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All About Weed Pen | Get To Know About Them

weed pen

Using a weed pen is a quick and easy way to steam, even though it’s your first time. Weed pens were the natural development of the original e-cigarette. Initially, they have been used mostly for nicotine vaping, and though today weed pens are mainly used with CBD vape juice and marijuana oil cartridges. Because of their versatility, weed pens could be used with a wide range of atomizers that enable you to vape different substances. In this article, we will discuss what a weed pen, and what the purpose it.

What is a weed pen

A weed pen is a source of energy that heats up a tank or a steam cartridge. They are rechargeable battery technologies and are very small as well as cylindrical, thus the name “pen.” Weed pens first beat the e-cigarette episode around 2010 from the company called Janty, which soon after Joyetech became widely known.  This device has reformed the market for vape by bringing a better battery life, and also supplying the user the ability to exchange cartridges or atomizers. Prior to the steamed pens, the e-cigarettes were small self-contained devices in the size and shape of a cigarette.

Advantages of using weed pen

Weed pens do have benefits over marijuana flower smoking, particularly for newbie users. Below are the following advantages of using a weed pen.

They are convenient

Cartridges are transportable, pre-filled, and small, with concentrates and liquid fuels. Carrying a few of them is so much easier than bringing a few kinds of flowers, and switching them out is easy.

They are discreet

Sometimes, weed pens are used by tobacco smokers, and these days they’re not attracting much attention. The aroma of vapor is far less pungent than that of the smell of burning dried marijuana flowers, so that steaming can be completely unobserved in many locations where smoking is not allowed.

They are less harmful

Research shows that if marijuana is burned, the smoke inhaled holds at least 100 toxins, which can sometimes lead to cancer. But since vaporizers do not burn or heat marijuana, people who are using them are not subjected to these toxins. A long-term study on vaporization has not yet been carried out, but a 2010 study of 20 daily marijuana smokers with current lung diseases discovered that only 1 month after using a weed pen instead, they had “significant improvements” in their lung health.

They are cleaner

The cartridges are replaceable, so there was no sticky resin to wash them. And that the only outcome is that water vapor has no smoke, no mess, and no ash.

Things you need before using a weed pen

Here’s all you have to get started. Either you’re using a desktop or portable vaporizer, there may be a few extra items which would come in very handy.

Dry herb

Firstly, you need to have some good-quality dry herbs; you can purchase high CBD marijuana online if you are not in a pro recreational and medical cannabis state. The bud is not supposed to be much too dry or sticky, or it is not going to vape correctly.


Desktop or portable vaporizers are by far the most common alternatives. They were also stand-alone units designed solely for that purpose and will be your best choice.


They’re a must for absorption vapes, and perfect with most heat transfer vapes. A grinder is always a great tool to be in your Everton.


Most weed pens include tools for cleaning a vaporizer, normally a brush, and a stirring tool. Those certain basic essentials involve pipe cleaners, high strength isopropyl alcohol, and cotton swabs.

How to inhale weed pen

If you have never inhaled a weed pen, it might take a bit of getting used to.  Weed pen is different in your lungs than smoke and therefore can stimulate coughing even though it is far cooler than smoke. You would then sooner or later find the best temp of your choice.

  • Wait for around 30 seconds after your weed pen reaches the temperature before you take your first hit (usually just a minute or so for portables)
  • Premium the weed pen by taking a few soothing hits
  • Drag on your mouthpiece till you have steamed your lungs;
  • If the draw is too stiff, hit that as well like you’d have a rat your lips liberally on your mouthpiece.

Consider the fact that most of the dry weed pens are session vapes and they cut off at a certain point, just like a joint, although you can put it back on for the next round. Based on your temperature settings for the very first session, there seems to be likely to be more life left to the buds, which is often referred to as an AVB or a vaped bud.

Inspect your herb at the final moment of your session, if it still has some color to it, blend it up a little bit with your stirring tool, then pile it down slowly a little, and switch it on for the next round. You will have extra sessions with your bud for vaporizers as long as it is not too gloomy.