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Bonsai & Cannabis: The Perfect Way to Upgrade your Marijuana Growing Skills

The golden thread that connects both bonsai and cannabis growing could be understood by anyone who knows bonsai.

Combining bonsai and cannabis is also a fantastic method to improve your marijuana growing skills.

Furthermore, combining bonsai and cannabis is a fantastic approach to cultivate personal values such as calmness, confidence, and contentment, which are becoming challenging to accomplish nowadays.

To grow any form of a tiny tree in a small container (including cannabis plants! ), one must embrace the beauty of imperfection – a stance known as “wabi-sabi” in Japanese philosophy.

Interestingly, the phrase wabi-sabi is challenging to define, as its profound meaning must be experienced and comprehended through each individual’s perception.

In the same way, cannabis allows you to let go of pain and problems, opening your mind to higher views and elevating your awareness, so does the concept of wabi-sabi.

To appreciate the delicate, fragile, nostalgic beauty and wisdom of the moment, to experience the joy and thankfulness of being “here and now”– fundamental values profoundly established in Japanese society due to the influence of Zen Buddhism– is the secret key.

Bonsai cannabis plants could teach you the value of accepting a situation, an idea, or an activity exactly as it is. Without judging it by its flaws or shortcomings, but rather by the light that shines through the seemingly flawed as the very thing that makes it extraordinary, unique, and priceless.

What Can You Learn from Growing a Cannabis Bonsai Tree

For starters, planting a bonsai cannabis tree isn’t about yields. It’s not about how much more you can harvest, how big your colas can get, or whether you are forced to follow specific light or feeding regimens.

Instead, it’s about building a long-lasting bond with your bonsai cannabis plant.

Keeping this in mind, cultivating a bonsai cannabis plant is an excellent method to have a great companion.

Like caring for a pet, caring for a bonsai cannabis plant requires dedication. It’s about sustaining your new friend’s relationship so that it grows in value over time.

You know how we, as humans, grow fonder of any living creature – whether it is another human, a plant, or an animal. As time passes, we learn to value the beautiful gift of sentiment as something truly captivating that money cannot purchase.

You may be surprised to learn that showing affection has both mental and physical benefits.

Affection, according to ASU assistant professor Kory Floyd, offers many unrecognized health benefits. Moreover, both the receiver and the giver benefit from attachment.

So, how is my cannabis bonsai plant intended to gain from my affection?

However, a Japanese professor – Masaru Emoto (江本勝) – conducted visionary, innovative, and revolutionary experiments on how emotional vibrations and energies (the same beats and points used to express affection) may change the physical structure of water.

Masaru Emoto demonstrated how expressing love vs. hatred vs. absolute ignorance affected how rice fermented over a month in his famous Rice Experiment.

For the rice that received discouraging remarks, the jar containing rice and water labeled with an I Love You stamp was the least harmed by the repercussions of fermentation. Meaning it exuded the least mold (the one jar being labeled You idiot, while the ignored jar being unlabeled at all).

Video by: John Vincent – Rice Consciousness experiment, inspired by Dr. Masaru Emoto

With Masaru Emoto’s Rice Experiment in mind, we may say that your bonsai cannabis plant (and, of course, any plant) can receive your affection’s emotional vibrations and return them to you as sound vibrations.

Sure, you can feel tremendous fondness for your regular cannabis plants. The truth is, this type of attachment is fleeting because the primary purpose of cannabis farmers is to harvest the dank, sugar-coated blooms.

Most cannabis kinds are ready to be chopped down and added to your cannabis home kit collection in 3-10 months. But not with a bonsai cannabis plant.

Instead of waiting for the perfect moment to prune your bonsai green lady, you are simply enjoying the daily pleasure of your little cannabis artwork. And, as stated previously, bonsai cannabis plants live indefinitely.

Your cannabis bonsai experience can exceed your wildest hopes if you work with robust and reliable genetics. It all depends on how much time, love, and attention you want to devote to your excellent little buddy.

