering from discomfort with problems. However, beginners should use caution when taking this strain because it is pretty powerful. It has a high THC concentration, which aids in regulating systems such as the organs, immunological, and nervous systems, which can be at risk of consequences if you don’t treat Phantom Limb illness.

    4. Phantom Cookies

Phantom Cookies is a Sativa-dominant hybrid strain that developed in Northern California. This hybrid is a combination of Granddaddy Purple and the Cherry Pie. Having this strain is a true godsend, especially for people yearning to be free of such a dreadful illness. One of the illnesses that Phantom Cookies can help with is Phantom Limb.

Patients with Phantom Limb are known to increase their medication dosage due to intense pain in some portions of the body, while that part has previously been removed. Phantom Cookies may be able to control their mind and body since it produces a calming cloud that reduces trauma, discomfort, and sickness. The pain alleviation only lasts about an hour, yet it is more effective than any medicine in killing pain. The high can be intense, especially if you smoke a complete cigarette, but it was never unpleasant. It is pretty beneficial!

    5. RudeBoi OG

Another strain developed by Archive Seeds can help treat people with various ailments, including the excruciating Phantom Limb. This strain is called RudeBoi OG, and it’s a cross between Face Off OG and Irene OG. The RudeBoi OG Strain has a THC level of 29.75%, which means it strikes users strongly. However, this hard-hitting strain is just right for Phantom Limb and all of the difficulties that come with it.

The RudeBoi OG’s bud can help with nerve discomfort, especially if you’ve had surgery or been amputated and are experiencing consequences. If you have high pain tolerance, you will be able to fight and control the pain and expel all of the painful sensations from your body that you have never done before.

Wrapping Up

Those who experience Phantom Limb discomfort must take medications such as pain killers every several hours. It is to ensure that they have the level of comfort they require while in this setting. Doctors can prescribe medical marijuana for the treatment of Phantom Limb Pain. However, it would help if you always considered its suitability for a person’s health. It’s possible that what succeeds for others might not always suit you. If you don’t think marijuana will help you, get a second opinion. It’s all about becoming well and staying well, after all. To prevent taking hard-dosed treatments, one should always promote a healthy body.