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Your Ultimate Guide to Cannabis Edibles: Ingesting Cannabis minus the Hazardous Compounds Found in Smoke

Cannabis-infused foods and beverages make up for a healthy, and nonetheless, effective alternative to smoking so that both medical and recreational users alike can take best advantage of the miraculous properties of the green medication without ingesting the hazardous compounds found in smoke. Plus, edibles come with some unique benefits that you shouldn’t deprive yourself of.

However, regardless of whether you are a novice to the world of weed-laced foods and drinks or if you are already familiar with cannabis edibles, we bet that you would agree there is one pretty common mistake many of us tend to commit, and that’s accidentally consuming too much.

For anyone who is interested in ingesting marijuana, this ultimate guide to cannabis edibles will arm you with all the essential know-how, including the whimsical nuances around edibles that often tend to be quite confusing to the newbies. We have made sure to provide fantastic tips on how to dose edibles accurately in order to avoid ending up overwhelmed but instead, to fully enjoy your delicious cannajourney with pot-laced foods and drinks.

Finding the right edibles for you is also important, and with so many exciting things edibles-related, all that’s left to do is to join us below and upgrade your canna-Master-Chef skills while learning tons of fascinating details about infusing foods and/or drinks with ganja, and ultimately, to become more competent and confident before you take your first bite (especially if you happen to be a newbie to edibles).

Cannabis Edibles: The Basics

Quintessentially, edibles are cannabis-laced foods, often wittily referred to as “medibles,” since edibles are unique types of medicated foods. In order for edibles to induce the varying potency of psychoactive effects experienced consumption, cannabis must be first activated.

Basically, every time we light up a joint, we activate cannabis, as it is through the application of heat how the amazing compounds present in ganja, such as CBDa (Cannabidiolic acid) and THCa (Tetrahydrocannabinolic acid), are chemically transformed into their well-known activated forms, namely CBD and THC.

As a rule of thumb, the acidic, raw forms of the active cannabinoids, including CBDa, THCa, and CBCa, among others, do not induce the psychoactive effects their non-acidic, activated forms lead to.

As far as activating cannabis when prepping edibles is concerned, this is done by decarboxylating the plant material prior to infusing it into foods or beverages, and/or prior to infusing it in coconut oil, olive oil, or butter for the purpose of creating potent and versatile to use in multiple recipes cannabutter.

Once cannabis is activated, the beneficial compounds are ready to be easily absorbed and used by the body.

Nowadays, the edibles market globally is projected to generate $11,564 million by 2025, rising at a CAGR of about 25.4% within the scope of 6 years between 2019 and 2025, according to a recent report shared by Zion Market Research.

But the truth is, various edible marijuana concoctions have been used by mankind for thousands of years, as explicitly reviewed in the first edition of Cannabis: Evolution and Ethnobotany, compiled by authors Mark Merlin and Robert Clarke. 

For instance, in ancient Eastern Europe, special candies made from the cannabis plant were said to be quite popular among women, and in fact, these were sometimes even given to minors as medicine.

In India, the ancient cannabis-infused drink celebrating Lord Shiva has been prepared ever since 2000 B.C. and used not only as medicine but also for spiritual purposes.

Ironically, thousands of years later, Western countries driven by the expanding progress in the field of cannabis, and largely thanks to the ongoing global legalization of the herb, have also started to learn more about the benefits of pot-laced foods, and have rapidly began to catch up by infusing cannabis into an extremely wide variety of drinks and foods.

Ranging from cannabis-infused gummies, lemonade, soda, pastries, cooking oils, and pasta sauces, the rise of edibles, marked by high demand and growing popularity, seems simply unstoppable.

What are the Effects of Edibles (and How to Tame them)

To start with, ingesting cannabis vs. inhaling cannabis results in two quite different experiences.

It is no secret that the effects of edibles often tend to feel much stronger as compared with inhaled forms of weed.

Certainly, both smoking/vaping the herb and ingesting it by consuming cannabis-infused drinks or foods can produce the well-known psychoactive high. The potency of the high will depend on a number of unique factors, such as the strain one chooses to consume, the amount consumed, the delivery method, the user’s body mass index, one’s current emotional and physical state of being, and nonetheless, even the surroundings that characterize the environment where weed is consumed. While all of these factors, among others, do greatly affect how one experiences the effects of cannabis consumption, edibles kick in with a very distinct action on both the body and the brain.

The effects induced by edibles can produce a much more potent body-centered experience. Apart from the deep, head-to-toe body grip of the high, there are also similarly potent changes in perception of time, movement, cognition, and memory.

Many newbies tend to underestimate the potency of edibles, and that’s one of the major reasons why they end up being taken by surprise while getting down to riding the cannabis-laced bandwagon. Fortunately, the after-effects of edibles are not as enervative as the effects of alcohol, so the good news is that even if you get to consume more edibles than needed and end up cursing the day you were born before the effects finally wear off, at least there are much lower chances for experiencing those nasty hangover episodes associated with drinking too much alcohol (although weed hangovers are real, that’s another topic).

Most importantly, when it comes to taming the effects of edibles and experiencing their full glory rather than falling into a deep despair because you ate that whole canna-laced cookie, leaving you incapable of moving a finger or even pronouncing your full name properly, your best bet is to start low and go slow.

Once you have attained a better understanding of your uniquely personal tolerance for cannabis edibles, you can happily get to work your way up with higher doses if desired.

