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10 Things You Can Do While High

Suppose you are using marijuana for recreational or medical purposes. In that case, there is still room for new experiments in terms of the various ways you can relish the high that follows with it.

We’ll look at the top ten things you could do while high that have been proved to improve your mental and physical wellness in this article. Prepare to be enlightened by little-known truths and a swarm of beautiful vibes.

While watching Netflix, relaxation has become the Holy Grail of high-quality-of-life hobbies, and we’re bringing the science behind cannabis consumption and the incredible ways it can enhance your standard of living to the next level.

“Please don’t hurl your garbage at me… Unless it looks like a bag of marijuana,” says Les Claypool.

1. Cooking

Do you agree that marijuana consumption and cooking go well together? They do, after all!
In reality, you could be surprised to learn how marijuana and cooking may help you achieve various health benefits.

We don’t just mean cooking with marijuana; we mean cooking almost everything you like while high.

Cooking with marijuana while high is even better!

“Cooking is beneficial to mental health since it provides a creative outlet.” In an interview with Bustle, Nicole Lambert, a consultant at Movement Counselling Services, describes it as “a means to channel energy, may be used as a distraction, can help create mastery in a skill, and a means of communicating feelings through a new medium.”

Cooking might help you discover meaning in your daily tasks rather than just getting through them because you have to. The small but vitally important association between mood and activity is known as “behavioral activation.”

Behavioral activation can be applied to almost any element of life. However, a simple habit of cooking while high may make it simpler to start making headway on that point.

The plant can help you avoid getting irritated during the meal preparation process, which is why feeling high while cooking is such a fantastic mix.

Purple Haze is a lovely strain that can be useful for those who wish to try cooking while high. Purple Haze high is characterized by waves of pleasant exhilaration, a surge in energy, and those great-mood vibrations. Meanwhile, the sensation of complete relaxation that follows serves to counteract the energizing effects.

Consider Snoop Dogg and Martha Stewart’s co-hosted VH1 talk program ” Snoop and Martha’s Potluck Dinner Party” for some more inspiration once it relates to combining cuisine and marijuana.

Video by VH1 – Wiz Khalifa & Seth Rogen Make Delicious Fried Chicken | Martha & Snoop’s Potluck Dinner Party

2. Get rid of Clutter

Cleaning up the house is something that many of us dread.

On the plus side, the appropriate marijuana strain may turn all but the most monotonous tasks into a joyous mini-adventure.

In reality, psychologists and scientists have established positive psychology beneath organization and sanitation through their joint efforts.

According to the power of social networking, organization porn appears to be the new occupation, as evidenced by Things Organized Neatly’s Tumblr page.

Observing precisely organized objects and missing the cluster effect, such as pens grouped by size and color, can provide a sense of fulfillment that can likely earn much-desired recognition for a job well done.

As shown in a study published in the science journal Social and Personality Psychology Bulletin, women who described their living areas as “cluttered” or “full of unfinished tasks” were more likely to feel melancholy and tired. The researchers also discovered that those who live in messy homes have greater stress level hormone cortisol.

White Widow is a fantastic strain that can assist you in cleaning and organizing your home.

You may expect to enjoy the cleaning process of your living environment as if you’re going to a party instead of being involved in a monotonous, boring, tedious work after taking this legendary strain because bursts of creativity and energy occur nearly immediately after consumption.

3. Get Married (!)

No, we don’t imply you must get high and marry to get rid of boredom or anything like that.

Did you ever think that high weddings are indeed the new trend? Yes, cannabis marriages are a thing of the past in the United States!

With various types of marijuana, a pouch full of joints, and marijuana meals and desserts, a cannabis open bar can be a lovely way to celebrate marriage. It may not only please marijuana enthusiasts, but it may also be a great way to introduce marijuana-friendliness to some of your friends or relatives that are still on the fence about marijuana.

