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Best Recreational Cannabis Strains

Best Recreational Cannabis Strains

Cannabis strains with a high THC level have high power, according to experienced cannabis smokers who used marijuana for recreational purposes. It determines whether the cannabis plant succeeds or fails. In fact, it is one of the reasons why new marijuana strains are being produced to fulfill the growing demand for high-THC marijuana plants.

THC levels in today’s most strong strains can reach 35%, which is exceptionally high. In addition, Cannabis breeders are doubtful that a cannabis strain could yield such high THC levels. Let’s look at the top marijuana strains for recreational use.

Wonder Woman Strain

It contains a THC content of 25-29%, which is extremely high. This plant will surely knock your brain hard and get your entire body intoxicated with this dose of THC. In fact, it is a unique plant with dark green leaves and scarlet hairs, and some brilliant white buds.

Aurora Indica

The Aurora Indica is a hybrid of Northern Lights and Afghan high in CBD and THC, allowing you to get the power you want. The crystals on this cannabis plant are thick and light purple, with dark purple buds. It has a fruity flavor that might hit you hard. The lovely scent and taste will also meet your medical needs. In fact, it is suggested for starters since it is easy to grow and maintain. It is possible to grow it at home.

Blueberry Widow Strain

It has a beautiful azure blue color that makes it one of the most popular strains every year. The smell of blueberries is similar to that of wood, and it may bring you back to your early days of berry gathering. Because of its extreme power, this cannabis plant is an excellent stress reliever and may attract you to stay on your sofa or bed. It will almost certainly produce euphoria. In fact, it is a fast-growing strain of marijuana that has many harvests, primarily when you grow them indoors.

Purple Kush Cannabis

The Purple Kush has been at the top of the most extraordinary recreational marijuana scene top ten rankings for a long time. Around 75% of this plant is Indica. It has a wonderful grape flavor and a THC content of 27.5%. If you have depression, pain, anxiety, insomnia, or spasms, this medicinal cannabis plant is for you. In addition, Purple Kush will surely reduce the medical indications and symptoms that many individuals have been suffering from for a long time while also leaving the user buzzing and joyful.

Sensi Star

Another lovely cannabis plant is the Sensi Plant. This plant has red hairs and develops with light purple crystals. It has 90% Indica and 10% Sativa, and Sensi Star contains a THC content of 20%. It will put the user in a great state of relaxation, resulting in a unique euphoric sensation. In fact, this marijuana plant has a lemony flavor and an earthy smell that can help to ease depression, anxiety, stress, migraines, appetite loss, pain, and insomnia while also sharpening the mind and improving creativity.

Jock Horror

Jock Horror is a green Sativa dominant marijuana hybrid with 24% THC concentration and only 1% CBD, providing you a long-lasting high. This plant has the power to change your brain greatly. It can treat chronic back pain, depression, anxiety, migraine, and chronic stress.

Sour Girl

Citizens Research Alliance for Therapeutics’ naturally grown and created Sour Girl is the product of a mix between Girl Scout Cookies and Sour Diesel. In fact, according to a list, this plant is known as one of the “Strongest Strains on Earth.”

Motorbreath #15

Motorbreath #15 is a hybrid mixture of Chem D with SFV OG. The Motorbreath #15 marijuana is a thick and heavy plant with an award-winning structure from head to body high. In fact, the THC content is about 28.20%, and a CBD level of 0.15% can provide relief in many physical and emotional conditions.

Ice Wreck Strain

THC levels in Ice Wreck are at extreme 27%. Ice Wreck is a mix of Train Wreck and Ice genetics. This cannabis plant is a well-balanced hybrid strain. In fact, Ice Wreck is now popular as one of the most complex and powerful strains available. With a slow three-acting and complete body relaxation, it will give you a fast cerebral spin.

I-95 Cannabis Strain

The smell of an I-95 cannabis plant is similar to that of gasoline. It is a combination of Triangle Kush and Star Dawg, and Legend OG resulted in a highly intense smell and strength. This cannabis strain has a strong smell and a sweet citrus flavor. In addition, this I-95 strain can make users joyful and high while also making them tired and relaxed.

In fact, these strains made it into the top ten for recreational cannabis consumption, but there are many more.

These are the locations where you can obtain high-quality marijuana for recreational use.

  1. Alaska. At several ports, marijuana is available.
  2. In the Cascade Mountains of Oregon, marijuana is grown.
  3. Washington offers the ideal climate for marijuana cultivation.
  4. California is a great place to have uncommon and unusual cannabis strains. California cannabis is regarded as some of the greatest in the world.
  5. Michigan has been growing cannabis since before legalized medical cannabis.
  6. Colorado. Apart from Amsterdam, this is a terrific destination to get the best cannabis in the world.
  7. Canada’s British Columbia. However, it is not yet authorized (at the time of writing). People in BC have indeed been able to have cannabis from various pharmacies for decades. In Vancouver, Cannabis Culture offers several dispensaries.


Remember that potency and a powerful effect are not the same with high or exceptional quality. Before partaking in various types of marijuana, you must always perform your reading and research. Choose a cannabis strain that is appropriate for the effects you want to achieve. Recognizing your body’s resistance for various effects can also help you psychologically and physically prepare and when the optimal time is to ingest them so that recreational cannabis does not involve with your everyday routine.

In fact, as the demand for marijuana grows, people expect far more than the last strain they have in terms of effect and intensity, involving the development of more remarkable strains, and our civilization has yet to reach the top of developing the perfect strain. We can surely say that the demand for marijuana will continue indefinitely.