Growing a bonsai cannabis tree can teach you a symphony of life-altering lessons.

The unseen, spiritual side of existence may seem unbelievable to some who are more skeptical. Still, science has gone a long way in revealing that there is, in fact, much more to the secrets of the Universe than the mere physical aspect of life and solid stuff.

Sadly, in our consumerist and money-driven culture, we often overlook our consciousness and how it may produce the reality we desire.

And this is where the skill of producing a cannabis bonsai plant may help you realize that you are so much more than your birth name, your job path, your race, gender, or age. That which gives rise to the millions of dazzling stars that sparkle brightly at night is stardust.

Planting a cannabis bonsai tree might become a favorite way to enjoy your high, rather than falling into a Netflix pothead mindset 24/7 (although we cannot undervalue the pleasure of the ultimate Netflix & chill session).

We can all learn a lot from Chieko Yamamoto, one of the few highly regarded Japanese female bonsai masters.

“I love bonsai. I’ll do it forever. “Time rushes by, and I guess I feel its importance,” Yamamoto says.

The ritual of caring for a bonsai tree is not one single moment, as described by BBC Earth Unplugged. Instead, it’s a rehash. This goes on for days, weeks, months, years. So it becomes a ritual and not just a gardening experience.

It’s a unique combination of ultimate freedom and ultimate strictness – and in this extraordinary ritual, you may let your imagination run wild while also upgrading your cannabis growing skills to levels you may have never even dared.

Video by: BBC Earth Unplugged – Bonsai: the Endless Ritual | Extraordinary Rituals

Can Your Grow a Marijuana Bonsai Tree from Any Strain

The short answer is yes. You make any cannabis strain decision into a bonsai by regularly pruning, trimming, and re-potting it to help it thrive in a small container.

This is where the first big giant YES starts to sound more like a Maybe. In short, some cannabis strains are better suited for bonsai marijuana growing than others.

The best strains to use are not limited to Sativa, Indica, or hybrid cannabis varieties but rather the unique growth patterns of each strain.

The ability of a cannabis strain to resist mechanical harm is critical since the art of bonsai is all about repeatedly stressing and destroying your tiny tree to achieve a unique shape over time.

Northern Lights, White Widow, and Girl Scout Cookies are just a few strains recognized for their incredible resistance to mechanical damage.

Another element to consider while choosing the ideal cannabis seeds for your marijuana bonsai tree is the strain’s resistance to illnesses, or in other words, its resilience.

Seeing a cannabis bonsai tree die after years of care is upsetting. Dutch Treat and Green Crack are prized for their toughness.

Then, what about growing female vs. growing male bonsai cannabis plants

It is possible to grow a bonsai marijuana plant, male or female.

Choosing a female bonsai cannabis plant may deprive you of some essential benefits of cultivating a bonsai cannabis tree.

Female bonsai cannabis plants are more challenging to care for, as your primary attention is on nurturing the intriguing bonsai buds that you will eventually cut down. After then, your bonsai cannabis masterpiece may recover, but there is a high likelihood of permanent loss.

The objective of growing a marijuana bonsai plant is not to get high after chopping it down but to admire it for as long as possible. Plus, if you want to produce tiny cannabis plants to slice their colas down, you should consider growing them in single cups.

So, we suggest you try male cannabis bonsai trees. There will be more room for trial and error, experimentation, and enjoyment with your excellent companion if you are consistent in taking care of it. As you get to experience cannabis bonsai, you can feel more comfortable experimenting with female plants.

Top Tips for Growing a Marijuana Bonsai Tree

Above all, planting a cannabis bonsai tree is an art form.

To convey the captivating beauty, wisdom, and authenticity of living nature in a miniature, we advise you to share a big, fat joint with your confused bud buddy.

It may be beneficial to get assistance from an expert bonsai grower regarding the basic knowledge required to master the art of bonsai. Since not everyone has a bonsai buddy, you know who you need: Google!

Never enter the world of bonsai unprepared. Take the time to learn about bonsai and use critical thinking about how and which of these postulates you will choose to follow and adapt.

