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A Guide Rolling a Perfect Crutch for Your Joint or Spliff

cannabis joint

Over the last several years, the number of people becoming aware of the numerous advantages of marijuana use has increased substantially. Cannabis is being used by an increasing number of people all around the world.

Numerous medical and healthcare organizations are now recommending cannabis to their patients due to advancements in technology and study. In the United States, one of the most prevalent uses of this herb is for pain relief.

Marijuana is a powerful muscle relaxant in addition to its pain-relieving properties. It’s also a fantastic herb for treating anxiety, tension, sleeplessness, and even post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Marijuana is also beneficial to those with cancer, HIV, and Parkinson’s illness. Artists and celebrities also use it to increase their creativity. The list of advantages might go on and on. Thousands of credible experts and scientists agree that marijuana is good for people and, as a result, should be legalized.

Common Ways to Consume Marijuana

You can use marijuana in several different ways. You could make cannabutter (cannabis butter), make tea with it, put it in pastries and brownies, or smoke it.

Even though cannabis may be prepared and eaten in various ways, many individuals choose to smoke it. You must also know how to smoke marijuana properly to enjoy its taste, aroma, and advantages. It is where knowing how to roll an excellent crutch for your joint or spliff comes in handy.

Rolling a crutched joint or spliff is an art and a technique that every cannabis smoker should master. A well-rolled crutched joint may do amazing things for your senses and how you ingest the herb. Between a flawlessly rolled crutched joint and a lousy one, there is a tremendous difference.

People who have used marijuana for a long time are aware of this distinction. And if you’re wondering how to get a flawlessly rolled crutch for your spliff or joint, this article should supply you with some helpful hints and suggestions.

History of Rolling Joints

Marijuana smokers didn’t start mixing weed with tobacco cigarettes until the mid-1850s. Only hookahs and pipes were used to ingest marijuana in the past. The craze began to take off after you discovered that marijuana could be inserted within a cigarette.

Cannabis cigarettes were quite popular in the 1920s and 1930s, particularly in Jamaica. The term “joint” was coined around this time. Rolling joints, smoking them, and sharing them became a social activity. It’s also become an element of religious rituals. People thought that sharing joints strengthens bonds and encourages healthy discussions about religion and community.

What is a Crutch?

And, before we provide you with the appropriate instructions, it’s important that we first learn a few terminologies. The crutch is a term that refers to a tip or filter that is used to improve conventional joints. It serves as a mouthpiece and serves a variety of functions.

One of the benefits it gives is that it keeps the joint’s end open, preventing pieces of marijuana from getting into your mouth. Some people have never heard of a crutch, while others swear by it.

Simply said, using a crutch makes smoking joints or spliffs more enjoyable. Typically, this essential tip or filter is constructed of glass or wood pulp. Apart from serving as a filter, it serves as a grip for holding the spliff while passing it to others. Crutch adds a layer of separation between your finger or mouth and the miraculous roasting plant.

It was suggested that you roll a crutch – the perfect crutch – if you enjoy smoking marijuana in a group environment.

Materials Used for Crutch

A crutch could be made of glass or wood, as previously stated. However, quality stiff paper is the perfect material for some marijuana users.

We’re referring to sheets that aren’t as thin as printer paper but are a little thicker if we say stiff paper. It’s also worth noting that the paper shouldn’t be any lighter than your cereal boxes.

Here are a few of our personal favorites:

  • Manila file folder
  • Magazine subscription card
  • Index cards
  • Business cards (thinner ones)
  • Checkbook back flaps

If you search the internet, you’ll find that there are a variety of online stores that sell pre-cut crutches. DIY, on the other hand, is a lot more fun and practical. When rolling a crutch, though, you must take extra precautions. There’s a flawed but straightforward method, and then there’s the best one.

People often roll it into a cylinder, which appears to spiral when viewed from the front. Although it is a simple approach, the opening in the center of this type of crutch is large enough to allow herb bits to enter your mouth. The good news is that you can roll an ideal crutch for your joint in a different approach.

Essential Things You Need


When it comes to selecting a paper, you must ensure that the length and thickness are appropriate. Some individuals use endless roll paper but have some disadvantages, such as the fact that the paper only gets longer, not wider. Some individuals suggest utilizing Zig-Zag papers, which are two inches wider than standard A 12 pages.


