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5 Social Apps for Marijuana Enthusiasts to Find Each Other

5 Social Apps for Marijuana Enthusiasts

Cannabis isn’t meant to be consumed on its own. Though there are times when you prefer to get stoned by yourself, you’ll find that keeping company with co-cannabis friends allows you to enjoy the wonderful moments even more. Smoking cannabis, like drinking alcohol, requires a healthy amount of laughter and conversation to make it more enjoyable. Sharing cannabis with fellow cannabis enthusiast is a part of the culture.

As a result of this article, we’ll look at five of the most popular social media apps that you may use to communicate online with other cannabis fans all around the world.

However, these websites or apps will be categorized based on their function and purpose. Aside from that, we’ll have a look at the runner-ups in case you’re not satisfied with the top five choices. Let’s get this party started if you’re ready!

Adaptation of Cannabis to Technological Changes

The Growth of Local Cannabis Circles

In the 1990s, cannabis aficionados expressed themselves through social circles in various communities that included cannabis organizations and groups to stay in touch with others who shared their passion for the plant at the time.

These groups hold training sessions, seminars, product expos, and even meetings to allow those interested in the cannabis market to connect and do business with one another.

Aside from that, these cannabis circles are beneficial in making new friends who will understand and will not criticize you because of your cannabis-related goals.

These communities hope to forge bonds with other cannabis enthusiasts while also empowering cannabis rights in the face of the government’s stringent regulations and implementations.

The Rise of the Internet Age

Social communities grew fonder with the advent of technological advancement in the early 2000s, yet they were still limited to only a few distinct locales within reach. The virtual network, which connects through various social communities online, is the most effective way to connect with other co-cannabis enthusiasts worldwide.

It has served as a forum for raising awareness and spreading information about the herb’s usefulness in the textile industry, as well as its medicinal effects.

Nonetheless, the internet provides a simple and convenient way to sell, purchase, and communicate with a wide range of cannabis enthusiasts who value anonymity and ease in their transactions. As a result, many cannabis-related websites, blogs, and even applications have gradually taken over the online world.

Consequently, the demand for cannabis in the market is said to rise with the legalization of cannabis use to various countries in the world.

Online Restrictions on Cannabis Platforms

However, because practically everyone has access to the internet, including children and conservatives, there is a limit to what you can share in cannabis images, videos, and messages. As a result, big social media applications such as Facebook and Instagram remove any cannabis-related content from their websites.

Thus, there’s a constraint as to the internet’s utilization regarding the information relating to cannabis.

However, this does not exclude you from expressing your enthusiasm for cannabis via the internet. The good news is that legislators worldwide have come up with a remedy for cannabis users. There are cannabis communities online, including applications, forums, and even social media sites, specifically designed to engage with other cannabis users.

The History of the Cannabis Online Communities

With the banning of social media giants to pages supporting cannabis, there is a serious threat to cannabis expression on the internet. Relatively, studies had informed the constraints on search engines barring any inputs regarding ‘cannabis’ or ‘marijuana.’

This policy is in concern to their campaign towards selling or advertising ‘illegal drugs.’ Though cannabis is generally referred to as such, it has proven healthy upon moderation of use.

Likewise, not just pages but government-based cannabis agencies have been previously identified and even blocklisted by these social networking networks for search.

Nevertheless, it’s unfortunate that you could not tweet or discuss every cannabis encounter with those you know. However, we have to follow every policy of these communities to uphold protection against children who aren’t authorized to use cannabis.

As a result, different app and website developers have created an alternate platform to share their cannabis-related findings openly. However, medical cannabis-related to social media platforms is first shared by co-cannabis medical patients suffering from a variety of ailments.

On these sites, everyone is free to discuss their ideas regarding their cannabis experience. Likewise, this provides a way for users to seek aid with co-cannabis users anytime they will be having challenges during therapy.

With the legalization of cannabis in several states around the United States and nations such as Canada, Portugal, and Spain, the online cannabis community has continued to grow. Entrepreneurs and hobbyists created marijuana forums to engage with diverse cannabis communities throughout the world.

As social media and applications evolved in the twentieth century, the cannabis community began to create cannabis websites and apps to communicate with cannabis enthusiasts all over the world strictly. One might sell, buy, share their experiences, and even date a fellow cannabis user on these cannabis social networking platforms.