Video by The Young Turks – A Weed Wedding Could Save You Thousands

To be more specific, combining the art of event planning with the ingestion of marijuana is swiftly becoming one of the hottest trends.

As a result, it’s not just a wedding that you can transform into a spectacular high-friendly event to experience with friends.

It could be your birthday party or an unexpected birthday celebration for a close friend – and don’t think that having marijuana present at any function makes it less sophisticated.

You can get a lot of inspiration and help from the pros at the rapidly growing marijuana event agencies.

As a result, you can attend any marijuana-themed party or celebration. You might even serve a non-intrusive marijuana-friendly menu sure of your guests without making anyone who isn’t a marijuana user feel uncomfortable.

4. Go Hiking

Cannabis plants are a complex element of living nature above all.

There is nothing more natural than getting high while appreciating nature’s stunning beauty?

If you go hiking, riding, or take a long walk in the neighboring park, being high, inhaling fresh air, and remembering that we, humans, and the living environment are related in a deep and holy way is a sensation that cannot describe.

Moreover, “exposure to green areas reduces the incidence of high blood pressure, stress, preterm birth, early death, type II diabetes, and cardiovascular disease,” as shown in a previous study by the University of West Anglia.

Spending quality time in nature is beneficial to our health because it heals, soothes, and restores vital connections in a complicated way that allows our mind and body to work in harmony.

OG Kush is a great strain that you should try when high in the woods.

When used in moderation, OG Kush is nothing short of a cult classic, providing just the proper amount of relaxation. Instead of making you feel drowsy or stuck on the couch, this superb hiking-friendly strain may relieve pain and stress while enhancing happiness with surges of energy and exhilaration.

5. Yoga

You could not only find a new depth of the pleasure of yoga when high. Furthermore, you may be astonished by how much better you can accomplish any stretching routine while high.

Because the correct marijuana strains can assist reduce muscle tension while simultaneously improving muscle-skeletal tonus, you might be surprised at how much flexibility you gain while high.

“Marijuana is a medicine for the spiritual, emotional, and physical body,” says Darrin Zeer, founder of 420 Retreats in Colorado. This immersive offering encourages “ganja yoga and meditation” for healing and pain reduction. “Cannabis can assist certain people in opening the spiritual door and offering them a peek,” Zeer continues.

Furthermore, not all cannabis strains are suitable for use in tandem with yoga. The style of yoga practice you’re about to embark on directly correlates with the strain you choose.

Basic bedtime yoga activities, for example, can be combined with a strain intense in Linalool, like Lavender.

You can do low back yoga with a very effective strain in targeting the hips and back zone, such as the well-known Girl Scout Cookies.

Tangie, a well-balanced strain that tends toward its energizing Sativa qualities, might work wonders for a more energized yoga session.

Of all, no one understands your body and mind better than you, so the type of strain that works well for some people in tandem with yoga might not function at all for everyone else.

If you’re new to yoga or marijuana, the most significant thing you can do is begin slowly.

To get the optimum outcomes, microdose your marijuana intake. Better better, practice yoga at home where you can feel supremely quiet, balanced, and undisturbed, allowing you to release your mind indeed and let yoga and marijuana carry you along.

6. Work Out

Working out could be altered by marijuana intake, in the same way, doing yoga while high can.

There is still a widespread misperception that marijuana smoking inhibits motor skills and reflexes, resulting in couch potato cravings and a lack of motivation to engage in any form of physical activity.

Furthermore, more and more study sheds light on the advantages that combining marijuana with workout routines can provide for athletes, daily gym, and frequent gym-goers.

During an interview with CTV News, Adrian Landini, a 43-year-old Toronto-based runner with more than two dozen marathons below his belt, says, “I just sort of zen out, I give importance to my motions and what’s around me and things and just take it in with the good form.”

Those who wish to boost their endurance and take their training to the next level by using marijuana should microdose and select the correct strains.

Some strains can help you perform better before a workout, whereas others provide long-term health advantages and help you recover faster.