When Do the Effects of Edibles Kick in

Not only are there quite significant differences regarding the psychoactive potency of the effects experienced after smoking marijuana vs. after eating or drinking cannabis-laced treats, but there are also crucial differences when it comes to the onset, as well as the offset of the high. When we get to inhale cannabis, regardless of whether we are to smoke a joint or a blunt, or whether we are to dab or vape, the onset of the high typically occurs within as little as 15 minutes. With edibles, however, the onset of the high takes much longer to kick in, and it isn’t at all easily predictable. Sometimes, you may only need to wait for about 30 minutes before you experience the psychoactive potency of the effects taking place. Sometimes, though, it may take you up to 3 hours before the onset of the high is felt.

Ultimately, the total amount of time one needs to patiently wait to pass before the onset of the high with edibles kicks in greatly varies from one individual to another. Considering the subjectivity of the experiences with cannabis in general, this comes as no surprise, however, it is also because of the highly personal subjectivity of the effects occurring after consuming edibles why it is so utterly important to proper dosage your intake.

When sprinkled with the somewhat tricky to accurately measure THC dosage in edibles, and there we have quite a cannamystery to solve, which pretty much sums down to what to expect when consuming edibles Like, should you wait for 1 hour or maybe some good 3 hours It really depends, so you’d simply better skip the rush.

And to give you an idea of the wide array of factors affecting when exactly the effects of edibles start to take place after consumption, mind that your personal metabolic rate plays a huge role. Based on your body’s metabolic rate, the effects of munching on that mouthwatering piece of pot brownie will kick in sooner or later for different individuals.

Not the least, even the food you have consumed within the exact day when you get down to eating edibles has a special role in triggering the onset of the high. If you eat edibles on an empty stomach, you can expect to experience the effects much faster than if you are to eat an edible after taking at least 2-3 non-cannabis-laced meals for the day, since whether your stomach is full or not greatly affects the time it takes for the edibles to be broken down.

Interestingly, sometimes, even when consumed on an empty stomach, the first onset of the edibles’ effects can take longer to occur than if you happen to consume an edible after having a rich and delicious breakfast, lunch, and/or dinner, consisting of foods high in fats, and that’s because fats help the active cannabinoids present in weed-laced treats to get absorbed by the body faster and more efficiently.

Yup, don’t say we haven’t warned you, the world of edibles is a really mesmerizing dimension full of a lot of subjectivity and uncertainties, but it is also a whole lot based on science, so with some proper understanding and a healthy dose of patience and consistency, anyone can become edibles pro master ninja.

As a rule of thumb, considering that the delivery format of edibles is known to possess a rather long activation time, and it also happens to be complexly intertwined with a broad array of factors unique to every individual user, it is best to wait for a minimum of two hours (and better yet, for up to three hours) after trying an edible for the onset of the high to take place, and only after this time has passed should you dare to consume more.

Actually, some experts even suggest waiting for as long as six and up to eight hours before you consume more edibles, and in fact, some experts state it is best to wait until the next day. While this is certainly a strictly personal matter of choice, for those who happen to be newbies to edibles, restraining to consume any more medicated foods or beverages before the next day is really the smartest move with a mind to avoiding feeling bitterly overwhelmed, and nonetheless, with a mind to be able to really pay close attention to the way your body responses to ingesting a particular amount of edibles.

At some point, you will be able to figure out how a beginner dosage of edibles affects you so that you can proceed with slowly increasing and/or decreasing the dose over time, based on your personal needs, taste, and preferences.

How Long Do the Effects of Edibles Last

As already briefly mentioned above, it is not only the onset of the high with edibles that are known to significantly differ from the onset of the effects experienced after smoking weed, but it is also the lastingness of the effects to greatly differ.

And so, apart from the longer onset time edibles are characterized with, the effects can typically last for up to 6-8 hours, if appropriately dosed, as compared to the much faster-dispersing effects of the high from smoking weed, which usually lasts up to 2-3 hours. Interestingly, if you actually get to consume a larger amount of cannabis edibles than needed, the residual effects can continue to linger, although with a significantly lower psychoactive potency than the early onsets and the culmination of the high, within the first 24 hours after consumption (which is why the novice are advised to allow for a full day and a full night to pass before taking more edibles).

If you notice that you feel like your moves and thoughts seem to be slower than normally the day after eating a cannabis edible, and/or if you experience temporary headache, lethargy or fatigue, these are sure signs you may have consumed a higher dose than needed but it could also indicate poor-quality edibles, which is often the case with some readily-available cannabis-laced treats that are full of controversial, synthetic additives. With this in mind, homemade cannabis-infused drinks and foods are absolutely incomparable to store-bought products, and even though it does require some trial and error to master your skills in cooking with cannabis, your efforts are sure to be rewarded.

On the bright side, the unwanted effects that may come along after consuming a high-dose edible and/or poor-quality edible are generally mild, so get your shit together, and move on. You will survive, that’s for sure. If our pets can make it after ingesting like really large amounts of cannabis in cases when they get to come across your stash and/or cannabis edibles accidentally, then we can make it through the storm, too, and there isn’t a single reason not to keep that wide smile on your face (okay, it can be hard to keep it on your face if you are to ingest too much cannabis but the least you can do is to turn your video recording ON, so that you are certain to have PLENTY to laugh about the day after).

The effects of edibles do usually reach a peak within the first four hours after consuming your favorite marijuana-laced treats.