Even if you don’t strictly follow a bonsai style like Driftwood, Cascade, or Split trunk, you can sculpt the stem and branches of your bonsai cannabis masterpiece into whatever form and style you like.

Your cannabis bonsai journey can begin with a proper container, high-quality bonsai soil, the right equipment, and of course, the best cannabis seeds you can find.

Finally, don’t be discouraged by failures. A single seed will not grow into the bonsai cannabis tree of your dreams.

It may take 1,2,3,5, or even ten bonsai marijuana plants to perfect your bonsai green thumb. Accept the fact that your first marijuana bonsai endeavor may fail. That’s fine, pals. That’s OK. Why? Because we aren’t born bonsai cannabis growers or bonsai cannabis growers.

Don’t give up on your dream of developing your cannabis bonsai tree! Before you know it, you’ll be growing bonsai marijuana plants as gifts for your fellow cannabis lovers. Hooray!

  1. You can grow a bonsai cannabis plant indoors or outdoors.

Cannabis bonsai trees can be grown indoors or outdoors, much as regular bonsai trees.

You can leave your cannabis bonsai plant outside when the weather is nice and bring it back inside when the weather changes. Consider the growing requirements of the cannabis strain you are getting to the art of bonsai, as some are pickier about light and heat than others.

If you reside in a warm winter climate, you can also plant your bonsai cannabis tree right into the ground. A bonsai cannabis tree on your balcony also works well.

  1. Light isn’t a critical issue for bonsai cannabis plants.

Because the purpose of caring for a bonsai cannabis tree isn’t to get those big buds pumped up or to hurry up flowering to get to harvesting time, the amount of light your miniature masterpiece receives isn’t that important.

More light can stimulate faster development, but as a bonsai fan, all that matters is that your plant is healthy and alive, even if it grows slowly. In the winter, a sunny windowsill might eliminate the need for inside lighting.

  1. Proper fertilization and watering are a must.

Aside from regular foliage and root cutting, a bonsai cannabis tree needs frequent nutrition and watering.

There are no universal standards for fertilizing and watering because it relies on the soil type and other factors specific to each grower, such as humidity, air movement, temperature, and location.

Water your cannabis bonsai when the soil seems dry to the touch after an inch of digging with your finger or a chopstick. Fertilization should be done every two weeks or so, depending on the soil’s fertility. Both organic and inorganic fertilizers can be effective.

We do recommend you attempt organic farming because it is the most effective long-term option. You may reduce your spending by nurturing the soil naturally while also ensuring that your cannabis bonsai thrives.

Plus, we live in dramatic times for our planet Earth, and you can aid Mother Nature by choosing organic gardening practices for a sustainable future.

  1. Choose a cannabis bonsai plant size that resonates best with you.

A bonsai tree is a small plant that grows to a large size.

It’s remarkable how big the idea of a bonsai tree is. Before starting your cannabis bonsai journey, evaluate the size of bonsai you want to accomplish so you can plan your steps accordingly.

For example, Kenshitsubobonsai trees are tiny bonsais that are 1 – 3 inches tall. Yes, you can lift them with two fingers!

Shohin bonsai trees are 2 – 6 inches tall, while Mame bonsai trees are 8 inches tall.

But there is also Hachi-Uye, which refers to bonsai trees 40-60 inches tall. As you can see, the size difference between the tiniest bonsai tree (1 inch) and the largest bonsai tree (80 inches) is enormous!

Video by: Phu Nguyen – How to create a small bonsai tree

Bonsai and Cannabis: Final Thoughts

Without a doubt, bonsai and cannabis go well together! The combination of bonsai and cannabis growing is an excellent approach to improving your cannabis growing skills and the perfect way to explore your Mind and Soul as a human being.

Most importantly, it would be best if you felt the inner vibe of wanting to explore your ability as a bonsai cannabis grower to enjoy and achieve more peace, tranquility, and harmony in all aspects of your life.