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CB Dutch Treat

Azura Haze and Amnesia Haze make a winning combination in this ultimate sativa-dominant medical strain. Spicy and piney, this pain-reliever will deliver a high that is both energetic and euphoric. A good strain for day use as it helps the user feel happy, creative and focused. Robust plants can reach 4 feet or more, with long, slender leaves. Abundant light-green flowers mature … [Read more...]

Juicy Fruit Autoflowering

Juicy Fruit Autoflower is a cross between Thai and Afghani marijuana strains. Users must exercise caution while using this cannabis strain because the results are long-lasting and dual-side. This cannabis strain is known for boosting mood, so it is worth a shot if you need a pick-me-up but don’t want to depend on its side effect medicines. This hybrid can help range conditions, … [Read more...]

Auto CBD Harlequin

CBD Harlequin is your choice if you want a potent strain with amazing medicinal qualities. It is a winner of a number of Cannabis Cups thanks to its very powerful CBD content. You’ll be glad you have this strain at hand to ease pain, depression, stress, anxiety, and digestive troubles. It prefers a cooler climate, though, and thus, it’s perfect for growers in colder regions. … [Read more...]

Skunk Feminized Fast Version

Spawned from a legendary Skunk is a Skunk Fast Version strain. It is a potent indica strain that comes with a powerful 23% THC. It flowers fast, and you’ll surely be amazed by its jaw-dropping resinous buds, which can give you up to 460 grams of yield per plant. It also has a captivating aroma, sweet and earthy. … [Read more...]

CBD ACDC (1:18)

One of a few strains with an impressive CBD content is CBD ACDC. Its ripe, sativa-dominant buds will give you potent amounts of CBD and very low THC. This is the ideal therapeutic strain with no psychoactive effects, only a healthy and very fruity taste and aroma you’ll surely love to consume day after day. … [Read more...]

Acapulco Gold Feminized

The Acapulco Gold Feminized marijuana seed is one of the most excellent Sativa-dominant strains, with a THC content of 17% and a CBD level of 0.70%. This marijuana strain originated in the Central American Sativa landrace, known as a high-end marijuana strain. This cannabis plant is familiar to both beginners and experienced growers due to its energizing effects and … [Read more...]

Headband Feminized

The name of this Indica-dominant strain comes from its potency. It could trigger some chronic fatigue; thus, the name “Headband” – makes your head feel covered with something. The Headband Feminized is famous for treating various minor and major health problems and providing significant relief. Since Headband Feminized was developed by crossing two potent strains, Sour Diesel … [Read more...]

Cali Kush Feminized

Cali Kush Feminized Strain is a hybrid of Mendocino Purps and LA Confidential. It is an Indica-dominant strain that grows quickly in the vegetative stage and is therefore very easy to harvest. Cali Kush Fem Strain is a high-yielding resin producer, making it perfect for extract production. This cannabis plant grows indoors and can reach a height of about 90 to 120 centimeters … [Read more...]

Gorilla Glue Feminized

Gorilla Glue Feminized Strain is a hybrid of the three-way cross of Chocolate Diesel, Chem’s Sister, and Sour Dubb Strains. Be prepared for a thick, dark plant and high productivity throughout the session, thanks to its high THC content of up to 25%. Indoor flowering takes 8 to 9 weeks on average. This cannabis strain is a perfect balance of 50% Sativa and 50% Indica. Gorilla … [Read more...]

Candy Haze Feminized

The Candy Haze Feminized cannabis is the product of crossing the indica dominant Zkittlez and the sativa leaning Haze marijuana. The Zkittlez is an award-winning variant that emits a sweet taste. On the other hand, the Haze strain is one of the most popular marijuana strains that has become a parent to a number of hybrids. With such an amazing lineage, recreational and medical … [Read more...]

CBD Kali Kush (1:1)

CBD Kali Kush Marijuana strain is known for being tough, dependable, and simple to grow. These are from California, and there are many different varieties available from other producers and growers. CBD Kali Kush strain is a cross of Mendocino Purps with LA Confidential. Due to its Indica supremacy, extremely high CBD content of 20 percent, and low THC content of 1 percent, CBD … [Read more...]

Diesel Berry Autoflowering

Diesel Berry Autoflower is an Indica-dominant hybrid cross between three potent genetics, NYC Diesel, Ruderalis, and Berry Ryder strains. It has a delicious flavor combination of fruits and diesel with hints of earthy and citrus tones. Diesel Berry Autoflower has an 18% of THC level and a CBD content of 1%. Its effects start a mild cerebral buzz that has a solid cerebral buzz. … [Read more...]

The Church Feminized

The Church Feminized Marijuana Seeds is an Indica-dominant strain that comes from a three-way combination of the delightful Super Skunk, the famous Swiss Sativa, and the all-time favorite Northern Lights. The strain contains an extremely high THC content of 20% coupled with a very low CBD content of 0.16%. The strain is ideal for recreational use, yet it is very beneficial in … [Read more...]

Banana Sundae Feminized

Banana Sundae cannabis strain brings on a sweet twist to enjoying cannabis as it reminds one of enjoying a refreshing banana dessert treat for dessert. This Sativa dominant hybrid has a genetic lineage of the body soothing Sundae Driver and the reply sedating Banana OG, resulting in this cannabis hybrid that promotes an invigorating energetic high while providing its users with … [Read more...]

A La Mode Feminized

To create the A La Mode Feminized strain, two popular and delicious marijuana varieties—the Milkbone and Cookie Pebbles—have been crossbred. This evenly balanced cannabis is 50% Indica and 50% Sativa and is considered a tribute to its heritage. It has inherited its parents’ sweet and creamy flavors and aromas alongside its high THC levels and potent effects. Growers will be … [Read more...]

CB Diesel CBD Feminized

Crop King Seeds’ strongest CBD-only strain has Cannabidiol levels of up to 20% with minimal levels of THC of less than 1%. Derived from landrace strains and crossed with Sour Diesel, our CB Diesel is used for the production of concentrates and other medical extractions for both commercial and individuals seeking medical relief from the properties of CBD. … [Read more...]

CBD Sour Tangie (1:20)

Enjoy weed, including its therapeutic uses without getting high with the CBD Sour Tangie strain. It is aromatic, enticing, and offers enhanced mental clarity and brain function. You can use this during the day to give you the needed energy and focus. It’s easy to grow and is one of the quickest to bloom as well. … [Read more...]

Kali Mist Feminized

Kali Mist Feminized Marijuana is indeed a must-try pot for those looking for the best of the world’s strains. Although it is believed to be a hybrid from 2 different South East-Asian Sativa strains, the Kali Mist’s precise lineage is uncertain. This strain has a genetic component of 90% Sativa and 10% Indica, a strain you didn’t know you needed. It’s also an award-winning … [Read more...]

Afghani Regular

This original landrace strain gets its name from its country of origin. First discovered high in the mountainous regions of Afghanistan, this euphoric and relaxing indica strain is perfect for cloning, cross breeding and large volume production. Above average in THC, this well-known classic is a must have for experienced or new growers. … [Read more...]

CB Cheese (1:1) Autoflowering

CB Cheese Auto is a popular Indica-dominant hybrid strain that originated in the United Kingdom. Known as a high-yielding plant with 75% Indica, 10% Ruderalis, and 15% Sativa genetics, the CB Cheese Auto sports a balanced profile with THC levels around 8% and CBD levels around the same number. A limited-edition crossbreed with CBD genetics, the genetics of this strain is … [Read more...]

Lucid Dream Feminized

Lucid Dream Feminized is a mostly sativa hybrid strain created through crossing over two overly potent and infamous strains, namely, Blue Dream and Amnesia Haze. Having feminized genetics is guaranteed to produce a highly potent plant. This holds true Lucid Dream as its average THC is at 20% and it can peak to a whopping 28%. It comes with no surprise that having prevalent … [Read more...]

Super Lemon Haze Feminized

Super Lemon Haze is a sativa-dominant strain popular for its very high THC up to 23%. It has a zesty lemon, cheesy, sweet, and spicy aroma and taste that will make you energized. But this heightened mood won’t last long as this strain will become very relaxing and just the right end of a busy day. … [Read more...]

Black Haze Regular

Black Haze Regular is a mainly sativa hybrid (60% indica and 40% indica) and a crossbreed of 3 exotic strains; Colombian Gold x Colombian Black x Purple Haze. This marijuana strain has a potent THC content level that could hit  22.1% that could induce a gentle mind buzz and enhance mood and makes the consumers feel joyful. The substantial amount of THC in Black Haze helps … [Read more...]

Tuna Kush Regular

Tuna Kush strain is an Indica-dominant hybrid believed to be a much more potent variant of Hindu Kush. This cannabis strain is not for the weak-hearted since it will send users with such an extreme sedative high that a mild cognitive stimulation would be accompanied. Its resin development is out of this world, and it also has a THC content of over 20% and is probably one of the … [Read more...]