Why Do Edibles Lead to more Potent Effects than other Forms of Cannabis Consumption

The fact that cannabis edibles can induce rather stronger and significantly more longer-lasting effects than the smoking pot is often kind of scary to newbie users, and nonetheless, it can be perturbing to regular users alike. But then again, it is the dose that creates the poison, so if anybody is to have bad experiences with marijuana edibles, it most probably not the edibles to blame but the ones who consume them.

But why do cannabis edibles are capable of inducing so strong, lasting, and potent effects

In a nutshell, there are two major reasons for that.

Firstly, it is the pharmacokinetics of cannabis, which refers to the way the active compounds are absorbed and excreted by the human body, as both the absorption and excretion of the active compounds differs when one is to smoke marijuana vs. eat marijuana.

Edibles are metabolized (broken down) by the liver, and so delta-9 THC actually turns into 11-hydroxy-THC.

11-hydroxy-THC is known to pass the blood-brain barrier much more rapidly than the well-known effects of delta-9 THC experienced after smoking weed. Ultimately, 11-hydroxy-THC comes with “more of a psychedelic effect” than “standard” THC does, as highlighted by the professor of psychology at the State University of New York and author of Understanding Marijuana, Mitch Earleywine. As smoked or vaped cannabis simply bypasses the liver, it does not create the same 11-hydroxy-THC as edibles, which is the major reason for marijuana-infused treats kicking in with distinctly strong effects.

When we inhale cannabis, the active compounds are quickly absorbed by the lungs and enter the bloodstream, further making their way to fatty tissues. It is only after making their way to fatty tissues how the active compounds can get to connect with cannabinoid receptor sites located on the very surface of cells. On the contrary, after ingesting cannabis, the edible must get digested by the stomach, as well as the intestinal tract first, and only afterwards can it be metabolized by special enzymes in the liver, turning into the far more powerful 11-hydroxy-THC.

11-hydroxy-THC is a metabolite (basically, a breakdown product), so it is smaller than standard THC, which is one of the reasons why experts believe 11-hydroxy-THC is stronger than its precursor, leading to more potent and more lasting effects, as its smaller size has much to do with letting it enter the brain more rapidly.

Secondly, the unique way in which different people use cannabis and the expectations they bring, known as “set and setting,” phenomenon, is no less crucial when it comes to deciphering the potent psychoactive properties of cannabis-laced foods and beverages. When smoking the herb, the set and setting are typically easier to control, since the dose and the effects are much easier to control, too. But with ingesting cannabis, the psychedelic dimension of pot use becomes deeper and vaster, and therefore, the set and setting play a HUGE part in the way one is to experience the high with medicated foods.

Edibles Overdose: Myth or Reality

of is pretty much impossible to overdose on cannabis fatally, regardless of whether it comes to inhaling or ingesting the herb. But that doesn’t mean it is impossible to have a rather uncomfortable experience with edible cannabis, in the case you consume more than what your personal prudence and tolerance level allow you to without feeling overwhelmed. Even though “overdosing” on edibles is not to cause you any serious harm, the several hours of discomfort you may be faced with are not to be underestimated, as some of the negative effects related with high-dose edibles may include temporary, excessive drowsiness, dry mouth, red eyes, paranoia, anxiety, slowed movement and cognition, and/or skewed sense of time in general.

Let us re-irritate once again that in cases of cannabis edibles “overdose,” there is no need to fall, the victim of panic, as despite possibly feeling uncomfortable for a while, the active cannabis compounds in your system will not cause you any lethal harm.

In order to avoid any unwanted negative effects from ruining the otherwise absolutely beautiful experience with marijuana edibles, it is best to start with a really small dose, also known as a microdose, before you get to establish a better understanding of the way your body reacts to ingesting cannabis. For newbie edibles enthusiasts, regardless of whether you have previous experience with other methods of cannabis ingestion or not, your wisest move is, to begin with as little as 2.5 – 5 mg of THC per serving.

Furthermore, for getting the most pleasurable experience with edibles as feasible, you need to make sure not to re-dose too quickly. Provided you follow these easy-peasy bits of advice, you are highly unlikely to suffer from any issues related with “overdosing” on edibles.

Important Note: Despite the fact that overdosing on weed is considered practically impossible (for the record, you need to smoke fifteen hundred pounds of weed in fifteen minutes in order for a pot to have lethal effects), it is imperative to keep in mind that even high doses of aspirin can be fatal. Nowadays, with the rising availability and explosive demand for higher and higher levels of THC in cannabis-laced foods, it has become more relevant than ever before not to underestimate the potency of the green medication. Respect the ancient herb and treat yourself accordingly, as to avoid any dangers or harms to your physical and mental well-being. For the record, both Youtube and Instagram are chock-full of influencers coming up with edibles challenges, ingesting out-of-this-dimension doses of cannabis but before you decide to follow their example, do kindly remind yourself that after all, these people earn a living through the content they upload, so the crazier content they create, the better for those likes and shares to keep growing, right.

Be kind to yourself and don’t forget about the huge difference between conscious cannabis use and cannabis abuse. A bad experience with edibles can leave deep imprints on your subconscious mind, making you stay away from cannabis-laced treats for far too long, thus, depriving yourself of the wonderful benefits you can reap from medicated foods and beverages, so choose your side and attitude on that matter wisely.

