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Best Budget-Friendly Cannabis Growing Guide

Many marijuana fans assume that cultivating marijuana takes a lot of time, effort, and money. While it is true that being a great cannabis producer involves a good dose of dedication, consistency, and patience, the truth is that growing pot has never been more accessible!

In this post, we’ll offer you a taste of its most cost-effective cannabis growing methods, which uses three autoflowering cannabis plants and a $300 grow room to produce 8+ ounces of bud.

What is the Easiest Way to Grow Cannabis?

The short solution to this question is to avoid shortcuts at all costs. Cannabis farming is a very personal endeavor. Sorry if this was a hard pill to take, but producing marijuana is not the same as solving a mathematical problem. Cannabis growing combines intuition, art, science, and a never-ending willingness to learn and improve.

The simplest method of growing cannabis maybe a little grow space business. Others may find that the simplest approach to produce cannabis is in an outdoor cannabis garden, where actual nature may put in a lot of effort. A greenhouse or hydroponics cannabis operation may be the most convenient approach to grow cannabis.

With all that in mind, despite thought, we were able to harvest nearly 8 ounces (226 grams) of cannabis flowers using the precise equipment, cannabis strains, and growth procedures described below. It’s important to note that cannabis production is a subjective experience.

Because no two cannabis harvests are the same, the outcomes can vary depending on how much (or how little) effort you put into the process.

Even if you do your best to continue providing your green ladies with the appropriate circumstances and care, there may be unanticipated issues along the way, like pest infestations, dealing with low-quality seeds that fail to produce healthy, hearty, and happy marijuana plants, or accidental failures such as mechanical damage, to mention a few.

Now, bud friends, let us reveal a key secret: running good cannabis grow business necessitates maintaining a positive attitude toward your path of learning to “speak” the language of your cannabis plants.

Above all, keep in mind that marijuana plants, like all living things, will put out their best effort to develop and thrive because they are genetically programmed to do so.

According to a study led by Steven Penfield of the John Innes Centre in Norwich, mother plants can train their offspring to grow by passing on collected memories about the changing seasons. It is only one illustration of plants’ incredible resilience, intelligence, and determination to survive and thrive, including marijuana plants!

We should not forget that, for the first time in more than a century of marijuana prohibition, cannabis production is on the rise. Thus our understanding of cannabis plants is rising day by day. Did you know that scientists have discovered that viruses gave cannabis the ability to create cannabinoids millions of years ago, including but not exclusive to CBD and THC?

Finally, as we briefly said above, we are incredibly fortunate to live in a period where cannabis cultivation is becoming more accessible, more economical, and more pleasant than ever before.

Consider all of the beautiful cannabis strains you may grow from seeds at home or on the go, depending purely on whether you like to buy cannabis seeds online or get a batch of canna seeds from a developer you know.

Furthermore, producing cannabis provides you great opportunity to experience Mother Nature’s wisdom and strength in ways you could never have imagined. Yes, even if you cultivate cannabis indoors, you’re dealing with the secrets inscribed in the seeds from Her Majesty Planet Earth (with a bit of help from gifted marijuana breeders!).

So, without further ado, we suppose it’s about time to get down to business with this post, shall we?

*impatiently-waiting-to-get-down-to-the-juicy-$300-cannabis-autoflowers-grow-details-smiley-hazy face*).

$300 Cannabis Autoflowers Setup

1. Grow Tent.

Tent size:32″x32″x63″

Average Price: $50 – $70

Quick Thrifty Tip: If you’re willing to get crafty and remodel an old fridge or closet into suitable marijuana grow space, you can save $70 on a grow tent.

2. Grow lights

Type of grow lights: Full-spectrum 600W LEDs

Average Price:$120 – $140

Why LEDs? LEDs give the whole color spectrum that your green ladies need to thrive and produce plentiful harvests. LEDs also have extremely little heat, making them easy to control without affecting humidity or temperature levels. Finally, LEDs are the ideal long-term investment because they save money on energy bills. Oh, and they’re simple to put together, so what else could we ask for?

Quick Bonus Tip: During foliage, place LEDs 32′ away from your marijuana plant versus 24′ during flowering.

3. Pots

Type: 5-gallon fabric pots (25 cm x 30 cm)

Price: $8 – $12

Why fabric pots? Fabric pots are lightweight and allow oxygen to permeate the root system of your green ladies, increasing yields by 10-15% on average.

Since autoflowering marijuana dislikes are being transferred, which might limit their growth due to their rapid development and transformation from veg to flowering, you don’t require pots of various sizes for many transplants from vegetation to flowering.

4. Exhaust kit

Type: 4 inch 203 CFM + speed controller and 4’’ carbon filter

Price: $85 – $94

Quick Thrifty Tip: When you can afford to cultivate cannabis in a spare bedroom, you may avoid adding an extra exhaust system if you leave the window open to allow fresh air in. If you don’t have a carbon filter, you can use smell neutralizers or choose a low-odor strain.

In any case, keep in mind that optimal airflow will result in happy and healthy cannabis plants that will generate more in return, so pick wisely. If the exhaust kit isn’t on your list of growing equipment for any reason, you might want to consider the fans we’re about to list.

5. Fans

Type: 6’’ clip fan with 2 quiet speeds + 10” portable desktop fan

Price: $10 – $15 for the 6’’ clip on fan + $15 – $25 for the 10’’ fan

Quick Bonus Tip: If you use a battery fan, your marijuana grows, the business will be easier to run and require less effort.

