What Is A Cannabis Dap Pen

dab pen

In this article, we’re going to uncover what is a dab pen and what’s the use of it in marijuana. With a growing percentage of states legalizing marijuana, the hype is being built around this green flower. Consumers are expressing attraction in experiencing weeds, and the ‘high’ feeling. There are now a number of ways … Read more

The Difference Between Hash and Weed


If you are new to marijuana industry, it could be hard to understand the terminology used only by people who’ve been in the picture for a long time. Even apparently innocuous notions such as the variation between marijuana and concentrates or hash, and how to measure the quality of your hash, could be confusing to … Read more

What is Cannabis Dabbing

cannabis dabbing

Cannabis dabs are sticky oils that are extracted THC concentrations from marijuana by using a solvent such as carbon dioxide and butane. Dabs are sometimes called or named budder weed, shatter, and wax based on their consistency. They are usually heated and often and usually used with a dab rig and nail. Depending on their … Read more

What Are Cannabis Terpenes and How They Work


Terpenes are known for the scent and flavours of cannabis then by reacting with cannabinoids, affect its results. Terpenes are synthesized within glandular trichomes in cannabis in secretory cells and production is increased with light exposure. Organic compounds in cannabis and a number of other species, including plants produce taste and fragrance. These terpenes are … Read more

Understabding the Benigfits of Cannabis Tincture


What is A Tincture A tincture is usually extraction of ethanol-dissolved animal and plant substances (ethyl alcohol). Solvent concentrations of 25-60 percent are predominant and can reach as high as 90% and a tincture is a solution in chemicals that has ethanol as its solvent. While Alcohol-related tinctures are produced of different concentrations of ethanol … Read more

What is a Marijuana Blunt


The word blunt began from Phillies Blunts, probably the famous popular shape which is an influential American cigarette brand,originated from Philadelphia,Pennsylvania. It also helped commercialize this as a form of the culture of cannabis. A cigar named a blunt is made by the Phillies brand until throughout the years the concept had become connected to … Read more

Best Indica Cannabis Strains


Indica strains are known for their relaxing, calming and soothing effects. They are perfect for those who want to relax after a long day of work or need relief from pain or other ailments. These marijuana strains usually have lower THC levels compared to Sativa strains and higher CBD content. Many Indica strains are also … Read more

Best Sativa Cannabis Strains


Sativa offers a higher degree of energy and that’s a general opinion, while it can induce fear in certain individuals and Sativa is very effective for those who suffer depression, headaches, fatigue and lack of appetite. Sativa plants appear to have more THC than CBD. Sativas, on the other hand, is uplifting and cerebral, promoting … Read more

Everything You Need to Know About CBD

cbd 101

We all know that marijuana crops consist of hundreds of compounds, but then the most popular one is the THC or Tetrahydrocannabinol. CBD 101 is an important component of marijuana due to its therapeutic properties without being intoxicated. Cannabidiol or CBD in marijuana doesn’t have any cerebral compound that makes the consumers high. Unlike the … Read more

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