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How To Use AVB and Get High Again


At the intersection of marijuana edibles and vaporizing, there has always been a tiny secret. The major advantages of vaporizing are the potential to use your weed flower once for vaping and then use it once more to create edibles. It isn’t something many people know about, but it would be a good way to get much more out of your weed. Weed smoking turns your herbs into ash or even chars them, leaving nothing even THC, after the flower is burned. However, vaping helps you intake THC efficiently and gives you the chance to use it again as your flower for a second time around. Both vape pens will work for the production of it. in this article, we will discuss what is AVB and all about it.

Meaning of AVB

AVB means “Already Vaped Bud”. As the names imply, marijuana has been already vaporized by the use of a vape. If you have probably noticed on AVB, it looks very different just after vaping. The color may also have changed from green to color brown, but it doesn’t mean it doesn’t have uses. The aroma of the AVB is significantly different from those of freshly ground marijuana. AVB will not have the same rich scent of fresh marijuana, but you’ll still be able to see some terpenes which have managed to survive the vapor phase. Nevertheless, if you try to smoke your steam bud, you will recognize a bitter aftertaste.

How Does an it Work

The reason why marijuana needs to be vaporized, smoked, or included as part of an edibles recipe is really a process known as decarboxylation or short-term decarbing. Decarbing marijuana triggers its various cannabinoids, like CBD and THC, making them accessible for oxidation by the body. That is why juicing or eating raw and fresh marijuana would have no psychoactive effect or anything. It needs to be exposed to heat, in order to decarboxylate marijuana, which is why users traditionally smoke or vaporize plant material.

Since AVB has already been vaporized and was exposed to heat, it has been already completely decarboxylated as well as the bud could be ingested as-is, triggering its full impact. There is a really valid reason to not eat AVB directly though: it tastes terrible. Even combining AVB with your food, even as helping to disguise the terrible taste, could still end up making a whole dish disagreeable. Because most users want to enjoy their meal instead of tarnishing it with the horrid taste of AVB, the favored way to enjoy AVB would be to properly blend this with butter or oil.

How much THC is there in the AVB

How much THC is left in your AVB, well, it depends on 3 things. First of all, the temperature of your vaporizer is vital. If you are steaming at a low temp, there are probable to become more residual cannabinoids in ABV than when you’re steaming at a high temp. The second variable would be how long you’re steaming. If your vape activity is short, AVB is probably higher in cannabinoids unlike ABV. The final consideration is about how much THC was initially present in your marijuana.

If you had been lucky enough even to smoke a wide range of around 25% THC, like Auto Cinderella Jack, maybe you would likely have higher residual THC content in your ABV than you’ve ever had from the lower THC strain. With many factors, it is also hard to say exactly how much THC level is in your AVB. However, some researches have already shown that more than a third of the initial THC will stay in your AVB marijuana. Anecdotal input from AVB supporters suggests that it isn’t as high as all that, but only 10% to 20% of the initial THC will stay. The main advice for those using AVB marijuana would be careful if trying to test the end product. You’d probably have noticed a bitter aftertaste and a slight effect, if you were to roll a joint and try to smoke AVB.

Is it dangerous to use AVB

Shifting from smoking to steaming marijuana makes you feel safe from toxic materials ingredients that have long-term bad impacts. With all that being said, would it be more dangerous and harmful to smoke AVB than it is to smoke fresh marijuana Vaping marijuana would also activate the marijuana compounds, like CBD and THC. Then extract them while inhaling.

With exception of smoking, there have been no exhaust gas toxins in this phase. This helps make AVB just about the same as the marijuana bud is heated in the oven at 180 degrees in a few minutes. This helps make it safe enough to use it as a cooking ingredient and must have the same associated risks to smoking fresh cannabis.