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What is BHO And How is it Made

One common knowledge we know about cannabis is it contains various extracts that may be a potential hardcore bringer yet, at the same time, provide medicinal advantages. However, the limitations due to legalization are what serves as a strong barrier between research and assertions because we are not entirely confident of what the full extent cannabis can give. Nonetheless, a few studies made it possible to unlock weed’s capabilities, attached with a matter of convenience prominence. With that, a simple extraction process came out, and BHO is one of those exceptional features cannabis possesses. The extracted material from cannabis is one of the sought-after for many reasons, and you will know why later on.

Defining BHO and its Forms

For a definition, BHO stands for butane hash oil. BHO is a concentrate that comes out from cannabis through a particular extraction process. The produced concentration will then involve extracted cannabinoids and terpenes through butane, as the name suggests, heat and pressure. BHO also has other names such as butane-honey oil for its exhibited color due to the presence of butane, making the oil turn yellowish gold like what honey looked. Like any other compounds present in cannabinoids, various factors can potentially impact their size, shape, and consistency. Meaning, the process has to be the most critical part. Still, whatever outcome will greet you, it will remain BHO in nature. 

There are different types of butane-hash oil since the overall structure of BHO will rely on the contents of tetrahydrocannabinol or THC, extraction method, consistency, and purging. Here are the seven distinct forms of consistency that depend on heat and other factors like humidity.


The budder form is the purest type of BHO and contains almost a hundred percent of THC level, while the purity is at 99%. The consistency of budder is comparable to dairy butter. Hence, how it got its name. Since this type is the purest, it is also the hardest to extract because all processes will have a longer duration and crucial course. Nonetheless, you can always find budder in markets but expect its existence to be unusual and expensive.


Wax displays an uncanny resemblance to budder and is usually one of the favorites picked by consumers. In other terms, the wax is undoubtedly common among users and the most usual and prominent type of HBO you can see these days. It is also the easiest to create, making it the perfect subject of experimentation when you wish to produce BHO during your first time encountering it.

Pull and Snap

Pull and Snap established its name from the sound it creates once subjected under pulling movement. Dabbers go for Pull and Snap because of its natural handling process and consistency. For better molding procedures, it is better to manipulate it using your hands to keep it from breaking and melting. Besides, you could also shape it easily according to your preference. 


What a shocker to know that BHO comes in oil forms, too! Perhaps, it is due to its already-packed feature, usually in cartridges, making it unseen. Regardless, oil has got to be a part of the ‘easiest to extract’ category. Though you can always produce your own, BHO oil in cartridges is already less worrisome because pieces of the extracted form won’t be latching on to any of your smoking equipment to experience a low-to-none hassle.


The ‘Sap’ name of this BHO form came after the tree sap, and tree sap is usually gooey and sticky. Thus, having its name inspired by things that hold the same attribution. You will have to ensure that it won’t drop on any critical surfaces since eliminating remnants of it will come close to impossible. It is also advisable to have your hand gear when producing one, to avoid having it everywhere on your skin since it sticks to everything it touches.


One of the most difficult to manipulate is this form of BHO called ‘Crumble,’ not because it features the same mark as Sap’s, but because it will easily crumble and be firm. When that happens, you won’t be able to proceed to the molding station. To produce this type of BHO, you will have to follow the rule of thumb – where you will purge the oil an hour per gram at a low temperature.


Finally, we have the shatter, one of the hardest and firmest forms of BHO. The overall physique of shatter goes the same as glass have. It also comprises transparency and breaks in the same manner as glass. After Budder, shatter is consisting of 80% of THC and is quite challenging to smoke because of its stable arrangement. For better utilization, use a dabbing rig or any vaporizer to control its consistency.

Before producing the said extract, make sure that you know its entirety or anything a valid medical professional knows. Note that BHO holds more potency than other compounds found in cannabis because cannabinoids and terpenes are blending in the same concentration. Furthermore, professionals are usually the only ones creating butane-hash oil because it requires skills and mastery. Otherwise, you will face adversities. Failure to follow precise and advised conditions will expose you to multiple health-related risks, mainly if it tackles temperatures and purging. Experts also recommend having yourself supervised when conducting the extraction process. 

How to make BHO

To advance to this level, you will have to know that producing BHO is not past legality across the world. Though there will be places where you can freely do it, the ratios it has from countries that do not allow it to have a considerable gap. Unless you are authorized to do so, moving forward, here are the materials that you will need throughout the process.

Materials in making BHO

  • One pc of 10 oz. of butane / 1 oz. of marijuana.
  • One glass of stainless extraction tube.
  • One pc of large Pyrex pot.
  • One pc of medium Pyrex pot.
  • One electric cooker, preferably transportable.
  • One razor, blade, or anything that can scrape the extracts.
  • One container can be a tub, as long as it can hold every drop of extracts.
  • To obtain accuracy and safe methods, you can buy your purging system.

Procedures in making BHO

Before moving on, make sure to place the weed in a refrigerator for at least a day to aid the extraction process, since terpenes are usually the easiest to have at low temperatures. For the methods, here are the step-by-step procedures you should follow.

– Since butane is heavier than air, it is highly advisable to have the evaporation process outside. Remember that we are talking about dangerous material here. Meaning, one fire-stimulating incident can cause extremely hazardous havoc to blow your place. Also, place the electric cooker outside and all Pyrex pot outside.

– While holding the glass tube, makes sure to use any towel in covering it since the pressure present inside can severely harm you with potential blasting occurrences.

– Pour water in the larger pot and place the smaller one inside. The hot water surrounding the pot will serve as the driving force for the butane in the smaller pot to undergo evaporation.

– Fill the contents of the tube in the smaller pot. Once you’re done, expect the liquid butane to drip out the tube.

– This part is where you will do the scraping process, to ensure that you won’t miss traces. To prepare for the purging part, spread it on a baking paper.

– Now for the purging method, make sure that you are following the rule of thumb. But, the longer, the better. After all, no wrong will ever come out for a more extended period of purging aside from the nuisance it could bring with its sound. Still, it’s safer to do it for a long time so you won’t end up poising the users.

– Once everything is done, stock the product in the fridge for no shorter than two days. This process is called winterization to make the dabbing smoother as it also eradicates irritable butane extracts that could harm your lungs.

– To assess if you did enough for the purging period, running a lighter over it is one way to know. If flames are appearing, it’s a sign that it will need more purging. Experts also stated that the best outcome lies in purging and winterizing, making the last procedures the most crucial part.


Having enough knowledge about BHO and what it may bring advantageous effects should not serve as an invitation to create one on your own without a professional’s supervision and expertise in doing so. Along with legalization issues, dealing with harmful materials could also end you up paying the price.