In any case, if you somehow get to consume a higher amount of cannabis-laced delicacies than needed, and you get to experience discomforts in return, just calm down and listen to your body, as this, too, shall pass, so that next time, you can be better prepared on how much THC per serving to ingest for a better experience. All in all, whether it be good or bad, the experience is bound to be epic!

How to Counteract Edibles’ High if it Feels too Strong

Once you have already ingested a high-dose cannabis edible that didn’t match your personal tolerance levels, there is barely anything you can do to escape from the prison of your own mind and body as to make those super potent effects wear off. Basically, you simply need to wait it out (gee, what fantastic and useful piece of advice, huh).

Even though waiting it out is your best bet when dealing with edibles “overdose,” there are certain tiny tips that can help you make it through the psychedelic journey in and out of this plane of existence.

#1. Try distracting yourself with your favorite music, game, and/or movie. You might just as well view any of these “distractions” from a brand new perspective (like, really, that song you have been playing on repeat for a full month might easily bring a whole new meaning to you while being under the strong influence of a high-dose edible).

#2.Munch on a handful of peppercorn balls. But, please, don’t chew on more than only a few at a time! Peppercorn balls can help curb down the THC-induced anxiety. Alternatively (or why not in combination), chew on a handful of peppermint leaves to help you sharpen your senses a bit.

#3. Just go and get some good rest

Yeah, you may not really feel like in the mood to rest, especially if you crawl up to your bed just to watch the ceiling keep “dancing” and spinning above your head. But the thing is, you simply want to close your eyes and let the edibles experience gradually vanish.

#4. Take a gulp of fresh air

Just open up the window or simply go outside in your backyard or balcony to let the fresh air gently rejuvenate your senses. Remember the set and setting, playing such a huge role on the way one experiences the effects of edibles Switching from an indoor to the outdoor setting (no driving your car, bike, or whatsoever at this very moment, though!), can help you turn the edibles experience into a brand new direction. It’s one thing to watch on the TV screen, and a whole other thing to look at the bright night sky, right

#5. Get some CBD

The Yin and Yang of cannabis, CBD and THC, are such a magnificent pair. But the multiple benefits of Cannabidiol are not a reserved territory of those who dislike the strong psychoactive potency of THC. CBD can help modulate THC in your body, elegantly curbing down the strong effects of THC. Placing a few drops of CBD tincture, and/or blazing up high CBD cannabis flowers, are the fastest ways to counteract the THC high, however, CBD Oil or CBD-infused treats should do just fine, too.

What are the Benefits you can Reap with Marijuana Edibles

Apart from giving your lungs a well-deserved and much-needed break from having them exposed to the hazardous compounds found in smoke, there is a whole myriad of health benefits you can reap by consuming marijuana edibles.

Speaking about the hazardous compounds found in smoke, it is important to note that smoking cannabis is far less harmful to the body than smoking tobacco, and with the availability of vaporizers, providing a healthier alternative to conventional methods of pot inhalation, a lot has changed.

However, considering that many cannabis users who are loyal fans of smoking often tend to stick with inhalation methods, smoking pot heavily and habitually, cannabis-infused treats can truly be a real blessing to help users diversify their cannabis intake routine, and nonetheless, to explore other dimensions related to cannabis use.

For the consumers who may be hesitant to smoke cannabis at all, no matter if it comes to newbie cannabis consumers or those who are planning to get back on the cannabis train after a long break, trying out something to eat rather than having to inhale the smoke may seem like a better alternative, and it is (at least partially). We need to highlight that for those who have zero or very little experience with smoking cannabis, it can be even harder to control the potent effects of edibles. Because of this, it is highly recommendable to give the old but gold cannabis smoking methods a try at least for a week or so (just go for vaping if you want to reduce any possible harms or discomforts related with inhaling the smoke), and then you will be much better prepared on how to handle the mighty potency of edibles in the best way.

Fast forward to the benefits of cannabis edibles, we have summed these down in the neat cheat sheet below.

1. Accurately measured dosage

When we smoke cannabis, accurately measuring the exact amount of active cannabinoids we get to inhale with each puff tends to be tricky. However, with edibles, you can know exactly how much THC/CBD you get to ingest. If you are to work your way with DIY cannabis-laced foods and beverages, calculating the dosage precisely will take some experimentation but once you master the basics, you are sure to appreciate taking the time to do so.

2. Deeper body high

Because of the unique action of 11-hydroxy-THC onto your body and mind, the high with edibles is much more of a thorough, head-to-toe, full-grip type of body high, providing a deeper sensation of sublime, pain-free relaxation, which can be especially beneficial to medical cannabis users, apart from those who use weed for recreational purposes.

3. Longer-lasting effects

The fact that edibles’ effects last longer than topical or inhalation methods of consuming the herb further makes up for cannabis edibles’ superpowers on alleviating pain, crushing down stress and providing efficient, lasting relief to a wide array of physical and mental concerns. Of course, the lasting effects of edibles may not be desirable on certain occasions, which is why we love the diversity of medicating with cannabis so much!

4. No extra equipment required

Ever felt frustrated about having to roll a joint while struggling to keep your activity out of the public radar This is only one of the millions of possible situations when having to use special equipment to get medicated with cannabis tends to cause quite some fuss. However, this is not the case with marijuana edibles. Just take a bite or a gulp of your favorite cannabis-infused drinks or foods whenever and wherever you feel like it with full discretion, ease, and convenience of use.