Diamond Kush Autoflowering

Diamonds are the ladies’ best friend, but this specific diamond, the Diamond Kush Autoflowering cannabis, can be everyone’s dear friend. This exquisite strain was created by crossing three awesome variants: the notorious Bubba Kush, the legendary White Widow, and the remarkable Kush Auto. One of the reasons why this Mary Jane is precious is probably because it delivers a … [Read more...]

Bruce Banner 2.0 Feminized

Being the Hulk’s alter ego does not mean Bruce Banner is weak and insignificant. Bruce Banner is a strain with high amounts of THC. It is a potent strain with amazing cerebral effects that will still show off its potent side even at very low doses. It can help deal with pain, anxiety, stress, and depression naturally. … [Read more...]

Acapulco Gold Autoflower

Acapulco Gold is one of the few cannabis strains that sits on its pedestal. Considered among the superstar marijuana’s of all time, this autoflowering version of the original landrace strain delivers one invigorating and uplifting high that is among the forerunners in the cannabis industry. It is considered a rare breed due to the demand by enthusiasts. It is also medical … [Read more...]

Yumbolt Feminized

Feminized Yumbolt will help you grow this strain minus any male plants, which can cause accidental pollination. You wouldn’t want to spoil your all-female garden with plants that have very potent and relaxing effects. It is good for conditions like depression, stress, and anxiety, plus it’s also useful for pain. … [Read more...]

Alien Technology Feminized

Alien Technology is your strain if you’re looking for powerful yields and very potent, stable effects. It is a strain that grows well in almost all conditions, even in cooler climates. It has an uplifting high, which can last for many hours, which is a quality that recreational and medicinal users are looking for. … [Read more...]

Kush XL Autoflower

Kush XL Autoflower is a hybrid that hails from a powerful landrace strain. It is a very potent strain with quicker flowering times and faster harvests. It is indica-dominant and has amazing therapeutic properties. It will stop medical conditions like pain, muscle strains, stress, anxiety, depression, and many more. It is an ideal strain for relaxation before sleeping or during … [Read more...]

Banana Autoflowering

Banana, also known as Banana OG, is a classic member of the OG Kush family. This cannabis strain has an overall THC content of 25% and a very low CBD content. This is typical of most OG Kush strains, as there’s been such a focused effort to get the most THC into the bud as possible that almost no CBD has been left behind. As the name suggests, the Banana Auto strain tastes like … [Read more...]

Auto CBD Critical Mass Feminized

Make Auto CBD Critical Mass your new night time smoke. This strain has very powerful relaxing qualities that will remove all aches and pains so you can get back to enjoying your day. It’s also the strain for growers as it is one of the easiest to grow, giving you the best yield indoors or outdoors. … [Read more...]

California Dream Feminized

You’ll surely enjoy California Dream’s overpowering THC that is from 20 to 25%. This hybrid feminized strain will make you creative, happy, and energetic so you can tackle any kind of task. You will also drown in delicious flavors like sweet, mint, citrusy, and pungent tastes. It will give you massive yields as long as you provide the best growing environment. … [Read more...]

Critical Jack Feminized

Critical Jack is a hybrid strain created from the union of two very powerful strains. It comes with intense and very sweet tastes; it will keep you energized and uplifted for a very long time. It is also effective for the relief of conditions like pain, stress, anxiety, and depression. It’s truly a blessing to grow this strain in your garden. … [Read more...]

OG Kush Feminized

The OG Kush, also known as Original Gangster of Kush, is one of the most famous strains in the world. This delicious strain is the offspring of the Hindu Kush and Chemdawg (Chemdog), known for its powerful punch of a high, and it has a few hypotheses about its kin being the most widely accepted. It provides a relatively extreme cerebral high coupled with relaxing and euphoric … [Read more...]

Skunk Glue Feminized

Skunk Glue Feminized is a sativa-dominant hybrid strain with a strong THC content level of 19%. This marijuana strain emits a pine, spicy, and skunk scent that could fill the whole room when cured properly. Skunk Glue effects are very energizing and motivational and perfect for consuming for social gatherings and give you the confidence to interact with people,, and it also … [Read more...]

Blue Haze Feminized

With high THC and impressive growing prowess, Blue Haze feminized strain was made to impress. It has a sativa high that stimulates your body and mind so you can focus on any kind of task. It has medium yields, but these buds will have that pleasant citrus, berry, and sweet taste you will never find in other strains. … [Read more...]

Strawberry Banana Feminized

Strawberry Banana in feminized form is a bright and satisfying strain that will bring smiles in your afternoon. It is a refreshing strain that comes with sweet and sour flavors, just like drinking a cold fruit smoothie. It comes with a high 23% THC level, so take it moderately to avoid mind-shattering side effects. … [Read more...]

Animal Cookies Autoflowering

The Animal Cookies Autoflowering Marijuana Seeds is a genetic mix of Fire OG and Girl Scout Cookies strain. This strain comprises 75% Indica and 25% Sativa that offers the users pleasurable physical and mental effects. This Indica-Dominant strain carries a THC content that ranges from 19% to 23% paired with 1% CBD content. The Animal Cookies Autoflowering Marijuana Strain … [Read more...]

Northern Lights Regular

Northern Lights is the most iconic cannabis strain that’s also the recipient of many awards because of its potent and stable genetics. It offers a potent body-centric high with an improved sense of being. It is a strain for a happy and fun vibe and can also help deal with medical issues like pain, depression, anxiety, and stress. … [Read more...]

Hippie Crippler Autoflowering

Hippie Crippler Autoflowering Strain is a Sativa-dominant and the offspring of Blue Satellite and AK-47. This cannabis strain was admired by many because of its amazing taste and scent. Taking this cannabis stain is quite fulfilling. Hippie Crippler Autoflowering Strain obtains a high THC content that reaches up to 25% and can help alleviate various medical issues such as … [Read more...]

Purple Punch Feminized

Purple Punch comes with a bouquet of amazing flavors that will surely captivate your senses. It boasts of a high THC level and has a smooth and sensual effect. It will make you feel calm and very relaxed, ready to retire. You will also find this strain easier to grow and will flower faster with potent yields. … [Read more...]

Strawberry Kush Feminized

Strawberry Kush Feminized variety is an indica –leaning strain made by combining two formidable strains. It is a recreational weed as it can energize and make you focus. It’s a medicinal strain that will take care of pain, insomnia, stress, anxiety, and poor appetite. It is also earthy and sweet plus easy to grow. … [Read more...]

CBD Strawberry Kush Feminized

Get ready for a pure indica strain with amazing recreational and medicinal qualities in CBD Strawberry Kush. It is a therapeutic strain to reduce pain, including muscle pains and migraines, and can help you with stress and anxiety. It has high THC and significant CBD content and may be cultivated by the first time and experienced growers. … [Read more...]

Bruce Banner Autoflower

Bruce Banner has potent calming effects because of its outstanding THC levels. This is a wonderful strain to use if you need a boost in any social event. It will help you unwind and feel relaxed, so you can focus on different tasks and activities you may have in the day. It is effective for the natural relief of pain, anxiety, stress, and depression. … [Read more...]

Alien Technology Regular

Indica-leaning and easy to grow, Alien Technology offers superb mental clarity and relief from different medical and mental conditions. It has a warm tropical flavor that’s attributed to drinking fresh fruit juice. It is a potent analgesic and anti-anxiety and anti-stress treatment that you’ll surely love to cultivate indoors or outdoors. … [Read more...]

Cafe Racer Feminized

Cafe Racer marijuana strain is a Sativa Dominant hybrid with a 70% Sativa to 30% Indica ratio. This weed is a product of crossing two legendary powerhouse strains in  Granddaddy Purple and Girl Scout Cookies. With a THC level of 25%, expect a narcotic and euphoric high from this intense quick-hitting weed. Cafe Racer is also known in the medical cannabis world for its ability … [Read more...]

Gorilla Glue #4 Feminized

Gorilla Glue #4 Feminized Strain is known for its extremely high THC content, making it great in inducing creativity and amazing sensation. This cannabis strain is the offspring of two potent cannabis strains common among both newbie and experienced users. Gorilla Glue #4 Feminized strain produces extremely sticky and resinous buds. This hybrid strain is the combination of … [Read more...]

Bonkers Feminized

Bonkers Feminized is the crossbreed of potent marijuana strains; the Purple Indica, Grapefruit, and the Burmese Ruderalis. These three marijuana strains are known to have a sedating effect with an extreme mind buzz. This marijuana is an indica-dominant strain and also has a strong THC content that could reach 23%. Bonkers fem releases a scent of sweet, fruity, tropical, and … [Read more...]

Purple Thai Feminized

Purple Thai is a classic sativa and descends from notable noble strains. It comes with greenish-brown buds with lovely purple and red ends. Each bud is coated with resin, which you can use to make concentrates, tinctures, and oils. It is not a beginner strain, and it needs a lot of space to grow. … [Read more...]

Strawberry Cough Feminized

Strawberry Cough Feminized Marijuana Seeds is a Sativa-dominant hybrid strain with a long history. The Strawberry Cough’s fem exact origin is unclear, although it’s usually believed that it came from Haze strain. This strain’s THC content level is about 20%, and a low CBD content level of 1.6%. It creates a happy mental high followed by physical relief, which has been used to … [Read more...]