WeedPals and WeAreBaked were the first social networking sites to become popular during their inception; however, they later collapsed due to bad promotion, management, and competition. Following that, there has been a boom in cannabis-based social media platforms, such as applications or websites, as cannabis rules are liberalized in various countries.

On a side note, video streaming platforms like YouTube have considered prohibiting or restricting any cannabis-related videos.

However, there are still constraints as to age requirements once logging in. Though, the website is considerably more secular than Facebook and Instagram, which barred even individuals who advertise their cannabis items.

Qualifications for Online Cannabis Social App Membership

Before you are able to be part of a cannabis social community formally, you’ll have to endure an elaborate procedure of evaluation and review as to whether you are acceptable to become part of the community.

As all we know, cannabis is a problematic herb with limited rules regarding it. But regardless, once you can pass through these eligibility conditions, then you’ll be good to go.

Respectively, here are some basic qualifying standards by a lot of social media sites to join their community. This includes the following;

  • Full Name and Email Address

Before you may be admitted, you must first register an authenticated name that includes your surname, first name, and occasionally middle name. Though a pseudonym (username) is only visible through your profile, any organization must maintain a database of its users to prevent multiple identities, hoaxes, and scams from occurring during registration.

  • Permanent Address and Country of Residence

Cannabis regulations differ from country to country. As a result, the platform must evaluate your location to see if it’s suitable for their app or website. Nonetheless, other platforms restrict users to a specific place, such as a country, state, or region in the world.

  • Purpose of Use

However, some platforms are dedicated solely to medical cannabis patients. As a result, you’ll need to bring a copy of your doctor’s prescription with you when you register for it. Medical cannabis-based applications are more stringent in terms of eligibility and limitations than recreational cannabis social apps.

  • Age Requirement

It’s strongly limited on any cannabis community to let a kid or underage join the app or website. Depending on the country or state you inhabit, preferably, 18 years old is the minimum age for admittance to our cannabis site.

Top 5 Social Media Platforms or Apps for Cannabis Enthusiasts

For many reasons, we use social networking platforms. Facebook and Twitter are used to connect friends through posts and to communicate with them online. Instagram is a social networking platform that allows you to share memories through images and short videos while exploring your creative side through photography. Tinder, a dating app, has taken the dating world by storm, matching suitable partners to begin a relationship.

Similar to these platforms, there are online communities meant for cannabis fans to serve diverse functions mimicking famous social media websites like Facebook, Instagram, or Tinder.

We present five cannabis-related social media platforms that are currently dominating the cannabis community. This includes the following;

  1. Top Photo Sharing App or Website: Massroots

It’s a website found in 2015 by a 22-year old dropout in Colorado designed to target various cannabis consumers inside limited states in the USA, including the District of Columbia, California, and Colorado. This app is a pioneering website on a cannabis social media platform, reaching a million followers online. You could post photographs and movies expressing creativity with marijuana use to the cannabis community on this website.

Runner-up: DUBY

This cannabis social media software was inspired by mobile game apps and allowed users to exchange tales, photographs, and even product strains. This app aims to earn the most points by getting the most votes and outranking one person over another by submitting photos. Aside from that, they might offer their knowledge of a specific strain to assist other cannabis users in selecting the finest strain for their needs. The software is completely free to use and can be downloaded from the Google Play store.

  • Top Cannabis Forum Culture: GrassCityForum

This internet community, founded in the year 2000, is largely for the sale and purchase of cannabis paraphernalia. However, as time has passed, the online forum has broadened its horizons by publishing news items on how to produce cannabis, use bongs or pipes, and other cannabis-related topics. Aside from that, users might post comments and ask inquiries about cannabis to other users. This website is frequently suggested and linked to several marijuana shops in the United States and the Netherlands.

Runner-Up: High Times Magazine

The multi-million cannabis enterprise was originally planned as a cannabis printed magazine, comparable to GrassCity. Despite this, the website conducts several cannabis cups intended to introduce new strains for people to purchase.

Over time, the company has evolved into something more than a magazine. Nonetheless, it has grown through internet media, where it competes with a variety of blogs and websites. To communicate more with cannabis aficionados, the company is currently launching its app.

Runner Up: 420 Magazine

This website, which has been in the cannabis industry for more than 20 years, publishes cannabis news articles and forums for drug testing, growing, and medical marijuana. Currently, the website has over two million postings and 200,000 subscribers, with more on the way.