Even when it comes to the preparation of homemade cannabis edibles, you may be surprised to find out how many brilliant recipes you can choose to enjoy straight at the comfort of your home without any special equipment involved. Although let’s make it clear, if you are determined to polish your skills in cooking with cannabis, having the proper tools will certainly come handy at some point.

Short Summary: To sum things up, the benefits you can reap by opting for cannabis edibles can help you avoid having to inhale the smoke, which is invaluable to some medical users who may not be able to inhale cannabis at all due to their condition. Also, you can save yourself from that distinct burnt cannabis after-taste in your mouth, although as we know fair well, high-quality cannabis flowers taste and smell heavenly, especially if we speak of homegrown dank nuggets.

Not the least, the cannabis smoke can sometimes feel especially harsh on the throat and lungs. Sometimes, it might be simply low-quality cannabis to blame on that note but sometimes, it might be other factors, such as the flu season, to negatively affect your pot-smoking experience. Fortunately, edibles make a wonderful alternative.

When it comes to the effects associated with consuming edibles, the benefits you can reap are pretty much magnified, as opposed to inhalation delivery methods. This means that regardless of the reason you choose to consume weed for, whether it be targeting your migraines outbreak, trying to cope with the ravages of stress, insomnia, pains, inflammation, among others, can be intensified when you choose to opt for medicated meals or drinks. On the same plane, though, sometimes, you may not really want to experience the magnified effects related to ingesting cannabis, and this is when microdosing your intake can work wonders.

Is it Possible Not to Experience Any Effect after Consuming Weed Edibles

In some cases, it is likely that you fail to experience any effect after consuming cannabis edibles, even if you have been patiently waiting for the recommended 2-3 hours to pass before the full effects are supposed to take place.

Provided you do not experience any significant effects after ingesting cannabis, chances are that you have either consumed a rather low dosage or you are under the influence of a particular phenomenon known as “first-pass metabolism.”

The thing is, liver enzymes are so good at cleaning out unwanted compounds of your body that sometimes, this might actually happen to THC, too.

In such cases, instead of breaking down delta-9-THC into its much more powerful metabolite 11-hydroxy-THC, the compound may be simply cleared out of the body, and hence, no effect is experienced.

Interestingly, the first-pass metabolism can also limit the effectiveness of other fairly common substances, apart from the active cannabinoids, including but not limited to various substances present in pharmaceutical medications. In order to minimize the first-pass effect, it is recommendable to eat a nice, small meal before ingesting any type of cannabis edible. Then again, it is also highly advisable to consume foods rich in fats as to help your body metabolize THC better and more efficiently, some suitable examples being avocado, nut butter, and cheese, among others.

Ultimately, do not forget that waiting several hours before taking a larger dose or simply taking another dose of cannabis-laced food or drink remains a must, as re-dosing too quickly won’t really do you a big favor. With edibles, consistency and patience are key, and even in cases when you are disappointed because of not experiencing the effects you were hoping for, you still have the invaluable opportunity to learn more about the way your body reacts to medicated meals and beverages, so celebrate your experience and get better after each trial instead of causing yourself discomforts.

How to Have the Best Experience with Cannabis Edibles

We can bet that many of the stories you have heard or read about other people’s experience with marijuana edibles have sounded quite much like horror stories. And indeed, considering the potent effects of edibles, it is easy for those who have not taken the time to educate themselves properly on that matter, to fall victims of those kinds of scenarios.

However, it is really important that you do not let such type of stories highlighting the dark side of the experiences with cannabis edibles, to deter you from all the joy, profound pleasure, and extended benefits you can reap from trying edibles in a conscious, well-tempered manner.

As long as you approach edibles with caution and respect, it is fairly easy to have a wonderful experience that will keep you coming back for more.

Now, let us share you two real-life stories about two completely different experiences with cannabis edibles so that you can understand better how completely and strictly individual matter of choice the effect of edibles actually is.

In 2018, one of our team members (no names involved because of personal privacy reasons), ate such high-dose cannabis edible that she ended up totally messed up, the effects continuing to plague her mind and body the day after. When she went to take a shower, hoping to feel refreshed, she actually experienced a real nightmare, as she got to think she went blind for about 15 minutes or so. In reality She simply closed her eyes under the shower and forget to open them, falling into the delusion that she is losing her eyesight. Ouch. The moral of the story You really don’t want to ingest more cannabis than needed but when you do so, at least it makes up for some good stories.

In early 2019, a very close friend of our team decided to record his third cannabis edibles trial as he said there were moments of his edibles experience that he fails to remember clearly. He works as an IT programmer, so his memory is pretty excellent, and we were all really curious to find out what his experiment will reveal to us, being the curious cannabis nerds that we are.

So, what happened is that he realized, thanks to watching the video he recorded the morning after, that at some point of his edibles experience, his brain simply (and pretty literally) blacks out. And then he ends up staring at the keyboard, trying to press Caps Lock (or whatever other buttons he could have been searching for), for like some 30 minutes! The funniest thing is, he has a fantastic explanation for his curious case with edibles. Being a programmer, he claims his brain barely ever has a real, deep, ultimate rest. Even after smoking cannabis, he simply failed to experience the same depth of the high as with edibles.

And so, at some point after eating a marijuana edible, his brain simply seems to decide to go with the flow, to cut on resistance, and to escape from the world of letter, signs, and numbers, thus, making him incapable of focusing on finding the button he wants to press on the keyboard (and yes, you can bet that he virtually knows the location of all keyboard buttons by heart!).

