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An Explanation to Why Cannabis Smell is a Feast to the Nose

Any cannabis user will tell you that the fragrance of the plant is simply seductive. There’s something about cannabis that makes people want to take it, eat it, and revel in it; it’s like a sensory overload! What, on the other hand, is the scent of cannabis made up of? What is it about marijuana that grabs users by the nose? We’ll talk about all of this, as well as how to improve the scent of weed.

What makes cannabis smell great

If you have ever taken cannabis, you will notice that the fragrance is distinct. Marijuana is becoming legal in more and more nations, which means you may be exposed to the fragrance of marijuana more frequently than in the past.

Marijuana odor is typically described as musky, and it is frequently equated to the scent of skunk, which is a widespread misconception. Weed may have a distinct musky aroma with herbal undertones, which is characteristic of cannabis. Here are some descriptions of what marijuana smells like from the time it is harvested until the time it is consumed to help you understand what we’re talking about here.

Do all cannabis users enjoy the smell of weed

Despite sharing a common affection for cannabis, consumers have varying preferences for the smell and taste of the plant. It is customary for experienced cannabis consumers to select strong strains with strong aromas and potent effects rather than milder strains. First-time users, on the other hand, may only be interested in strains that are not overpowering. To better understand why some people feel cannabis to be delicious, let’s take a look at how weed smells from seed to harvest time.

What an actual cannabis plant smells


The aroma of cannabis varies depending on where it is in its short life cycle. Cannabis seeds do not have a distinct odor. It will still smell like a plant if you crack it open, remove the seed covering, or crush it. This is because the compounds that makeup marijuana aren’t present in cannabis seeds yet.

It will be many weeks before the seeds sprout and develop into seedlings, but the young plant will still be odorless and devoid of any distinct cannabis odor. Once the plant begins to produce blooms or progresses past the vegetative stage, you will notice a distinct odor. As your plant develops more blossoms and matures, it will emit the specific smell characteristic of its particular strain.

Young plants may smell less, while mature plants will have a greater smell. Among the most prominent scents associated with marijuana plants are earthy, woodsy, and floral notes. Some plants may also have piney undertones and a skunky smell to them. Once again, they may vary according to the variety you are cultivating… There are a variety of other elements that influence the scent of a strain, including:

  • The weather or climate of the area

Growers can enhance the scent of a strain in warm climates. If you are growing cannabis outdoors, you will notice that the smell becomes more pungent when the days are hotter than when the days are cooler. Compared to the fragrance of cannabis cultivated outdoors when the weather is sunny, the scent of cannabis grown outdoors in areas with more rainfall can be milder.

As a result of the wind’s ability to transport the scent of cannabis for miles, it can help to decrease the smell of cannabis. While this is happening, the scent will typically settle and accumulate in the surrounding region on days when there is no wind.

  • The type of water used to grow the plant

While water can amplify the smell of cannabis, filtered water has been shown to lessen the odor of cannabis. Suppose you reside where your water originates from a well, and you use this water to irrigate your plants. In that case, you should expect stronger strains with a very strong fragrance if you grow marijuana in this environment.

  • The type of soil used to grow the plant

The type of soil in which cannabis is grown might also have an impact on its scent. Cannabis cultivated in highly acidic or alkaline soils will produce a strong odor, while weed grown in balanced soils will produce more controllable scents.

Soils include a range of minerals, each of which can significantly impact the fragrance of cannabis.

The scent of cannabis plants is particularly noticeable in the buds. Even with a single whiff, you can readily tell which one you are smelling from the others, depending on the type of strain. Because the weed’s chemicals and flavonoids are concentrated in the buds, here is where the fragrance is most noticeable.

Hold the bud immediately in front of your nose, or take a small piece of the bud and smash it between your fingers to get a stronger hit. Consider the perfume that emerges from the crushed buds; this scent is unique to the strain you are currently holding in your hands.

Meanwhile, it is undeniable that the parent strains of the cannabis plant have a significant impact on the scent, potency, and effects of the plant. Generally speaking, the scent of weed is determined by the more dominant strain. The reason for this is that robust dominating strains are more likely to pass on their distinctive odors, regardless of how much they are bred to produce younger strains.