Star Killer Feminized

Star Killer is a combination of two very potent and legendary strains. It has a heavy effect that will take you down in minutes. Leave the regular strain to expert growers because it’s quite a handful to cultivate, but a feminized version may be easier to grow as long as you provide all its growing needs. … [Read more...]

Island Sweet Skunk Autoflowering

Island Sweet Skunk auto marijuana strain is an indica dominant strain with THC level ranging from 16% at 25% and CBD level of .10%. It embodies the genetics of Skunk with its island tropical vibes. It has a strong fruity tone and has the energizing and relaxing properties of an island vibes should look and smell. This strain is a Canadian hybrid that has altered the original … [Read more...]

Auto CBD Fruit (1:20)

An equally balanced hybrid, the Auto CBD Fruit (1:20) Marijuana Seeds are a harmonious blend of Indica and Sativa characteristics. It may have unknown origins but is popularly known for its wide-ranging effects and its preservation of its genetic perfection. The weed has a ratio of 1:20 which means that the THC levels are very low while its CBD levels are extremely high. That’s … [Read more...]

Skunk#1 Autoflower

Skunk #1 in autoflower form is one of the most popular cannabis strains thanks to its very smelly and distinct aroma. Many growers describe the scent as dead carcass, and therefore, it’s easy to detect any garden with Skunk #1 plants. It flowers fast, and it does not need special lighting compared to regular Skunk #1 strains. … [Read more...]

Original Skunk Regular

Skunk is back in its finest hybrid genetics. Originating in the 70’s and bred specifically for Crop King Seeds, our Skunk comes with its classic aroma and potency. For beginner and experienced growers, Skunk is perfect for cross-breeding and making unique strains like ‘Skunk Widow’. Crop King’s Original Skunk cannabis seeds are regular. ‘Regular’ cannabis seeds are a mixture … [Read more...]

Runtz Feminized

The Runtz Feminized is the offspring of Gelato 33 and Zkittlez, two well-known and potent cannabis strains. For both new and seasoned growers, Runtz is a must-have. It adds a lovely sight to one’s rising space with its resin-soaked flowers that have a wonderful lime green hue that turns purple when exposed to cold. The terpene profile resembles that of a candy factory the most. … [Read more...]

Glitter Glue Feminized

Glitter Glue Feminized is a well-balanced hybrid marijuana strain with an intense THC level that could reach 25-28/%, making this strain very powerful. Consumers should take slow and go low with this strain because it can be powerful and have unpleasant side effects if not consume in moderation. This strain is also known for its aromatic and earthy scent, and it also has a sour … [Read more...]

Northern Lights #10 Feminized

Northern Lights #10 is a prominent indica with an impressive flowering time and cool herbal aroma and flavor. It is a strain that will make you feel completely relaxed, ready to sleep. Its strong sedating effects make it a powerful and natural treatment for insomnia, pain, poor appetite, anxiety, and stress. … [Read more...]

Redwood Kush Fast Version

Redwood Kush is an Indica-dominant strain (60%) of cannabis that offers a high that will put the users in an intense relaxing state. The Redwood Kush Fast Version is a beautiful cannabis plant whose origins remain covered in mystery as no connoisseur nor amateur has known its breeder/s. Redwood Kush THC level ranges between 19 to 26% and averages above the 20% level, while its … [Read more...]

Afghan Chocolope Feminized (Fast Version)

Afghan Chocolope Strain is an Indica-dominant hybrid produced by crossing an unknown autoflowering strain and a famous feminized Afghani. This cannabis strain is famous since it is one of the top 3 famous strains. Afghan Chocolope Fast Version Strains grow dense and short, with deep greed shade, healthy leaves that spread out quickly. The THC content of this cannabis strain is … [Read more...]

Pink Runtz Autoflowering

Pink Runtz Autoflower Strain is an Indica-dominant, a well-balanced cross between Zkittlez and Gelato strain. It has a slightly creamy texture and a fruity flavor with berry noted. Its mint-colored nugs with purple undertones give it a pleasing look. This cannabis strain has a sugary sweetness to its aroma. The taste of this strain is unmistakably fruity and sweet, and it is … [Read more...]

Sunset Sherbet Feminized

Combine a GSC classic and a frilly Pink Panties, and you’ll get an indica-dominant Sunset Sherbet. It is sweet, smooth, and stimulating. It can make you feel more creative and focused, but as the effects wear off, you will feel sleepy and hungry. Classic effects that you should expect in a classic strain. … [Read more...]

Shiskaberry Feminized

Shiskaberry is an amazing strain with pure indica qualities. It comes with a spicy, strong, earthy, and fruity smell and aroma, these will help you relax further as you use Shiskaberry for stress and anxiety. It takes this strain up to 9 weeks to grow and to flourish well indoors or outdoors. … [Read more...]

Girl Scout Cookies Feminized

The Girl Scout Cookies feminized marijuana seed is the OG Kush’s offspring and the Durban Poison strain. This marijuana strain has genetics components of 60% Sativa-dominant and 40% Indica genetics, with a high THC content level that could reach 25% and the CBD level of 0.2% that offers an extreme mind high followed by a very relaxing body-buzz. This marijuana strain can be an … [Read more...]

Gorilla Glue Regular

Gorilla Glue regular variety is a strain with very sticky resin. It is indica-dominant with very strong pine flavors. It offers a pleasant high that will keep you relaxed and ready to fall asleep. It is easy to cultivate as it does not need any special growing technique to flourish. You can get good yields if you follow closely all its growing needs. … [Read more...]

Dutch Dragon Autoflowering

Dutch Dragon Autoflowering is a Sativa-dominant strain that descends from its African Sativa lineage. Dutch Dragon has a THC level ranging from 16% to 20% and a CBD level of 0.1%. It has a delicious blend of citrus, fruits in just the right amount of sweetness when smoked. It is famous for its high yields and intense sativa effects for recreational and medical use. Dutch Dragon … [Read more...]

White Runtz Autoflower

The potency of White Runtz Auto weed is iconic. The strain is a potent blend of Zkittlez and Gelato, two common strains that taste great combined. The end product is a well-structured 50/50 blend that produces excellent results. The THC concentration in the White Runtz Auto strain could be as high as 24%.  If you’re looking for a tasty, potent, and long-lasting high, White … [Read more...]

Purple Star Killer Feminized

Purple Star Killer is a feminized cannabis strain that has a very strong effect thanks to its heavy indica content and up to 29% THC levels. It will give you heavy sedation and a sure-fire couch lock effect. It’s not for a beginner and for the faint of heart. … [Read more...]

Chemdog Feminized

Chemdog Feminized marijuana seeds are a potent sativa-dominant hybrid strain with a THC content of 23% and a CBD level of 0.1% and will give you a full-fledged calming and cognitive boost. This plant is the offspring of the Thai Sativa strain and Nepalese Sativa and is a challenging marijuana plant to grow. This marijuana strain’s yields will give you lots of an incredible … [Read more...]

Sour Diesel Autoflower

Sour Diesel in autoflowering form is an automatic version of the regular Sour Diesel strain. It is very easy to grow and will flower fast without any special technique. It is a powerful strain with an uplifting and inspiring effect. The buds smell sweet with a lemony zest; you will love smoking this in the afternoon or evenings. … [Read more...]

Grand Daddy Purple Autoflowering

Grand Daddy Purple Autoflower Strain is the offspring of Hindu Kush, and the Original Granddaddy Purple provides long-lasting relief and a powerful body high. This cannabis strain is said to relax tensed muscles and increase your appetite. Grand Daddy Purple Autoflower Strain got its name from its purple shade parent strain, Granddaddy. As the plant grows older, it develops … [Read more...]

Auto CBD Jack Herer (1:1)

Created as an homage to the great marijuana activist Jack Herer, the Auto CBD Jack Herer has been developed by its breeders as medical marijuana and has become a practical alternative to synthetic treatments. This medicinal weed is the result of combining an unknown hybrid CBD strain with a Jack Herer Ruderalis, enhancing the CBD content of its parent strain. With its equally … [Read more...]

Cali Kush CBD Indica

The Cali Kush CBD Marijuana Seeds is a fast-flowering, high-yielding hybrid with an Indica dominance. Despite the name, it was developed in the Netherlands by combining the Mendocino Purps and LA Confidential strain resulting in a moderate marijuana strain with a THC level of 1% and a very high CBD level of 20%. This strain has a taste of citrus and lemon with a hint of herbal … [Read more...]

Sour Maui Autoflowering

Sour Maui Auto is a Sativa dominant and a hybrid of Maui Wowie and Sour Diesel. It has a flowering period of 8 to 9 weeks, and it prefers to grow in a sunny and Mediterranean-like climate. This strain contains 26% THC level and 1% CBD level, and it emits sour, pungent, lemony, earthy, diesel, and citrus. Sour Maui Auto has sedating and relaxing effects, which is the reason why … [Read more...]