The point of these stories is to sharpen your attention towards the importance of approaching to cannabis edibles consumption with the right attitude, and with the right mindset. Having heard of multiple terrifying stories with edibles “overdose,” you are doing your subconscious mind a very, very bad favor. It is as if you are literally programming it to incline to experience similar effects as those described in the badass marijuana edibles overdose episodes you’ve heard of or personally witnessed.

Don’t get this wrong, becoming well-familiar with more viewpoints and more personal experiences with marijuana edibles is actually a good thing, as it can help you get better prepared on the multiple possible outcomes. However, it is crucial not to make yourself believe that the same will happen to you, neither when it comes to good stories, nor when it comes to the bad stories. You are unique, and so is your experience with marijuana edibles one-of-a-kind.

Instead of setting clear goals or keeping some hidden intentions on the way edibles are supposed to make you feel, RELEASE yourself. Let yourself explore that new dimension you are going to fall into, and embrace it, without fear or judgment. Much like shedding layers of old habits, you want to approach this experience from an unbiased perspective, or at least as unbiased as possible.

Ultimately, as long as you start slow and low, the dimensions that cannabis-infused foods or beverages are about to reveal to you, are nothing less but illuminating, insightful, beautiful, generous, warm, meaningful, kind, gentle, wise, and eye-opening.

Also, since you know fair well that the effects of edibles take longer to kick in and also set in for longer, you really need to plan your day/night accordingly as to save yourself from trouble.

Below is a crispy, shortlist of practical guidelines to help you have the best experience with cannabis edibles.

1. When at the start of making your way with edibles, begin with ingesting no more than 10 mg THC per serving, and better yet, start off with 5 mg, regardless of whether you have just begun your journey with cannabis right now or if you are already well-experienced with smoking cannabis and/or applying cannabis derivatives topically.

2. Make sure you do know exactly how much you are eating. If you don’t know, there is no way to upgrade your understanding of the way marijuana edibles affect your mind and body, so you will remain just another stoned to the bones stoner who gives weed users globally bad reputation.

3. Wait for the effects to take place for at least 90 minutes before you consume more (and better yet, wait until the next day before you consume a higher dose).

4. Make sure to consume edibles in a comfortable environment, surrounded by objects and people making you feel at ease and peace.

5. Remind yourself that with edibles, you can always choose to consume more in order to increase potency and reach the desired effects. However, if you get to consume more than needed simply because you were upset for not experiencing the effects you were hoping for, you can easily cross that certain point when the effects will start to feel too much to handle, and the only way to go back to your normal state of being would be letting the time slowly and torturously go by, so skip the rush, and don’t be greedy.

How to Dose Cannabis Edibles

As a rule of thumb, please mind that dosing marijuana edible is a highly subjective, strictly personal experience. For beginners, the general recommendations are set at starting with 5 mg – 10 mg THC per serving, although 10 mg THC may easily induce quite strong effects for beginners, so 2.5 mg – 5 mg is a way safer bet for the novice or those with rather low tolerance to cannabis to begin with.

Once you have noticed how a low dose of up to 10 mg THC affects you after your first trials with edibles, you can start to increase the dose, provided you wish to experience more potent effects. Do not increase the dose too rapidly, though. Bringing it up with 5 mg for each trial before you reach the desired effects is the smartest way to go. Medical marijuana users may sometimes require significantly higher doses per serving in order to experience the much-needed relief to their pains and aches (typically, about 300 mg for severe cases of pain). But then again, it is impossible and disrespectful for anyone else but a doctor to recommend a particular dose per serving to MMJ patients, as the appropriate treatment and management of medical conditions must be only determined by qualified physicians.

As to recreational users, the situation is pretty much the same, since there is simply no set norm on what amount of THC per serving is supposed to make you feel this way vs. that way. Just recently, @stephendeleonar released his almost psycho experience with eating 4500 mg of THC edibles. Needless to say, his video went viral, and even though we do not recommend for anyone to follow his example (after all, there is a reason why his channel is titled SteveWillDoIt), it is certainly a mind-bending thing to learn that ingesting such a monstrous amount of THC can still leave you, alive.

DIY Edibles: How to when Cooking with Cannabis

The directions regarding cooking with cannabis and dosing your delicacies accurately differ a whole lot than giving any general recommendations on the amount of THC/CBD per serving one is supposed to ingest in order to feel at his/her finest.

When cooking with cannabis, dosing your edibles is all based on strict science, which actually makes your task a rather pleasurable one, but that doesn’t mean you won’t have to arm yourself with patience and the sincere willingness to experiment before you master cannabis edibles dosing like a pro.

Just equip yourself with a well-working measure scale, a kitchen thermometer, to help you properly decarboxylate weed, high-quality cannabis flowers, and you are pretty much ready to enter the whimsical world of cooking with cannabis!

As a rule of thumb, once you decarboxylate1 gram of cannabis flowers of 10% THC potency, you should get to activate 100 mg THC in total. Since a minor part of the active cannabinoids is inadvertently lost when heating up the buds to activate THCa and CBDa, the precise conversion is to multiply by 0.88, resulting in actual potency of 88 mg THC.