What marijuana smells inside the bag

Marijuana within the bag is a word that refers to dried marijuana that has been placed inside an airtight bag. Depending on the strain, marijuana will have a distinct aroma. There will be a variety of aromas in the bag, including earthy, musky, woody, fruity floral, and pine scents, among others.

Ordinarily, only one or two scents will stand out among the others, and this will be the first perfume you will notice when you open the bag.

The airtight package in which marijuana is stored in a practical package that is comparable to those used to store snack food items in the refrigerator. On marijuana packages, you will notice labels that have been properly filled out, giving you some crucial information regarding cannabis.

The name of the strain, the type of strain (Cannabis sativa, Cannabis indica, a hybrid strain, etc.), the date the weed was harvested, the name of the grower or breeder, possible effects, and the number of cannabinoids and other chemical components in the weed are all listed on the package. This information will aid in determining whether the cannabis in the bag is powerful or has a strong odor.

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Containers or packages that are airtight are ideal for containing cannabis with strong scents. However, as soon as you open the container, the powerful odor will immediately permeate the air around you. It will crumble when you touch it or press on it, and this will also produce a powerful odor when the dried buds are broken down.

There are now cannabis strains that have a mild aroma and cannabis strains that are odoriferous. Super Skunk, Cat Piss, and Space Queen are just a few of the strains you should be on the lookout for. Even the names of the first two strains are descriptive of the aromas that they produce!

What weed smells when you smoke it

When you smoke marijuana, the scent varies depending on the strain’s notes. However, keep in mind that the smoke adds to the fragrance, creating a mixture of aromas. When weed is smoked, the aromas of smoke, fire, and a more strong skunky smell usually appear.

Additionally, some strains have delightful fruity aromas, while others have an earthy flavor; think of the smell of excavating soil in your lawn when you smoke a strain like this. Some cannabis strains have a powerful perfume that can immediately fill a room when smoked; however, other strains may have no discernible scent when consumed.

In addition, it is vital to remember that the scent of cannabis smoked might vary in intensity depending on where you consume it. Think about the fact that even the strongest strains may be smoked outside or in a very large room with little or no fragrance, whereas cannabis with a very light smell may be too overwhelming to smoke within a small area.

What will you smell like after smoking marijuana

Even after marijuana has been used, the scent of marijuana can be quite familiar. The scent of cannabis can also linger for several hours after you have consumed it. Smoke can linger and cling to your clothes, curtains, furniture, and bedding; anything made of fabric can retain the smell of smoked food and beverages.

The dominating scent of cannabis, mixed with a skunky stench, is the most commonly used description for the lingering smell of cannabis in the air. In the case of a dominating lemon and citrus scent, a strain will permeate the room with the same lemony and skunky stench even hours after the pot has been smoked, for example.

In this case, the degree of the lingering odor of cannabis can vary based on where you consumed your weed. If you smoke outside, the smoke may be carried a long distance depending on how strong the wind is at the time. It will not cling to your clothing, hair, or skin in any way. However, if you smoke marijuana indoors, the fragrance will almost certainly linger on the clothes in the room for some time.

How long does the odor linger in the room? The response may differ based on the room’s airflow, the type of pot you smoked, and how you smoked it. Consider that a room with large windows and an exhaust fan can handle smoke from a cannabis session by a group of friends. However, if a group of the same size smokes weed in a room with poor ventilation, the smoke will remain regardless of the strain used.

Marijuana strains that smell great

Here are five top-smelling weed strains that you must try out today:

  • Lemonder

Lemonder is one of the sweetest strains available, winning the Best Aroma in Washington State title with 91 points. It has a wispy appearance that is great from every perspective, but the best quality of this strain is its perfect aroma, which has a sweet citrus flavor. Lemonder has a citrus, floral scent that reminds me of orange candy. This is a strain that you should try.

