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quarter of weed

What is a Quarter of Weed

What is a Quarter of Weed First things first—briefly let’s cover what a quarter is, before we jump into how quarter of weed are calculated. By weight, weed is weighed

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is marijuana addictive

Is Marijuana Addictive

Most marijuana users do not grow a marijuana addiction, contrary to the belief of most people who are disagreeing with people who use marijuana. It is very infrequent however some

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What is a Cannabis Ruderalis

Let’s get to know the famous cannabis ruderalis, a cannabis wild-growing species popular with users interested in receiving higher CBD content. Cannabis Ruderalis is a common, hardy weed plant that

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How To Use Bongs in Smoking Weed

Meta: One of the famous methods to enjoy cannabis is with a bongs. As the cannabis world upgrades every single day, anyone who has experienced smoking strains takes their time

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One Hitter 1

How to Use One Hitter Pipe

One-hitter is a fantastic companion to every user’s, maybe you’ve never known it or if you’re new to weeds. These portable, functional pipes come in all sorts of enjoyable designs

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cbd edibles

What Do You Know About CBD Edibles

A cannabis edible is a food product containing cannabinoids, especially tetrahydrocannabinol, and also classified as a food flavored with cannabis or simply an edible. A cannabis-infused drink can be more

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e nails

What is an E-nail

Dabbing enables the user to inhale high potency marijuana and experience quick onset effects. However, traditional doping can be both extra complex and harmful than most other kinds of marijuana

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dab pen

What Is A Cannabis Dap Pen

In this article, we’re going to uncover what is a dab pen and what’s the use of it in marijuana. With a growing percentage of states legalizing marijuana, the hype

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