If you decarboxylate the cannabis plant material properly, you can pretty much get to activate 80% and up to some solid 95% of the active cannabinoids, meaning that 1 gram of cannabis flower featuring 10% THC will result in about 70 mg – 80 mg THC on an average.

If you get to consume decarbed weed straight away, for instance, simply ingesting 0.50 grams of decarboxylated cannabis alongside a fatty substance like coconut oil for increased absorption rates, you will ingest about 35 – 40 mg THC, provided we follow up the example1 gram of weed of 10% potency.

And here comes the tricky part. If you get to infuse your decarbed cannabis flowers into coconut oil, olive oil or butter for the preparation of cannabutter, you will lose about 50% of the THC/CBD potency. The reason is plain simple. Cannabinoids fail to be fully extracted in fatty substances.

When using dairy butter or coconut oil, you should be able to extract up to 60% of the active cannabinoids (if you are really careful), although in reality, most people extract about 50%, which means that infusing 1 gram of weed featuring 10% THC potency will result in yielding about 40 mg – 50 mg of THC.

If using olive oil, though, you will get to extract a maximum of 30% of the total amount of cannabinoids, meaning that using 1 gram of decarbed weed featuring 10% THC for the infusion will result in yielding about 25 mg – 30 mg THC.

In any of the examples shared above, using more weed will result in yielding more THC/CBD, and this almost goes without saying but since deciphering the secrets of cooking with cannabis tends to be overwhelming enough, especially for beginners, we really felt the need to make things as crystal clear as possible.

In the case you are concerned about the high THC potency of your homemade edibles, mind that you can always choose to add some extra CBD oil to hinder the strong psychoactive potency of THC. You want to add 20 mg of CBD per every 5 mg of THC to make the effects feel milder and easier to handle.

Important Note: If this is your very first attempt in prepping DIY cannabis edibles and you feel concerned about getting to waste too much of the precious plant material in the case something goes wrong during your first trials, then here’s an excellent tip to take the best advantage of. Instead of diving straight into prepping a solid batch of cannabutter using 15+ grams of cannabis (or way more), you can simply decarb as little as 1 gram of weed, and then get to ingest the desired amount alongside a tablespoon of Extra virgin olive oil, coconut oil, or butter. The taste is like you can suppose, quite gnarly, since you are basically simply ingesting decarbed cannabis flowers. But that isn’t a huge issue because at least you are only eating something all-natural. Next, you can trace how the amount of weed you have ingested affects you, so that next time you get to experiment with prepping cannabutter, you will feel way more confident in how to dose it properly.

With dosing cannabutter accurately, make sure to test each new batch’s potency in advance. This means taking a teaspoon or even less of the freshly prepped cannabutter and allowing the effects to take place so that you can be better prepared on how to act when eventually getting down to using a bigger amount of the cannabutter to make a party pot chocolate or whatever you are craving to make.

But what if you don’t have a clue about the THC potency of the cannabis flowers you are about to cook with

Then try the “grandmother research” type of method, which sums down to determining how much weed you need to smoke in order to get decently high, and then use this amount as a loose guideline in determining the amount of cannabis you should best get to cook with as to achieve the desired effects. For instance, if smoking up 0.30 grams of the cannabis flowers you plan to cook with hits the sweetest spot of your high, then you basically need to ingest about ½ of the same amount of decarbed weed to experience a pleasurable sense of psychoactive potency of your cannabis edibles.

Some Extra Tips for DIY Pot Edibles

At any cost, make sure you stir very well while prepping cannabutter as to transfer the active cannabinoids equally and fully in the fatty substance of your choice. And while speaking of stirring, don’t forget to always stir readily-available cannabutter very well, instead of only scooping the desired amount from the top. Doing so is essential for proper dosing as different cannabinoids have different molecular weight.

Last but not least, you want to pick the right cannabis strain to cook with as to achieve the desired effects after consumption. For those who wish to experience a pleasant, uplifting, daytime type of body buzz, opting for strains such as Strawberry Cough, Chocolope, Lamb’s Bread, OG Kush, or Blue Dream can make a fantastic choice.

For those instances when you feel you can greatly benefit from more of a heavily relaxing Indica body grip, then you should better give strains like Afghani, Skunk #1, Northern Lights, or Purple Kush a try.

If you happen to live in a country/state where cannabis is legal, and you are blessed with the opportunity to grow your own ganja from seed, then we are pretty sure you really need no further convincing on trying your hand at cooking with cannabis, given them plenty of plant material you have available. But how about CBD strains like Cali Kush, CB Dream or CB Diesel

Not only are high CBD strains fantastic to cook with, but they also make an excellent option when building your way with cannabis edibles, with a mind to avoiding negatively potent experiences.

Not the least, combining high CBD and moderate to high THC strains is surely a beautiful and smart move that definitely deserves a try.

Apart from directly utilizing decarbed weed or by infusing it into fatty substances for the preparation of cannabutter, you can also try medicating your meals or drinks with cannabis tincture. Alternatively, you can also decarb cannabis concentrates and use them in either foods or drinks with equally awesome results.

How to Find or Make the Best Cannabis Edibles

Whether it comes to finding the best readily-available cannabis edibles to suit your personal needs and preferences, or whether it comes to prepping the most fantastic marijuana-infused foods or beverages, your mission is highly subjective and strictly individual.

Taking the DIY route with marijuana edibles allows you to perfectly tailor the gourmet triumphs to your taste, and to always enjoy fresh, proudly home-crafted produce. Plus, if you happen to grow your own cannabis plants, this is definitely the most cost-effective (apart from being the most rewarding) way to get some more cannabis edibles into your life.