  • White Tahoe Cookies

One such famous and delectable strain is White Tahoe Cookies (also known as White Tahoe). Known for its consistency and quality, this breed has garnered a lot of honors for its outstanding features over the years. When you smell it, you’ll notice that it has an aroma that is comparable to that of grape, berry, pine, mint, and skunky dirt, among other things.

  • Gummo

Gummo received an almost perfect grade when it came to the fragrance and flavor. Bubble Gum and Orange Bud have been combined to create this delightful hybrid flavor. It’s easy to see why: when you combine bubble gum with citrus smells, you’ll get a delicious blend of fragrances and flavors!

Gummo has a lovely ripe orange taste and flavor from the wild orange hairs that grow on the plant. It has a sharper, more spicy aftertaste that is reminiscent of sandalwood and cinnamon. And, on top of all that, Gummo provides a rapid, heady, contemplative high that begins with the first exhalation.

  • Blueberry Pancakes

Blueberry Pancakes is yet another strain that is not only a delight to the senses but also has a fantastic flavor and aroma to match. It has a distinct terpene profile that includes berry notes, a creamy hint of citrus, and the scent of freshly baked muffins. Blueberry Pancakes have a calming impact on the body and can help to relieve tension and stress. There are additional benefits to using this strain, including pain relief and appetite improvement.

  • Golden Ticket

Known as the “Golden Ticket,” this flower has a tropical flavor and aroma. Aromatic with a warm, floral scent reminiscent of tropical flowers, it is a delight for the senses. After consuming this strain, you will recall the flavor of fresh pine and bitter spearmint, which will remain in your mouth for hours afterward. The aroma is comparable to that of ripe tropical papaya.

How to enhance the smell of cannabis

Is it possible to transform ordinary cannabis into a fragrant strain? There’s no denying that you can turn an ordinary strain into a mouthwatering mix of aromas.

Cannabis odor can be improved with the use of nutrients and supplements. However, when it comes to supplements, you’ll want to choose one that’s appropriate for your plants’ stage of development. Plants that are in the vegetative or growth stages require nitrogen-rich fertilizers and nutrients. Plants at the flowering stage, on the other hand, require supplements with lower nitrogen levels and higher potassium and phosphorus levels. Make sure to stay away from chemical-based nutrition.

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Look for supplement products that have flavors like citrus, berry, and grape in their compositions. Most importantly, do not provide nutrients during the final six weeks of flowering. This might give the buds a bitter chemical flavor.

Use UV-B lights that are strong enough to assist your buds in reaching their maximum potential. UV-B lights have been shown to improve the aroma and flavor of cannabis. And the good news is that you don’t need to spend money on UV-B lights because you can take your plants outside to catch some sunlight.

If you want to improve the scent and taste of your cannabis, consider growing it in living soil or super soil. Essentially, super soil is composted and amended soil with beneficial bacteria that can break down nutrients that your plants can use.

To maintain the flavor and fragrance of your plants throughout the final six weeks of flowering, you must give them gentle, loving care. Temperatures should be kept below 80 degrees Fahrenheit during the day to prevent your buds from drying out. To achieve the optimum outcomes, nighttime temperatures should be at least 5 to 10 degrees Fahrenheit colder, and the humidity should be less than 50% of the daytime temperature.

The drying and curing processes that your buds go through are critical to enhancing their taste and scent. After harvesting, allow your buds to dry slowly at a temperature of approximately 70 degrees Fahrenheit for several days. Using a big glass mason jar, store the dried buds until they are needed. Don’t stuff too many buds into the container. Leave some room at the top of the jar so that the jar’s weight does not fall directly on the buds at the bottom of the jar. Keep an eye on the humidity levels to ensure that your buds are in peak condition by the time they are used.

Marijuana strains that have offensive smells

It’s your choice whether you want to try the following terrible-smelling strains:

  • Sour Cheese

Sour Cheese is a member of the Cheese family, which is both popular and unpleasant. This strain has a tangy, savory aroma and produces a mellow bliss. You’ll have more energy and a better mood as a result. Sour Cheese is a great hybrid strain with an unusual flavor that puts off the majority of customers.

