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Autoflower or Feminized: Choosing the Best Seeds for Indoor Marijuana Cultivation

Aside from selecting a Sativa, Indica, or Hybrid strain, cultivators choose the seeds that best suit their needs. They usually select autoflowering seeds or feminized seeds. These are the most popular and preferred seeds among top growers.

Find out which is better for indoors: fast autoflowers or all-feminine feminized seeds.

What Are Autoflowering Cannabis Strains?

Cannabis seeds from automated plants produce autoflowering cannabis. They bloom or flower without the requirement for a particular lighting schedule.

Since autoflowers strains are smaller than other strains, they’re ideal for growing indoors or in secret. You can harvest your buds in about 7 to 9 weeks because auto strains are the quickest to grow.

Are you looking for a cannabis strain that blooms on its own?

Take the following advantages and disadvantages into consideration:

Advantages Of Using Autoflowering Seeds

Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds Allow You To Harvest Quickly.

Grow autoflowering cannabis seeds if you’re a hasty grower who wants the fast reward. Auto plants could flower in as little as 7 to 9 weeks, with the quickest auto plants flowering in as little as five weeks. Sativa plants are still producing their branches at this moment!

It is the weed for you if you reside in a region with very little sunlight or only enough daylight in a year.

Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds Will Grow Small Plants

Autoflowers are incredibly compact. Because they have been exposed to harsh and cold outdoor environments and have acquired a compact size and structure, it’s the ideal strain to grow indoors because of its compact size.

Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds For Stealth Cannabis Gardens

Autoflowering cannabis is the ideal plant for stealth gardens due to its size. It will be challenging to manage your plants if you live in an area where cannabis cultivation is prohibited, especially if you want to cultivate a more extensive garden or produce greater yields.

You can produce small, compact plants indoors using autoflowering cannabis plants. Have a spare room? You can use this as a discreet indoor growing space to grow a variety of tiny plants. You’ll be able to grow plants with larger yields using the most up-to-date strategies for increasing yields, such as plant training, nutrition, and supplements.

Autoflowering Cannabis Will Save You Money, Time, And Effort

Without a doubt, growing autoflowering cannabis seeds allows you to grow plants and harvest plants faster than average speeds; however, it is also often overlooked. When you develop autoflowering plants, you can save money, effort, and time by harvesting your weed earlier. You can hold two or more weeks of water, plant food, and energy.

Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds Will Let You Double Or Triple Your Yields.

You can grow two to three times indoors in a year if you have the proper growing settings and still have time to rest and concentrate on drying your weed. As a result, you’ll be able to cultivate more plants and harvest more yields without having to wait as long.

Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds To Grow Plants Indoors

The best part about autoflowering cannabis plants is that they can be grown indoors without taking up too much room.

If you’ve heard about growing cannabis in space buckets, this is a great way to produce autoflowering plants discreetly. A space bucket is a method for converting regular 5-gallon buckets into a stealth-growing system. A tiny 5-gallon bucket can hold two or three autoflowering plants, and you can expand vertical capacity by stacking buckets on top of each other. You may comfortably and discreetly grow cannabis inside with this method.

Disadvantages of Using Auto Seeds

Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds Are Very Expensive

Autoflowering cannabis seeds are, without a doubt, the most expensive in a seed bank. Because of their excellent qualities, these seeds cost twice as much as conventional seeds. Despite this, many cannabis growers believe that autoflowers are preferable to other seeds because of their superior features. The benefits are well worth the investment!

Autoflowering Cannabis Plants Cannot Be Cloned

Unfortunately, autoflowering cannabis plants cannot be grown from clones. You can try growing from a cutting, but you will only get a vegetative plant. To start flowering, change the lights to a 12/12 light/dark cycle.

Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds Are Available In Male Or Female

There are male and female autoflowering cannabis seeds available, as well as autoflowering feminized seeds. It means that if you want to fast breed cannabis strains, you can still produce male plants.

Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds Are Not Available For The Strain You Want To Grow

Several cannabis strains, but not all, are accessible in autoflowering form. You might have a preferred strain to grow, but autoflowering versions aren’t available.

How to Use Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds

Autoflowering cannabis seeds are also developed the same way as any other cannabis seed, but they come with a few unexpected benefits for every producer.

Choose Viable Autoflowering Seeds

To germinate, you must select viable seeds, just as you would with any other type of seed. Viable autoflowering seeds have a dark hue (brown to black seeds are normally viable; white, green, and yellow seeds will never sprout), are shiny, have a smooth surface, feature distinctive markings (stripes, dots, and other designs), and are hefty seeds, just like any other cannabis seeds. Sort the seeds into viable and non-viable categories.

Germinate Your Seeds

Seeds can be germinated in a variety of methods, including in a glass of water, on a paper towel, or by simply dropping them in the soil. However, we recommend using a growth cube.

To help your seedlings develop healthy and robust, use peat cubes that are high in nutrients. To utilize peat cubes:

  1. Soak them in water overnight, then remove them from the water and press out the excess.
  2. Place the seed in the cube after opening it.
  3. Fold the cube and place it in a germination tray to close it.
  4. Spray the cube with water to keep it moist. The taproot may develop out of the cube, indicating that the seed has germinated.

The cube’s small leaves, or cotyledons, will soon grow out as well.

Support Plants During The Vegetative Stage

Take the seedling and place it in a larger container for growing. To grow your seedlings, use good growth soil, such as sandy, clayey soil. If you don’t want to grow in the soil, you can use a hydroponic or aeroponic system instead.