Silver Haze, for example, is a fantastic choice for improving mental sharpness without causing anxiety or hyperactivity. It’s ideal for low-intensity workouts.

When it comes to strength training and running workouts that require a lot of energy and concentration, Durban Poison is a good choice.

Harlequin is a versatile supplement that you may use both before and after an exercise. It can help with motor coordination while only containing moderate amounts of THC that aren’t overbearing. Meanwhile, the high quantities of CBD in your painful muscles can effectively relieve muscle tiredness and discomfort.

Popular strains like Girl Scout Cookies, Sour Diesel, and Blue Dream, among many others, can provide deep relaxation and excellent pain management, and muscle-relieving effects, making them ideal for muscle rehabilitation.

Hemp CBD protein is also on the increase right now.

The potent combination of necessary amino acids and good fats in hemp, which CBD can further enhance, appears to have piqued the interest of the worldwide fitness sector.

Hemp CBD protein can help training fitness beasts and infrequent gym hitters improve the quality of their intense workouts.

CBD, thankfully, is no longer on WADA’s (World Anti-Doping Authority) list of banned substances, having been withdrawn in early 2018.

Video by PictureFit -What Happens When You Workout High

7. Find New Hobbies (or Revive Long-forgotten Hobbies!)

Edith Sitwell says, “My pastimes are listening to music, reading, and silence.”

Most of us don’t link reading by being high (or any action that needs focusing).

However, you might be amazed at how well cannabis use and reading can go together, as the depth of information you’re consuming allows your mind to wander or fall into another realm, rather than forcing you to memorize complex terminology, statistics, or anything else.

Marijuana puff and poetry are a superb pair.

However, reading isn’t the only hobby you can pursue while high – far from it.

Cannabis can enhance your experience and prolong the healing characteristics experts associate with having a hobby if you discover peace of mind when carving, painting, gardening, or simply being active in any form of DIY activity.

According to Dr. Christopher D. Stanton, hobbies can bring both mental and physical benefits by “providing a person an alternative area to spend time or mental energy and therefore get renewed for the rest of their lives.”

Since there are so many different pastime activities to choose from, there can’t be just one best-working strain, and we think this is the most excellent way to research green medicine.

8. Meditate

While yoga and cannabis might be a great mix, meditation and cannabis are even better.

It’s particularly true if you wish to concentrate on the mental benefits of training instead of the physical ones.

However, it’s important to remember that most forms of physical activity ultimately include some form of mental training, or, as the old proverb goes, “a healthy mind in a healthy body.”

In truth, marijuana has long been utilized in numerous ceremonial acts that needed participants to reach an elevated mental state, dating back centuries.

According to Urban Dictionary, “Entheogenic” is an adjective used to define a substance that induces ecstasy and awareness and is utilized for divination. The phrase comes from the Greek language and means “to become one with God.”

Various entheogenic substances, for example, are employed in Native American rituals to enhance the manifestation of purpose.

To put it another way, cannabis, as an entheogen, can assist a person in reaching a heightened mental state where they can consciously create positive goals. It is linked to your ability to visualize more clearly throughout your meditation sessions.

Making the various racing thoughts and those incessantly talking voices in your headstand aside to allow you to attain a higher state of consciousness can be particularly difficult; learning to manage unwanted thoughts, or without marijuana, can take decades of practice.

The more you let your busy mind melt, the less of an ego-based meditating you’ll have, and the more of a steadfast mind and body release you’ll have, which cannabis can help you achieve.

Teilhard de Chardin says, “Physical energy should be grounded and mastered for spiritual energy to move since physical energy alters the spirit.”

9. Wake up the Artist Inside you

“Persistence. Perfection. Patience. Power. Make your passion a priority. Criss Jami, Killosophy: “It keeps you rational.”

Everyone, deep down, is an artist. Some individuals are artists in mathematics, while some are artists in singing, and others are artists in dance. Or are you unable to work as a video and photography artist?