Badazz Rolex Feminized

Badazz Rolex has a sedating effect that will give you carefree happiness and intense body sensations. This hybrid offers a fantastic blend of spice and sweetness that also boasts of a wonderful aftertaste. This is also a medicinal strain capable of reducing pain, stress, tension, anxiety, muscle pains, and so many more. … [Read more...]

Amnesia Kush Autoflower

Amnesia Kush Autoflower has very short flowering time and harvest times. You won’t have to wait long for its large, dense, and spicy buds that come with earthy and citrusy flavors. This hybrid is also sought for its amazing therapeutic effects as it can stop anxiety, stress, depression, fatigue, and all kinds of pain. … [Read more...]

Dwarf Low Flyer Autoflower

Dwarf Low Flyer is an easy to grow short plant with a 6-week flowering time, perfect for hydro or indoor areas with a lack of space. It will stay under 2 feet and will flower automatically at 12 to 18 hours of light per day. It produces a low to medium natural high. Dwarf Low Flyer comes as a feminized auto-flowering marijuana plant, awesome for indoor guerilla growing. … [Read more...]

Blueberry Regular

Blueberry is a well-known classic and former winner of the Cannabis Cup. This indica is known for its colorful fan leaves and purplish bud that produces a fruity flavor and taste. This is an excellent strain for pain relief and relaxation. Repeat customers usually germinate a number of seeds so that they can find a special mother plant from which to easily to take … [Read more...]

Pure Indica Feminized

Pure Indica is a strain with an amazing relaxing effect. You will be enveloped with a warm, fruity taste and aroma that will linger in your senses for a long period. It has moderate THC, but when taken in a potent dose, it can lead to a couchlock effect. It is easy to grow sativa that has bountiful yields. … [Read more...]

Ice Cream Cake Feminized

Created by crossbreeding the Wedding Cake and Gelato # 33, the Ice Cream Cake Feminized strain is a more evolved cannabis variety from the Cookie Fam. This Indica-dominant marijuana strain is a premium weed that produces outstanding qualities. It is full of high THC content that delivers impressive effects and a potent high. Moreover, the unique mixture of its flavors and … [Read more...]

Super OG Kush Feminized

Super OG Kush Indica Feminized Strain is a must-try for fans of the undeniable Kush flavor and aroma. This cannabis has been proven with a US OG Kush clone to give it the best taste. These medium-sized plants have large, dark green leaves and grow quickly. The flowers are dense, large, and heavy, with a thick layer of trichomes. This cannabis strain produces a lot of good … [Read more...]

White Rhino Feminized

White Rhino strain is a strong and resilient strain able to grow in almost all environments. It is an indica-dominant strain that can give you extreme effects that you’ll feel on your body and in your mind. We prefer this as a nighttime strain that will help you fall asleep longer. It is also perfect for a relaxing afternoon. … [Read more...]

CBD Kush

CBD Kush was created to enhance the CBD levels of this kush hybrid. It has a very powerful euphoric high and very potent medicinal qualities fit for reducing muscle pains, stress, anxiety, lack of appetite, and depression. However, it’s not for a beginner as this is prone to mildew and molds. But with enough TLC, you’ll surely get the hand of growing CBD Kush. … [Read more...]

Gorilla Lemon Fire Regular

Gorilla Lemon Fire is an indica-dominant cannabis strain with long-lasting effects. It has a fruity smell and a classic hash of smell and taste. It has a high limonene content and thus, you should be careful in consuming only a small amount. It works well for pain, headaches, muscle aches and strains, nausea, and vomiting. … [Read more...]

Black Gorilla Feminized

Black Gorilla Feminized is an Indica-dominant marijuana strain hybrid of Girls Scout Cookies and Cherry Pie. This cannabis strain focuses on total relaxation with a touch of cerebral euphoria. After a long day at work, this is a great nighttime herb because it can immediately put you to bed with only a few puffs. This potent Indica has a THC level of 25%, but some related … [Read more...]

Cereal Milk Autoflowering

Cereal Milk Autoflower Strain is a new cannabis strain on the market! It is a cross between Y Life, made of Cherry Pie, Girl Scout Cookies, and Snowman. According to users, it has a powerful fruity sweet milk smell, much like the leftover milk from a bowl of sweet cereal. While it was said to have originated in California, the fact is that there is still a lot of confusion … [Read more...]

Auto CBD Mexican (1:1)

If you need a natural and effective relief for pain and for electric stimulation, then CBD Mexican should be the strain for you. It is a very potent strain with its very steep THC amounts plus a therapeutic strain thanks to its pumped-up CBD levels. It’s surely the best of both worlds, a strain worthy of growing in your garden. … [Read more...]

Auto Solomatic CBD

Auto Solomatic CBD strain is a CBD-rich marijuana plant with low THC levels of less than 1 percent and a high CBD concentration of 20 percent. It grows well in any growing setting. This Auto Solomatic CBD strain was developed by crossing Asia CBD Auto and Diesel CBD Auto and contains gene mutations of 20 percent sativa, 70 percent indica, and 10 percent ruderalis. It has a … [Read more...]

Leprechron Feminized

Leprechron Feminized is an unusual Indica-dominant hybrid strain that was developed from an undisclosed mix of hybrids. This cannabis strain is a top choice of both cultivators and patients considering the lack of knowledge about its past and lineage. This plant would surely be a wonderful complement to your weed-growing portfolio due to its robust and productive breeding … [Read more...]

Bruce Banner Feminized

Bruce Banner Feminized Marijuana Seeds is a sativa-dominant hybrid that is a cross between OG Kush Strain and Strawberry Diesel strain. The plants have an odorous sweet berry and floral aroma. With its highly potent THC levels, the Bruce Banner strain produces an energizing Sativa buzz. This strain’s energizing properties make it ideal for a morning toke anytime you need a … [Read more...]

Cookie Haze Feminized

The Cookie Haze is the offspring of Afghani and Super Silver Haze. The THC content of Cookie Haze Feminized Strain is around 25%, resulting in a long-lasting, intense, and full-bodied high. It has a delightful flavor profile that reminds you of a real gummy bear, as well as a euphoric high that leaves you feeling happy and at ease, making it perfect for daytime use. This … [Read more...]

Cafe Racer Autoflowering

Cafe Racer Autoflower is a Sativa-dominant strain developed by BlimBurn Seeds. This cannabis strain has a genetic ratio of 70% Sativa and 30% Indica; it has a high THC content of around 25%. Cafe Racer Autoflower’s genetic parents are the two well-known strains, Girl Scout Cookies, and Grandaddy. This strain has frosty buds with a thick, earthy aroma and a spicy undertone; Cafe … [Read more...]

Pineapple Express Autoflowering

Pineapple Express Autoflower strain is a hybrid of Pineapple Chunk and Ruderalis genetics. This cannabis strain induced deep sedation and physical relaxation and uplifted and euphoria, leaving the user feeling incredibly comfortable while keeping mental clarity. Unlike other potent Indica strains, Pineapple Express Autoflower is not overpowering, so you won’t feel sleepy or … [Read more...]

Purple Gelato Feminized

Purple Gelato is not just tasty and relaxing but also lovely inside and out. It has purple buds and leaves with the flowers oozing with a delicious aroma and gourmet scents. You will love how easy you’ll fall to a blissful state of mind and body with this stunning hybrid strain. … [Read more...]

Critical Fast Bud Autoflower

Critical Fast Bud Autoflower is a strain with fast-flowering and quick harvests. It is perfect for growing and harvesting throughout the year. It can give you high yields and is perfect for all kinds of growers, beginners, or expert ones. It is ideal for the relief of pain, stress, anxiety, and various digestive problems. … [Read more...]

Himalaya Gold Feminized

The Himalaya Gold Feminized strain is an Indica variety resulting from crossbreeding the Nepalese and a North Indian variety. Due to the qualities of its parents, this strain now boasts of very high productivity, valuable medicinal properties, and resistance to several plant problems. It can be grown indoors and can produce huge yields of dense and heavy buds. The aroma and … [Read more...]

Trainwreck Auto

A fantastic set of DNA was put together to create the classic Train Wreck Autoflowering strain. Among its lineage are the following: Thai Sativa, Mexican Sativa, and Afghani Indica. With this amalgam, the sativa genes outshined the indica DNA with a ratio of 60% sativa to 30% indica. The remaining 10% is made of the ruderalis gene, which is liable for the autoflowering … [Read more...]

Candy Punch Regular

Candy Punch offers a sweet sensation reminiscent of ripe fruits. It comes with potent effects that start with a head rush and afterward, a creative and physical zing. You will be overpowered by this strain’s effects that you’ll surrender with a smile on your face. It yields well as long as you grow it in a place with good sunlight. … [Read more...]

Monkey OG Feminized

Monkey OG feminized strain is fruity and powerful, with up to 26% THC levels. It is ideal for experienced users because of its steep THC that can cause couchlock effects when not properly dosed. You’ll find buds capable of developing lovely trichomes perfect for resin production for potent concentrates, oils, and edibles. … [Read more...]