  • Cat Piss

Would you smell cat urine? This sativa strain comes with a pungent odor akin to the ammonia-laden cat urine. But would you think that people still enjoy Cat Piss despite its stench? This is because it comes with buzzy, lively effects. You’ll feel physical and mental excitement just by taking the first smell. Cat Piss is proof that you should never judge a strain by its name!

  • Dog Shit

Another odd moniker for a strain is the hybrid Dog Shit. This strain has a potent scent that’s not for inexperienced users. Some say that they felt paranoid while ingesting this strain due to its name and scent. But despite these, many people remark that the smell is not always that awful. You might need to get used to it.

  • Grandpa’s Breath

One of the stinkiest strains available is Grandpa’s Breath, a potent indica that was created from the genetics of Granddaddy Purple. But don’t let the smell drive you away because this offers a nice body high that will make you feel relaxed and medicated.

  • M-39

M-39 has garnered unfavorable ratings for its scent. Some people likened it to a “Canadian ditch weed grown in a tar pit.” Because of its strong scent, it has become easy to carry anyplace. But those who enjoy M-39 claim that it has a lovely aroma that needs time to get used to.

How to reduce cannabis plant smells

How to reduce cannabis plant smells

It would be difficult to bear with the overwhelming odor if you were growing outside. Grow your weed alongside other aromatic plants or trees for the best results. You can also conceal your cannabis grow with tall and sturdy fences. The finest sort of fencing for cannabis gardens is a tall fence that no one can see through.

Instead of directly growing weed on the ground, you may grow your cannabis plants in greenhouses. Greenhouses allow some natural light to pass through the see-through house walls and roof while allowing odors to evaporate in the air. However, if you want to produce smellier strains, exhaust fans can be installed in your greenhouse to remove the stale and stinky air.

The strong odor of cannabis will give away the location of your garden, but keep in mind that a fragrance can be anything. Unless you have proof that you are producing marijuana, the odor is just another smell outside! Never tell anyone where your garden is, not even your neighbors or family and relatives. Never put your faith in anyone, especially strangers.

Indoor cannabis growing

Indoor cannabis plants can produce very strong, highly pungent odors that might be difficult to get rid of. The idea is to plan your cannabis growing area with odor elimination in mind. To eliminate odors, your growing area should have proper air movement and an exhaust system.

The type of ventilation equipment you want to use

Even if you’re only interested in cultivating non-smelly marijuana, investing in a good ventilation system is a good idea. Not only will you be able to get rid of unpleasant odors, but you’ll also be able to get rid of stale air and enhance air circulation in your growing area.

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Mold and pest growth will be reduced, and your plants will be protected from root rot and bud rot with a good ventilation system. Here are a few suggestions to keep in mind:

  • It’s preferable to acquire a bigger fan than a tiny one. You’ll have a more efficient system plus it saves you money too.
  • PC fans are okay, but it’s better to use a fan with a speed switch or a variable speed controller. This will help promote air circulation better and help you deal with excessive heat when the temperature outdoors increases, especially during heatwaves.
  • Cheap booster fans should be avoided. These will merely consume more energy, and the CFM ratings are dubious. Use a better fan as much as feasible. It may be pricey entertainment, but you can rest assured that you will receive your money’s worth.
  • Use bars to hang your fans to get rid of strong scents and enhance air circulation and humidity in a medium-sized space. This will quickly eliminate odors and is also quieter.
  • Fans, particularly powerful and huge exhaust fans, can be extremely loud. Hang them from a bar to reduce the noise.


How to avoid smelling like a weed after consuming it

There’s nothing wrong with smelling like weed especially when the dominating smell is citrusy and piney but what if you need to meet people and you want to remove the smell of weed on you Here are a few tips to consider:

  • Take a bath, wash your hair, wash your hands, brush your teeth

Weed fragrance, no matter how aromatic, sweet, woodsy, skunky, or nasty, is still weed. You need to get rid of it ASAP. If you smoked weed at home and you want to erase the smell immediately, take a warm bath and wash everything, including your hair, beard, and mustache.