However, edibles available in stores are also rather cost-effective, especially since quality cannabis flower can often cost as much as $20 per 1 gram in reputable dispensaries, and as we know fair well, 1 gram of weed is an amount that is consumed fairly quickly. But as the effect of pot edibles kick in with effects that are more potent and durable, you can get to extend the benefits of your high while paying less.

For example, if you want to purchase infused caramel, prices typically start from $1 and rarely exceed $5. In fact, what we pay for when purchasing cannabis-infused drinks or foods is not any different than what we pay for when purchasing ordinary foods. It is basically the quality of the ingredients that set the price, and in the case with marijuana edibles, it is both the quality of the “ordinary” ingredients, such as the type of sweetener, flour, etc. used, as well as the quality of cannabis flowers used, being the “secret” ingredient in pot-laced edibles and beverages, to determine the price.

For a personalized container of marijuana-infused ice-cream, you’ll have to pay about $25, while for the same amount of money, you can mix up at least 5 different flavors of homemade cannanice cream (the better term for cannabis-infused ice-cream), which is why DIY marijuana edibles simply rock. However, we do adore the versatility and inventiveness of the pot industry, so we don’t want to compare readily-available vs. homemade cannabis treats as if these two categories should compete. It is just really good to know you have different options.

So, how to find (or make) the best edible The answer may be hidden in one single word. IMAGINATION.

The thing is, if you dare to think of food, like, any kind of food in the world, chances are that somebody out there is already infusing it with cannabis (and if not already infusing it, he/she is soon about to do so sooner than later!).

Gone are the days when we used to think of pot brownies or cookies as the Holy Grail of cannabis edibles. Ranging from high-end cannabis-infused cocktails and mocktails through medicated gummies and salsa, cannabis-laced foods and drinks are starting to pop out with a pace that greatly exceeds even our bravest expectations. Hooray, #freetheweed.

But remember, not all cannabis edibles are created equal, and it doesn’t sum up simply to the taste. Sure, you may love certain cannabis-infused products because of the way the weed taste is barely there (if present at all) vs. being much more easily detectable in other medicated treats. However, we highly encourage you to pay close attention to the list of the ingredients, as some medicated goodies are superior from an ingredient standpoint, and what truly matters to your health and well-being.

For instance, medical marijuana users undergoing post-cancer treatment should better restrain from products containing refined sugar and gluten, among others. For those trying to keep a healthy lifestyle, avoiding highly processed and/or full of additives and preservatives products is a no-brainer.

When cooking with cannabis, you can certainly avoid ingesting a whole lot of unwanted ingredients used in large-scale food and beverages manufacturing.

But in any case, it is all a matter of personal choice. If you are about to visit a dispensary with a mind to purchasing medicated foods/drinks, it’s a great idea to check their online price menu in advance. You can also check if the product is available at the stock.

When you are already shopping around at the dispensary, don’t be shy off from communicating with others to learn more about which products they prefer so that you can come with more inspirations of your own. You can also roam the web for reviews or comments in advance. And then best of all, once you get inspired by a particular cannabis-infused delicacy you have enjoyed to the fullest, pull up your sleeves and wake up the cannabis Master Chef inside you by prepping the better, homemade version of your favorite store-bought cannabis treats. Oh, and celebrate the blissfulness of life, pretty much that’s it.

Cannabis Edibles: Final Notes

Without a single drop of doubt, there are suitable cannabis-infused edibles out there for you, perfect to cater to your desired price range, the level of nuanced effects that you wish to experience, and nonetheless, there are many medicated edibles that can make a wonderful fit to your taste.

As long as you remember to start low and go slow, your adventures through the world of cannabis edibles are bound to leave you craving for more. Plus, the elevated state of mind can actually give you a higher perspective on why the ancient cannabis plant has been cherished by mankind for thousands of years, and why it ended up banned for almost a century in the onset of the modern-day automobile and pharmaceutical industries. It is just that cannabis is a way too valuable plant that can easily lead to many corrupt practices to bankrupt.

In any case, aside from any pro- or anti-cannabis talk, medicated foods and beverages can offer an amazing array of health and recreation benefits, and since the experience with edibles is unique, it really isn’t something that you should deprive yourself of.

Starting to learn how to prep your very own, DIY cannabis edibles may feel complicated at first glance, but if you take a closer look, you will soon realize that the many related paradoxes can help you gain an incredibly deep perspective and a better understanding of the cannabis plant.

Don’t worry if you can’t seem to find the best dose with marijuana edibles in the blink of an eye, even experts who have cut-edge, high-tech equipment at the tip of their fingers still have a hard time to determine accurately the dosage with edibles!

A recent study conducted with CW Analytical Laboratories has revealed a very peculiar relationship between chocolate and cannabis, as there seems to be a “matrix effect,” making a particular ingredient in chocolate suppress the effects of THC. You see, we’re one big, crazy cannafamily, and everybody is having his/her very own, unique impact on expanding the collective knowledge about the magical dimension of cannabis edibles, whether it be marijuana-infused foods or beverages. Every journey starts with one single step. Stay patient and consistent, and you may just as well become the new Anthony Bourdain of pot edibles (although really, there will always be only one Anthony Bourdain the free spirit of love and respect for the green medication has no name and no age).