Gorilla Cookies Autoflowering

Gorilla Cookies Autoflower is a Sativa-dominant hybrid that descends from its genetic parents, Thin Mint GSC and Gorilla Glue. It has a whopping THC content of 27% and a CBD of 0.1%. It gives consumers a cerebral high that will result in a euphoric feeling that also gives a sense of creativity during the high. The consumer’s body starts to feel awake and active throughout the … [Read more...]

Purple Haze Feminized

Purple Haze feminized variety saves you from removing males in your growing area. No more accidental pollination as you will have an all-female garden and concentrate on growing potent buds and not seeds. It is a strain that’s good for mental stimulation and is perfect for the first time and experienced growers. … [Read more...]

Gorilla Cake Autoflowering

The insanely sticky Gorilla Cake Autoflowering strain is among the most discussed and possibly most challenging marijuana strains in recent years. Gorilla Cake autoflowering variant of the original Gorilla Cake strain, which is Indica-dominant strain. It’s claimed to be a cross between the Original Glue, one of the best and well-known strains, and the tasty Wedding Cake strain. … [Read more...]

Wedding Cake Autoflower

Wedding Cake is a sweet strain with a fragrant smell and taste. It is enticing with indica effects that will help you relax, clear any mental worries, and will keep you calm and contented throughout the day. It is also a strain that can deal with different medical issues, including pain, anxiety, stress, and depression. … [Read more...]

Maple Leaf Feminized

The Maple Leaf Feminized cannabis is a pure indica strain created by crossing two famous indicas: the Afghan Kush and Mazar variants. This weed shows off an enjoyable level of THC at about 16%. With this moderate amount, you will be able to remain on your feet while enjoying a heavy mental and physical relaxation instead of knocking you out of your senses. But of course, you … [Read more...]

Ice Cream Breath Feminized

Ice Cream Breath Feminized cannabis is a hybrid created by crossing the sweet Ice Cream Cake with another sweet-tasting strain, the Grateful Breath. With its parents flaunting a sugary taste, you can expect Ice Cream Breath strain shares the same terpene profile. … [Read more...]

Blood Diamond OG Feminized

Try Blood Diamond, a potent feminized strain with towering THC levels and abundant yields. It is 100% pure indica that will be the best night time smoke you’ll ever have. It will give you a relaxing vibe until you’re ready for that good night’s sleep. It’s euphoric, sedating, and therapeutic, ideal for insomnia, pain, and stress. … [Read more...]

Romulan Feminized

The inspiration of the name of the Romulan Feminized cannabis is an alien race from the Star Trek series. However, with its unknown lineage and unique appearance, this weed might just be from outer space. Despite being shrouded with mystery, this is considered a legendary cannabis variant. However, some are guessing that one of its parents is the White Rhino marijuana. Aside … [Read more...]

Alaskan Thunder Fuck Feminized

Alaskan Thunder Fuck marijuana strain is a Sativa leaning hybrid that is famous for delivering a creative and mind-focusing high accompanied by a soothing body stone. Also known as ATF or Matanuska Thunder Fuck, it has a genetic makeup of 70% Sativa and 30% Indica ratio. The genetic lineage of this strain is a product of crossing first a Northern California Sativa to a Russian … [Read more...]

Cherry Blaster Fast Version

Cherry Blaster Fast Version is a landrace-driven hybrid strain developed by crossing Thai Sativa and Afghani Indica strain and was backcrossed with its original Thai parent genetics before being crossed with another hybrid, the Lost Coast OG strain known for its high potency due to its complicated crossbreeding. Cherry Blaster Fast Version has an earthy and fruity taste and … [Read more...]

Early Girl Feminized

Considered one of the most reliable and resilient cannabis, the Early Girl Feminized strain is the offspring of the Afghani and North Indian strains. This strain has inherited its rugged Indica features coupled with subtle Sativa influence, making it not too potent for beginner marijuana users. It has been proven to produce abundant harvests of chunky and resin-laden buds … [Read more...]

Fucking Incredible Feminized

Born upon the union of two genetically incredible Indica plants, the Fucking Incredible Feminized strain is known to be 100% Indica. It was created in the 90s but was made public in 2006. And it was named as such because people would say “Fucking Incredible” after smoking this potent ganja. This cannabis bears all the amazing qualities of an Indica strain. It is known to … [Read more...]

Peanut Butter Cake Feminized

The Peanut Butter Cake Feminized strain is considered the ideal choice for both amateur and experienced growers due to its ease of cultivation. This cannabis has inherited the smell and flavors of its heritage. It has strong flavors of nutty and creamy peanut butter alongside its sweet, nutty, earthy, and a little bit of sour smell. As it matures, this strain develops huge … [Read more...]

Critical Purple Autoflower

Can you handle a strain with 25% THC? Here is Critical Purple Autoflower, a strain with this much THC, an indica strain that will quickly take you to a place with heavenly bliss. Feel the relaxing sensation rush from your head to your feet; be sure to take moderately or face the dreaded couchlock effect. … [Read more...]

Cotton Candy Feminized

The Cotton Candy Feminized strain is created by crossing one of the most productive and high-yielding cannabis plants from South Africa, the Power Plant, with one of the best mother strains, the Lavender. As a result of this union, this offspring has amazing qualities, including producing massive yields and more improved organoleptic traits. This Sativa-dominant strain combines … [Read more...]

CBD Chemdog #4 Feminized

It’s time to energize the mind with CBD Chemdog #4. This indica-rich strain is one of the best when it comes to relieving stress and anxiety and boosting mood. It has high CBD levels making this perfect for recreation and as a medicinal strain. It’s also easy to grow and will work well even for novice growers. … [Read more...]

Dutch Treat Autoflowering

The Dutch Treat Autoflowering strain is an Indica-dominant strain made up of a great combination of genetics. The result is that combining the Northern Lights, Santa Maria, Hawaiian Sativa, and Afghani Gold gened with a Ruderalis strain in the mix. This Indica has a THC content of around 10 to 15% and a decent level of CBD. Due to its Ruderalis genetics, the Dutch Treat … [Read more...]

Auto CBD Blueberry

The Auto CBD Blueberry (1:16) Marijuana Strain combines Purple Thai, Afghani, and Thai strains. It is a strain that is an (80%) Indica-Dominant strain, and it has a 1% THC content and an impressive 16% CBD content. The Auto CBD Blueberry (1:16) Marijuana Strain is perfect for medicinal use. This Indica-Dominant hybrid is outstanding in fighting mental and physical discomforts. … [Read more...]

Gorilla G Lemon Feminized

Gorilla G Lemon is a feminized indica-dominant strain that’s known for its potent pain-killing effects. It is effective for all kinds of pain, including headaches, migraines, muscle pains, and arthritis. It has a refreshing pine, earthy, and lemon aromas and scents, plus it grows quicker and will give you moderate to high yields as long as you follow its strict growing regimen. … [Read more...]

Alien Gorilla Glue Feminized

You’ll be captivated with Alien Gorilla Glue’s lovely bright green flowers loaded with resinous trichomes. It also has amazing psychedelic effects that will surely take you to different realms, but be sure to consume this wisely; otherwise, you’ll be glued all day to your couch. It’s an excellent recreational strain as well, perfect for stress, insomnia, and pain. … [Read more...]

Panama Feminized

Panama is a feminized strain with the best yields. It can grow larger, denser, and lovelier buds covered with delicious trichomes. This strain changes color dramatically from a regular green to dark red or pink as it nears harvest time. It is a pure sativa, so expect a satisfying stimulating high. … [Read more...]

Cookie Monster Feminized

Cookie Monster Fem is a hybrid Sativa-Indica strain and Cat Piss and Girl Scout Cookies daughter that expresses two distinct genetic traits. The first is predominantly Indica, with tight, resinous buds, and broad while the other is more Sativa-like, with resinous buds and elongated leaves. It also has pink gene variants that produce pink flowers. Its thick buds are covered in a … [Read more...]

Wembley Autoflowering

Created as the autoflowering version of the Wembley, the Wembley Autoflowering strain is derived from the union of the original Wembley with a Ruderalis. It harbours 60% Indica, 20% Sativa, and 20% Ruderalis genetics. This Indica-dominant hybrid has low to moderate THC levels and its CBD content, allowing this cannabis to provide calm, pleasant, and long-lasting effects. … [Read more...]

Kryptonite Autoflowering

The Kryptonite Autoflowering strain is created as the fast flowering variety of the original Kryptonite strain. It got its awesome genetics and autoflowering qualities from crossing the Kryptonite with a Ruderalis. This Sativa delivers strong and narcotic effects, thanks to its significant genes. And this cannabis grows to a middle-size plant that produces a decent yield of … [Read more...]

Dwarf King Autoflowering

The Dwarf King Auto is a hybrid autoflowering strain with Sativa, Indica, and Ruderalis genetics that grows quickly and provides growers with a powerful and plentiful harvest in no time. It is a great strain for breeders who are becoming impatient as the flowering process approaches.  Users can automatically notice the strain’s fun and complicated flavor if smoking Dwarf King … [Read more...]