It would be preferable if you used pointier scissors. You can borrow a pair of little sewing scissors from your grandmother. Some people also use Snip Snap scissors to cut crutches and joints since they are good at it.


You can utilize junk mail postcards or the back of a notepad as a source of inspiration. The majority of non-corrugated cardboard will suffice. Again, avoid fragile sheets, but don’t go overboard with the thickness.

Your Favorite Herb

You want to ensure you’re smoking your preferred herb. There are numerous cannabis strains available on the market today. If you know what kind of strain you want, you will have no trouble enjoying your smoking session. It’s also important to understand that different strains have varied characteristics. Some have a higher THC content, while others have a higher CBD content. It is recommended that you choose strains with high THC content if you want to experience that blissful high. It’s also a good idea, although not necessary, to use a grinder to break down your favorite strain.

Guidelines on Rolling the Perfect Crutch

Step 1: Breaking Down the Herb

It’s time to grind your favorite cannabis strain once you’ve found it. You can make things much easier by using a grinder. There are low-cost grinders and high-cost grinders. There are some distinctions between the two as well. Users can also use whatever tools you have to break down the bud. You can surely grind it with your hands. Be aware that stickier strains are more difficult to grind, so you may want to break them down with your hands.

Step 2: Making the Crutch

It’s cool to smoke joints while using a crutch. Crutches are made of thick paper or thin cardboard sheets and are also known as the tip or filter. If you don’t want to create your crutch, you could buy pre-filtering rolling papers on the market, which will save you the trouble of figuring out which tip or filter material is suitable for your joint.

However, this is the simplest way to create a crutch. Simply take a sheet of thick paper and fold the first few millimeters twice or three times. Then you must roll it up in the same direction. The idea is to create an aperture large enough to keep any marijuana residue from entering your mouth.

Step 3: Pack the Paper with the Herb

When it comes to rolling a perfect crutch for your joint, it’s all about cramming the appropriate quantity of weed into your paper. Make sure the crutch is on one of the paper’s sides. Make sure that the sticky part is on the upper side and that it faces you.

Take the previously ground marijuana and gently place it in the paper. Place more marijuana near the filter and less near the end of the paper. It should resemble a cone. After that, take the non-sticky side of the paper, which is the bottom section, and gently pinch it together with the upper side. Gently press the cannabis down and gently drag the paper’s bottom section downwards.

Step 4: Start Rolling It Up

It’s critical to start rolling the weed carefully with your filter thumb as you’re pushing or dragging it down with your finger. Tuck the bottom side of the rolling paper into the crutch or filter with the other thumb pointing above. While rolling, you must maintain the cone shape.

After that, start licking the sticky section of the upper side of the cardboard or thick paper, then keep rolling the joint. After that, you’ll need to wrap the top section and enjoy your first joint.

Additional Tips When Rolling a Crutch

Choose the Right Paper

You must understand some fundamental suggestions on properly rolling a crutch for your joint to achieve the greatest outcomes. We’ve already highlighted the importance of finding the best rolling paper available. It is suggested that you avoid using wood pulp papers because they have a terrible odor and don’t burn nicely. It is preferable to use hemp or rice-based papers instead.

Rolling a joint has become a lot easier and stays lighted a lot longer when using the materials needed. If you’re the type of cannabis user who prefers a slow burn, rice sheets are the way to go.

Get Top Quality Grinders

Make certain that the grinders you choose are constructed of high-quality materials. Don’t overlook the importance of reading testimonials and reviews before purchasing any goods. Even if you can break down the herb with your hands, you will save a lot of time by using a grinder. Inquire of friends or family members who have purchased high-quality yet low-cost grinders for ideas or guidance.

Stay Patience

Before you start rolling the weed, make sure you position it slowly. Although rolling a joint could be difficult at first, it will become much easier with practice. It is why, if you want to perfect rolling a joint or a spliff, you must practice.

Always be patient and don’t rush anything. Everything will be well worth it in the end, and you will undoubtedly be able to enjoy your marijuana smoking more.

Final Words

If you follow these rules, you’ll be able to roll a perfect crutch for your joint in no time. Keep in mind that there are various methods or principles you can use to achieve flawless results, but the most important thing is that you enjoy what you’re doing.

Don’t be scared to experiment with different rolling techniques. Try watching several videos of individuals rolling their joints. Comparing several strategies will undoubtedly assist you in determining which is the finest for you. Relax, have a wonderful time, and stay healthy.