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10 Best Autoflowering Weed Seeds To Grow

autoflowering marijuana

An autoflowering marijuana would be ideal for a beginning marijuana grower. It would eliminate the difficulties of putting up a garden or greenhouse first and getting them to flower on period. Autoflowering plants are self-flowering plants that bloom on their own. These plants bloom swiftly, yielding a large number of THC-rich buds. In addition, autoflowering cannabis plants tend to be a bit shorter than traditional marijuana strains. As a result, it may be grown in small spaces.

If you’re considering building your greenhouse, these autoflowering marijuana strains can provide you with the most number of crops in the shortest amount of time. The ranking is based on specialist marijuana growers’ advice and experiences.

Here are some of the best of the autoflowering cannabis strains:

Moby Dick

The Sativa-dominant Moby Dick Autoflowering cannabis strain is a crossbreed of Haze Autoflower and White Widow Autoflower. From germination until harvest, the flowering time is usually 10 to 11 weeks . This cannabis strain has a distinct flavor with notes of incense, cedar, lemon, and Haze. Moby Dick is also relatively easy to grow, with a height of only 1.3 meters and a harvest time of 10 to 11 weeks. It can yield up to 230 grams/plant, and resin completely wraps its fruit.

Amnesia Haze

Users will experience a different euphoric impact from this cannabis strain. It can help users feel less stressed and depressed. Cannabis sativa is the dominant species, and it crosses together with different landraces from around the world. You can trace Haze’s origin from Thai, Jamaican, Cambodian, and Hawaiian ancestors, various influences from Afghan landraces and South Asia, and a tiny amount of cannabis ruderalis. This strain has a citrus scent that can help you feel more energized.

OG Kush Autoflower

It’s been a genetic donor in various vast and diverse strains all across the West Coast. This crop flowers in about 7–9 weeks and yields 250-350 grams per square meter on average. One of OG Kush’s best qualities is its simple, fast, and high-quality bud. It has a lovely smooth and fruity and diesel flavor when used for some time and can provide an energizing impact. Even when wholly matured, OG Kush retains its hefty nature, and growers prefer it to save time and space.

White LSD

Offering precisely what you’d expect out of its name, this cannabis strain strikes you strongly with a psychedelic high thanks to its THC levels, which can get a user up to 20%. Since its seeds grow for about eight weeks, it rates as the top autoflowering cannabis plant. In fact, it can produce 300 to 400 grams/square meter of yield. It has a typical earthy and spicy flavor.

Silver Bullet Autoflower

Due to the apparent THC level of 19%, Auto Silver Bullet cannabis is the most acceptable option for users looking for a pleasant lucid feeling. This plant has a 10-week growth cycle. In addition, the silver bullet has a variety of scents, ranging from woody to citrusy. It has a sweet flavor that makes it easy to use.

Short Rider

Short Rider is a cross of the Top 44 and Early Special strains, although breeding these strains is no longer permitted.

Flowering time is approximately 6 to 8 weeks, which is inherited from hybrids. The buds have a strong odor and a delicious flavor that might put you in a calm state. CBD and THC levels in Short Rider are in the middle. In fact, a yield of 200- 300 grams/square meter is to be expected.

Cheese NL

The aroma of Auto Cheese NL is a blend of vintage cheese varieties. THC concentration is approximately 16%. This plant produces a lot of fruit, and it has a compact and robust size and produces large buds—this Indica-dominant strain with a pleasant effect and a creative boost. The flowering period lasts roughly 5-6 weeks.

NYC Diesel AutoFlower

This autoflowering marijuana strain may be grown both indoors and outdoors. In fact, it takes around seven weeks to flower and has a yield of 250 grams/square meter. Its small form needs a large amount of area to spread. It has a robust scent and a combination of sweet and citrus flavors. THC levels of 14.5% can produce an elevating impact, as well as inventiveness and talkative effects.

Early Miss Autoflower

As its name suggests, Early Miss has a short flowering time, and it is an Indica-dominant. This strain is a combination of Original White Widow and Big Bud. In most cases, it only takes approximately seven weeks for a plant to reach full maturity and be harvested. It can be cultivated both indoors and outdoors in the right conditions.

Harvesting yields between 200-250 grams/square meter. In fact, it has a high THC content of roughly 20%, which has soothing effects and is well-proven to relieve pain.

Bluetooth Autoflower

Bluetooth contains a sweet blueberry flavor that would entice anyone with a sweet craving, and it has the potential to keep you in bed. It is primarily indica and requires nine weeks to mature for harvest. The THC content of its sticky buds is around 18%. It has a significant impact on you. It produces between 200-300 grams/square meter. This plant is low in stature and works well in confined spaces, making it an excellent choice for beginner breeders.


Since marijuana growers can have many crops in a year, autoflowering marijuana strains are in high demand. Growers will see higher yields and profits as a result of this. More users, particularly medical people, are served. There are many distinct marijuana strains for various weather conditions, spaces, flowering times, etc. When it comes to producing marijuana as a novice, there are numerous variables to consider.