Crystal Autoflowering

Cross three phenomenal marijuana varieties, Crystal Candy, Kiwi, and Skywalker, and you will have the precious Crystal Autoflowering marijuana. This Mary Jane is an indica leaning autoflowering hybrid, which is widely accepted by medical and recreational smokers and even by novice and experienced cultivators. … [Read more...]

Church OG Autoflower

Church OG Autoflower marijuana is an indica-dominant hybrid that descends from its parents of OG Kush along with God’s Gift. It has a fantastic aroma with a great sense of calmness in its high; however, it’s a perfect combination when it comes to nighttime sessions. With 19% of THC content and 1% CBD present in Church OG Autoflower, both smokers and growers enjoy its fun-filled … [Read more...]

Cherry Kush Autoflowering

Cherry Kush is an Indica-dominant strain that is sometimes referred to as Cherry Pie, but cannabis strain has its own unique appeal, flavor, and benefits. On the downside, the pie might be sweet enough to induce diabetes and sugar rush. This powerful strain raises your spirits, makes you happy, and leaves you feeling absolutely at ease. As a result, it is a common cannabis … [Read more...]

Butter OG Autoflowering

Butter OG Autoflower is an Indica-dominant strain with high-sedative effects. Unfortunately, the strain’s breeders and lineage are unknown, but there is no doubt about Butter OG Autoflower’s potency in the hands of even the most experienced users. Its THC content was determined to be between 15 to 24%. Its thick, glistening buds have a fruity fragrance with ammonia accents. The … [Read more...]

Bubblicious Autoflowering

Bubbalicious Autoflower Strain is an Indica-dominant hybrid of Lavender and Bubblegum strains. The parent strains of Bubbalicious Autoflower are two of the top graded strains in the Skunk lineage. This cannabis strain is famous for having the most unique and tastiest flavor profile. Many users and growers admire it for having large nugs and a mouthwatering taste. Bubbalicious … [Read more...]

Blueberry Yum Yum Autoflowering

Blueberry Yum Yum Autoflower is an Indica-dominant strain and is believed to be the result of crossing the iconic Durban Poison and Blueberry Strains. This cannabis strain is famous for its happy and uplifting properties that can leave you feeling euphoric and please. The powerful Indica genetics of this strain can leave you feeling stress-free, while its energizing Sativa … [Read more...]

Blueberry Diesel Autoflowering

The lineage of the Blueberry Diesel Autoflowering cannabis can be pretty confusing because there are strains that have this exact same name but with different parentage. One Blueberry Diesel variant is created by crossing Purp Diesel and Blueberry Cheese, while another came from crossbreeding the NYC Diesel and Blueberry. On the other hand, this specific variety is the … [Read more...]

Blue Pyramid Autoflowering

Blue Pyramid Autoflower Strain is an Indica-dominant and the offspring of Blueberry and Shiskaberry strains. This cannabis strain has fruity blueberry and sweet taste that produce an intensely soothing effect. The user may feel inspired, focused, and energized as the full-body relaxation is gradually covering your body. Because of its calming and soothing effects; this cannabis … [Read more...]

Blue Diesel Autoflowering

Blue Diesel Autoflowering marijuana is the offspring of the Blueberry strain and the Auto Bio-Diesel that consists of 50% Indica, 40% Sativa, 10% Ruderalis genetic components. This strain’s effects are excellent, which lasts for a moderate to a long time, making it an ideal option for a daytime session. Users will feel calm and satisfied after using the fast-acting strain with … [Read more...]

Black Cadillac Autoflowering

Black Cadillac Autoflower is a potent Indica-dominant strain, a hybrid of the two legendary strains Jack Herrer and Black Domina. This cannabis strain has a unique THC content of 19-23%, which also offers a euphoric, relaxing, uplifting, and energetic high. It also has a pine, sweet, sweet, and blueberry taste profile. Medically, this cannabis strain can significantly help … [Read more...]

Berry Autoflowering

The Berry Autoflowering strain is an excellent hybrid that has incredible genetics. This cannabis is the result of crossbreeding three high-quality strains: the Indica-dominant Blueberry, the Sativa-dominant Grapefruit, and the Ruderalis Lowryder. This hybrid of a weed is well-balanced regarding its effects and Indica-to-Sativa ratio. It is highly known for its tasty flavors … [Read more...]

Auto CBD Girl Scout Cookies (1:1)

Bestowed with the complete characteristics of its parent strain, the Auto CBD Girl Scout Cookies (1:1) marijuana seeds are the offspring of the Girl Scout Cookies with an undisclosed high-CBD strain. This awesome combination has produced an outstanding healing herb that’s guaranteed to provide comfort and relief to its consumers. Preserving the terpene nature of the GSC, this … [Read more...]

Aurora Autoflower

Aurora Auto Strain is the hybrid of Northern Lights and Afghan strains. Like its parent strain Northern Lights, Aurora Auto strain is a powerful strain for calming the mind and making you feel at ease. Since it takes a few minutes for the effects to be felt, this cannabis strain has the same characteristics as other Indicas. Consumers of this strain may feel as if a weight has … [Read more...]

Angel OG Autoflowering

Angel OG Autoflower, commonly known as Hawaii Strain, is an Indica-dominant hybrid from unknown genetics. The THC level of this cannabis strain can reach around 20%, while its CBD content is only about 0.2%. This cannabis strain has an earthy and pine aroma with a sweet and citrus taste. Angle OG Autoflower Strain offers calming and soothing effects that make it ideal for … [Read more...]

AK-47 Autoflower

Because this strain was made from three potent landraces: Mexican, Columbian, and Thai strain, AK-47 Autoflower is a balanced, very powerful indica strain with irresistible effects. It will help you stay relaxed, satisfied, and pain-free, something that medicinal and recreational users are looking for. You’ll love to use this potent strain over and over again. … [Read more...]

Afghan Autoflower

Anticipate a satisfying sleep with the Afghan Autoflower strain. It is potent, with high THC amounts that will keep you grounded. It will give you a fantastic buffet of sensations that start with a euphoric rush. You’ll be in a delightful trance that will take over the whole body. Because of these effects, this hybrid makes a potent tranquilizer. … [Read more...]

Auto Critical (CBD Auto)

The Auto Critical (CBD Auto) marijuana seed is the hybrid of the Road Runner and Critical strain, making it a CBD-rich hybrid marijuana strain with a low THC content level. This marijuana strain has a genetic compound of 50% Indica, 40% Sativa, and 10% Ruderalis and consists of 5% CBD & THC level; it also has a CBN content of 1.75%, an excellent strain for medical purposes. … [Read more...]

Auto CBDV Afghani

Auto CBDV Afghani is a great medical marijuana strain created by crossing Afghani, an ancient crossbred strain, with Cannatonic strain with high CBD content. Afghani got its name from the Afghan mountainous, where some of the oldest cannabis strains are believed to have originated. This is among the world’s varieties. This cannabis strain is an Indica hybrid with dark purple … [Read more...]

Auto CBD Kush

The sweet and fruity taste and aroma of Auto CBD Kush will surely make you come back for more. It is a fast-acting, relaxing, and overpowering CBD strain that’s easy to grow and will give you an amazing amount of yields. It is also an effective pain and stress reliever due to its towering CBD content. … [Read more...]

Auto CBD Haze

Medical cannabis users will fall in love with Auto CBD Haze. This strain has very low THC but has unbelievable amounts of CBD. It can relax the body and keep you on track with different tasks at hand. This outdoor hybrid is perfect for people who need help with insomnia, pain, and anxiety, minus any unwanted side effects. … [Read more...]

Critical 47 Feminized

Mix two sweet and powerful strains, and you’ll get a Critical 47 Fem. This is a mostly-indica cannabis strain that boasts of a very strong mango and peach smell and taste. The taste is as delightful as it’s therapeutic. It’s also effective for different medical conditions like pain, anxiety, and stress as a natural and safe treatment. … [Read more...]

Cookie Crumble Feminized

Cookie Crumble feminized is an Indica-dominant combination that provides a well-balanced buzz in both emotional and physical effects. This powerful plant, which derives from an unknown genetic lineage, has a delectable taste in addition to its beautiful appearance. Predict an outburst of cerebral excitement and extreme body-stoned highs to thrill users with a THC rating that … [Read more...]

Clementine Feminized

Clementine marijuana strain is a Sativa leaning hybrid that delivers a strong energy boost! A revitalizing weed that adds a bounce to the step of its users. This strain is a product of crossing Tangie and Lemon skunk cannabis strains, making it a strong citrus-flavored weed. This ganja has a 60% Sativa to 40% Indica ratio giving it both Indica and Sativa qualities. Clementine … [Read more...]

Chocolate Gelato Feminized

Chocolate Gelato Feminized is the offspring of the Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies and the fruity-indica Sunset Sherbert. This marijuana strain is ideal for consumers at social gathering due to its mild-balanced buzz and its attractiveness. Chocolate Gelato Fem is an indica-dominated marijuana strain with an intense THC level ranging from 20-25%. It has creamy and fruity, with a … [Read more...]