Meanwhile, we are living in an extraordinary era of social media, cellphones, and other innovative technology that are lurking around every corner.

However, we will not discuss the drawbacks of spending a lot of time with your smart devices.

Instead, we’d like to give a unique perspective on making the most of the tremendous technology growth while still finding fun and productive things to do while high.

With it in consideration, modern technology might assist you in reawakening your inner artist.

So, the next time you’re stuck for anything to do while high, consider enrolling in a free online course or joining a community of like-minded people who have comparable talents or artistic flairs to you.

According to a comprehensive study, research published titled “The Connection Between Art, Healing, and Public Health: A Review of Current Literature,” “engagement with creative projects can contribute toward minimizing depression and anxiety and can act as a platform for relieving the incidence of chronic diseases.”

The benefits of marijuana can help to treat stress, depression, and chronic disease-related difficulties. They are igniting the creative fires of the artists within you when high may be one of the best long-term ways to invest in your physical and mental health.

The Green Crack, Jack Herrer, Chemdawg, Tangilope, and Blueberry Dream are just a few fantastic strains often associated with enhancing creativity.

10. Nothing at all!

Keep in mind that doing nothing became one of society’s most severe flaws in the twenty-first century before you dismiss our recommendation to take no action while your high

Did you even know that dullness is suitable for your general health and, more importantly, your creativity?

Contrary to popular belief, ignoring the moments when you serve no useful purpose. Those fleeting moments when we get bored and begin scrolling through our social media profiles may be one of the most detrimental mistakes we make when awakening the genius that resides deep within each of us.

Consider doing nothing at all in that situation: boredom may be a powerful tool for reconsidering your relationship with the rest of the world.

“The more amused we are, the more amusement we require to be pleased.” “The more we load our lives with fast-paced, high-intensity, constantly changing stimulus, the less tolerant we become of lesser levels,” explains Dr. Sandi Mann, publisher of The Upside of Boredom: Why Boredom is Good.

People had considerably more time to be bored and did nothing just a few decades ago, which is a feeling everyone has already forgotten. Because nowadays, we use the internet to “cure” boredom.

Indeed, using the internet appears to alleviate boredom, but at what cost?

We are depriving our brains of the necessary benefits of boredom.

Do you realize how many of your best ideas come to you when your brain appears to be completely bored? For example, you could be showering, relaxing in the cool shade of a tree on a hot summer day, and doing the dishes.

One of the most enjoyable aspects of being high in the proper environment is being able to enjoy the pleasure of doing nothing – just a brief time of letting your mind wander freely on the marijuana rollercoaster.

To make peace with boredom and harvest the rewards that come with it, you’ll need a good dose of courage and the right intentions.

“The Thermos Dynamic Law asserts that energy cannot be created or destroyed. However, you can change it into something else. So I can’t generate any more energy because I only have so much. “Energy is a limited resource that must be wisely managed, extensively re-allocated, and intelligently invested,” Dandapani, a Hindu monk, entrepreneur, and public speaker, say.

You can check out Indica dominant strains connected with creating the couch-locked effect if you find it tough to enjoy boredom since we are just not used to it. For example, Gorilla Glue #1, Master Kush, and Northern Lights are all excellent choices.

10 Things You Can Do While High: Final Thoughts

“I used to be a marijuana smoker. But let me tell you something: I’d only smoke it late at night. Oh, the early evening on occasion, but mostly the late evening or the mid-evening. Early evening, mid-evening, and late evening are the only times available. Early in the afternoon, early mid-afternoon, or late-and-mid-afternoon are all possibilities. Oh, the early, mid, late, early dawn. “However, never at dusk,” says Steve Martin.

So, what else can we contribute to Steve Martin’s witty remark?

Above all, we hope that the ten activities you can do while high that we collected on a mission to spread the respect and love for green medicine have inspired you. Subscribe to our email to stay up to date on the latest cannabis news, and let’s work together to make the world a greener and happier place.