6. PH Pen

Type: TDS and PH meter combo

Price: $13 – $16

Quick Bonus Tip: Don’t overlook the utility of a TDS meter. Even though you can get by without a TDS meter if you are not a hydroponic marijuana grower, this equipment can dramatically improve the quantity and quality of your crops when appropriately utilized.

There are excellent pH control kits available for as low as $15 on average. Still, as you gain more experience with marijuana growing, you will discover a variety of DIY organic solutions that you can use to manage pH levels.

For the record, if you begin with high-quality, rich, fertile soil with a balanced pH level, you won’t have to worry about measuring or balancing pH levels from seed to harvest!

7. Temperature and Humidity Control Device

Type: Indoor hygrometer and thermometer (humidity gauge included)

Price: $8 – $13

Quick Bonus Tip: Please don’t get too worked up over perfectly regulating humidity and temperature rates; it might be difficult, especially for novices. Marijuana plants, on the other hand, may thrive even when exposed to tiny deviations from the ideal temperature-humidity rates.

Of course, maintaining the correct humidity and temperature levels will result in higher yields. Luckily, there are some extraordinarily remarkable and cheap devices you can use to do so, even though doing so would entail going over the $300 budget. If you don’t mind spending a little more money, we strongly advise you to try the extra gadgets listed below.

*dehumidifier/ humidifier

For this type of cannabis grow arrangement, a 4-liter humidifier would suffice, and you can acquire one for around $40. The finest dehumidifier for this type of marijuana-producing operation is a 16-ounce water tank dehumidifier, which costs approximately $40 to $50.


If you’re planning on growing cannabis to collect it indefinitely, you’ll need a dependable heater for the chilly winter months. For this grow environment, an 8.5 Liter x 7.25W heater can perform wonders, and you can acquire one for around $40 – $50.

Isn’t it clear that something critical is missing from our list now?

Even if you have all of the gear and materials stated above, if you don’t start with high-quality cannabis seeds, your marijuana grow mission will fail to produce the results you desire!

Marijuana Seeds

Type: White Widow Autoflower

Price: $65 – $120 depending on the number of seeds per pack

Quick Bonus Tip: We chose to sample White Widow Autoflowers due we appreciate the cannabis variety’s finely balanced Sativa-Indica characteristics.

White Widow is also regarded as one of the most uncomplicated strains to develop and produce large yields when harvested. Because it’s an autoflower, it can complete flowering for about eight weeks, which means you’ll only have to spend approximately three months caring for your White Widow Auto from seed to harvest!

Furthermore, the White Widow strain is named by the gleaming, densely trichome-coated buds, which seem white attributed to the dripping resin. As a result, White Widow is an excellent choice not just for smoking marijuana in the form of a blunt or joint but also for making high-quality marijuana-based derivatives like tinctures, oils, edibles, to mention a few.

You are, however, completely free to choose whatever autoflower marijuana variety best meets your particular needs and interests. You may, for example, try the all-time favorite OG Kush Auto. The epic Blue Diesel Auto may be the perfect strain for enthusiasts of an all-around daytime-nighttime appropriate to use marijuana variety. At the same time, juicy fruit auto can make a superb choice for lovers of delightfully exotic, Indica dominating strains.

Budget-Friendly Cannabis Grow: Extra Tips for Easy Growing

1. Stick with growing a single strain.

Instead of producing a variety of cannabis strains in this arrangement, we strongly advise you to remain with a single strain. As you gain experience, it may be a good idea to cultivate several distinct strains simultaneously to avoid the rush.

Different strains will differ in stretch and height, making it difficult to set the grow lights appropriately, challenging at times.

2. Training wire is your best friend.

Training wire is a highly versatile and practical equipment to have on hand.

While autoflowers can be challenging to train due to their rapid shift from vegetative to blooming, the Screen of Green (SCROG) approach, a low-stress training (LST) method, can significantly increase yields without straining or stunting your crops’ growth.

You can certainly buy a ready-made screen, but building one with training wire is both enjoyable and cost-effective.

3. Go gentle on nutrients

One of the numerous advantages of producing marijuana Autoflower cultivars is that they have been known to require relatively few additional nutrients, resulting in decreased nutrient costs.

However, we recommend that you think about the advantages of producing marijuana organically. It is ideal for experiencing more significant and better harvests after every growth cycle, as organic gardening practices will only make the soil more fruitful in the long run. Simply put, organic farming is not only the most cost-effective option, but it is also the healthiest and most environmentally friendly.

Nothing in this world develops without a seed, as Debby Boone so eloquently stated, since “dreams are the seeds of change.” Furthermore, “nothing ever changes without even a dream,” according to Boone.

Keep dreaming big since no matter how tiny the seed is, a dream has no bounds in its scale. Cannabis cultivation is a joy, a passion, and one of the most effective ways to cultivate great values that can help you sail more securely through the Ocean of Life.

Bud friends, puff, and pass: grow marijuana and celebrate life since every moment is valuable and worth appreciating with an open mind and heart.

We sincerely hope that this cost-effective marijuana growing guide, which includes 3 Autoflower marijuana plants, a $300 grow space setup, and 8+ ounces of bud per harvest has been helpful, informative, educational, and inspiring to you! We sincerely wish you a pleasant cannajourney.