Chocolate Chunk Feminized

To list a few of Chocolate Chunk Feminized outstanding qualities, let us begin with her Kushy flavor and excellent resin development, all of which makes her the best pick for producing quality hash. There is no question about her lineage: This is unadulterated Sativa goodness straight from the Hindu Kush mountainous region in Afghanistan. TH Seeds produced Chocolate Chunk, but … [Read more...]

Cataract Kush Feminized

The Cataract Kush Feminized strain is an Pure Indica cannabis hybrid derived from the crossing of two legendary strains, the OG Kush, and LA Confidential. With the champion genetics of its parent strains, this weed is known for its delicious flavors, abundant and quality yields, and potent effects. Also, it’s very appealing to marijuana growers due to its ease of cultivation, … [Read more...]

Bubblicious Feminized

Bubblicious is an Indica-dominant blend that provides a balanced combination of physical relief and mental relaxation. Its genetic lineage is derived from the Bubblegum and Lavender strain, resulting in this delicious and robust strain. Expect an extreme yet subtle cerebral sensation of euphoria and gentle and calming relief from this weed; it has a 15-25% THC content level. … [Read more...]

Cake Batter Feminized

The Cake Batter Feminized strain came into existence from crossing two distinct cannabis varieties: the well-known Girl Scout Cookies and the very tasty Cherry Pie. It has resulted in a very well-balanced hybrid that has 50% Indica and 50% Sativa genetics. Given its equal share of genetics, this strain delivers potent effects that hit both the mind and body. Aside from that, it … [Read more...]

Blueberry OG Feminized

Blueberry OG Feminized Marijuana Seeds is one of the most delightful cannabis and an award-winning plant with a distinctive blueberry flavor. The Blueberry OG strain was developed by mixing the OG Kush and DJ Short Blueberry strain, one of the most well-known marijuana strains. Blueberry OG seeds have a remarkable amount of CBD ( 2.4%) in them, which makes this strain suitable … [Read more...]

Blood Orange Kush Feminized

Blood Orange Kush Feminized is a crossbreed of Pinecracker, Aota, and an unknown OG strain; this strain is also an indica-dominant strain. Its bright citrus and lemon flavor are sure to keep you awake, and it’s also fantastic for strength and exhaustion. This strain provides an artistic and cerebral high, making it an excellent option for artists and creative professionals. … [Read more...]

Black Haze Feminized

Black Haze feminized is 60% sativa dominated hybrid strain and has 40 percent indica genetics; this strain is generated by crossing three classic Colombian Black, Colombian Gold, and the Purple Haze strains. With a high-THC content level of 22.1 which could offer and upbeat, inspiring and stimulating effects. Black Haze is a potent strain that is suitable for relaxing and … [Read more...]

Black Cherry OG Feminized

Black Cherry OG marijuana strain is a  great unwinding weed that is perfect as a nightcap smoke. This ganja is a product of crossing the smooth body buzzing Granddaddy Purple and mellowing Ken’s OG cannabis strain, resulting in this stress-relieving, body-sedating weed. With a THC level that ranges between 16% to 18%, this weed is an effective medical cannabis strain that is … [Read more...]

Big Bang Feminized

Big Bang marijuana strain is an indica-dominant hybrid that smells like flowers and sweet, candied apples! This chill-out weed is the product of a genetic lineage coming from Northern Lights, Skunk #1, and El Nino cannabis strains. It resulted in cannabis that offers cerebral highs, complemented by a highly calming relaxation that can lead to being narcotic if taken in large … [Read more...]

Birthday Cake Feminized

Birthday Cake Feminized is an Indica-dominant recognized for being one of the most potent strains in the market. This cannabis strain features a genetic legacy that includes Cherry Pie and Girl Scout Cookies, and it provides a combination of extreme mental stimulation and a deeply relaxing body high. The THC content of this strain can reach up to 27 to 30% in certain varieties. … [Read more...]

B-52 Feminized

Created by crossbreeding two well-recognized strains, which are the Big Bud and Skunk #1, the B-52 Feminized marijuana seeds have inherited some of the best qualities from their ancestors. One of its most recognized characteristics is its high THC levels of around 15-18%, producing effects that promote real relaxation and calming sensations. Moreover, it makes users feel very … [Read more...]

Berry White Feminized

Berry White marijuana strain is a hard-hitting Indica dominant hybrid that will have users heavily sedated while making them feel carefree and loose. With a powerhouse genetic lineage of White Widow and Blueberry Indica cannabis strain, this weed offers an enthusiastic and uplifted high while relaxing to chill out tunes or enjoying some Netflix movie. Best consumed when no … [Read more...]

American Pie Feminized

American Pie feminized cannabis strain provides an intense mental and physical high that has been a fan favorite by cannabis enthusiasts. It is a result of crossing Power Plant and energizing White Widow cannabis hybrids. It resulted in American Pie’s 20% THC content. It has proven to be a beneficial medicinal strain. With a natural bag appeal of muskiness and fruits, American … [Read more...]

American Haze / California Haze Feminized

American Haze/California Haze will give you that stimulating effect that you need to carry you through the day. This hybrid is best during the daytime to give you that push even after a tiring night. It is also powerful thanks to its distinct aroma, awesome resin production, and an inviting fragrance that will surely help you stay active. … [Read more...]

Alien OG Feminized

Quick-growing, easy to cultivate, and totally relaxing, Alien OG feminized strain is one of the most popular among marijuana growers. It has high THC levels making it a good strain for chronic pain, muscle aches, and strains as well as PTSD. Alien OG also smells sweet and lemony, a great delight to the senses. … [Read more...]

AK-47 Feminized

The AK-47 feminized marijuana seeds are the hybrid of three Sativa-dominated strains from Thailand, South America, and Mexico with the blend of pure Afghani strain, which adds to its quality. This breeding product is a spectacular hybrid that offers the consumers a powerful cognitive buzz followed by a euphoric sensation. AK-47 fem is a multi-award-winning Sativa-dominant … [Read more...]

Agent Orange Feminized

The Agent Orange Feminized marijuana seed is a combination of Jack the Ripper and Orange Velvet strain. It’s a Sativa-dominant hybrid strain with an orange, fiery flavor that offers a potent cocktail with a Sativa effect. Rather than providing a sensual experience, it gives a more vivid and satisfying high, accompanied by a refreshing buzz that relieves all body pain. This … [Read more...]

Afghan Kush Feminized

Modern, but still with a tinge of old-school vibe, Afghan Kush is one of the best strains for relaxation and sleep. It is known for its high THC content and stable characteristics that are a part of all Kush derivatives. It is for first-time and new growers as it can grow easily anywhere with amazing results. … [Read more...]

5 Alive Feminized

5 Alive is about combining the effects of three potent fruity strains. It has a fantastic fruit medley of flavors: tropical, citrus, melon, and berry flavors. It has a very steep THC at 29%, so be ready to face its cerebral effects and a sudden burst in energy. It’s the perfect strain for pain, stress, and anxiety as well. … [Read more...]

LSD Autoflower

LSD Autoflower comes with a very high THC at 24%; therefore, you must exercise care when consuming this strain. It is mostly used in the evening as it is best for the relief of insomnia. You can also enjoy a pain-free day as it can stop the pain and other discomforts dead in their tracks. … [Read more...]

Gorilla Glue #4 Autoflower

Gorilla Glue #4 auto strain is an automatic indica strain that comes with amazing relief for pain and stress, and the effects will last longer. This feminized strain comes with exciting blends of aromas and tastes that you can only get in a Gorilla strain. It is relaxing, perfect for a nighttime smoke to stop anxiety and let you sleep better. … [Read more...]

Wedding Crashers Feminized

The Wedding Crasher Feminized Marijuana Seeds is Sativa-Dominant marijuana. This Sativa-leaning marijuana is a combination of the Purple Punch and Wedding Cake marijuana strain. The Wedding Crasher Fem provides a wide range of effects that are beneficial for recreational and medicinal users. Users will surely enjoy the vanilla, fruity, berry, and earthy flavors that will … [Read more...]

OG Kush Feminized Fast Version

Say hello to an upbeat and happy feeling every time you consume OG Kush Fast Version. A Florida native strain, it is a multi-awarded strain because of its indica lineage. You’ll fall for its distinct terpene content, as expected with a Kush strain. Every bud is loaded with rich trichomes, which are perfect for making concentrates, oils, tinctures, and other marijuana products. … [Read more...]

Strawberry Milk Fast Version

Strawberry Milk Fast Version has 90% indica genetics and a THC content level ranging from 15-19%. This strain has the same fruity taste as the original strains, but with some additional delightful tastes and an odorous complexity. About the fact that some consumers deem this strain to be the least appealing, it is nevertheless thought to be very delicious. This mixture has a … [Read more...]