Provide the best possible growing conditions for the autoflowering cannabis strain. Maintain the proper temperature and humidity and the proper amounts of nutrients and supplements, and water your plants on a regular basis. Always follow the product directions for applying fertilizers and nutrients, and keep in mind that the vegetative and flowering seasons require different nutrients.

Support Plants During The Flowering Stage

Without the requirement for a 12/12 lighting/darkness schedule, your autoflowering plants will grow and flower. These will grow by the plants’ maturity.

Check for male plants unless you’re cultivating feminized autoflowering cannabis. Males have balls or sacs, while females have wispy white flowers called pistils. As soon as you notice a male, get rid of him.

After your plants have bloomed, use bloom notes to help them flower even more. Autoflowers will be ready for harvesting in no time.

Harvest Your Buds Early

The plants are ready to harvest after 7 to 9 weeks. The color of the pistils on the flowers and the purity of the trichomes are indicators. Buds with darker-colored pistils and hazy trichomes are ready to be harvested.

Remove the buds from the plants and set them on a tray to dry, or cut the entire plant and utilize other plant components to harvest. You should dry buds and plant components in a dry area or room. To assist your buds in drying faster, keep the humidity level in the drying space low.

What Are Feminized Cannabis Strains

Meanwhile, feminized cannabis seeds are precisely what their name implies: they produce female plants. Rather than developing ordinary seeds with male or female seeds, all-female plants are a more effective way to grow cannabis.

Regular cannabis seeds come in both male and female varieties. If you purchase a pack of ordinary seeds, 50 percent will be male, and 50 percent will be female. You won’t have to deal with male plants if you grow feminized plants. You continue to cultivate your plants without any problems.

Is a feminized marijuana seed right for you? Before you buy seeds from a seed bank near you, learn about the benefits and drawbacks of this type of seed.

Advantages Of Growing Feminized Seeds

Feminized Cannabis Seeds Will Save You Money, Time, And Effort

Growing feminized seeds will save you money in the same way as autoflowering cannabis plants will. You won’t be dealing with male plants, and you won’t have to grow different plants to compensate for developing male plants. You’ll save money, time, effort, and resources, and you’ll have the assurance that your female plants will thrive till harvest.

Feminized Cannabis Seeds Will Do Away With Growing Male Plants

Male plants can cause problems in your garden. They may accidentally release pollen, pollinating your female plants and undoing all of your hard work.

Feminized Cannabis Seeds Are Available In Different Strains

Yes, feminized cannabis seeds come in various strains, ranging from feminized sativa to feminized indica. You’ll certainly be able to find a feminized strain of your preferred strain online or at a local seedbank.

Feminized Cannabis Seeds Are Available In All Seed Banks

Feminized cannabis seeds are available in almost every seedbank. Even local seed banks will offer a broad choice of feminized types, so you won’t have to look far. You may buy feminized cannabis seeds online, and you’ll be surprised by the range of strains available.

Disadvantages Of Feminized Cannabis Strains

Feminized Cannabis Seeds Are Among The Most Expensive Kinds Of Seeds
Feminized cannabis seeds are without a doubt among the most expensive, maybe second only to autoflowering seeds. But don’t worry; much like autos, you can get feminized seeds for a low price by taking advantage of seed bank discounts, specials, and special offers. Local and internet seed banks will give you free seeds if you spend a specific amount.

Not All Feminized Cannabis Seeds May Not Grow Well Indoors

Several feminized cannabis seed strains don’t do well indoors. Because of their size, shape, and effects, some strains are better suited to being cultivated outside.

Feminized Cannabis Seeds Eliminate Males In Breeding

You can’t start breeding new plants or strains since there are no males. New strains are naturally created by crossing a female and a male plant. To conceive a healthy plant, you still need solid and decent male cannabis genes.

How to Grow Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Choose Viable Feminized Seeds

You can only utilize feminized seeds that are viable. Viable seeds are hard, dark-colored, smooth, shiny, and weighty. It would help if you never germinated green, yellow, white, soft, open, and light seeds.

Germinate Your Seeds

We always prefer the peat pellet method, which involves placing a viable seed within a damp peat pellet. Close the pellet and leave the seed to germinate in peace. It’s time to transfer the seed into your preferred growing media once the seed has opened and the taproot has grown from the pellet.

Support Plants During The Vegetative Stage

As your feminized plant starts to vegetate, supply it with the nutrients it needs based on the strain. Remember to feed your plants nutrients that are appropriate for their stage of development.

Support Plants During The Flowering Stage

It’s time to start flowering your plants once they’ve achieved maturity, have a strong structure, and grow vigorously. Turn on the light and set the timer for 12 hours of light and 12 hours of darkness for the plants. Use a timer as much as possible to stick to this routine.

Never interrupt darkness times even with a small amount of light because you may ruin your plant’s ability to bloom. You’ll have flowering plants in a few days, and the best thing is that you won’t have to bother with male plants.

Harvest Your Buds Early

Harvest your plants when they’re ready, just as with autoflowering cannabis. You have the option of harvesting just the buds or the entire plant.


Growers that don’t want to deal with male plants should use female cannabis seeds. Autoflowering cannabis seeds are for indoor or stealth growers that seek faster harvests, shorter flowering durations, and compact plants.

Feminized seeds and autoflowering seeds can save you time, money, and effort, all of which are valuable assets for any cannabis grower. Choose autoflower seeds or feminized seeds based on your needs.