  • Top Dating Cannabis App or Website: High There!

Dubbed as the tinder of cannabis, this is a dating social media app exclusively for the marijuana community. Currently available only in 23 states in the USA, It connects to potential matches near your location. Like Tinder, you have your profile with a 420-character description to describe yourself. It’s a perfect app for those also who want to gain more smoking buddies as well.

Runner Up: 420 Singles

Introduced in 2011, this social dating app links cannabis people with various cultures across the globe. In this app, one might share their experiences with cannabis. Unlike the latter, you may interact with cannabis users throughout the globe and even talk directly through them if needed.

Runner Up: My 420 Mate

Only for medical cannabis users, this app is exclusively available only in few states in the USA and few countries where cannabis is authorized. Likewise, it permits potential matches through a comprehensive evaluation of your profile. Currently, the website has more than 500,000 subscribers and counting.

Runner Up: Date 420 Friendly

Though it doesn’t have an app, this is a dating website dedicated to cannabis enthusiasts. Besides love matches, the website welcomes events and gatherings and even provides job advertising to its subscribers. However, it isn’t free. You’ll have to pay for a subscription to become a member of it.

Runner Up: Highly Devoted

It’s a lowkey formal cannabis dating and marriage counseling software. The website is supervised by experts doing interviews and examinations before discovering a match. Like Date 420 Friendly, this dating website isn’t free. You have to invest money to discover your cannabis match.

  • Best for Entrepreneurial Marketing: HempDex

If you’re looking for a job in the marijuana sector, this might be your best bet. HempDex is a mobile app that allows cannabis professionals to connect, including doctors, breeders, and store operators. It’s also for entrepreneurs who wish to break into the cannabis industry.

Runner Up: CannaSOS

If you want to sell or buy particular cannabis, then this app is what you should install. It offers a friendly UI that allows you also to review and engage with various cannabis users. Aside from that, you might also ask questions and talk to any buddies regarding what certain strain is good or not. Currently, the app has more than 500,000 subscribers.

Runner Up: Kalogia

For cannabis specialists, this website allows you to discover a job in the connected field. Job listings are being offered via the app. Aside from that, the mobile app features forums and updates on the legalities of cannabis in different regions of the world. As of now, this software is not for free, and the subscription costs roughly $10.

Runner Up: WeedCircles

Intended for marijuana business owners and professionals, this online cannabis community is free for download in the app store. It functions similarly to Google Plus and LinkedIn, where professionals engage and browse profiles of its users. Likewise, you may connect and even talk to numerous cannabis professionals with this app.

Runner Up: Weedable

This website allows users to sell, follow, and shop for numerous cannabis goods and strains. It’s a wonderful route for new cannabis businesses who wish to sell their products online. The good news is that the website is currently processing its app for full access to everyone.

  • Best to Find Stoner Buddies or Friends: WeedLife

This social media, which looks like Facebook but has a Myspace-like interface, allows users to upload and exchange cannabis-related content. This program also will enable you to market cannabis companies by creating a page without being prohibited. Aside from that, it includes an open forum where users can ask about cannabis-related issues. It also contains cannabis-related news articles, videos, and growing techniques.

Runner Up:KushCommon

This cannabis app reaches out to the global cannabis community, allowing users to share their diverse perspectives and ideas on cannabis use. It also allows users to share blogs, movies, and music with their followers. This portal might also be used to view reviews for various strains.

Runner Up: Social High

A fun program that works similarly to Facebook. It offers a weed-friendly interface that can be accessed via Leafly’s strains. Similarly, you could share, “puff” (like), and comment on other people’s posts. You might also connect with other users by chatting with them. It also displays nearby dispensaries in your area.

Runner Up: Toke TV

It’s a video talking program similar to Facebook Live where people might ask questions and react by clicking heart and smoke icons. This is a free app developed for cannabis users in a few states in the USA. Currently, the most followed user in this app is a woman dubbed ‘DabbingGranny’ with 2000 flowers.

Final Word

Apps and websites for social networking are all over the place. As we enter the internet era, it has become necessary for a human being to interact with any social media platform to connect quickly and share files, images, and videos. Similarly, the cannabis community adjusts to the trend that has emerged from these websites or apps.

Reaching the world’s cannabis communities will soon be possible thanks to these platforms. Finally, through these platforms, people will comprehend the genuine intent of cannabis use and use.