Zodiac Fast Version

Zodia Fast Flowering Auto seeds is an 80% Indica-dominant and sweet tasty strain with a short flowering period and produces a high yield. The large buds have a sweet, overpowering taste, with undertones emphasizing the fruits and flowers. When you take a deep breath, you’ll detect an earthy taste. This cannabis strain is often used for recreational purposes and can be … [Read more...]

Early Feminized Fast Version

The Early Feminized Fast Version is a 65 percent indica-dominant hybrid strain with a THC content of 12-22 percent that generates a pleasant and gentle buzz. When you inhale this strain, you’ll get traces of citrus and moist earth. It has sweet and spicy tastes that consumers get from its cured buds in terms of taste. Early Fem Quick Version has a soothing, pain-relieving … [Read more...]

Cola Kush Fast Version

The Cola Kush Fast Version is a combination of three marijuana strains; Dutch, Brazilian, and Thai marijuana strains. This Sativa-dominant hybrid strain has a THC level of 20%, and the strain is not only enjoyable to use recreationally, but it can also have specific medicinal benefits. The buds of the Cola Kush Fast Version have a deliciously sharp scent and taste. It emits … [Read more...]

Baklava Fast Version

Baklava Fast Version strain is a delightful and much more early-maturing tribute to its original version, with an Eastern twist. This powerful hybrid is a combination of the parent strains Gelato 41 and Kosher Kush. It preserved the Kosher Kush’s strong and stable structure, as well as the Gelato strain’s sweet flavor. During its vegetative growth process, the fast-flowering … [Read more...]

CBD Haze (1:1)

Drown in delicious flavors like pine, earthy and sweet aromas, and scents as you enjoy CBD Haze’s amazing medical qualities. It offers a relaxing body effect with improved focus and creativity. It’s a daytime strain but may also be used at night if you need to work overtime. This is also an outdoor strain where it can give you good yields. … [Read more...]

Auto CBD White Widow (1:1)

This classic sativa-dominant strain has unbelievable uplifting and awakening effects that are worthy of praise. You’ll love its fresh, floral, and fruity smell and aroma, qualities that enhance its relaxing and uplifting therapeutic effects. It comes with above-average CBD and works as a safe and natural pain medication for all kinds of aches and pains. … [Read more...]

CBD Diesel (1:1)

CBD Diesel (1:1) is an Indica-dominant and three-way breed of AK-47, Critical Mass, and Dieseltonic. With a 1:1 ratio of CBD and THC, this cannabis strain offers an uplifting sensation that could be used to combat depression, stress, and fatigue without having any strong psychotropic effects. It is also a great alternative for recreational cannabis users who want a lesser … [Read more...]

CB Dream

Uplifting and relaxing, this Canadian indica-dominant strain packs a punch of high CBD and low THC for the medical cannabis grower. Notes of sweet pine and citrus combine for a clear-headed and focused stone. Compact, bushy plants reach a height of 3-4 feet, and flower in 8 weeks. This high-yielding variety will make an excellent addition to any garden. … [Read more...]


Auto CBDV, also known as an Autoflowering variety, is an indica dominant feminized marijuana seed that has conducted various waves of crossbreeding. This strain preserves its characteristics as well as the parent strains’ unique, pungent aromas and flavors. This hardy, mid-sized autoflowering variety of marijuana is easy to grow and flower in a short amount of … [Read more...]

White Widow Regular

White Widow is probably one of the most prominent, legendary strains of all time. It is one of the most commonly used strain to make new strains because of its stable genetics, likable natural effects, and growing qualities. It is a wonderful strain to grow and will be a fantastic addition to your growing garden. … [Read more...]

Tangie Cookies Regular

Tangie Cookies Regular strain results from crossing the sweet GSC Thin Mint Cookies and citrusy Tangie strain. This Sativa-dominant strain offers a variety of mental and physical stimulation by relaxing the body. Tangie Cookies has a THC content of around 17-21% that can provide an explosion of euphoric high. The combination of physical and mental high with a unique taste … [Read more...]

Moby Regular

Moby is short for Moby Dick, a prominent fictional animal from a novel made many decades ago. This animal lives in Moby, a sativa-leaning strain one of the most favorite when it comes to flavor, taste, and effects. It is an uplifting strain, perfect for a good night’s sleep or a relaxing afternoon nap. … [Read more...]

L.A. Confidential Feminized

LA Confidential Indica Feminized Strain received the High Times Strain of the Year award in 2006. And in 2004 and 2005, it placed second and third in the same marijuana cup, respectively. This potent hybrid is a cross between Afghani, a pure Indica lineage, and OG LA Affie. With its genetics and an average amount of THC, the result is undeniably a potent, relaxing plant. … [Read more...]

California Orange Autoflowering

The California Orange Autoflowering cannabis, also known as Cali-O, C.O.B, Cali Orange, or California Orange Bud, is one of the classics! Its creation can be traced back to at least the 1980s, and its staying power is enough to make a bold statement. Since this cannabis, which was created by crossing the Orange Bud and Mango Haze strains, has already been in the market for a … [Read more...]

OG Wedding Cake Feminized

OG Wedding Cake Feminized is a sativa-dominant hybrid strain known for treating a lot of pains and aches. The OG Wedding fem is the hybrid of Wedding Cake and the OG Kush; this strain contains a THC level that could reach up to 20%. Growing this marijuana crop is challenging because it can be sensitive to the number of nutrients you feed them and changing lights. This marijuana … [Read more...]

24k Gold Feminized

Fruity, dark, and oozing with 24k flavors is 24k Gold feminized strain. It is pure indica with lovely buds coated with delicious resin. You’ll enjoy non-stop happiness and total relaxation every time you consume this potent strain. And as a bonus, this strain is also effective for stress, depression, and all kinds of body pains. … [Read more...]

24K Gold Regular

24K Gold cannabis strain, also known as Kosher Tangie, is an Indica-dominant strain that provides a long-lasting combination of mental stimulation and physical highs. Its genetic lineage was done by crossing two famous strains in the High Times winner Kosher Kush and the citrusy Tangie cannabis strains. Its THC level ranges in the 18% to 24% range, so expect an intensely … [Read more...]

Hawaiian Gold Autoflowering

Hawaiian Gold Autoflower Marijuana strain is an offspring of Super Lemon Haze and Pineapple strain. It is a Sativa-dominant hybrid with a ratio of 50 Sativa 40 Indica and 10 Ruderalis. Super Lemon Haze is a Sativa-dominant strain with high THC levels, making this strain potent. Meanwhile, Pineapple is known for its well-balanced Indica hybrid effects and composition. It is a … [Read more...]

Blueberry Autoflower

Known for its sky-high THC levels and delicious flavors are Blueberry Autoflower strain. It is one of the best strains to grow in your garden because it’s easy to cultivate and has many therapeutic qualities. This tasty strain can help get rid of pain and can help deal with insomnia. It’s natural and safe to use. … [Read more...]

Triple Diesel Autoflowering

Triple Diesel Autoflower is a combination of 3 diesel strains; the Strawberry Diesel, Sour Diesel, and NYC Diesel that produce a stinky, sweet scent. This strain is a Sativa-dominant hybrid, and the original breeder is still unknown. This strain is potent, with THC content level reaching as high as 22%. The consumer should take this strain in low amounts to prevent paranoia and … [Read more...]

Pink Sunset Autoflowering

Pink Sunset Autoflower genetics is developed by crossing the Girl Scout Cookies strain with OG Kush and Cherry Pie. Since it has inherited many traits from its ancestors, this variety is well-known among growers and smokers alike. Pink Sunset Autoflower THC content level could reach 18-27% and a CBD level of 1%, and it is considered a potent strain. This strain has a … [Read more...]

Orange Cake Autoflowering

An indica leaning strain, the Orange Cake Autoflowering cannabis, was born from (California Orange x Mimosa) x Orangeade. Its genetic composition has a ratio of 55% indica to 40% sativa. The remaining 5% is ruderalis. While the ruderalis DNA does not affect the effects, it influences the growing conditions of this weed. Aside from the autoflowering version, you can also avail … [Read more...]

Purple Kush Autoflower

Purple Kush Autoflower is a famous strain of Purple Afghani and the Hindu Kush strains. This plant’s genetics are primarily Indica, and using this weed would give you a solid high. This cannabis strain grows wider than it grows taller. The dark-green shade buds on the plant are thick and robust. Purple Kush Auto Strain can be cultivated both indoors and outdoors. This cannabis … [Read more...]

Purple Haze Autoflower

Purple Haze Auto is a sativa-leaning strain that offers feel-good effects. It is the best strain for growers because it grows well outdoors and has amazing recreational and medicinal potential. It is very effective for the relief of pain, headaches, depression, and anxiety. It is a strain for better sleep and thus should be smoked at nighttime. … [Read more...]

Fucking Incredible Autoflowering

You’ll be calling this strain’s name with just one puff of Fucking Incredible. This cannabis strain, which was named one of High Times’ Top 10 of 2007, is a unique find, an Indica-dominant that will transport you to long travel places from the comfort of your home. You could imagine the sheer heaviness, accompanied by a slow build-up of euphoria that would lift your mood and … [Read more...]