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CB Dutch Treat

Azura Haze and Amnesia Haze make a winning combination in this ultimate sativa-dominant medical strain. Spicy and piney, this pain-reliever will deliver a high that is both energetic and euphoric. A good strain for day use as it helps the user feel happy, creative and focused. Robust plants can reach 4 feet or more, with … Read more

Juicy Fruit Autoflowering

Juicy Fruit Autoflower is a cross between Thai and Afghani marijuana strains. Users must exercise caution while using this cannabis strain because the results are long-lasting and dual-side. This cannabis strain is known for boosting mood, so it is worth a shot if you need a pick-me-up but don’t want to depend on its side … Read more

Auto CBD Harlequin

CBD Harlequin is your choice if you want a potent strain with amazing medicinal qualities. It is a winner of a number of Cannabis Cups thanks to its very powerful CBD content. You’ll be glad you have this strain at hand to ease pain, depression, stress, anxiety, and digestive troubles. It prefers a cooler climate, … Read more

Skunk Feminized Fast Version

Spawned from a legendary Skunk is a Skunk Fast Version strain. It is a potent indica strain that comes with a powerful 23% THC. It flowers fast, and you’ll surely be amazed by its jaw-dropping resinous buds, which can give you up to 460 grams of yield per plant. It also has a captivating aroma, … Read more

CBD ACDC (1:18)

One of a few strains with an impressive CBD content is CBD ACDC. Its ripe, sativa-dominant buds will give you potent amounts of CBD and very low THC. This is the ideal therapeutic strain with no psychoactive effects, only a healthy and very fruity taste and aroma you’ll surely love to consume day after day.

Acapulco Gold Feminized

The Acapulco Gold Feminized marijuana seed is one of the most excellent Sativa-dominant strains, with a THC content of 17% and a CBD level of 0.70%. This marijuana strain originated in the Central American Sativa landrace, known as a high-end marijuana strain. This cannabis plant is familiar to both beginners and experienced growers due to … Read more

Headband Feminized

The name of this Indica-dominant strain comes from its potency. It could trigger some chronic fatigue; thus, the name “Headband” – makes your head feel covered with something. The Headband Feminized is famous for treating various minor and major health problems and providing significant relief. Since Headband Feminized was developed by crossing two potent strains, … Read more

Cali Kush Feminized

Cali Kush Feminized Strain is a hybrid of Mendocino Purps and LA Confidential. It is an Indica-dominant strain that grows quickly in the vegetative stage and is therefore very easy to harvest. Cali Kush Fem Strain is a high-yielding resin producer, making it perfect for extract production. This cannabis plant grows indoors and can reach … Read more

Gorilla Glue Feminized

Gorilla Glue Feminized Strain is a hybrid of the three-way cross of Chocolate Diesel, Chem’s Sister, and Sour Dubb Strains. Be prepared for a thick, dark plant and high productivity throughout the session, thanks to its high THC content of up to 25%. Indoor flowering takes 8 to 9 weeks on average. This cannabis strain … Read more

Candy Haze Feminized

The Candy Haze Feminized cannabis is the product of crossing the indica dominant Zkittlez and the sativa leaning Haze marijuana. The Zkittlez is an award-winning variant that emits a sweet taste. On the other hand, the Haze strain is one of the most popular marijuana strains that has become a parent to a number of … Read more

CBD Kali Kush (1:1)

CBD Kali Kush Marijuana strain is known for being tough, dependable, and simple to grow. These are from California, and there are many different varieties available from other producers and growers. CBD Kali Kush strain is a cross of Mendocino Purps with LA Confidential. Due to its Indica supremacy, extremely high CBD content of 20 … Read more

Diesel Berry Autoflowering

Diesel Berry Autoflower is an Indica-dominant hybrid cross between three potent genetics, NYC Diesel, Ruderalis, and Berry Ryder strains. It has a delicious flavor combination of fruits and diesel with hints of earthy and citrus tones. Diesel Berry Autoflower has an 18% of THC level and a CBD content of 1%. Its effects start a … Read more

The Church Feminized

The Church Feminized Marijuana Seeds is an Indica-dominant strain that comes from a three-way combination of the delightful Super Skunk, the famous Swiss Sativa, and the all-time favorite Northern Lights. The strain contains an extremely high THC content of 20% coupled with a very low CBD content of 0.16%. The strain is ideal for recreational … Read more

Banana Sundae Feminized

Banana Sundae cannabis strain brings on a sweet twist to enjoying cannabis as it reminds one of enjoying a refreshing banana dessert treat for dessert. This Sativa dominant hybrid has a genetic lineage of the body soothing Sundae Driver and the reply sedating Banana OG, resulting in this cannabis hybrid that promotes an invigorating energetic … Read more

A La Mode Feminized

To create the A La Mode Feminized strain, two popular and delicious marijuana varieties—the Milkbone and Cookie Pebbles—have been crossbred. This evenly balanced cannabis is 50% Indica and 50% Sativa and is considered a tribute to its heritage. It has inherited its parents’ sweet and creamy flavors and aromas alongside its high THC levels and … Read more

CB Diesel CBD Feminized

Crop King Seeds’ strongest CBD-only strain has Cannabidiol levels of up to 20% with minimal levels of THC of less than 1%. Derived from landrace strains and crossed with Sour Diesel, our CB Diesel is used for the production of concentrates and other medical extractions for both commercial and individuals seeking medical relief from the … Read more

CBD Sour Tangie (1:20)

Enjoy weed, including its therapeutic uses without getting high with the CBD Sour Tangie strain. It is aromatic, enticing, and offers enhanced mental clarity and brain function. You can use this during the day to give you the needed energy and focus. It’s easy to grow and is one of the quickest to bloom as … Read more

Kali Mist Feminized

Kali Mist Feminized Marijuana is indeed a must-try pot for those looking for the best of the world’s strains. Although it is believed to be a hybrid from 2 different South East-Asian Sativa strains, the Kali Mist’s precise lineage is uncertain. This strain has a genetic component of 90% Sativa and 10% Indica, a strain … Read more

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