Your hands will keep most of the smell since you hold the weed or the joint more than you insert it in between your lips. Wash your hands with aromatic soap or sanitize them with alcohol. Check your fingernails. Some of the weeds may get lodged underneath your nails, so use a brush to remove these.

Finally, no one wants to talk to someone who smells like cannabis. To totally remove the odor, brush your teeth, floss, and use mouthwash.

A reminder: if you use medicinal cannabis at work or anyplace else outside, bring some mints or breath freshener with you to mask the weed smell.

  • Remove or change your clothes

Marijuana leaves a lingering odor on clothing and any fabric. Change your clothes to get rid of the odor. Wear a jacket to cover your work attire if you must smoke medical cannabis outside your home. Use an old jacket that you don’t wear too often.

  • Use strong perfume or cologne

Apply perfume instead of showering or changing your clothing if you don’t have time. However, instead of utilizing just one smell, make sure you have at least three to five. This will prevent others from associating your aroma with your marijuana use.

Citrusy perfumes, musk scents, and fruity scents are just a few of the fantastic scents to try. Use a small amount of cologne or perfume. Some smells can intensify the odor of cannabis, making it more strong.


  • Use a hat, smock or old jacket when you smoke

Generations ago, folks smoked cigars with their smoking coats. You can wear an old jacket and a hat when you smoke to avoid the smell from latching on to your hair and clothes.

Don’t forget to wash this jacket at least a couple of times per month to clean it.

When wearing a hat, tuck your hair inside to avoid having cannabis in your hair. Use a net if you have really long hair.

  • Go for other ways to consume cannabis other than smoking or vaping

To avoid smoke from adhering to your clothes and hair, ingest cannabis via oils, edibles, or supplements. Just take note that the effects of cannabis may differ from one intake method to another.

Smoking cannabis is the fastest way to get the high, especially when you are consuming recreational cannabis. The slowest way would be ingesting edibles because the weed will need to pass the stomach first. But if you can’t leave smoking, try cannabis that’s not too pungent.

  • Use an air freshener

Use an air freshener to get rid of the heavy cannabis scent in your room. Chemical and natural air fresheners are the two main types of air fresheners. Chemical air fresheners are widely available in supermarkets and pharmacies. You can also select the type of fragrance you want in your room or house. Chemical fresheners endure a long time, and some can make your room smell clean and fresh on their own.

You can also use an activated air freshener, which works by pressing a button or spraying the air freshener in the room. This is a better alternative because you may target a specific location that stinks the worst. Spray clothes, your phone, your purse, and other personal belongings that have kept the fragrance of marijuana can be identified.

You can also utilize natural methods to get rid of the cannabis odor. Spot clean surfaces that smell like a weed with a vinegar and water mixture made by mixing equal parts cannabis and vinegar in a spray bottle. Use this to scent and wipe off walls, as well as clothing. For a while, your room will smell like sweet and sour vinegar, but the cannabis odor will go quickly.

Fill a spray bottle halfway with lemon juice and the rest with water. To eliminate the scent of marijuana inside your home, spray this on any surface or in the air.

To get rid of odors, use charcoal. In the corner of the room, place a small bag of charcoal. This will eliminate odors and regulate moisture and humidity levels in a growing space. Charcoal can naturally absorb aromas and neutralize odors in the air. Most importantly, there is no need to replace the charcoal. You are free to use and reuse it as often as you like.

  • Open windows and doors

Open doors, windows, and exhaust systems to quickly remove the odor of cannabis from a room. While you smoke, you can also use a fan to remove the stench by directing it out the window. However, you should not do this if you live near a public place, as your neighbor may detect the odor and report you.

  • Clean your room, wash bedding and curtains

One technique to thoroughly erase the lingering scent of cannabis is to clean your room from top to bottom and to wash bedding and drapes. Use a powerful detergent to remove the stench, and a fabric conditioner with a vibrant scent should work out just fine.

If you routinely smoke in your room, cover your bedding with a thick plastic sheet. Use a fan to remove the odor immediately.